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If you love Wendy’s—which, who doesn’t?—you need this app. Get your faves at your fingertips, earn Rewards, catch exclusive offers, and order ahead. Look, we could keep going, but they only give us so many characters here. See below if you wanna dive deep.

Earn Rewards
Where can you score free food? Right here. All you gotta do to get FREE Wendy’s is EAT Wendy’s. Eat, earn Rewards points, and trade ’em in for anything in the Rewards Store.

Exclusive Deals & Offers
This app is your hookup. Get app-exclusive offers on breakfast, dinner, and everything in-between. All the deals, zero FOMO.

Order Ahead
Let’s be real. Speaking to speakers can be rough. Reduce the awkward shouting in your life and order right from your phone.

Customize Your Order
No mayo? No problem. Choose what you want and what you don’t, and we’ll make it happen.

Save Your Faves
Have a go-to Wendy’s order? Of course, you do. Save it to your faves for fast and easy re-ordering.

Mobile Pay
Who carries cash anymore? Load $$$ or use a credit card and pay from the app. You can also add a gift card and never guess the balance again.

Get Menu & Nutrition Info
Find the deets on local pricing, ingredient lists, allergens, nutritional info, and even count calories & carbs.

Support Foster Care Adoption
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s mission is to find forever families for children waiting in foster care. Every donation helps.

We always love hearing from you. Tell us what’s on your mind by:
• Live chatting in-app
• Leaving us a message in-app
• Texting or calling us at 888-624-8140


Minor bug fixes and enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Wendy’s MOD"

  1. Too many technical errors, glitches, and terrible UI. It is not seamless or smooth. inaccurate/wrong instructions too. If you have a gift card you have to add the activation # which is in smaller print and a longer number, not the card number. They also have a visual example showing you how to do it incorrectly. It will error out everytime infuriating you. Highly incompetent Wendy’s programming and instructions.

  2. The app is horrible. Every time I’ve tried to use it, the app prompts that “oops, something is wrong.” No matter which location of restaurant I choose, it isn’t able to find the menu. I’ve uninstalled the app numerous times and reinstalled it just for it not work once again. It worked the first couple of times I’ve used it, so I was able to accrue points. I tried to use them, and the order never went through and took my points. I’ve seen no effort from devs to fix it. Terrible.

  3. This app give some new trouble almost every time. It rarely works right. Latest trouble is that when scanned at the counter to get points no points are given. There’s a long tedious process to apply on the app for those points but it doesn’t work. The button to choose file for receipt photo does nothing. Went through the whole process again on the PC and it failed. It said try again. I did but it said this receipt already used. Never got any points.

  4. Wasn’t able to cancel a pickup order that hadn’t been made; no option to do so. Live chat doesn’t work; I get a queue status, then I get a notification that I’m chatting with a rep, but no chat window appeared, and tapping the notification didn’t do anything. Their phone support system is slow to respond to inputs, wastes a ton of time with useless announcements, and will hang up on you if you tap the wrong number.

  5. Ever since the last update all I can get is an endless loading screen when I open the app. Don’t waste your time. Update 12/20/22 This app is still garbage. Can’t place mobile orders, and when you redeem your points for a reward, it takes the points and doesn’t issue the reward. Every time there’s an update I think, “Surely THIS TIME they’ve fixed the issues that have been apparent for years.” and every time it’s as if nothing has changed at all.

  6. Super convenient app, I just wish the restaurants were able to let us know when they are out of something, location I went to was out of quite a few things I ordered and paid for. Not a major fault of the app I’m sure, would be nice to implement that option for restaurants in later on, that way I don’t have to be disappointed and waste money on items I cannot get.

  7. Nidhoggr dice:

    I’ve reinstalled this app so many times and the result is always the same. After the first use the app when opened just goes into a loading loop that never ends. Clearing data/cache does nothing as well. After that you have to hope the app logs you in, finds the right location and can even load the menu. App also won’t show local deals most of the time making it almost totally pointless.

  8. This app was working really well for me. However just last week when I open the app and try to order. It only gives me the breakfast menu no matter what time of day it is. I have tried everything to pull up the regular menu but it will not. I have had nothing but problems with this app ever since I have downloaded it. Sometimes it will just continuously load and never stop loading. You would think with all the complaints on here . Wendys would fix issues.

