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Krispy Kreme Mobile Ordering, Loyalty and Hot Light
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The Krispy Kreme® app is filled with tons of delightful surprises! Download now to experience the joy of Krispy Kreme and all the exciting features below:

Mobile Ordering
• Place your order for either in-store pickup or delivery
• Customize your own box with a dozen of your favorite doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Rewards™
• Sweet Rewards! Earn your way to free doughnuts, dozens, or coffee and receive a free doughnut just for signing up!
• Exclusive Offers

Hot Light™
• Find out exactly when hot, fresh doughnuts are coming off the line
• Locate the nearest Krispy Kreme shop, wherever you are


Bug Fixes and Enhancements


40 comentarios en "Krispy Kreme MODDED 2022"

  1. The app works fine in theory but the menu options for ordering are consistently not available, the menu is always missing at least 50% of what they offer. When you go to the website and click on participating stores, the store I go to is on the list, but the items are never on the menu. And if I change my store to another, that stores shows items that my store doesn’t but still isn’t all of the items. Super frustrating.

  2. Way too many glitches. Last time I tried to order, it gave me an error message when I hit place order. I tried it again, the order went through, then the store called me saying they had two identical orders. I asked them to cancel one, and they never refunded me – I had to dispute it with my credit card. THIS time, I tried to use a reward I had that was about to expire, and I can’t login. Keep getting a “technical difficulties” error message. Can’t reset my password either – same message. BS.

  3. Before the app was updated & maybe the 1st month with the updates, I never had any issues. After that, it sucked! I can’t use the fingerprint to sign in, it just keeps swirling around. If I sign in without the fingerprint, all it shows is the menu. It keeps saying, “Uh oh! There could be a dozen reasons why we can’t connect to our servers. Please try again later.” when I select anything else on the app. It’s been saying that since 2018 & I have uninstalled & installed multiple times. I’m over it!

  4. It doesn’t give you options to view products available unless you start an order. If you put an order in through the app, you cannot go back, in the app I mean, and see your order or keep track of its progress. It’s difficult to navigate and not at all user friendly. It DOES NOT have “a ton of delightful surprises”. It DOES, however, have a ton of frustrations.

  5. Good try… Good try. But you left out the most basic features: no way to send feedback in the app and no transaction history. I buy 3-4 dozen at a time for the office but my last 3 dozen didn’t count for rewards and there is no way to me to look at the history. When I saw it was missing, I figured I would send that as feedback but there was no way to provide the feedback. You don’t get a positive review reward not $ this time around. Maybe KK3.0 app will fix things.

  6. The application is very intuitive and easy to use. However, I need to be able to select a tip level that is appropriate for delivery services. The highest level of a tip value I can choose does not cover what the driver has to spend on getting deliveries done. I agree with having a minimum tip value, bit please don’t limit the upper boundary of tip value selection. Maybe have a numerical entry field that is validated against a minimum tip value.

  7. Updates occur too often and will not let you proceed until downloading the most recent update. Very inconvenient when you’re in the drive thru trying to order and you can’t pull up rewards or anything. Especially when you don’t have signal and it won’t even begin downloading. It should alert you of a new update but allow you to download later and proceed.

  8. Great idea – if only it worked. I’ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, but all I get is an error message that tells me to try back later. If you want doughnuts while you are still alive, don’t try to order using the app. Go to the store – it will be faster and hopefully less frustrating. Not sure how I’m supposed to redeem my accumulated rewards when it won’t let me see them. The app needs a ton of work.

  9. After updating the app, I was logged out of the app. When I tried signing back in, the app did not recognize my log in info. I had to make a new account, thus losing 2/12 progress toward a free dozen. I have since purchased 3 dozen doughnuts that do NOT show up in my progress. I still have 0/12 for all items. I’m frustrated because I lost all progress before the update and I still have not gotten credit for the donuts I have recently bought. Please help!

