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Ordering world famous fried chicken has never been easier. Access exclusive deals with the new KFC app.

One-Click Reordering
All your favorites right at your fingertips.

Order Tracking
Get updates on your order along the way.

Faster Checkout
Quick, easy and contactless.

Stay Connected
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New Year, new 'fixins to make our app better.


40 comentarios en "KFC US – Ordering App MOD 2022"

  1. Terrible. Order 20 minutes before arrival and people that order after you arrive get their food first. I’ve used the app multiple times and it’s always the same. It always takes 45 minutes to an hour for you to get your food and they never give you the sauces you selected with your meal. Not quick pick up. Over an hour to get my food, but the drive through kept flowing just fine.

  2. This app serves no purpose at all. There are no discounts, coupons, or rewards available. The ‘special offers’ are literally just menu pricing. When I have ordered pickup through the app, I arrived at the store to find that no one had even started the order and I would have to wait another 20 minutes for food. This is a complete waste of time, and I’m deleting it.

  3. If I could give a zero I would. The app takes forever to add anything to the bag. Then when I hit the final checkout it flips out, the plate number starts cycling and then it crashed. I checked to see if the order was placed and there was nothing in the history. I try again. Same thing happened. Except now there are TWO orders. I cant cancel either of them. At the store they ALSO can’t cancel one of them. To make matters worse it’s a $90 order doubled. I guess we’ll be eating chicken for days

  4. This app is very buggy. Very slow at adding items to cart. Then, as I am trying to check out it just freezes, shuts down, restarts and my progress/cart is gone. I can only use this app to browse the menu. Can’t place an order…so what’s the point? And why is there only 8 drinks to choose from with meals? Not allowed to get a bottle of water?!

  5. Paul R dice:

    Usually used to be able to order with no issue, now every time I try to add items to my cart and check out it says ‘please wait’ and the items never get added so I can check out. It just gets stuck processing my request. I’ve made sure the App was updated. Cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled. Makes it hard to order especially to try to get the online digital exclusives. Like the 8pc chicken + tenders fill up meal deal. Since it’s a digital only offer I can’t order it in restaurant.

  6. Ordered food on app. Arrived at restaurant. Was told that “we’re out of CHICKEN.” That’s a whole other complaint. 1) would have been nice to know this when food was ordered 15 minutes earlier. Like make unavailable items, in this case, the reason people go to kfc, unavailable on the app. Saves customers time. 2) apparently I can’t just cancel my order on the app. I have to call a number and talk to someone. Your app has made my life more difficult with the same amount of chicken (no chicken)

  7. I’m unable to complete my order because the app does not accurately reflect my choices of side items after I’ve added the order into the cart/bag. The item I’m trying to order has two sides we can choose from. I left the first side as the default (mashed potatoes w/gravy) and selected another side of mashed potatoes w/gravy as the 2nd side item. After adding everything to the bag, my 2nd side item ends up being cole slaw every single time! I’m not ordering anything until this bug is fixed!!

  8. Clunky, glitches, and unstable. I was able to view the menu, but the ordering system failed to register my choices going to the default order of sides for that item. The soda choices were also not all available. Then as o was attempting to fix the sides for the 5th time, the app crashed. Ultimately had to place my order in restaurant.

  9. Anthony S dice:

    Overall, one of the better fast food apps I have experienced. It actually works well and is easy to navigate. The buttons are too big and so are the photos. The biggest problem is the coupons/rewards either don’t save you any money or are not something that is actually wanted/desirable. A discount on something I don’t want, is pointless. Also lots of upcharges for certain customizations, so you basically end up paying a la carte price. Good convenience, bad discounts

  10. I’ll cut right to it, if you want to do anything more than the most basic of orders then this app is garbage. Half of the menu isn’t available in the app most of the time, you can’t change your drink or side order size in combos or meals (hardly unique to this app, but it’s a major frustration for fast food apps), and the pricing mostly seems disconnected from whatever the selected restaurant has set. At least it seems to actually work most of the time unlike some fast food apps like Sonic’s.

  11. Christie dice:

    I made an order on the app, for a different location than I usually order from. After submitting my payment, during processing, an error popped up, then the transaction went through, but it had changed the location back to the one I normally go to. There was no way to cancel. I was nowhere near that location. I paid over $30 for food I couldn’t pick up. I emailed, and haven’t received a response in over a week. KFC has gotten the last dime they’ll ever get from me.

  12. Generously, I give this app two stars. It’s interface is confusing. For example, it uses the same words, place order, to put something in the shopping cart (called ‘bag’) and for actually authorizing payment. There are others. Also, unlike most fast food apps, it doesn’t give deals or offers, or at least I could not find any. Yes, you can order ahead, but you need to stand in line at the store or drive thru just the same so it saves on time. It only delays and confuses the process. I used it once, but have already uninstalled it. Never again.

