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TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more.

■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.

■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired.

■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

■ Express yourself with creative effects
Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

■ Edit your own videos
Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

* Any feedback? Contact us at https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback or tweet us @tiktok_us


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64 comentarios en "TikTok MODDED 2022"

  1. Overall, the app is very good, but it should give you the option to change what page it opens on, since not everyone wants to start on the For You page. It should also have a button or something that temporarily hides the UI when watching videos, because while there *is* a feature that lets you watch the video without the UI, it’ll probably result in part of your hand covering the screen. Additionally, some features are only available in certain regions, which is just awful imo.

  2. Everytime I click on the app lately (like the past 2 weeks) it refuses to open and I have to click on it several times and hope it actually works. Sometimes I doesn’t. Tried updating and uninstalling and it still does it. It’s getting to the point where it just won’t open more often than it does and the app has been so glitchy overall lately. Thinking about giving up on it.

  3. J M dice:

    I still don’t have the voice changer effect, and, with a semi-new Samsung model phone, there are filters that simply won’t work. If this app is only good for those with an iphone, keep is on the iOS app store. After multiple updates, still nothing, and I don’t feel like getting rid of my drafts for an update that isn’t even trending at this point. Shameful and disappointing, quite frankly.

  4. Tiktok has repeatedly had issues with giving my front facing camera a blue screen for months. I usually end up deleting the app or clearing the cache, and it will work properly again, but this time, I can’t log in. On the home screen, it won’t let me click on anything. Then, when I try to get help on the tiktok support page, it just tries to send me to the app that I can’t even get into.

  5. Madeline dice:

    Now there are ads on the following page, awful. A notification dot will appear on following but there’s nothing new when I check. Top of my screen turns white randomly. Video and audio aren’t synced. Can’t block sounds when they get annoying and they keep showing up after hitting “not interested” every time. The “now” tab is annoying. It keeps asking if I wanna sync contacts no matter how many times I put no.

  6. Your ads are intrusive and take over phones. Every time I’m playing a game, an ad pops up and then I can’t go anything. If I touch my phone at all, it brings me to the play store and when I hit back or home, it goes back to the ad, but the ad starts over from beginning!! No ad should control someone’s phone nor should it be more than 5 seconds long. I thought I couldn’t hate tiktok any more, but somehow, every ad makes me hate it even more.

  7. I give it two stars. One for the effects like reality ripple and one for the ai effect. But, It has problems… I tried using the studio feature to make a short video, first I spent hours learning how to edit, add effects, then it froze up. I lost all my work. Gave it another chance, spent so much time on adding effects to my minute long clip, and went to save it as a draft, it went to video limbo. NEVER SAVED IT!!! Boo hiss!

  8. Paul W dice:

    Now there are ads in addition to it being Chinese spyware. Stolen content and memes abound. The app bombards you with notifications. No volume control. Takes months to get the same features as everyone else because of their weird rollout. Pressing the back key doesn’t exit the app and instead loads a new video which is designed to keep you on it longer. Waste of time.

  9. Sun dice:

    While I enjoy tiktok I have one reoccurring problem that has gone on for a year: not being able to search for videos. I can search tags, users, and sounds- but not videos. This function just disappeared from my app and hasn’t returned no matter how many times I try to fix the problem. I’ve reached out to tiktok help services and they have yet to send me a real answer along with getting me in contact with an actual person. Fix this please.

  10. the only good thing on this app is the people, and even then, the algorithm gets you stuck on one type of video and you can never explore for more. No dark mode option on android, forcing dark mode doesn’t work, annoying useless system notifications and tiktok now! notifications you can’t turn off. if it wasn’t good for connecting me with friends I’d delete it. very unfriendly to the user and settings are amazingly limited for how much money they make.

  11. Everyone else can use certain filters or effects and when I do it, it says couldn’t load sticker. I live in the U.S and the app is updated. I used the AI manga filter once a it worked great. I tried it again today and it keeps saying the sticker can’t be loaded. Everyone else is able to use that filter so I don’t know what the problem is.

  12. Very buggy lately. A lot of features are missing. I cannot load any kind of captions on my videos. The feature to auto-caption what I’m saying is gone AND when I add captions, they disappear once I’ve published the video. I’ve also tried to add videos from my phone and they cut the entire thing down to 15 seconds no matter what duration I set my video to record. And it adds music I didn’t ask for and there is no way to remove it. It’s like it goes into auto template. Ready to uninstall

  13. too7miie dice:

    its an addicting app, sure. its consuming, which is what you aim for, most likely. i like it personally, but i have a google pixel, which is android run, and the disadvantages it has compared to an iOS is insane. plus, i recently switched from samsung to this phone, and immediately i go to upload a slideshow video, but i dont have the option to “switch to photo mode” and its VERY frustrating as thats one of my only ways i LIKE to upload.