  10. The app is ok, but I had to give it 2 stars for two reasons. 1) Once, I tried multiple times to pay with my debit card, and it kept on telling me to use a different card. When I got to the location, I was able to pay with the same card with no issues. 2) Not all the donuts available at the store are listed in the app. There is one that comes in the classic assorted box but it’s not listed to be purchased separately, I mean, that doesn’t make any sense… lol

  11. The app is fantastic and very easy to use. Very intuitive and very smooth operation. Simple design and it’s very easy to scan and pay and are your Rewards. The only thing I wish they would add is the ability to add a gift card to refill your payment card. While I can still pay with a gift card and then scan my rewards afterwards it would be nice if I could just load the gift card directly to the account and do everything from the app. Then I don’t have to keep up with a gift card.

  12. Gave me three different errors while checking out and asked me to redo my order twice. Imagine my surprise when those transactions had actually gone through. I was charged for the orders that hadn’t gone though according to the app. Super frustrating. App is riddled with bugs, it’s simpler to do just about any other way of ordering.

  13. App works well and does what it should sometimes. I find I have to log in every once and a while. This has nothing to do with the app. I am happy that the DE locations upgraded the registers to scan the app bar code. That really sucked, now to train everyone to use that scanner and scan a coupon.

  14. Adam S dice:

    Can’t add funds to my card, or says “Oops, something went wrong. ” Card number, Expiration, and CVV are correct. This used to work. Additionally, I have a free dozen reward which is selected to use, but it’s not showing as being applied at checkout and the app wants to charge me full price. Won’t be ordering from KK again.

  15. Doesn’t let me add money to my card and if I make a purchase through the app without adding money to my card, it doesn’t give me credit! In owed so many dozen credits and the people at my store says they can’t help me. So i emailed them through my app and no one has gotten back to me! Worst app!!!

  16. Cody dice:

    Easy to use to pre order for delivery or pick up and great notifications for freshly made krispy Kreme but i have had multiple occasions were I try to add funds to my account and my bank was charged but not funds were added or error adding funds to my account. When customer service was notified they did not resolve the issue because I could not tell them the error message I recieved at the time. Lost $25 due to this error.

  17. Bad app. I tried placing a pick-up order multiple times. Each time I was told the order failed and to start over with a new order. When I got to the store, ALL of the orders had been filled. The manager was great about refunding the unnecessary orders, but if I hadn’t gone in and seen a stack of the same orders, I would not have realized what happened. I did receive email confirmations, but I didn’t see those until I was in the store. I hadn’t looked for those since the orders had failed.

  18. Unable to sign in using Facebook. For some reason, when I attempt to log in via FB it asks for my birthday, yet it doesn’t move forward after attempting to type “enter”. Nothing happens. The desktop version does. Definitely an inconvenience.

  19. David M dice:

    Constant bugs, promos always missing in app, scan never works in store, app never shows accurate selection of what’s in store, pointless and TERRIBLE app, website ordering isn’t any better either, FIX YOUR TECHNOLOGY!! IT’S EMBARRASSING!!

  20. You can not add your gift cards and it doesn’t give you the up-to-date specialty donuts that each store will offer. It doesn’t stay updated on any of that. The ordering menu, it offers less than half of what is usually offered at the store. It’s very disappointing way to represent the Krispy Kreme brand.

  21. Good idea bad implementation. No way to know if your local shop has items that are out of stock or they don’t carry. I ordered an item that they don’t even make or have in their shop online. To get a refund? I have to call the shop the next day and request one. Seriously. You need a way to x86 or stock out items. You need to be able to show what shops don’t have certain items. You need an easy way to refund customers.

  22. Can’t even sign in…I made an account with Facebook a while ago and when trying to sign in, I can’t get past the birthday input. When I put mine in and tap “Complete sign up” nothing happens.

  23. Don’t ever get hotlight notifications for my local store in the evenings, even though they’re turned on. Even check the app store page every eve and it’s never “HOT NOW”. 😒

  24. Donna W dice:

    I’ve had the app for several years and I have not once been able to actually redeem any of my free doughnuts. A few times, my store just gave me some anyway because they could see I had them. I’m giving up.