  13. John Doe dice:

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Extremely buggy and unreliable, but I’ll come back and add stars when it improves. My current error is that trying to make an order just produces a blank white screen. The menu won’t appear, and I can’t seem to select a location, either. UPDATE: As the devs said, the error has been resolved, so I’ve added a star for the fix and prompt reply. KFC was slow to get into the app game, but I think they’re gonna keep getting better.

  14. Cory Hug dice:

    I was surprised several months ago to find that KFC did NOT have an app, so I was pleasantly surprised last week to see that KFC now has one. For overall functionality, the basics of placing and paying for an order, it’s fine. It needs more options for various combinations and customizing of orders. Right now it only has their main, standard “combos” and ala carte individual items. For example, I typically order only the chicken and biscuit with no sides or drink. This isn’t an option in the app. I also like to get a mix of original and crispy in a single order. The app only allows one or the other. I also had issues as some others described. I ordered for ASAP pickup. The app said pickup was IN store. Even when I got there the signs AT the store said to go inside for mobile pickups. But the lobby was locked (after I actually parked and walked up only to find it locked), so I had to go through the drive-through. Luckily in my case the drive-through only had 1 other car in front of me. But even when it was my turn, I still had to wait a bit to get my order even though the app said it was “ready.” As do most other restaurant mobile ordering apps, it should give the option to pickup either in store or via drive through (and curb-side would be a great option too, but not required). AND, if the store lobby is closed, then the app needs to block off the in-store pickup when ordering. The McDonald’s mobile app does this.

  15. I tried to order on their site and when the site would stop loading when I got to the payment screen I went with the app. It crashed one before I got to the and another time while there it stopped doing anything. It’s not the first time I uninstall this app for similar reasons. On the pixel 3 so hopefully better luck with other phones. If it did work I wish you could add all the options available in store. It’s laid out nicely. Unfortunately none of that matters if I can’t actually order.

  16. Defcon 2 dice:

    I just downloaded the app. I was looking for some time for it (I’m in the US) but saw an add on Instagram, so nice to see there’s one. I haven’t used it yet, just browsing around. However, I noticed that there’s no option to pickup an order via drive thru. You have to enter the store. I have other food apps, I’ve never seen one without a drive thru pickup option. I will likely not use this so long as the only pickup option is to enter the store.

  17. Mya dice:

    For one, the app crashes every time an order is placed. Like, the whole phone. Secondly, and the biggest most ridiculous thing I am uninstalling the app for, there is no updating the app to reflect current store inventory. We ordered food, went to pick it up, and didnt have half the meal. We wouldn’t have gotten any of the substitutes and nobody said anything when I picked it up either. Just wish this was better👎

  18. Josette dice:

    Literally unusable. Every action just loads and loads and doesn’t respond. After fighting with the app for 10 minutes I had to close and reopen it just to make sure the order went through. I was hoping the pick up process would be easy enough to make this miserable experience with the app worth it…..of course it wasn’t. The app didn’t even have any promotions, rewards, or really any kind of benefit making the app download useful. Instantly uninstalled.

  19. Like to pay more for a reduced selection and longer wait times? Then this is the perfect app for you! It doesn’t show the full menu, lists no in-store deals, and you still have to wait in a long drive thru line because KFC doesn’t staff a pickup window. After 25 minutes in the drive thru, they told me the order never came through, so I had to wait some more. All the while looking at window posters telling me I could have paid less for more food. Five stars in the worst experience category.

  20. Nice looking visual app. I ordered 3 times recently but not on my new downloaded app. The glitch is your order won’t go threw if you do not add a credit card. When ordering on other restaurants your order goes threw for pickup at counter or out for delivery. Also you can pay at the store for cash or online credit, its not mandatory to use a card if the customer doesn’t want to. The buyer has a choice with options, ” WHY “. KFC Chicken is Very Good & it’s Expensive. It’s Not Affordable Anymore.

  21. The app is easy to navigate and use, but it is EXTREMELY SLOW. It literally took me 10+ minutes to order 3 meals. When I got to the check out I incorrectly entered my cvv number. I had to wait another 5+ minutes before I could try again, as the app slowly recompiled my order one item at a time. Other than the slowness, it’s got potential– it is very easy to use and well organized.

  22. I’ve downloaded this app twice. Once when it was first released and again just now. It wouldn’t work the first time so I deleted and thought I’d try again after it had been out a while and some of thr bugs had been worked out. Tried again tonight and as soon as I put my card info in it crashes and won’t go through. Would love it if this app would work. For now don’t waste your time downloading it.

  23. Chuckie dice:

    They give you a time frame with what’s in your cart. Bad layout hard to find stuff. Reply to below comment. The app only leaves your order in the basket for short amount of time. If you take too long ordering it removes items. It say time expired or something. I had to start my whole order over again. Also the app is hard to navigate it has some issues. But it’s aggravating to have a time limit. It’s also hard to find good coupon codes how about adding more on the site, items overpriced.