  14. I have a galaxy s10, I know it’s not the newest of phones by far but there are still so many things I cannot use on this app due to it being unsupported. It could be the simplest of things too, but I honestly believe it’s because alot of them are created on IOS so that does probably make a difference. My auto captions also fail to work everytime there’s a new update and that’s a bit bothersome. Otherwise the app isn’t too bad

  15. I love tiktok but the way they favor iPhone is ridiculous! Not every filter is supported if you don’t have one and I have a pretty amazing camera but whenever I try to record something on the app, it decreases my quality and always makes my video out of sync as if I’m going too fast or slow for the audio. When I record it it’s perfect but the finished video just looks like something I made on a potato

  16. Evan Amar dice:

    The app is great and passes time fast. I would recommend it but there’s a problem. I follow over 110 people which is over thousands of videos but when I go to the following section it shows the same 10 people every time and says there are no more videos. Reloading the app doesn’t work. Please fix that.

  17. I was considering increasing my rating as the performance and issues have been gradually improving. But the thing is I KEEP having to deal with issue after issue that pop up all the time. The latest is that now bookmarking videos just doesn’t work any more and likely hasn’t for weeks without me noticing. On top of the audio/visual glitches, the random freezing and crashing, and getting temporarily BANNED without warning or reason just to be restored unceremoniously the next day, it’s ridiculous.

  18. This app is starting to make me upset. I have a newer phone and I expect things to get updated and to have the same things as everyone else does except the beta testers of course. I have a real problem with the voice effects and making video folders. It just not fair when I constantly update my app and I still don’t get it. It’s extremely frustrating.

  19. I’m trying to get into acting so I like tick tock. I like to do little skits and short stories. I was pretty amazed at all the tools that are available to make videos and to take your personal stories or fictional stories I’m really expand sound bites backgrounds green screen layers it’s got everything I like it. So if you’re trying to get into acting or theater, weather for fun broadcasting, it’s a great way to hone in skills you might have. So check it out or you’re missing out.

  20. Cat Jay dice:

    Editing my review after two years of use. The app has made some strange changes. It now cuts off audio at the end of the video, or will glitch and freeze when trying to film the end of one. They made a strange change, so now you have to record for minimum of 1 second, which makes transitions difficult. The worst part is that they want you to pay for views. If you don’t, you can expect for no one to see your posts. Videos that used to average 2k views, now get 1-200. It’s frustrating.

  21. There is a significant audio delay (more than one or two video frames), both during and after the creation of a post, but the audio is definitely not out-of-sync in my original video. I’ve searched the internet and found that I am far from the only person having this problem and it has been a problem for years. An easy solution is to allow users to manually adjust their own audio/video delay during drafting by adding a small audio control widget such as —> Audio [-1 frame | +1 frame].

  22. Editing on this app is terrible! When editing a video & trying to set the duration for each clip, when I go to play, it will skip right over certain parts of the video. It lags so I have a hard time keeping the timing in sync with the music. I hate that there is not “edit” button for your caption once it’s posted, what happens if I misspell a word or my predictive text changes a word for me that I didn’t want?! Changes needed ASAP, it’s so frustrating.I’m trying not to give it up all together!!!

  23. TikTok is a good app, it has good editing behind it, but lately I’ve been having an issue. Whenever I film a video, there is an audio bug. It will pick up background noise and when you go to get a preview of the video, you can hear it. The app is fully updated so, I dont know if it is because I have an andriod or not, but TikTok you need to fix this.

  24. I’ve liked it a lot so far, but I got some weird audio syncing issues with one of the videos I was editing. Like I recorded something and the audio was delayed by at LEAST 3 seconds. I thought “No problem! I’ll just cut the clip and reshoot it.” But when I cut the clip, it cut the audio for the ENTIRE video. It was frustrating because now that tiktok is in Limbo because there’s no way to troubleshoot IN the app. I wish it let us edit a bit more than the options you already have. Contact me Dev!

  25. Tiktok really needs to learn how to make filters available to all devices. If it can download it, it could be able to have all access. Also, when I make a video now, the end of the audio is cut off or can’t be recorded if I try to make a cut there, and the sound when recording is always slowed and pitched down. I have a samsung S10. Pretty new, pretty good. There’s no reason this should be happening. The social aspect if this is great, but the creator aspect of this is terrible. Cant repost now.

