McDonald’s 2022


Download the McDonald’s App to have all the offers in the palm of your hand!
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Download the McDonald’s™ App for unique offers!


– Unique offers always available in the palm of your hand! Use the app to access offers, which you can directly redeem at the cashier of the restaurant with your mobile phone!

– Whatever you need to know about McDonald’s™: our menu, store finder (by location), new products and new restaurants, nutritional info and even the Happy Meal™ toys of the month!

– Enjoy fun moments with games, competitions and tasty gifts! Stay tuned!


4 comentarios en "McDonald’s 2022"

  1. Yasir Syed dice:

    Offers earlier were pretty bad during the pandamic COVID-19 year, although they are getting little bit better 😏. Keep it going and keep supporting your customers 🙂. Suggestions to Developers: However, delivery option within the app is pretty complicated, i believe it could be alot easier if you make it more integrated & Compact/User Friendly interface. One thing i don’t like about is login option Is not working properly. Your getting there!

  2. Levente Zilahy dice:

    Constant problems. One time it says I have to install it from Google Play, but it was installed from here only… Other time it doesn’t even open, or says I have to use the latest version, even though there is no update for it. It gives me a notification of a new coupon, but it won’t even open the app itself. Tried it on several phones, across years, it was always problematic. This is very disappointing from the company that has one of the largest revenues in fast-food business.

  3. Mohammed AlShowaier dice:

    One of the worst apps I have used. The interface is really bad. You cannot find what you want. All buttons are banners with ads. There are no specific menu items for Delivery, Menu, Points Barcode, etc.. Also, most of the pages in the app are web pages and not native app pages. Just go back to the old app and add the points and barcode to that.

  4. Mārcis Zariņš dice:

    Haven’t seen a worst system stability in an app before. Haven’t been able to get past the loading screen for the past 2 months, always showing the same error which I’m certain isn’t even an actual error but just something they decided to put there to hide the abysmal stability. First app I’ve seen that updates to make the app worse.

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