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Free texting (SMS) to US, Canada & more. Free new number. Call free & Text free.
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Text Free – Free Text to any number in the USA Canada: free text / SMS plus MMS plus group chat!
Free Calling App – Free Call to any number in the USA Canada: next generation real voice calls plus voicemail
A Real Phone Number: Get now your own real USA Canada phone number to call, text now for free
Turn now your Google Android Tablet into a text and voice device: call from phone and tablet with Text Me free texting apps, free calling app
Unlimited Text and Calls to USA, Canada: enjoy as many as you want free calls, free SMS, free MMS, free text now
Cheap or Free International Calling : earn free Text Me credits or buy Text Me credits to text / send SMS and call 200 destinations
No need of cellular data plan: Text Me is the best free wifi calling app – send SMS, MMS on wifi
2nd, multiple number: burner number, disposable number, anonymous free call, anonymous texting

Key Features:
A real phone number for free – anonymous texting – anonymous calling – burner number, disposable number
Unlimited Free Message to USA, Canada
Real phone free call, free text
Free voicemail
Call forwarding
MMS picture messaging – group messaging app – group chat
International Calling
Number Lookup
Text free customizable signatures
Customisable text tone, sent text sound
Unread message reminder
Customisable call tone/ringtone
Text filtering
Call filtering – Inbound Call on Lockscreen Filtering
Customisable background/wallpaper
Video call
Customisable voicemail greeting
Privacy – Anonymous – Passcode: keep your text message private
Privacy – Anonymous – Hide text messages, conversations
Preview text message on locked screen
Text message reminder
Free Wifi
Share GPS location by free text message / SMS / MMS
Burner Phone: Private second number to text, call
Sign up via Facebook & Google
Compatible with main texting app: Google Voice, Talkatone, TextNow, TextFree
Send Picture by MMS

Thanks & please give us your feedback!

* Limitations apply:
• Free SMS offer limited to US and Canada based users
• Free Texting to Latin America subject to balanced inbound/outbound traffic fair usage policy
• Calls and SMS to some carriers or some territories within the 200 countries may not be included in this offer
• We do not Support 911
• Subject to TextMe’s Terms and Conditions

Web: http://go-text.me
Twitter: @textmeapp
Help us improve TextMe & get support: http://support.go-text.me
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Fix an issue leading to purchases sometimes being allocated to the wrong phone number
Stability fixes


43 comentarios en "Text Me: Second Phone Number FULL"

  1. It’s good. The adds though drive me crazy. But all in all it does what it needs to do to satisfy me. Removing the adds are optional. Not sure but I believe you have to pay to do this (remove adds). This app doesn’t allow you to text while away from your wifi, which is a big downer. Therefore it is useless while out-and-about.

  2. The app works great but it has a few things I do not like, such as: 1. Ads, they always interupt me 2. The time limit on calls, me and my friends try to pull all nighters on call and 1 hour just isn’t enough 3. Pictures not sending fast enough because even if I have full bars of WiFi it doesn’t send really fast. Here are some things I like about Text Me: 1. There are unlimited calls and texts and numbers to add there 2. Being able to say whatever you want with no filter Thanks for reading ❤️❤️

  3. My carrier sent me a new phone. It’s not connecting at all and it’ll take 3 days to get it fixed. Meanwhile my old phone won’t work either. This has been a lifesaver! I’m a heart patient so I have to have a phone. This works perfectly over my WiFi. I can send and receive texts and calls without any connection to a cell tower. Thank you so much for creating this application!!! The ads aren’t too bad and they keep the application free. I highly recommend it!!! 9

  4. I’ve been using this app for 5 years because I didn’t have a phone but needed something to contact people through. It was a great option! There were some annoyances such as the ads and being unable to send certain medias but it did its job. I have had a phone for a year now and only use this app when absolutely necessary because I much prefer using my phone’s number. Overall, it’s annoying but gets the job done 🙂

  5. S Irfan dice:

    It’s free and I’m grateful. But, the ads will drive anyone crazy because not a single function can be performed without being interrupted by the ads. Ads can literally block all this app’s functionalities. And, when I wanted to upgrade to premium, it wants to charge me weekly unreasonable fee. I don’t think so:))

  6. I have been using text Me for years now and I’ve always been very pleased with their quality of calls being very clear with reception and text going through without any trouble. All of a sudden for the past 2 weeks I’m having trouble sending text or even a pic of small size it’ll say sending and I’ll never send and it won’t even notify me that I’m having trouble with my app. I’m only notified but not going through when I happen to get back on my app again.