  26. TikTok is easily my favorite app, but there has been a problem that has developed over the past few months. The first second of a video almost always replays itself and it sounds like a CD skipping. Audio also falls out of sync easily in longer videos along with captions the further in you get. This isn’t a device specific problem either, people from all over are having this problem.

  27. The only thing bad so far. The app will delete a video you were half way though finishing, while working on it. No idea if it’s a bug or my phone. But it gets irritating sometimes. Notice it happens less with better phones. Still fun, still a great place to post interesting things. Could do with less social media in my life, but so can everyone. Best of luck to people working on this app.

  28. For some reason random music will play over videos on my FYP and will continue playing if I pause the video. It does go away after a while but it’s very annoying since it comes up so often. Also audio will delay when putting up a green-screen video. I’ve seen other people saying it happens as well, so we’d all appreciate it if these two issues could be fixed.

  29. The android version of this app lacks many things the iPhone version has. Some filters/video effects don’t work, dark mode and the ability to toggle captions on/off is gone. Captions used to be able to be toggled but that changed after an update. I don’t understand why but it’s very annoying. It’s clear that tiktok doesn’t even try to fix the Android version of their app. Pathetic. There’s no excuse for high-end androids to not have the same features as iPhones.

  30. It’s really fun and the content is mostly good but I don’t have the voice filter effects and I can’t use the slideshow option, with one of the newer pixel phones and the app is as updated as it gets. An app that is for everyone shouldn’t just be for people with apple products, because that’s the only thing these work with

  31. I love the app, but all of a sudden I not longer have the text to speech option, I used to have it and did a few videos with it before but now it’s gone. I’ve updated and reinstalled and cleared cache but it doesn’t work. I did do it with a different phone than I have now but it was an upgrade not a downgrade so you’d think it’d work with a newer phone…I have the galaxy s22 ultra. Any suggestions or help? This also makes it so I don’t get any of the fun voice changers. I’d love to use them.

  32. Lately I’ve been getting an error that I’ve “reached the maximum number of blocked accounts” even though I can’t find what that number is anywhere. Considering how many fascists and racists are allowed to have platforms on this app, I would think this error would have been fixed by now but nope. My fyp completely changes ever so often to an unrecognizable series of videos. Both of these things have made the app borderline unusable

  33. App sucks right out of the gate. Downloaded and entered my email to create an account. Had me choose a password, got all the green checks showing I hit the special password requirements. But when I hit next, it gives me an error saying too many attempts. First, why would you put a limit on attempts I have to choose a password, you do that for logging in, not when I creating my own password. Second, even if this was acceptable, why would you ever think that one attempt is too much? Garbage!

  34. For the last few weeks I’ve been having the issue of I get on maybe once a day and I’ll watch 2 videos and it says I’ve seen all new. I follow 5k people. That’s impossible. I’ve updated the app and deleted it and everything. It’s rather irritating. As of 12/11 it’s worse. It shows a video I watched 2 days ago and says no new videos. I deleted. Logged out, and re-downloaded. Still on the same video.

  35. I have been using this app since late 2019 and I love how you can view watch and create videos! There are a few buggy glitches every now and then but that’s pretty much every app. Now the only reason I give it a 4 stars is because my lighting. You see if I have my lights on a bright color it makes it oddly dark? And when it’s dark is really bright. I have different phones so I can confirm that this is a tiktok issue. Please fix this and I may consider changing my review. That’s all I had to say

  36. Everything is good, but I’m not so happy about the new update.. The one with age restrictions… Because some videos are restricted but they aren’t as bad as the non-restriced ones. Also if someone messaged you. You wouldn’t get it.. You also won’t tell the person that they aren’t able to see your messages. And parents have the ability, in settings and privacy to family pairing and content preferences. If you see this thank you for reviewing this

  37. App changes from restricted to optimized on it’s own! (Just tried removing permission for alarms and reminders because it says that will allow it to run in the background. Hope this works!) This app used alot of battery in background so I’ve tried restricting battery usage and every time i go back and check after awhile it’s back to optimized. Not really one the conspiracy theorist ones but i don’t think it should be able to do this🤔 What else might it be doing without my permission?

  38. I keep having issues where I cannot continue recording my drafts, it will say “could not record, try again later” or if I try to record more than three segments, it does the same thing. It also started cutting the sound part of the way through when I’m making a video with a sound from tiktok 🤷🏽‍♀️ it was fine forever but now it’s basically making it so I have to use another editor then upload it which isn’t worth the effort.

