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papaya is one of the most popular social apps for young people around the world
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Papaya Live is one of the most popular social chat applications in Southeast Asia. It allows you to chat with new friends all over the world in real time. At the same time, you can watch live broadcasts of beauties from all over the world to make your social chat experience easier, meet interesting new friends from all over the world, and express your likes by receiving and sending virtual gifts.

Papaya Live is committed to connecting the world so that everyone can share their beautiful moments and inspire the social life of young users around the world.

Live broadcast
–We are an open platform with 24 hours of uninterrupted entertainment, watching anytime, anywhere. As an anchor, you can sing, dance, chat and interact with users, show your talents, and become friends with other like-minded anchors; as a user, you can watch your favorite anchors, become their fans, and communicate with them.

Entertainment community
–Papaya Live is a community based on mutual respect among users, have fun, spend pleasant and relaxing time. With many beautiful people by your side, you will never be bored and you will be able to make many sincere friends.

Security and privacy
–You can directly video chat with your favorite anchor one-on-one, enjoy the close interaction with the anchor face to face, and chat happily every second. For your safety, video chat will provide you with more privacy protection, and other users cannot access your video and voice chat records.

Virtual props
–All kinds of exquisite gifts, you can buy some gifts to support your favorite anchor, so as to attract the attention of everyone in the live broadcast, and improve your own level and get a high level. There are also VIP exclusive privileges and status symbols, and entry vehicles and avatar frames can be purchased to stand out from the crowd.

More exciting content, all in Papaya Live, come and download it! ~

Please pay attention to the latest information and feedback:
Official contact email: [email protected]
Official WhatsApp: +852 56135886

If you want to become our anchor agent and bring more content experience to users:
Institution settled email: [email protected]
Institutions settled in WhatsApp: +852 54438745

Your feedback helps us improve Papaya Live.
any question? Please contact us through the above contact information, thank you.


40 comentarios en "Papaya Live-Live Stream,Show MODDED"

  1. John John dice:

    Poor quality app, sound is terrible & the streaming sketchy & jumpy. There’s no way to delete your personal data or account, so overall it’s unreliable & untrustworthy. Uninstalled.

  2. It’s really great at dawn. It’s really easy to use. You can use it when you have nothing to do. It’s very casual and creative. Very few reviews. Not much to say. give 5 points


  4. have used many similar applications. In contrast, I think this software is still very good. Trustworthy and Owned! !

  5. The mobile phone software is very easy to use, easy to use, other software requires physical strength. This is a good thing, I like it very much, it is very useful

  6. Software evaluation, very conscientious software is good. I like software that sticks to it. It’s interesting. Good software2333333333

  7. I’ve always loved the characters here. Image quality is very good. characters are very similar

  8. Super easy to use Professional remember to choose the genuine version, the professional software is good, the hands-on brain is worth using

  9. Not bad, good, easy to use, simple, addictive as soon as you get started, worth recommending

  10. It’s very easy to use. This is required for everyday use. Leisure time is very little. I need to think about it. I think it’s funny. I hope to continue to develop it.

  11. It’s very easy to use. Good software is very good. It’s very pretty. The skills are gorgeous. Really good

  12. very useful. It was fine to use at first. Hello, I am feeling very weak at the end. But in general this is the type I want to use

  13. The interface design is gorgeous and the functions are powerful, which I think is great

  14. It’s easy to use. very useful. This is a great classic. It’s challenging. OK I like it very much. I hope there will be more in ten years

  15. It’s easy to use. Just be professional. It’s very easy to use. Breaking records time and time again with great success

  16. Good product, easy to use, worth it, conscience, easy to use, more interesting, at least not so much money

  17. better software. actual. I wish there were more features. Five stars for no explanation! !

  18. Good product, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, not greasy, easy to use, classic, easy to use, fun to use, mainly used for sanding debris, time and gaps, can also be used for a while between movie queues

  19. This is good. The new version is completely different from the first version. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also feature-rich. recommend!

  20. better application. actual. I wish there were more features. Five stars for no explanation! !

  21. This is very practical. It is much better than the previous application software. will always support

  22. It’s very easy to use. very useful. It is also very durable. I hope it can be updated quickly. thanks

  23. Aestheticism! Good work, the author is really attentive! I love it so much!

  24. this app is totally a scam ! the admin said that the basic host have a basic salary . and no quota . but now the admin change the salary rules when pay day is near . we need to quota 1.8million coins . but the other host cant reach 1.8million . unbelievable papaya app !

  25. I like the software very much. easy to use. Simple to use. Recommended download

  26. Fantastic, 100 times better than anything. Sincerely feel and support

  27. PVandetta dice:

    Other review are lame and fishy.. This app is bad. Small accessibility with small pool of anchor. And you cant live unless u are invited or you need to request..haa

  28. John B dice:

    Great fun. High quality hosts. Easy to manage app.

  29. It is good to use a good one. Ouch, good. bring it on. This is the king’s favorite. It has been a long time. I can’t stop using it today

  30. After the revision, you can see a lot of things that are still good. but i have to adapt

  31. This is good. Although the color is single, it gives a new feeling

  32. All in all, it doesn’t matter! Hope for good features!

  33. Bryan Tan dice:

    I won the world cup game i should won 11k plus diamonds, i bet argentina over france and argentina win but this app did not give my 11k diamonds…..written failed guess??? 😡😡😡dont install this app this is scam!!!

  34. It works just fine. in all browsers. the best.

  35. It is very easy to use and simple than the same app

  36. I hope it’s the best and cheapest software I’ve ever used. is a very useful software

  37. This software feels good. very good. I hope it’s worth the money. This is a great one. Really nice and worth using

  38. The biggest advantage of this software is that the picture is very real, and it can form alliances with many users

  39. It is very easy to use and convenient on mobile phones.

  40. Make good use of it. Recommend directly to a friend! !

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