  7. On my phone so far it is working great. On my tablet, it was working fine but then it was horrible. I guess it’s only made for cell phones. On the tablet it became where no one could hear me at all. I could hear them just fine. So, you take a chance when you use it on a tablet. Very frustrating. I recommend only use it on your phone or as a second number for your phone. Of course you need wifi (obvious) to access your voicemail, tex messages, and for making and receiving phone calls.

  8. First of all, every time I restart or turn my phone on I’m getting the same old notifications saying I have completed my registration process. I can’t get around on the app at all, won’t let me change to where I wanna go in the menu at all. I wouldn’t mind the permissions if I could just move thru the menu after accepting them in order to send a simple text. I can’t even do that. The app freezes constantly and can’t even even send a text message. I rarely complain about any app and have tried most of the free calling apps in the playstore. . . none of which are high on my list. But this one needs some significant improvement. It’s like I’m trying to use it and i can’t. The bottom line is, its frustration I haven’t the time for.

  9. I use this when posting items for sale online so that I can avoid putting my permanent phone number out in the open. It was super easy and fast to set up, it’s very reliable in my experience, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that picture messaging was included. On the downside, there are a lot of (rather intrusive) ads, the app doesn’t work very well with split screen mode, and it’s a bit slower than actual texting (maybe a minute or two each message). Overall, really good for a free app.

  10. It’s nice to have a free alternative to paying the high cost of a regular carrier, and I have used this app for years! But, the clarity of the calls is sometimes poor, and the person on the other line can’t hear me, even with a strong WIFI signal. The ads constantly “jump” on the screen, so when I press a function for a call, I end up pressing on an ad. Also, the screen does not unlock or pop-up when there is an incoming call. So, I have to unlock my phone, drag down and answer the call.

  11. I was quoted as saying this app wasn’t good. Sorry, I never wrote that. I believe my friend took control of my phone and wrote that review. Definitely a decent and compatible free app. It works great. A very clear voice and never dropped a call. There was a little breaking up when moving around as I was talking outside as the WiFi had to adjust. It works fine and pretty reliable w/o problems.

  12. An easy to use app, but to keep contacts, you have to transfer your contacts from a phone; I don’t like that. Also, the speaker volume on this App is extremely quiet; I hate that! Not being able to call 911; I really hate that! Everything else works very well. This App needs a little work done to it, but I would recomend this App to others if they didn’t have a phone.

  13. TEXTNOW IS BETTER!! Way to many ads. I hate that every time I open the app, I go to click on a message and an ad will pop up right where the message was and I end up clicking the ad instead. And then I end up opening a web page I have to try to exit. It ends up freezing my phone up and then I have to restart my phone. Save your time and phone storage space and do not download this app! You’re welcome!

  14. texts work great. ads are every where, under the chat, bottom of the screen, and even as a new chat. ads are pushed into the conversation as if it was a text from the other party. notifications won’t work if you don’t close out of the conversation first. also when having multiple pictures sent to you, it only displays one with No way to see the others, and No way to save pictures other than screen shots. just a few fixes to be mad but solid, and it works. fix the picture issues for 5 star.

  15. Wow what an awful app. First off it is incredibly slow, there’s a 5 – 10 second delay on the button functions. Often it’ll just freeze in the middle of pressing a button & the tone keeps buzzing & won’t shut off till I manually disable the app from the settings. Tired this on multiple phones so it can’t be the phone’s fault. It’s a hit or miss with text messages, 50% of time recipients don’t receive my sent messages. And the Ad’s, holy $#!t it is PACKED with ad’s. This uswd to be a great app over a year ago, don’t know what happened but it’s a shame.

  16. Nix Stra dice:

    If I could give negative stars I would. Over a year not being able to get notifications across THREE devices! I finally uninstalled and switched to a different app. Instant notifications. Imagine that. Don’t waste your time with this app. Between the ads and the no notifications and it logging you completely out every time it’s closed, you’d be better off using a carrier pigeon.

  17. The ads are oppressive. You will get an epileptic seizure if you watch the screen for more than a few seconds. Clearly, an ADA violation And, as many of the exploitation apps are, the design is inept, even in the most basic functions. For example, you cannot paste a number. The navigation can only be done by hunt and peck, no logic whatsoever. Etc, etc, etc

  18. Pretty good. The app works well and the text messages are read well, but the only thing that is wrong is the calling. The calling takes forever and it’s all “staticy” when you are trying to talk to somebody. I give it 4 and a half stars because of the calling situation. Other than that, I definitely recommend this to anybody who is reading this.☺

  19. I really need my Bluetooth and with this app I’m lucky if it works a third of the time! The ads will interfere with calls and texts. You could be attempting to answer a call and an ad will make you miss the call. Also you will attempt to send a message and the image will jump and you’ll find yourself fighting your way out of some aggressive ad that won’t let you leave. Good luck!