  39. I really enjoy this app, but music will randomly play over videos on my fyp. I can’t get rid of it either, every time I scroll it stays until I close the app and reopen it which is very annoying whenever I’m trying to enjoy content from creators I enjoy. This isn’t even addressing the lack of prioritization when it comes to making Android having the same features as iPhone, not to mention the sheer amount of lag that comes with it. I’m genuinely so tired of this.

  40. I have had a pleasant experience until recently. I started experiencing issues with uploading videos so I decided to uninstall the app and then install in again. Once the app is downloaded, I am not able to click anything on the opening page (sign in with phone number or email, sign in with Facebook, sign in with Google, sign in with Twitter). I am not able to click on the question mark on the top right or even the sign up at the bottom. It’s extremely frustrating. Please help!

  41. I love the communities I’ve found on this app, but the user experience could use some improvement. For example, the editing tools can be very glitchy. I had a draft I was working on all year, but when I would go in to edit and replace clips, it would replace completely different clips with my new recording, deleting my progress. Instead of updating the look of the interface, I wish the developers would prioritize usability and universal design principles.

  42. The app for entertainment purposes is great. However, if you try creating content you might not have the same experience. My video editing features did not receive the update despite numerous troubling shooting and having once had it (somehow reverted?). I’ve had an open ticket with the support team since November with no resolution in sight. Can be extremely frustrating if you ever are in need of help and can’t find an answer from other users

  43. I’m a regular content creator with a decent following. I love making videos, but lately I’ve had a technical issue with the app. Everytime I record audio there’s a cracking/static noise at the end of the clip. Then even when I try to cut out the cracking noise at the end of the clip when I add a sound for the background, it starts to distort the audio at random times. It makes recording and editing videos frustrating when this app issue compromises the quality of your video content.

  44. As a video app: love it ! As a creator who edits videos in the app: not good. Most recent update has added lag to any sound I use. I can’t alter the volume levels of my video and the sound. It mutes my videos when I try to record. Please return the sound edit options. The last editor update was a major improvement ! Thank you.

  45. I am forced to go to this app well trying to use another app. Where this app I had to listen to”I can’t get enough” repeated over and over for 10 minutes before I cut the phone off to stop it. I installed it in a hope the music download app I was using wouldn’t send me to tik Tok ads with every song I tried to get. The couple shorts videos I saw were entertaining but I should not be forced to go to an ap I don’t want to use at that time.

  46. I dont know the proper words for it, but the icons for the home button and the + in the center have burned into my screen.. I was reading on a off white screen and thought it was part of the book but after looking and thinking about how if TVs or monitors are left on blue or anything too long it can keep a faded image. I’m unsure if this is because of particular colors or what, but it’s worth keeping note of. Right now they are a faint red that I can only see on light colors but yeah.. sucks.

  47. It’s been several days now that Tiktok freezes up completely on me. I cannot swipe or press any other option. If it doesn’t freeze, it stays stuck on an endless loop of buffering clips. If it does work, the audio will play with no clip. Sometimes, the audio continues to play even after closing the app, so the only way to make the audio stop, is to force stop it completely through settings. I’ve cleared cache, Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. On data or wifi, issues persist.

  48. The app is great and all, but that was till I got a new phone(Samsung 22+). It always says I’m offline and need so many tries to like, comment, or even just scroll. I’ve checked other apps, but this is the one one having problems 😒 I have disconnected from the wifi and turned it back on, deleted the app(just gets worst everytime), and reinstall, as well as my use my data. However, nothing works. Not to mention, the recording doesn’t always work. I’d love it if someone has a solution to fix this

  49. Videos don’t play on the first view, I have to reopen them for them to play. In both feed and chat. Please bring back the phone’s default volume slider so it’s easy to slide volume instead of keeping the button pressed. I don’t think hiding it serves a purpose. Please stop asking about connecting Facebook contacts on EVERY single opening of the app.

  50. Misty L dice:

    Ever since the app updated its been a mess. Constantly glitches and says it’s not connected to the network (forgot the actual verbiage it uses when it says it’s not connected). THE worst part is when I share a tiktok with someone, I have to scroll back and forth between tiktoks to make the share menu go away and the share menu freezes in place making it frustrating and impossible to share videos with people. I’ve put in two help desk tickets and have had zero resolution and it’s been weeks.

  51. Jæ Hært dice:

    I love TikTok. Don’t get me wrong but I have to drop it down a star from my last review because not only are filters breaking upon use. The edits are glitched out and don’t cover the video fully anymore or they leave a bar at the top of the bottom of the screen farther in from where they should be. At one point I did have the ability to upload audio without uploading a video and I had that for about 3 days and I noticed this morning it was gone. I really do like using this app so please fix it

  52. It’s okay! but I’ve got some problems and suggestions. My main problem is that for descriptions, I personally can’t use more than 150 characters while everyone else can use like 2000. I’d like to be able to, but it’s not the end of the world. For suggestions, simple things like better quality for artists, & letting ppl be able to reply to comments with things from drafts that aren’t just recorded videos. Will edit in the future if the 150 max problem for me has been fixed!

