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Food delivery from your favorite places. Order food, alcohol and more nearby
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Food delivery 🚚 right to your door. Choose from the largest selection of restaurants and amazing Perks with Grubhub. Find food and get fast food delivery from your favorite restaurants, from Applebee’s to Red Robin. From fast food to convenience store finds, Grubhub has what you need, instantly.

Want to order food for takeout🥡? We also offer curbside pickup. Order food from your favorite local spot, a restaurant with a little more fame, or a new place you want to try. Grubhub has the eats you’re looking for. Grubhub is dedicated to your safety. Order food with contact-free delivery to support your favorite restaurants while staying safe at home.

Find new local deals and restaurant specials. Perks from Grubhub helps you find delivery deals and exclusive rewards that you’ll love! 💎 Get food discounts, free items and more from your favorite restaurants with Perks.

Grubhub now gets you even better deals on food with Grubhub+! Order food and get exclusive Perks, unlimited free delivery from restaurants nearby and access to premium Grubhub features. Grubhub will even match your donations when you join Grubhub+! Join now for a 14-day free trial or get Grubhub+ for $9.99/month.

What Grubhub offers:

– Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation
– Order food using the Grubhub app and avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes
– Grubhub’s customer support is there for you 24/7
– Whether it’s Chinese food, Greek, Italian, or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered.
– Food delivery from exclusive restaurant partners, so you’ll find that mom and pop shop AND the national spot you love.
– Contact-free food delivery
– Pay through a variety of options including credit cards, Grubhub gift cards and Venmo

– Fast delivery for anything you need
– Quick grocery needs or household items can be found nearby

– Alcohol delivery straight to your door
– Order from local convenience or liquor stores
– Choose your liquor or alcohol you need to make perfect cocktails

– Free delivery, exclusive Perks and more with Grubhub+
– Order food with exclusive deals
– NEW Perks help you find up to $100 in deals and specials!
– Earn cash rewards with Grubhub Points

– The Grubhub app provides lots of great features
– Order food now or preorder your next meal
– Takeout or delivery

– What you see is what you get: upfront pricing with no hidden fees

– Grubhub has the most restaurant ratings & reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area

– Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal

Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love, including:
– Applebee’s
– Auntie Anne’s 🥨
– BJ’s Restaurants
– Buffalo Wild Wings
– Burger King 🍔
– Del Taco 🌮
– Denny’s
– Dunkin’ 🍩
– Firehouse subs 🥪
– Five Guys
– IHOP 🥞
– Jack in the Box
– McDonalds (NYC only)
– Panda Express 🥡
– Panera 🍞
– Red Robin
– Shake Shack
– Sonic
– Taco Bell
– White Castle
– and many more!

Ready to start ordering with Grubhub?
• Download the app
• Sign in or set up your account (you can even use Facebook)
• Choose from your favorite restaurants or try something new
• Pick your perfect meal
• Enjoy a discount on your first order!


We've cooked up some improvements and successfully squished some little bugs we found. And as always, we encourage you to order something delicious.


40 comentarios en "Grubhub: Food Delivery MOD"

  1. Poorly thought out design. If you want to track delivery, they give you less than half a screen to see the map, and if you try to move the order info tray down, it closes the entire tracking page. To make it even harder to see, they now take up another 35% of the map to force an ad to stop at 7-Eleven that you cannot dismiss. Orders seem to have problems updating delivery status, wasn’t given option to add tip, and cust support was useless to resolve it.

  2. Was added cost because they mismatched the price to the location’s price. I don’t understand how an error on the service end has to be paid by the consumer. It was 5 dollars but the principal is what bothers me. Wouldn’t even have noticed either if it wasn’t for me to check if I could adjust the tip for the driver(increase it, couldn’t find an option).

  3. I’m not sure what’s happening, but the app is extremely broken the past few days. I had an order get placed, then immediately canceled. It’s showing restaurants as “closed” that are still open for several more hours, and it’s forcing me to schedule my pickup time instead of the usual “asap” option. I’ve been using it for over a year now and never had this many problems.