  20. It’s been a great tool for communication with clients. It also gives me a second number that people can reach me on whether it be calling or texting. There’s been a few times that it’s gotten a bit laggy or doesn’t give me a notification of a call or text, but I usually just closed out the app and restart my phone, which majority of the time… Fixes it. However, the past few days it’s been SUPER laggy, doesn’t call out, will say “sending* for HOURS after I’ve texted someone. FIX THESE BUGS!

  21. This is by far the WORST call/text app out there. Crashes constantly…I wish I could post a screenshot showing how many times this app crashed or is “not responding” also when your trying to type a text message the keyboard will just disappear and will not come back until you close the app and reopen it. There are ads galore….and sometimes they just pop up in the middle of a call so you have to listen to a commercial on top of your phone call. The app lags so bad. It takes forever to load.

  22. This app was a lifesaver when I lost my phone. It immediately gave me a usable phone for calls and texting when I installed it on my tablet. It even lets me attach photos to messages and has a nice voicemail feature. People complained that they could barely hear me, but I don’t know if it was the app or my microphone. Contacts can be searched or sorted by first or last name. A nice unexpected feature is you can Export a conversation of multiple messages to a file, email or other destination.

  23. Good service- I like having a separate number for this app. On the down side, horrible ads! I’m ok with banner ads, but this app utilizes full screen multimedia ads, which is incredibly bad practice! It also sporadically fails to notify of incoming messages. Update for the developers: As of this past week, the app randomly fails at sending messages despite having a good network connection. This is on a galaxy S20, and it’s failed while on wi-fi and on the T-Mobile network.

  24. The app works fine, but I wish there was a way to turn off the annoying “we miss you” notifications when I’m not using the app without turning off all notifications. I only use it once a month and it is extremely annoying to get those useless notifications repeatedly throughout the week. I simply have to turn off all my notifications and then remember to turn them back on when I need the app again. It’s frustrating.

  25. Great way to facilitate communication. I’ve been using this app for almost a year to use as my primary line. Its an interesting situation but this app has pulled through in the most strangest and peculiar times. The inner workings of the app aren’t all perfect and many bug issues do surface, but at the same time I understand that deals with the apps volume of usage from all users on the server. I hope the developers keep doing good work, stay consistent to their project, and upgrade when needed.

  26. Edit (Revising previous rating of 2 stars down to 1 star): As of today, ads and a lack of notifications are no longer the primary problem (though they are still problems.) Instead, I can no longer switch conversations without having to close and reopen the app. I can open one right when I first open the app, but after that, trying to open any other conversation defaults back to that one until I close it. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to see if that would help, and it did not.

  27. I have been using this app on different devices for 8 years. This app used to be great but not anymorw. It’s gotten worse. It’s slow and lags really bad. Pictures don’t normally send and have a hard time receiving them. Calls don’t connect right and will disconnect randomly. Overall it’s more of a pain to use so I’m looking for an alternative.

  28. Never really had an issue with the app, but now it’s unusable. The ads on the bottom portion of the screen take up almost half your screen but then it goes away when you access different screens having your whole view jump up and down. Very annoying and unnecessary as there are other options out there. Once I know longer need this number I will be switching apps.

  29. It’s quite useful, works as described for the most part. Occasionally I have delays and getting messages or notifications but that is about it. EDIT: Had to downgrade it to 2 stars. No free use on my desktop? I have to pay for that? Come on guys, that’s ridiculous. Also, the ads are truly HORRIBLE and intrusive now. I reccomend finding better, as I am now trying to do as well. Update: as of December 2021, now I can no longer switch conversations by tapping on a different conversation!

  30. Works great! Have encountered one major issue… if offered an upgrade, make sure to go back and cancel the previous subscription, because they will not do it for you.. if you fail to do this, you will be charged for both services, weekly, despite the upgrade, and despite emails to the company to have those charges refunded!!

  31. It’s great that with this app your cell phone can function even without a Sim Card installed. You only have to be connected to a WiFi network. Very reasonable monthly plans and prices. As low as $10. Decent connection most of the time, As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection. Only annoying aspect of this app is that after every call a pop up screen appears and ask you to rate the quality of the call. If you rate the the quality of the call. I give this app a B rating overall.