  53. I love tiktok, but some of the random bots in comment sections or liking my comments are so annoying. Edit: The sound doesn’t sync up with my Samsung like it used, if I wear Bluetooth headphones it syncs up (which should be the opposite), but other than that my phone doesn’t sync up to me whenever I make videos. It also lags a lot whe I try to make a vid without my Bluetooth. 2nd Edit: Tiktok lags and crashes wayyy too often now, after a certain amount of time it crashes smh.

  54. Love this sight so addicted, its so easy to learn and they even give you the tools to help you create content. It just keeps getting better the more it grows. It seems everyday there’s something new to try or watch. I sometimes forget the time and I would have been sitting on here for hours , and theirs something for everyone. Easy to meet other people from other places. Go live and do battles. If I could give it a 10 I would, cause thats how much I like it. This is an awesome app. Extremely fun

  55. This app has great content from creators, great place to share advise, knowledge, different walks of life, legal advice, relationship advice, etc. It’s very easy to upload videos, but once uploaded it cant be edited or deleted. The desktop app doesn’t allow you to leave comments. Another area of improvement, when marking post as “not interested” the same post and poster come back on my feed. For the most part, I like the app, it’s very easy to spend a lot of time on it.

  56. Keeps telling me to connect to the internet when I am connected. So using your ‘Report a Problem’ feature is a ‘no go”!!! So you understand, I cannot do ANYTHING in your app at this point. I called myself removing the app from my phone and reinstalling it, and NOW I can’t even log into my acct…smh. Can’t login via the app or computer. Tried sending an email explaining the problem, but alas…no response.

  57. Viviana dice:

    Overall the app in my opinion is great but the only issue I have is liking videos. Every time I like any video it does not stay in my liked video section. It just automatically disappears right after and I lose the video forever. Even if I go to my recently watched videos and try to find it, I can still not keep it in my liked videos. I even tried making a new account and uninstalling the app and nothing worked. If this is something that can get fixed I would really appreciate that.

  58. henry e dice:

    I have not been able to get all the updates needed from tiktok despite having a phone not even a year old (I got this phone about August/October time in 2022) and I’m just now realizing I don’t have access to the photo mode. That and my notifications refuse to properly update. And I have uninstalled and reinstalled, even just rebooted my phone. I’m just beyond frustrated at the moment, especially since I want to show off art to the world.

  59. As a content creator, spending several hours on a post to have it recieve 15 views for an undisclosed reason is extremely frustrating. Recording duets is also an issue in regards to lag. I have tried all the trouble shooting suggestions and stopped using the app a few months back, I recently got a new phone and decided to try again to no avail.

  60. Pretty straight forward. Would like more editing options. Also would like to have the choice to show the TikTok watermark or not. I have had people I know tell me that I don’t show up in their feeds though, and they have to search to find my posts. That’s a bummer. Sharing to other social media network is meh. I’ve found it’s just easier to download the finished product and share it manually.

  61. Just spent the last freaking HOUR making an important business video, and when I tried to add sound, it completely glitched and took away all my editing and overlapped all my words. Not just this time, it’s EVERY TIME! The trick is to make the video cuts, save to drafts, shut down the app, reopen, and then add your music. Then you can post…..HOW CONVENIENT

  62. Tiktok is pretty good but I have a couple complaints. 1. Sometimes my tiktok freezes and I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on, which is weird because it doesn’t happen on other apps. 2. Tiktok sometimes doesn’t give your certain features like the Jessie filter for no reason, I had it once, then it disappeared. 3. Holy the moderation sucks, I seen gore on the app multiple times but you can’t swear in the caption. It doesn’t make sense. My rating would be lower but I like this app.

  63. Edit 2. After 2 Used primarily on tablet. Now it will not stay on landscape mode. I will update it to good or 5 stars once I am able to use it again. Fixed and some features added. For a time wasting app, this was great. Easy to use, easy to just look at videos and have a good time. Content for everyone no matter your likes. I gotta say I was impressed with the cheer amount of silly and funny videos.

  64. Everytime I go live, it freezes after about 2 minutes. It does this evey single time I go live. I’ve tried restarting the app and my phone but it still keeps freezing. I can’t even do my live because it freezes everytime. It’s very annoying to me and my followers. It has to be the app because I don’t have a problem with anything else on my phone.

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