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Break away from Big Tech and join an inspiring, uplifting, positive social media platform for all! GETTR wants to bring enjoyment back to your social media experience by supporting freedom of independent thought and rejecting political censorship.

Offering the best in class technology, GETTR offers the voice of freedom to its users, allowing for unfiltered discourse and sharing of information, news, and thoughts with your friends, family, and those around the world!

With GETTR, you have:

The Freedom to Share Independent Thoughts – Share messages, news, photos, videos and more. Stay connected with friends, family and network with people around the world. Join new communities that represent your interests.

The Ability to Speak Your Mind With MORE – post messages up to 777 characters, you have more space to share your thoughts, images, and news.

Up Your Photo Game – Post higher quality photos and longer videos… up to three minutes long! And with our in-app editor, you can add your personal touch without ever leaving the app.

Expanding Image Posts – You can now post up to 6 photos per post!

Live-Streaming With the Community – Live-streaming is up to 60 minutes long with easy-to-use technology for any GETTR user.

Get the News Uncensored – Get the news from all sides and perspectives! As the marketplace of Ideas, GETTR allows you to decide how you get and share information. No platform censorship here!

Discover New Favorites – See who and what is trending with top accounts and recommendations just for you.

Experience Superior Technology – Easy to use with exciting features, to provide you with the best possible user experience. Our in-house tech team makes sure GETTR’s always at its best.

Expect New and Exciting Features – With every update come fun and improved features to enhance how and what you share. Keep an eye out for exciting additions like livestream, launching soon!

Know Your Data’s Safe with Us – We observe your data privacy preferences. Please see out Privacy Policy here

And Most Importantly…

ESCAPE CANCEL CULTURE – GETTR will never suspend, de-platform, or censor you for your views. Protecting your ability to speak freely and have your voice heard is our top priority!


- Bug fixes and performance optimizations.


40 comentarios en "GETTR MOD"

  1. Lowered my review from 4 stars to 2. Very frustrating problem is when watching a video on my android phone if another app takes dominance (like my phone rings) the video closes after a short time and I lose my spot, or if it doesn’t and I haven’t paused it keeps playing silently instead of pausing. Seems to need some background player improvements, and definitely needs some sort of bookmarking capability to save your place in a video like YouTube has.

  2. I have very, very poor vision and sometimes make grammatical errors that I don’t catch until AFTER I have “posted”. It would be greatly beneficial to be able to reopen the “post” & make changes to errors. Would be fine with a 5 or 10 minute time limit on the ability to correct “post” Thank you. I have mentioned this before. This is the 2nd request!

  3. I like listening to videos while I do other things. There are several programs on Gettr that I listen to, but it’s hard to do that with the videos shutting down so much. Each time, I lose my place and have to find where it was before it crashed. Not good when I have my hands full, or wet, or dirty. Especially since I’m not actually watching so I often have no idea of the location when it stopped.

  4. It is a great experience it is a smooth system. Ez to work with, The audience is engaging, and welcoming to all. Needs to not get comfortable with no innovation. It is really good place to be. It now has in place the New tictoc competition, looks great. Upgrading all the time.,It has to short of a time frame on length of video postings. I would give it a five rating, keeps Gettr better. Has consistently been building a better app. It is the best of the new conservative socials presently.

  5. I really like this app, but it’s got some improvements to make. Sometimes, the app’s action buttons (“home,” “search,” “Visions,” etc.) become hidden by my phone’s navigation buttons and it ends up getting in the way. The live streaming software or programming needs some work, too! Thank you!

  6. I hope post EDITING is added SOON. Recent new problem. While posting a comment, if I discover a typo or want to change the wording, when I place my cursor where I want it, it highlights a large section. If I change the location of the cursor, it adds, highlights, the new section along with the previous. This happens every time I try to make changes. 8/26/22 PROBLEM STILL EXISTS!

  7. I have been using Gettr for about 6 months now. and have found it to be very easy to use, intuitive, and stable. The developers update the app with bug fixes and improvements on a regular basis, and the Help team are quick and responsive. The app could use an edit button to fix errors on posts. The membership is growing fast, and internationally as well. Highly recommended for conservative-minded folks who seek not to be censored for their mainstream views.

  8. Glenn W dice:

    The app is great to use, navigation is pretty straight forward. The one star reduction is for the lack of ability to edit typos in your own comments. You have to copy it to your clipboard, delete your first comment, reapply the copy, and edit that before posting. How I found it can be done. It is nice to have more than 400 characters of space, though.