  32. Sometimes the app signs you out, and will not allow you to sign back in for awhile. Also, as of late, when you make a call, you cannot.open the keypad, so if its an automated system with prompts, forget it, and just hang up, because there’s no way to navigate through it without the keypad opening. Also, I needed a code that is sent via sms text, so I paid the $1.99 to view my text, my card was charged, but the app would not let me view the message.

  33. I like the texting app. Way to many ads, like what if I’m in a situation where I have to call an ambulance or something but I have to wait longer and exit out of the all because of the ads. Just stupid all around, whoever came up with all the ads should go play in traffic, and I mean it lol. also, when I go to reply without being in the app, it doesn’t send my messages. This is a pretty low quality app if you ask me…

  34. Update: the only thing that I wish is if it had a permanent number for a smaller fee amount. For example 2 dollars for one month, one time fee. They do have a subscription option and there are ways to get credits. But their monthly fee is out of my budget. And I don’t want a monthly recurring payment. 7/6/19 This app was really helpful when our phone service went down. It’s nice to know you can communicate with friends and loved ones as long as there’s Wi-Fi.

  35. Update on my original review: I’ve been using TextMe for quite a while now and I still LOVE it. I’ve never had a problem, no glitches, no dropped calls, etc…and compared to the others, TextMe subjects you to MINIMAL ADS that don’t hold you up when you’re trying to get to your calls and texts. That’s just AWESOME! This app is definitely the best of its kind! Easy, convenient, and doesn’t overwhelm you with excessive ads. Ive tried a few free-text apps and Text Me is #1.

  36. Upon opening the app I already didn’t like that I couldn’t choose my own number, only pick from a couple of options. Also, I’ve gotten 2 ads within the first 10 minutes of using it, which is just super annoying. I don’t want to have to deal with pop-up video ads when I’m trying to text people! It’s pretty confusing to use, and it just feels like an Email service more than a texting one. I don’t know but I just don’t like the overall presentation and way it’s set up.

  37. I’ve had the worst time with this app! It’s so unoptimized!! It crashes frequently! Probably from all the pop up ads this app has! The UI can’t keep up with how much load the scriot is running!! So it just outright crashes!! Some text or messages don’t send or calls with people just randomly drop! Even before the hour period for the free version! I would highly recommend looking for another texting application on the Google play store! 1 outta 5 user experience!

  38. This app is worse than useless. The registration part takes forever it’s just a runaround of captchas, and then you’ll likely get a message stating there’s already an account associated with your email address, even if there is not. By the time you get through all this, the number selected has expired and is released, and you have to start all over again. Same thing over and over and over again, go through numerous captchas, then be shown an error msg-there is already an account with that email

  39. So far it’s been pretty good for a free app you can’t really complain. Or maybe we can just a little. I do wish that when you search for free apps that u got the app and it wouldn’t constantly be trying to get you to upgrade to a paid version with more features it’s like a tease when u can’t pay for it. Anyway not really a valid complaint just my Lil hangup. The apps worked great for me it does close at times but probably something I’ve done or not done. Thanks for providing to the developer.

  40. This app use’s, what is called, “credit’s”. This is what is used in order to call and text. When running out of credit’s, calls and text, will not go through. After running out, we have the option to either purchase more, or watch long video’s in exchange for the amount of only, 1 credit. (One call, requires 3 credit’s) This is not a bad app but, I would definitely suggest a different app in order to save time and stress less.

  41. This is nice for wifi phones or when your bill isn’t paid on your regular cell-phone and you need to text or call someone really fast, but one thing that is bad about this is when your making a phone call you can’t hear the other person at all. It will constantly cut out. You can hear every 4 or 5 words if that. And getting calls from people using this app on the other end is even worse. You can’t hear anything. When your moving or in the car I wouldn’t even try. Please fix this if you can.

  42. Useless. Horrible. About to delete it. Worked OK when I tried it out a few months ago, right now it took literally 5min to punch in 10 digits, stuck it out & it made the call, I left a voicemail, pretty sure it didn’t hang up even after pressing the red key about 30x & that it stayed connected leaving a voicemail of 3 extra mins of silence, according to the timing log of the call. Sucks. Useless. (It’s on my Samsung Galaxy Orbit phone (2018?), not the newest phone but most apps work fine on it)

  43. This is a relatively good app for texting. There are times at which messages can take a long time to send, and I’ve had friends inform me they’ve sent a few messages that never delivered. These points are obviously problematic, but they appear to happen frequently in a day, or not at all. Most days are decent, and I assume the issue is in Internet connection over anything else. The undelivered messages are frustrating though. Overall, one of the better texting apps I’ve used long-term.

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