  9. Worked the first time, hasnt worked since and updated for months and kept checking back every week. Update: it’s been a few months, still hasn’t worked and I’ve kept it updated. I’ve had random urges for Wendy’s, and each time the app just fails me and I just move on to something else. Truly a shame the devs created such an awful app. I now get a pop up whenever I select the local restaurant, ‘this menu has gone on break’ nonsense.

  10. Often advertises deals that it does not make available. The current example is the $3 breakfast croissant deal. It advertises that it is available, but it does not offer any discount. Later edit: I just made an order, and I got an alert that said “something went wrong with your order”. Nothing else. It didn’t tell me whether my order was still in, or whether I was charged or what the issue was. Just “something wrong”. Thank you, that’s very helpful. Later edit 2: nothing was even wrong?!

  11. K. Y. dice:

    Unnecessarily difficult to use payments It’s a bit annoying trying to navigate the app, but once you figure it out it’s not so bad. The biggest issue is how freaking difficult the payment methods are. I thought I had it figured out, but it ended up using 25 bucks from my card as a digital balance, I don’t even know how it happened. Now I’m trying to use the remaining digital balance to order some food and it’s saying I need to add at LEAST 10 dollars more to make up for the 60 cent difference.

  12. If you are going to charge for something… PUT IT ON THE MENU SOMEWHERE. I am fine paying for additional sauce packets, however it is extremely annoying that there is no menu option to add these to an order. You can only “add 1” to select menu items. We like to get several different ones and when we go through the drive thru and ask for more they get extremely annoyed having to do a separate transaction for a few sauce packets. Look at the dominos mobile app and model yeah?

  13. I’d love to be able to use this app. But even though I’d like to, I can’t. Why? Because it either endlessly loops, or tells me “an unexpected error occurred”. I’ve un/reinstalled this half a dozen times, to no avail. This app stinks and needs to be fixed. Otherwise, the next time I uninstall this, it’s never getting downloaded again. EVER. Phuck this shyte. Dave would be rolling in his grave to see how lousy Wendy’s has become.

  14. After getting a Pixel 4XL, I can’t sign in. It just keeps running into errors on the app, and on the website too. It’s been two days now and nothing is working still. Update 9/16/22: It worked for a while there. I have Pixel 6a now, and I can’t sign in at all through Google, it’s just brings you back to log in page. When I try to contact support, it doesn’t work. App is basically useless for me as of right now. Edit: Unable to log in still. App is still unusable.

  15. App has a lot of glitches. Sometimes it works, other times it stays stuck on loading screens. Everytime I place a mobile order I get a Wendy’s notification on my alert bar that I’m not able to remove. The only way to get it off is to completely restart my phone. Otherwise it stays there for days. Very irritating.

  16. I tried to redeem my points and upon doing so, the app glitched out. It went between a few screens rapidly and somewhere in the quick changing of screens, my points were used and I was logged out. I tried to log back into the app but I couldn’t do it until the next day. I want able to redeem the points but my balance shows they were used despite me never placing the order. I hope they fix the app in the future.

  17. Ken Thies dice:

    There are two types of things for which I accept push notifications: text/email and phone calls. When a vender app insists on pushing ads in front of my face, I take exception to that. When that app goes further and ignores a standard gesture to dismiss the notification, but instead forces the app to open, that app has become unacceptable. Goodbye. Oh, and disallowing notifications at the system level does not stop an app from using my bandwidth to get info it will not be allowed to show me.

  18. Terrible app. I won’t let me pay. It has 3 options for payment. Google pay, credit card and new card. It has zero options for using a debit card or PayPal card or chime card which I am trying to use to buy myself dinner tonight. It has taken way too long and it’s frustrating. I just want to eat dinner. This app is broken on purpose to get you to go to the Wendys restaurant so you will spend more than you planned when you are there. It’s a marketing scheme. Don’t fall for it.

  19. When it works, it works but that’s only about 70% of the time if lucky. I’d honestly be less annoyed if I could manually upload my receipt after but unless you want to sit in the drive thru while you re-install the app and hope for the best, you’re out of luck. I do really like the rewards, offers, and overall usability…when it works.

  20. Thomas M dice:

    Edit: I used the app again, ordered delivery they forgot some stuff, I notified customer service, they said they would credit my card. It’s been one month and nothing. Wendy’s customer service makes promises they don’t keep. They’ll take your money quickly even when they shouldn’t and won’t return it when they should. Original: I’ve encountered frequent bugs with placing the order and payment processing. I’ve had many charges from the app to my credit card when the order failed to place.