  4. A A dice:

    Every. Single. Time. I’ve ordered from anywhere there’s been an issue! Entire missing entrees, one time I tried doing pickup instead of delivery and was there for 1hr, tried delivery the next time boom there’s a pizza missing It’s frustrating. Especially when they only refund you $5-7 despite entrees being $10-$18 Absolutely awful, would not recommend

  5. I decided to subscribe to GrubHub+ and was met with nothing but issues when ordering. Whether it’s through Google Pay or directly through my credit card, there seems to always be an error. When I try to reorder after the error I am met with a new error that everything in my cart cannot be emptied. It seems that there is a lot of work that needs to be done for this app, it feels like I’ve subscribed to program still in development rather than a premium/quality service.

  6. Got this to try gh+ through a promo. It worked once and ever since I’ve had to set it up again multiple times and it rejects all payments due to “security” reasons. Customer service has “looked into it” multiple times and won’t fix it. Not worth the trouble imo. I’ve been using other delivery apps that are way more user friendly.

  7. The service is fine enough, but the app needs a lot of work. It needs a separate page to browse just the restaurants we’ve saved. The side to side scrolling is inefficient. It no longer uses push notifications and now just uses text messages to let you know if your order status, which I really can’t stand. Also, and this is really key, but it’s best to keep your web browser open to the order trackee as that will tell when your order has been delivered long before you get a proper notification.

  8. Fiji Hero dice:

    App has worked great for the past year or so I’ve used it, have had no issuse whatsoever, up until recently. Ordered and found that my driver couldnt actually take the order, contacted customer service not once but TWICE about the issue and they couldnt do anything. Had to haggle to get my order canceled as it had been delayed 4 times and was now over 2 hours late. Frustrating to deal with, the only saving grace was the driver seemed understanding and helpful when contacted.

  9. Matt Cody dice:

    compared to other food delivery apps this one seems to be missing options at a lot of places (choice of meats for tacos, choice of sides, etc.) Also not related to the app, it seems like the drivers only drop off the food even when you tell them in the notes to hand it directly to me. if it wasn’t for the Amazon Prime free delivery I really wouldn’t use this service.

  10. Tanya A dice:

    Placed my 1st order with the app & received a delivery time. The delivery time kept getting pushed back until it was cancelled. I received a text I would be refunded & receive a confirmation e-mail. I didn’t get one (yes I checked the spam box). I gave them a benefit of the doubt & tried a 2nd time. The same thing occurred w/ the time so I msg’d their cust svc & asked if they had drivers in my location. I was assured everything was ok & delivery would be made. It got cancelled again! Zero stars!

  11. If I could rate zero, I would. Apparently they keep tabs on how many times someone has an issue with their order. And, working in the food service industry myself, I get it! There are always people out there trying to get something or everything for free. However on a platform that relies on each restaurant they contract to get it right each and every time, there is PLENTY of room for mistakes. They refuse to give me a refund on anything I submit as being incorrect. Deleting.

  12. Barb N dice:

    Absolutely hate the recent updates to the app. I am absolutely not ok with having to put items in my shopping cart just to find out the delivery fee. The fee can make a difference whether I choose one place over another. I find it unprofessional to not be up front about delivery fees and this will cause me to stop using this app and go with others when I want to order delivery as it’s too much hastle to get to the info needed.

  13. The app and website are awful compared to…you know the other one. I’m trying to support the alternative but come on…restaurant hours are inaccurate, restaurant selection is minimal, and browsing options is painful. I can forgive the bad interface if you could at least stop listing restaurants that are currently closed in my search results. 🙁

  14. Constantly receiving partial orders, missing items, cancelled orders, orders left on the sidewalk. Adding that the search option in this app is lacking. If I do a search for a specific item, I expect the results to show that item, instead of everything that might be remotely related to that item.

  15. The app is buggy and sometimes it gives me errors when I want to change an item or delete it entirely. When you finish submitting payment the app doesn’t even show whether it went through. Constantly getting charged and refunded when I checked my cc. Did these orders not go through? When I call customer service they gave me $10 off towards my next purchase. Tried to use it somewhere else and to be safe ordered from my laptop…and still it was buggy. The order didn’t go through.

  16. It sucks!! I haven’t been able to place an order because it keeps coming up with an “Unknown Error, please try again” message. I’ve tried uninstalling it, clearing out the cache & data, restarting my phone, & re-installing it. It still won’t work!! Which sucks because I have free delivery with my Amazon Prime membership connected to it! Is like to use it please!! 😾😾

  17. I’ve had an issue with the past 3 of 4 orders. I was issued promo codes for them. when I went to use the promo codes one was not valid. I reached out to customer service and was told I had an unusual amount of concessions. the only thing unusual is that the company has been shotty and then doesn’t allow the customers to use the credits. I pay monthly for the perks program which I can also use the promos from. apparently I am paying for them to take my money and tell me I can’t use the credits.

