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TruffleLive is a global social live community app that creates, watches, supports, and shares unique content around the clock.

Follow talented creators, discover stunning live streams, watch videos and photos you’ll love, and share and grow through our Truffle Cash Program.

Everyone can watch, chat, give and receive tips and gifts on our rewarding platform, where everyone is valued for the creative content that they share.

Why TruffleLive?

Your Possibilities Are Endless…


Follow talented creators that share your passions and start chatting instantly.

Use TruffleLive’s location-based feed to discover, meet and make new friends with incredible new people with mutual interests from around the world.


Discover awesome live streams 24/7, entertaining in-app videos, and photos from the world’s most talented creators you follow.

Watch the content you care about straight from your own personalized feed.


Support your fav creators with Truffles, an in-app currency, to show appreciation for the incredible content that they share.


Chat with your fav talents and friends with the advanced messaging platform. Send text recordings, images, videos, gifts, tips and more.


Go Beyond DMs and get to know the talents that inspire you personally with paid premium 1-on-1, audio, and video calls.

Access unique premium content, advice, and ideas, and unlock exclusive content.

Join exciting groups and channels and discuss the topics you care about the most.


Share the live streams, videos, and photos you love with fans on other platforms so they can join you in TruffleLive to chat, watch and join the fun. You can also receive Truffles for the content you share.


Tags make it easier for you to find talents to follow and content you’ll love. Choose the content tags you want to follow, and you’ll see the tagged content and topics relevant to you appear on your feed.

Download TruffleLive right now and have more fun!


Instagram: @trufflelive
Facebook: TruffleLive
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35 comentarios en "TruffleLive MODDED 2022"

  1. They took away my post and review because I told the truth. Many scammers or on here and they stole money from me and customer care part is not an option. They just in it to make money for there selfs. They don’t care about the real people or what they are going through. Please think twice before downloading this app.

  2. The bug in the chat is really annoying, and gifts are kinda expensive

  3. Literally dead . Everyone is 500km away. No one is live. It’s a created platform for women to make money. The add made it looked like a dating app. Which it. 100% isn’t. Most look Asian.

  4. Not user friendly Location isn’t synchronized I’m seeing host not from my loc Stupid deals

  5. 👀👀👀👀 Alot in improve on your app, it gives me zero vibe

  6. I am just a new friend to this app

  7. I have messages to you.. I finished 1 hr and 40 minutes livestream but only 4 minutes appeared in your system notifaction. Pls fix it.. I dont have agent because it is self withdrawal rignt?

  8. I can give 1 star for now but the app looks great but the problem is here in Africa we are not getting help so that we can join the app and enjoy it I hope we can find 1 admin who can assist us

  9. Disappointing, the ad on Instagram showed a hot girl in an aprain so I thought it was gonna be cooking videos done by hotties in bikinis or something

  10. it have an amazing personality but i will like if anyone with info about any other app like this chat me up and he or she will be rewarded

  11. I cant send my friend a reply

  12. Cant even do live …always cant connect to server.

  13. Zhel Lrc dice:

    I hope everyone will be paid and well, we wouldn’t be like this if we were paid well, don’t let them get tired of the host if there is no salary, I hope there is a little consideration for us Filipinos who are the only earners in the Philippines, there are problems that should be fixed but it is difficult for them to solve them, a few chats before replying.

  14. hello, I hope the pending payment to the hosts ph agency under ms sofia and mr victor will be settled and settled.. it has been too long since last month and it has not been settled yet, I hope it will be settled and the host will be paid correctly, it is not a joke to live for 6-12 hours a day and then they will not pay properly the hosts who work for them properly.. I hope it will be fine and they will be paid this month earlier…………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Is really nice and understandable

  16. Make party room 8 beam on here

  17. Aasu Sekh dice:

    XOXO otfl 5.30AM Rh Fj T. F f

  18. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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