  24. Can’t sub or modify – USELESS!!! Like most people we like what we like. We use many other fast food apps, but this one is useless. If you try and order a bucket meal, there are no options to change out the sides or sub out for additional breasts. This shouldn’t be difficult, just program in the upcharge and your done. Nope. So, this removes the convenience of the app, so now we are back at going only frequently. The app would have made pick up worth it, but no.

  25. Worse!The app has many bugs. When asked how many plates you want. I tried to click thr plus sign to go to 4. Than it just revolves 1 to 4 but never stops. I killed thr app and it still remembered what was in my bag. But still same thing happen when trying to add plates. Than I gave up adding plates and killed again and item was still in bag. So I just check out, but when trying to complete the transaction it says nothing is in your bag. I completely gave up and went to order through my computer.

  26. This is one of the most useless apps I have ever tried. I have downloaded it several times to try place an order, but it crashes every time after going through the entire process of choosing food and entering all my information and trying to apply payment. It does this every time and on multiple devices (all Android). And I am unable to even take advantage of the deals available in the app menu because the stores don’t have the same items and will not honor the app prices. Useless!

  27. Frank Hur dice:

    The only food app that sucks. Doesn’t show full menu and there are no coupons. The main people use these apps, besides easy ordering, is to get discounts or earn rewards points. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pop Eyes, etc – they all get it. KFC is clueless. Should at least make sure their bare bones app works well but it doesn’t.

  28. The app is slow, you can’t customize your order enough for it to be worth ordering online. If I wanted a 5 piece tenders box, I can choose my sides fine, but if I wanted a large drink with my combo I can’t select that. Honestly haven’t eaten at KFC in months bc of it. Oh well. Update: its been a year since I’ve had KFC and its still because they haven’t fixed their app 😂😂😂

  29. jesse k dice:

    We can’t see 1 price of anything until after selecting the store and setting pickup schedule time, both every time. I won’t be using app until that’s fixed. All the other fast food apps let you select your main store for food one time, and has prices listed right next to item.

  30. W Gavazzi dice:

    The app seemed to work ok but what I ordered wasn’t ready when I pulled into the pick up space but the app said it would be ready in 10 minutes. Nobody ever came out with the order and I had to get in line for 20 minutes just to find out the resturant didn’t even have the ingredients to fill my order. Then to find out that the resturant couldn’t issue a refund for anything bought on the app. Talk about setting the resturant up to fail.

  31. App is useless, like most fast food apps these days it’s a pain in the *** to even log in. This app just straight up takes you to the website anyway, and then it doesn’t let me log in. Each time I enter my password, I get a “You just updated your password” email … I have no idea who designed this mess, but someone definitely messed up somewhere. It’s just as bad if not worse than the Taco Bell app.

  32. Horrible app. I never even take the time to do these, but that is how bad it is. Glitches non stop. No benefit of having it even. Ordering ahead on it does nothing, as we watch car after car go past us and my order ready time go up every minute to a later time.

  33. Placed an order, showed up to get our food and they never got it! Tried to place it again after confirming that we were not charged and the app kept shutting down. It was a very large order so I didn’t want to be the jerk to order $90 worth of food through the drive thru but we had no choice.

  34. Terrible Worst app I have ever used! I spent so long trying to place an order (nonsucess) that I could have driven there, ordered, waited, and driven home in the amount of time I spent TRYING to place an order. Would not submit, and I had given my cc, phone #, everything!

  35. B Gadd dice:

    Just today we got a bucket of chicken for a family get-together because usually KFC is fantastic! Well not today. It tasted like it was fried in old grease, not good. Plus we could not call the order in because they wouldn’t take the order over the phone. We should have took that as an omen. We tried using the app to make the order, it wouldn’t let me order what we wanted. We were using a coupon that we had got through the mail.

  36. App pooped the bed trying to order. Tried getting plates and the number kept changing. Then I get to the store, and my order wasn’t ready at the time stated in the app. Then I get my food, and it’s cold. Just curious, are ayll TRYING to be as bad as McDonald’s? Because it’s working.

  37. Diwnloded the app, tried to place an order and there is zero way to enter a coupon. All my other restaurant apps allow for this but not this one? Chat feature was less than helpful as kept telling me I had not asked a question. Immediately closed and deleted the app as not worth the time nor frustration.

  38. Whats the use of ordering on an app when the store has poor planning and tells you you have to wait an additional 45 minutes because they ran out of food you ordered over an hour before you were going to pick up on the app so you wouldn’t run into this problem. The app is useless and so is the store!

  39. Why is it so difficult to just log in? Fix your app and fix your website. I try to add a gift card and it’s a whole adventure just to log into an account I already have. Why does the app take you off the app when you try to sign up or login? Next time hire someone who’s good at website and app designing because the $200 on Upwork is clearly not giving you the needed results.

  40. Terrible, they make you put a thousand different qualifiers in your password so you can’t remember it then the email to reset never arrives. Why is it so complicated for absolutely no reason? It couldn’t have been a 4 digit pin # but no you had to be a pain.

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