  9. When viewing media files on their own page, files don’t reorient to vertical or horizontal screen and become difficult to read small text. Also, when trying to post more complex concepts, leaving the app to link outside resources often has the app completely reset itself to the top of your new stream, erasing anything you had previously done. There was no way to turn off notifications, which has since been fixed, a step in the right direction.

  10. Kammurabi dice:

    Starting to become less political and more cultural and “normal” which means this is probably hitting its stride now. Overall I feel it is much less trashy than twitter but there are a couple of UI things I don’t care for. I don’t like that you can both scroll up and down and also swipe left and right. My hands are not so small to make such delicate movements all the time and I go left or right instead of down sometimes.

  11. I really enjoy the freedom of expression given by this app. My only issue is this, when I have scrolled for a few minutes and read some stuff and shut the app off and come back maybe 10 minutes later, it only gives me a few new stories up top and then I have to scroll back through the 20 or 30 stories that I already read in order to get to New content. Other than that, I love the app.

  12. Liz Heil dice:

    I like this socoal media app. One thing that I wish it had is a way to edit you post and comments. Sometime on a smartphone the keyboards so small you hit wrong keys without realizing it. Also you have to deal with auto correct changes your words. So an editing feature to correct those mistakes, would be great to have. If this app had that, I would give it 5⭐ for sure.

  13. I DON’T like the fact that there is no EDITING feature? For correcring typo’s within my posts. I also don’t like the extreme tediousness in accessing a part of my post that is off the screen and needs to be scrolled down to. Every time I scrolled down to the text and tried to select it, IT SCROLLED BACK UP. I ultimately ended up “Select all”ing the text, copying it, pasting it into a notepad, fixing the typo(s) there, opying it again from the notepad and pasting that text into the post.

  14. R Rizzi dice:

    I just downloaded the app. It’s simple to navigate except for one possible bug: when I need to modify my text, I cannot backspace or use the delete key. Could it be my Chromebook’s android v. 7.10 is too old? For the time being, I find GETTR much easier to navigate in my browser. What a great start for this app! Keep up the good work!

  15. Cinja 91 dice:

    Two things I need tech help with and I’d sure appreciate it. 1. I have no volume control within the app/videos in the app. I have to switch apps or pull down my notification bar just to adjust the volume during a video 2. I’d love to be able to take extended screenshots of long posts replies. Normally my phone let’s me hit the down arrow on the screenshot window and it scrolls the page and makes a longer screenshot but Gettr doesn’t allow this. I love this app and I appreciate it and all of you

  16. Post unavailable, that notification comes up too often. Having trouble getting verification. Other than that, Super Cool site. Very Informative, I don’t miss FB Fackchex. Translation option is awesome. If the content between users is clean and respectful, any view should be able to be voiced, and any questions asked. Seems the GETTR Platform is driving to do just that. Thank you.🇺🇸

  17. You CAN’T Edit when you see a typographical error, left out word, et cetera. Shouldn’t need so many updates… I DON’T want ANY advertisements cluttering up my Posts!!!!! My Posts are Extremely IMPORTANT!!! The commercials ARE invasive, INTRUSIVE and VERY, VERY annoying. Those that can be deleted take a long time, AND, some of them can’t even be deleted!! If it’s not already, it should be ILLEGAL!!!!!!! It is ABOMINATION!!!!!!!

  18. Poor app. Crashes within 10 seconds. Can no longer click on another person’s account to receive ‘all notifications’ due to the message icon placed on top of of the bell icon. They’re overpaid amateurs at best.

  19. Cruz Relo dice:

    This is the only app I use to view the news and comments.. I just wish I can Edit my comment before I post it if I made an error on spelling or to change a word. Also I want to delete all my posts at once but can’t do it somehow it seems that I can’t delete them at all. Deleted Twitter..never knew how to use it anyway. THIS APP IS REALLY FREE SPEECH. I RESPECT IT..

  20. It is really annoying that the screen completely freezes while scrolling. It freezes for 15-30 seconds until it will allow me to continue scrolling. I use this app very sparingly, maybe once a week, because of this malfunction. Otherwise I’d be on daily..

  21. Jamie dice:

    Good app, let’s folk express themselves, only gripe is that livestreams/uploaded videos stagger & freeze like mad. Makes it almost impossible to watch. Sort it out & you get a 5 star rating 🤣 Every update says bug fixes & performance updates. Yet after every update the problems are still there. Streams freeze constantly. It’s virtually impossible to watch anything on here.

  22. M J dice:

    Starting to think GETTR is just another way for people to be tracked. Glitches are every day now with app freezing up and crashing. After taking the time to respond to a post they don’t always go through and you lose your message. Plus it’s only gotten worse with the lame updates and advertising. It looks like it has become all about the money. Same downfall of all social media. I’m also sure there’s some shadow banning because a lot of content you really don’t want to see keeps showing up.

