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Little Caesars® has always been the world’s easiest way to pizza®. But with the Little Caesars app, we’ve made the easiest way even easier! Order pizza, pick up pizza (or have it delivered) and enjoy pizza. Sure, a simple concept — but we’ve made the process a snap, especially with our Pizza Portal® Pickup, which has really amped up convenience! It lets you order online and pick up from our portal locations in stores. Just punch in your confirmation code and boom, you’ve got your hands on your piping-hot cheesy dream. And if you’re the shy type, this is the way to go, because you can walk in and out without ever saying a word! (Another bonus? Nobody will ever know you ordered extra onions. Except us, of course…but our lips are sealed.) So don’t waste any time — use our Pizza Portal Pickup and skip that line! So…ya feeling hungry yet? Go ahead, download the app and treat yourself now!


Thanks for using the Little Caesars app. To make your experience better each time we bring updates to the Play Store regularly.


40 comentarios en "Little Caesars 2022"

  1. My Experience with Ordering online through the app was great first round but on the 2nd round with delivery the app doesn’t want to load. I wasn’t able to edit my order if I didn’t want a certain topping added to the pizza. Please fix the issues with your app if you want to keep your current and new customers. If you are wanting customers to use the app for ordering/delivery or even pickup make it useful and usable app. It’s frustrating and complicated for some especially new customers usage.

  2. I’ve been using this app for years, and it’s worked great. Order with the app, wait for the message that it’s ready, get the order from the Portal. Easy! I got a new phone and downloaded the app and wow, what a mess. It got stuck bringing up the menu. Nothing but a spinning football. After 2 reloads I finally got past that and at checkout I found the app would ONLY accept Google Pay. No other options. Finally gave up and called the order in, like I would have done 10 years ago.

  3. My favorite thing about the app is that the timing is alway accurate. I work on the road so I go to many different locations with the timing always being spot on. My biggest complaint is that I wish you could modify the order. I typically don’t like too much cheese on my pizza, and some areas put lots of cheese. If I could Say easy cheese as an option that would make me give this app 5 stars

  4. The app is very limiting. if you call, when they’ll answer the phone, you can do things like ordering an extra most best with banana peppers or get the meat lovers with extra bacon and no sausage. With the app you get what it comes with or you spend a million to make your own with all the stuff you want. The other thing, at least I’m my area, none of the stores know how to use the portal. Never fails, go in order in the portal but no text because they didn’t press the button that sends the text.

  5. I use it all the time with no problems, so that’s a five star in my book. As these types of things usually have several problems. But I have from time to time not been able to see certain items I know for a fact they have, for instance their classic original cheese pizza. At certain times when there’s a promo running that choice mysteriously disappears, it’s happened repeatedly which leaves me to believe it can’t be a glitch. So for that I’ll write four stars instead of five. But overall good XP

  6. As a busy individual I don’t often write reviews, but this app just works so well that I decided to do so. It’s easy to use, makes picking up a pizza super easy and quick (as if the hot-n-ready’s weren’t easy enough), and you can use the occasional coupon. I really like the minimal nature of the app (i.e. there’s not a lot to distract you or have to scroll through) and everything’s there, no suggestions at the moment. Thanks!

  7. Uninstalling. This app used to work great, never had a problem till recently. Within the last month or so. It asks of it will be pick up or delivery. No matter what I choose (delivery/ pickup) I have to input my address. But that’s where it stops, it won’t move to the next screen. All I get is a notification saying the store hours. As if it wasn’t open yet. I’ve tried un- and re-installing but nothing works. Uninstalling for good.

  8. This is great in theory, but the pickup time clock won’t move or change, so you’re stuck with whatever time they give you. If you’re trying to order pizza in advance before a meeting or something beware. The order expires after 30 minutes. If you can pick up right away then this app is fine, but the pick up time is completely stuck and I became a walk in order. Very unhappy and won’t use again.

  9. Great food, but the app needs some work. I think a basic function of any food/restaurant ordering app needs to be the ability to customize your order. This app does not allow you to make any changes to the menu items offered. If I want light or extra sauce on my pizza, extra butter and cheese on my Crazy Bread, or any other custom option, the app does not allow me to make that change. Other than that, the app works great. Easy interface, smooth ordering, no nonsense. how it should be to eat food!

  10. Pretty pointless. I thought the idea was to save time, but it took ages. Four people walked in after me, had orders made fresh, and left before me. The store personnel said this app has a delay from when you order to when it shows up on their screen. Next time I’ll just walk in and order, since that’s faster. This app was a waste of time and bandwidth.

  11. I noticed a coupon code in the app. Unfortunately no matter how hard I tried i was unable to read this and its terms due to the app cycling through to the first panel again almost immediately. Touching the screen on this location does not pause it, and tapping doent open it elsewhere to read. If i can swipe through the panels, i should be able to hold one to pause it. Or, a least slow them down so i can read it.