  18. Mic Cryer dice:

    A couple of issues I run into everytime I use this app: food arrives cold, items missing (this past order had 3 items missing), drivers don’t read delivery notes which then causes them to go around in circles and then cancel the order. Overall, it’s an awful app. Use UberEATS or Postmates, I don’t have any trouble with them.

  19. Half my order was missing, and the rest was ice cold. It also took 2 hours from the time of ordering. When I contacted customer service and it was awful. Got a cash refund for missing items but only a credit for the ice cold food. The services I paid for were not completed. If you value your money, go to doordash or Uber eats or even postmates if they are still around. I’ll also be ending my premium subscription because it obviously means nothing.

  20. My experience was about the same as other delivery apps. That is until I had the wrong order delivered. The driver grabbed a Doordash order instead of mine. I reported the error on the app and tried contacting them multiple times. I could never get through to customer service. So I was billed for food I would never order and cost half of what I paid for. Do not use, they care nothing about their customers.

  21. No button to view bag. I can add items to bag but cannot view the bag or complete an order. Restaurants that are open throw errors indicating that they are closed Restaurants that are open throw errors with no reason, just says restaurant has problems. Address autocomplete doesn’t work on saved addresses. Restaurants searched by name don’t show up but they can be found by scrolling through recommended. When all options are completed the add button is still grayed out. Some options don’t expand.

  22. It is very expensive to order via the app then to order in person (a $10 order adds up to $27 due to taxes, fees, delivery charge, and tip). We should have a button to switch drivers when another driver who picks up the order goes driving the opposite way instead of the restaurant and our food keeps arriving cold. Driver’s don’t let other drivers pick up the order when they have somewhere else to go before picking up orders.

  23. It ok, except for how finicky it is. It takes a long time to load, some restaurants have different page layouts and features, it does not handle running in the background well, orders ETA are not always accurate for certain resturants, it often requires a high speed WiFi connection to order, and it will allow one to attempt to place an order at a closed restaurant only to glitch out if one starts their order before it closes. Great customer service though, if you can load the contact form.

  24. The ordering mechanism is fine. However there should be an option to change the tip, not just increase on the app. Some other delivery services have this function, and I find it very helpful. There should also be an option to cancel the order if a delivery courier cannot be found after two or three attempts. There have been too many instances in which a delivery time has had to be pushed back three or more times. This is ridiculous and ignores the whole point of ordering at a specific time.

  25. It’s convenient, but the fees make it a prohibitive experience. They are very high especially when you consider the fact that menu items are more expensive than in the restaurant, over the phone, or in native apps and when you add in the fees and the fact I can’t tip the driver based on the experience (happy to tip but i view it as a response to good work). There are many places where I can get a better experience for half the cost by just calling or ordering directly.

  26. Absolutely horrible app and service. Signed up with the year free through Amazon prime. Every order I have made I go through the process of customizing my order and what I want on my food/what I want in general and every time I get to checkout, it orders and then it says “we ran into a problem” or something similar and results in a pending charge on my bank account and a canceled order EVERY TIME. This is not only frustrating but a waste of money and time. Do not use this app! I warned you. 🙁

  27. I thought this was great at first but was completely wrong. It only works sometimes and when it doesn’t it says it cancels the order but won’t clear out the cart and continues to hold the funds against your card. This has happened multiple times and every time I have to chat with them to fix it and they say this is a known issue and quickly try to end the chat with no resolution. Do not download until bugs are fixed!

  28. Buggy app and garbage service. I’ve repeatedly had a bug where it tries to change the delivery option to pickup when I choose to complete my order. I generally catch it but was in a rush and missed the bug. I contact support and I’m told they can’t do anything and too bad. This was the most pointless and dismissive support I’ve dealt with in a long time. Now I have a messed up ankle, hungry, and out 60 dollars. Never using again.