  23. I like it. I would like the option of writing in different colors and fonts Does not have to be over board. Google got busy with over boarding , made it complicated. Simple. Ten colors Ten font choices. Thoughts.

  24. Many times a day I am tasked to uninstall and reinstall this app. It freezes up, does not load and kicks me off of podcasts I am listening to on the Application. It is maddening and I wish it were fixed.

  25. DON’T UPDATE GETTR! Android v1.6.34 now messed up the edit function in text editor! *Reply/Post – cursor disappeared while composing replies or creating new posts. *Edit Option – there’s no cursor to type or delete! A big whitish/gray screen appeared. Had to exit. * Text editor broken in last wk’s release v1.6.33 & not fixed in this new release! How the hell does GETTR expect users to use post/reply/edit option in app? Do GETTR developers/coders know how to perform system/regression testing?

  26. KMH dice:

    I don’t trust an app in competition to Google and apple and yet you download it on the Apple Store and the Google store. Can you say Shadow ban uniparty promoting the establishment. The editing app makes much of your frustration evaporate. That is a great addition. Depending on what time of day it is the app is overwhelmed with Chinese posts which is annoying. Getter should have an option so that all foreign languages are translated to one you pick up front.

  27. Frank N dice:

    Everytime I swipe from the left edge to go back to my newsfeed, the app closes. This really is annoying! Please fix that. Other than that, great community and great content.

  28. Update #2: app is improving. Had a few hiccups for a while, but it’s getting better. Original: Best social media platform I’ve ever used. Smooth loading, followers and followed get updates and link well. I like that posts are consistent and there is true freedom of speech on Gettr! Update #1: Not always free speech, I get censored frequently. My memes fit the guidelines, but they seem to irritate someone on Gettr and get deleted.

  29. In the direct messaging area you go to add a comma in a sentence and it blocks a part of the sentence in blue or gray and when you hit a button erases whatever’s been marginalized this is a problem that’s been going on for months little frustrating I take my DM somewhere else now where it’s more simplified without bugs

  30. Can’t paste from text. Maybe the new update will fix. This has been annoying…..UPDATE: If I paste into GAB, then copy from there and paste into GETTR, it works. UPDATE: New Phone it works fine.

  31. All good, but for non English natives (managing five languages in my phone) it’s a bit frustrating when I can’t edit to correct my posts … Often “corrected” by a spell check

  32. ming dice:

    Very bad! This update is completely unusable, the interface operation is super laggy, the scrolling has a serious delay, and there are a lot of ads. Sad!

  33. I’ve been using GETTR since Day One, this platform has changed greatly since then. Updates are well worth it. There is more contained within then the other platforms. “Live steams, Vision(better than TkTk & SC)DM & so much more. GETTR is my goto app, none other comes close

  34. Worst app ever. Doesn’t update Newsfeed when you open app, scrolling lags constantly, comments on posts are hidden, tapping on notifications doesn’t work….dropped from 2star to 1star. Beyond useless.

  35. Robert W dice:

    GETTR needs to fix the scrolling issue. It takes multiple attempts to get the feed to scroll up or down. Never works on the first try.

  36. Pug Pro dice:

    Working great so far. Needs some work. Like Group features, private meetings room, board needs a group page. Market place ya that would be great. 1 x 1 video chat, group chat. Pros: EDIT post yea! Prvt mssg good video features, shows and allows fringe media a common place. Easy to use. Cons: edit and type styles would be nice. Group options will be important. Great programming with regard to landscape vs other apps that don’t work on a tablet best broadcast controls I’ve seen.

  37. T Cleve dice:

    Love everything about it but some of the auto Followers. They could also use a good scrubbing for BOTS. Otherwise it is a good rival for Twatter.

  38. At first, I was skeptical about this app. I only installed it to have an alternative to toxic, censorious Twitter. After a year, I can say that I have been agreeably surprised by the interface and the frequent updates/improvemnts. The DM feature is useful but the best thing for me is the amount of livestreaming on the platform.

  39. Truth dice:

    UPDATE! When U UPGRADE to provide us with a “MUTE BUTTON” to your Android screen, I’ll UPGRADE MY VOTE! An Android mute button is NOT too much to ask for! Love it but NEED Mute icon on screen available for Androids, during video play

  40. Eric k dice:

    So far excellent. After nearly a year this App is even better than in the beginning ! And doesn’t require access to contacts to use. 8/22 Update: still updates regularly which is great! October 2022 update can’t back out or close app must hit power button and back on again and hit the exit quickly.

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