  12. Online ordering is complete junk with this app. Far too often, you go through all of the trouble of setting up your order and then have this app give you its terrible “Yikes!” generic error message at the very last step, making you call the order in after all. Why even bother with the app if you can’t get such a simple and critical aspect working properly? As it is, this is nothing more than an electronic copy of the menu; no one needs or wants that.

  13. The portal idea is great and the user interface polished. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to enter specific instructions (light sauce!). That, I need to do in person or on the phone. Secondly, twice I have met people waiting for their orders – ordered through the app – who didn’t get their orders before me, who ordered at their Tracy location. Both had been waiting for over 40 minutes! My order at the location took the average 15-20 minutes. Looks good, hope it starts working good too.

  14. I’ve used a lot of food apps recently but none are quite as simple and easy to navigate as this one. You have their entire menu listed with the price point of each item next to it. Next those price points is the quantity that you can put in. That’s as easy and simple as it gets. Other restaurant’s apps just simply don’t work well, this one does. There are no hiccups or incompatible stores from my experience. I can see their whole menu, I could see their prices, I can order at any store.

  15. The app is simply not functional (Pixel 2 and Pixel 5a – same issue.) Pop up error messages stating that the phone is not connected to the internet (when connection has been confirmed and all other apps are working) prevent the user from doing anything with the app nearly every time. On the rare cases an order can be placed, the notifications indicating that the order is ready for pick up never materialize. Much easier to order through the website.

  16. The last two times I have ordered after I am charged the order changed. I have called customer service and they refuse to refund me or correct the order. I have had to screen shot what I ordered and customer service still refuses to honor my order. I just get stuck paying for items I don’t want. It would be great of I was notified the item I chose wasn’t available so I could either cancel the item or change but the app doesn’t notify you when changes to your items are made. Worst service ever!

  17. Overall a good and easy app to use. Only confusing part is when doing a custom pizza for example, If you want to do a half and half you can but instead of tapping the topping and choosing whole, left, or right, you have to tap it multiple times. 1st tap, whole pizza, 2nd extra, 3rd whole pizza again…, then 4th you get half. So it can be confusing and misleading because it goes from whole pizza, extra , back to whole pizza. Other than that little bit the app works really well.

  18. Experience signing up was very smooth and easy. The little things matter the most like when it’s asking for a phone number and user not having to switch over to the number keypad, it was just there. Logging in is easy; the ability to use a finger print is not only safe but fast. Adding a payment card was easy; again with the automatic number pad showing up and not having to toggle to it. Placing an order was easy; click plus and minus signs. You couldn’t improve this app if you wanted to.

  19. Pix Smith dice:

    One of the easier to use Pizza ordering apps. It’s not really that difficult to set things up, it just happens in a slightly different way than you might be expecting. But once done, it’s quick and easy. Sometimes too easy LOL! A great way to make a reasonably priced quick pick up pizza order, and I appreciate the way the options are presented as I close out the order. Actually, pretty well done app.

  20. I took an opportunity to re-review the app. If you want stuffed crust, or deep dish on a create your own pizza look to the upper right corner and click on the box with squares within it and that will get you to that option. A little confusing so I give the App a 3/5 it should be changed so the minute the first person comes on after downloading it, they can find it.

  21. This app was so awesome and so easy to use. Especially with the addition of the delivery service Doordash, they set expectations of like 25 to 30 minutes and arrived in like 10 minutes keeping me notified every step of the way. The whole experience from start to finish was just amazing and Incredibly convenient considering at the time I had hungry kids and didn’t happen to have a car. Very awesome.

  22. This used to be the gold standard for pizza apps. Now it’s been redesigned and is less functional and more frustrating. The simple +/- buttons are gone. The item count in the menu is gone (you have to go to cart now). The row size is huge now for some reason. The app randomly pops up “you are not connected to the internet” messages. You have to leave the app, do nothing to the app, and back out to cancel the message. Bring back the old app.

  23. My review is from a UX/UI perspective. I love the app! The user interface is very clean. The menu, prices, and description of each pizza is easy to understand. I don’t think it’s even possible for anyone to get confuse while using the app. Honestly I wish other fast food apps followed your app interface. In other franchise apps like McD’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s & etc., you have to go through a bunch of options before you can order. Checkout and picking up my pizza was a breeze too 👍👍. Great App!

  24. The app is easy to use and navigate. They have a system where once you order you can pick up the pizza from a station near the counter (just type in 3 or so digits in, or use the bar scaner), get your food and go; in and out in a minute flat. Usually, I place my order when I’m in my driveway and by the time I get to my local Little Caesars about 15-20 minutes away, it’s ready for pick-up.

  25. Update Apr 2020: /Had to delete because of repeating error, crash notices even when I wasn’t using the app. Hopefully those will be fixed and I’ll reinstall./ One of the most simple and easy to understand apps that I have on my phone! Little Caesars has come a long, long way. They used to be known for cheap, flavorless Pizza. Now their Pizza has improved dramatically, is still reasonably priced, and can be ordered quick and easy on the app. Add to that the use of the pizza portal, and I am sold!