  29. Just use Uber Eats. I accidentally ordered to the wrong address after a move and realized it a fraction of a second after the order went through. Tried to update the address… failed. Try again, failed. Contacted customer support, they can’t update it. They try to contact driver, they can’t. I try. I can’t. I ask if we can cancel the order. They can’t. What do I get? A 15% coupon and a 20 minute drive to grab my food from someone’s door in the evening. UE has a timer feature to prevent this.

  30. Terrible Customer Service. I placed an order using a promo. I know I used the promo because it was reflected in the order total. However grubhub charged me full price and customer service was unable to adjust it. They acknowledged that I had a ten dollar off promo, but they couldn’t adjust it on a previous order. But I sure could use it on another order to earn them more money. I am done with grubhub. At least Doordash and Ubereats try to fix their mistakes.

  31. Trash. Grubhub plus gives free delivery, but then they charge a separate service fee? So they’re still ripping you off. Also you can’t customize your orders and for what they charge, you should be able to customize everything exactly how you want. I tried this service for free, because I’m with planet fitness, and even for free, it’s not worth it.

  32. I’ve been using DoorDash until I recently when I discovered the Amazon Prime deal. The difference it’s night and day. Tracking is horrendous. This people have serious GPS problems. As a hospital worker I need more accurate order update so I can stop what I’m doing and go get my food instead of either playing hide and seek with the driver or being surprised when the driver shows up earlier than expected. I have no such problems with DoorDash. I’ll use it for home orders only until it expires.

  33. Recently the app started clearing all default toppings on foods resulting in food getting ordered completely plain. It also needs a better way to tell if a restaurant is closed. Closing times have been wildly inaccurate and resulted in nights where I’ve tried to place one order after another only for each to be cancelled or it just doesn’t let me place an order in off peak times but won’t tell me until I try to pay. If I had known they were closed from the start it would have saved time.

  34. I got grubhub as part of my Prime membership and almost immediately regretted trying it! Out of the 17 orders I have attempted placing only 3 have been completed and not provided the “Something went wrong, we’ve stumbled upon and unknown error. Please try again” message. It’s also removed saved credit card information on 4 separate occasions, so for me to continue using this app and expect a different result is the definition of insanity!! Canceled and uninstalled. 100% Garbage!

  35. Just another scam. Sad. I have Amazon prime but the grubhub app would not allow me to use it. I had to find a very creative way to finally get it to apply! They try very hard to stop you from using any and all coupons or promotions THEY are offering. I’ve tried loading venmo as a payment option, but it won’t allow that either. A huge waste of my time. I treat myself better than grubhub does so I’ll be making my own food or walking. 🙂

  36. Leelee dice:

    The drivers just dont care about how they deliver food. They are trying to be fast to meet demand, and they are just sloppy with delivery. Not only that, the items are more expensive than the store, service fee, delivery fee, and the gall to ask to tip the drivers. They dont read the delivery request, and they leave the food anywhere. The language barriers also gets in the way. Often then argue about the address and say I need to fix it. It’s the actual postal corrected address. Frustrating.

  37. Not sure if I’ll use this service anymore. I got it because of Amazon deal. I used it once and my only grip was the expensive service fee. It’s convenient for sure but costly. If i didn’t feel good that day id have driven myself. Then went to use again since I had a promo code for a percentage off and order was canceled. I was refunded but no answer beyond they weren’t able to fulfill order. Who knows what happened? Doesn’t look good for a new user to this service.

  38. One of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Instead of solving my problems in one order (yes, multiple issues), they give me a coupon discount on a future order, like I would ever want to use their app again. Not sure how they have business when other competing apps like Uber Eats do what they do so well. 1 star because I can’t give less, and I never review anything but I was terribly disappointed.

  39. Even with Plus, there are additional fees still that add up. This … would be acceptable, but location wise, can be really inconvenient as well, God forbid you want something in particular… I am not talking about hour distances away either, not even half that or even 15 minute drive. If I could drive to these places, I would. Why bother paying for anything below mediocre, its just a waste of space on my phone at this rate … not even worth having anymore.

  40. Worst food delivery app! Apparently you can’t order after 7 even though it let’s you try to place an order. The app would not let me place an order at all so I tried going through the website and it seems to work better except I can’t add my gift card, probably because I already entered it on the app but of course couldn’t use it because my order would not go through. If there is going to be a message telling you something went wrong, it would be nice to know what it was so you can try to fix it

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