  25. I downloaded this exclusively to receive notifications of when the Hot Light was on for my local store, and after about 3 months of having it I’ve yet to receive a single notification.

  26. R Brooks dice:

    Can’t add a gift card as a payment method in the app??? Only credit cards . Then I forget to show my QT code so I don’t get my points . Bummer .

  27. JFNC dice:

    This app really sucks! You have to create a new password every time you want to sign in. The app itself doesn’t even have tech or customer support. Love their donuts, but really dislike the app. Watch them sending me an email now to try help me… lol

  28. App rarely works well. Charged me $20, but never refilled my account. Submitted feedback, but never received a response.

  29. Store couldn’t scan app during visit; told to do as a missed transaction. Had problem submitting missed transaction, contacted help. AI response telling me to use app to submit missed transaction! Birthday reward wouldn’t scan at store. Message erases when you go to take picture of receipt, so you have to type it all again. “Upload supporting document” doesn’t work. How many ways can an app go wrong? No point in having the app if it doesn’t do anything it’s supposed to. Give 0 stars if I could.

  30. I’m giving it one star as there’s lots of room for improvement here. I downloaded the app because I was having a problem seeing the rest of the Doughnuts menu from the website. After displaying 2 items, there are no other items that they can display. It won’t allow you to scroll any further. It is quite difficult to encourage use of online ordering if the app doesn’t work as expected.

  31. There are different ways that this app does not work. It won’t work completely it’ll just work for coffee and water not even an option for doughnuts, or there’s just no option for anything just a blank screen no loading icon or anything, or you type in your address for delivery 5 times before it says it there’s issues with the server, or if you do get to the end it won’t let you type in card info, it’ll even make you start over at the end. I got eventually I hope you do as well. Have faith.

  32. Extremely unresponsive if you don’t let the app access your device’s GPS. It will continually keep asking for permission in the background after you deny it all the time by checking “don’t ask again”. The app should NOT keep asking and drag the app’s performance to the mud. Please fix this because this is an egregious bug affecting the app’s performance.

  33. The app doesn’t show the full menu of what the restaurant has. Very frustrating

  34. 1990OKane dice:

    The app is buggy, you lose rewards randomly if the app crashes. Buggy: the app won’t allow me to select time or date. The drop down won’t work. I finally got enough rewards for a dozen donuts [the rewards are NOT quick]. It crashed while I left it open. I lost the reward and didn’t get my free donuts. The food options at the store location don’t usually match the food available options in the app. Just a lousy app.

  35. Why need an app when all the offers only send through emails? The offer you can see from the app are either expired or not up to date. Meanwhile, KrispyKreme keeps sending promotion e-mails with barcode that you need to show it to the cashier. It is very annoying that you need to find the e-mail for the discount and then open this app to collect the points from your purchase. Why can’t you sync all the promotion in the app and stop spamming people’s inbox?

  36. It submits the order but that’s it lol. I didn’t get any points for the reward system, it’s slow, it randomly restarts your order, etc. I ordered from the app thinking of at least get one step closer to a reward. I love Krispy Kreme but the app is useless. Maybe I’ll try again? Not sure. All I know is that this time, money and time were wasted

  37. Recent update lost my login credentials and when trying to hurry through the line, attempting to access the app was a futile and frustrating exercise. Developer that decided to reset the stored information should be reassigned and a new person or team brought in. Very poor programming, and lack of proper Ux design. The app seems to work for now, will update this as needed.

  38. Joel S. dice:

    The coffee and drinks menu is blank. The doughnuts menu is never up to date.

  39. Where I live, the closest store is 2 hrs away. So I do not need an alert EVERY TIME the donuts are hot. However I downloaded the app so when I AM close I could quickly access and see if my favorite shop has the light on (without having to drive by). But… The app needs improvement! I have to search for a store EVERY TIME I open the app. It NEVER stores my preferences… I want to be able to tap the app and I’m already logged in, and my favorite stores (multiple) are on the home page. Simple!

  40. Joseph dice:

    My app has been experiencing technical difficulties for awhile now and I need it to be fixed soon.

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