  26. app has little bugs that make it annoying to use. like you have to save your card in order to use it, every now and then it will tell you that the store you selected can’t process your order, but it won’t tell you until the very end of you selecting what you want and right before paying for it. When you do get your order through though it goes smoothly. So not a terrible app but it is a sort of hit or miss.

  27. Brandon dice:

    Can easily tell they didn’t have a high budget for creating this app. After creating an account, it just shows an error when inputting your address for delivery. In reality, you just need to go to your email and verify the account creation- then delivery will work. They could’ve just had a prompt to tell you that instead of an error….

  28. App says to check internet settings on every page load, and will eventually start to go back at certain points before a full order can be placed; issue is fixed by disabling wi-fi, which is quite a pain. Pixel 6 without any modifications, although this also happened (slightly less often) on my OnePlus 8. The second star is because when the app works, it works fairly well. Menus are straightforward and nothing breaks from hitting back or switching apps.

  29. App works as it should. Makes picking up pizzas faster and easier on most occasions. Gave it 4 stars for 2 reasons. The first reason is that it could be a little more helpful by tracking the pizza start to finish and second the store doesn’t always put your pizza in the portal or have it ready when they say it’s ready. It seems to be set on a timer for like 15 or 20 minutes.

  30. Best app I have. It has never been easier to get food from my favorite pizza place. Being able to order ahead of time and skip the wait is by far the best thing they’ve done in my opinion. Yes you could order over the phone, but it’s much easier to customize your pizza through the app (especially since it lists EVERYTHING). 5/5 would recommend.

  31. App was very easy to use. Now with the new look, it isn’t as straight forward as it used to be. Liked it when you could select half on one side right off the bat. Now it looks like I have to hit the topping several times until that option comes up. Also when I order to pickup at the portal, when I get there, the app shows “null” as my code to open the portal door. It had done this a few times now. Not consistently at least, but I then have to wait to have someone to hand it to me. Have pictures.

  32. Biggest downside and oversight, is no option to make an order and select to pay at the store on a carry out. it’s pre pay or you can’t make an order through the app. Sometimes I want to place an order and pay with cash. You can’t do this through the app. Very inconvenient compared to other pizza chains apps. The app is well designed and works quickly. Using it in tandem with the pizza portal is very easy. If you use a card to pre-pay, it’s a great app. Otherwise you’re out of luck.

  33. Overall it’s a great app. The favorite location option could use improvement. The app tends to default to the nesrest store, rather than a favorite store. This is a pain when you want to place an order for pickup, but you also happen to be on the other side of town. The favorites should be displayed first, followed by nearby locations.

  34. It was all in all an easy app to use. I was able to choose my pizza without the fuss of a room full of people waiting to order as well. I even like the fact I could pay ahead of time. I did however had to close the app at one point because it froze on me and didn’t let me choose anything. I had to start my whole order again when I reopened it which wasn’t quite ideal. All in all though it’s a good app I’d recommend.

  35. Only good for pickup. There’s no point in them having a delivery option, because there’s always a problem with finding my address, even after selecting it off their generated list…. No matter where I might be. I can’t get how they advertise free delivery with the app, when you can’t get delivery in the app.

  36. Super Easy to navigate, easy to register, order, add card and pay! I was done in less than 5 minutes, showed up to get order and it was hot and ready for pick up in locked compartment hot rack. I entered my code and door released and opened so i could pick up order. Love it, super convenient for on the go quick pick up orders. Will use app/ service again 🙂

  37. The app itself is great and very convenient. However, your experience is highly dependent on which store you use. Two of the four times I have used it, I have arrived to find that my order has not yet been cooked and had to wait 30-40 minutes past the estimated time for it to be done. I have had this problem at two separate stores and was just told that they were busy or understaffed. If the point of using the app is to skip the line, I should not have to wait that long when I arrive.

  38. I just started using the app and I love that you have delivery now but there is a delay problem: I placed the order but it seems like it hadn’t been placed immediately which made me believe there was an error so I ended up placing a second order by accident which can’t be cancelled. Please fix this! And a major menu layout upgrade would be great as well.

  39. Erin Bell dice:

    super easy to use and I love the pizza portal in store pickup. Never tried the delivery option, but that’s because the place is like 5 minutes from my home. Not sure why people are saying it doesn’t give you the total until after you’ve paid. Clearly they just weren’t paying attention. I’ve never had a bad experience using the app. Its definitely my go to when I’ve got a house full of hungry kids. Pay and order ahead. Pop in, grab your stuff and go… Love it!

  40. The app is pretty simple to use. Gives locations, open hours, and phone numbers of the location. You can save your payment method. The apl gives you notifications of when you can pick up your order and if you want, it can also be sent by email. Few clicks and your order would be placed. I love the app!

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