  21. Kyle Sims dice:

    Utterly broken is numerous ways. The most important and current issue is that the app wont let me do anything unless I sign in, but the app won’t let me sign in. It’s stuck in this spastic loop. Any button sends me to the sign in screen, but attempting to sign in just resets the sign in screen. Can’t sign in, can’t order anything, can’t do literally any basic functions of the app. Wendy’s… put some effort in.

  22. Liz S dice:

    For the past few months I cannot use the app to order. Every time I try, I add one combo meal, no problem. Then I add a 2nd and am told that I can’t be added “to another daypart” and to clear my bag and try again. So I do and get the same error. I am trying to order 2 meals from the lunch menu. I have cleared my bag, logged out and back in, and reinstalled a number of times. Updates are all up to date. If I can’t use it to order what good is it?

  23. Russ Roff dice:

    I used to love Wendy’s. Pure, basic but a little bit premium burgers. Now, all my favorites are gone from the menu – no more Single/Double/Triple except for the kids sizes. Seems if it doesn’t have bacon you can’t order it anymore. Oops, scratch that – they removed my number 1 reason for going there to begin with – no more bacon and cheese baked potatoes either. Seems like a drastic menu overhaul for what was once a very good burger chain. So long, farewell.

  24. App was working OK till recently (although it’s often more time-consuming to place and pay for an order than it should be). Unfortunate ly I opened the app to place an order over a week ago and the app won’t let me login to use or accrue my rewards points or any other feature for that matter. The system says I have an account, but it sends me in a loop when I try to login using Facebook. I tried about a week ago and again this morning after deleting and re-downloading the app. Same results.

  25. The app is okay, but there is a couple of problems with the people in the restaurant trying to scan the barcode it’s not reading it and keeps freezing up their system please fix the bug issue. Also, I was trying to redeem my points and it’s running into the same problem so they give me my chicken sandwich for free.

  26. Heather M dice:

    When trying to scan the barcode for offers, it never works. You cannot get the offer/coupon & it does not add points to your account. I submitted a request for points but couldn’t use $3 off. On another occasion, I placed a mobile order & the app does not specify how to pick up your order. I saw mobile order pick up signs on parking spots outside our local Wendy’s so I parked there & called the store. They said they no longer bring mobile orders out & I needed to come into the store to pick up.

  27. The app is hard to navigate. They have official forms in the FAQ section, and you wouldn’t even know they’re there unless you stumbled upon or an agent informed you; which is how I found out that the form to enter a receipt for a rewards missed scan was hidden. After filling out form, it asks for a picture of the receipt to be uploaded; but when you select the “UPLOAD” button, ….IT DOESN’T WORK! So, you can’t even submit the picture or the form! You’re just S.O.L. on getting those points.

  28. Took a while to get logged in o begin with because of app problems. Finally was able to setup an account and place 1st order & LAST. Ordered ahead with $50 worth of food. Get charged as soon as order is placed. Get to restaurant. They can’t find order and if it doesn’t come up they can’t fulfill it. Kept clicking on order and it kept saying it was already processed and going back to home screen. Of course customer service was closed so now I have to dispute with my bank.

  29. Continuous problems with this app. The live chat doesn’t work, sometimes the order is not sent to the store when you get there. I’ve wanted my lunch time more than once going to get an order that didn’t go to the store even though it was paid for. And it doesn’t tell you when it needs updated… Which is a lot! Last update has cancelled my reward points. Uninstalling now.

  30. For a couple weeks now rewards and offers are unusable. Every time I try to use an offer or redeem anything on the app I get an error saying there’s technical difficulties with using them, remove and try again. After multiple tries it just becomes pointless. I really love using the app, but am thoroughly disgusted that I can’t take advantage of my rewards, or any offers being made.

  31. Blake C. dice:

    The app is easy to use and has pretty good deals. The rewards don’t require a crazy amount of previous spending to reach, like some food apps unfortunately do. The only suggestion I have is for the app to provide more diverse deals instead of the same 7 or so that are always there. While mcdonalds also has the same few deals always available, which I think is great in general for all food ordering apps, they also have rotating deals. Wendys should do this also cause I love their food the most

  32. The app has developed a reoccurring weird bug. Every one or two weeks, for a couple days running, the app continuously loops me through the login page every time I try to log in, without even so much as an error message. Whether I enter the right or wrong password, is always the same. At the same time, the Forgot Password link does nothing. No troubleshooting method works, just to have to wait for it to suddenly start working again two or three days later.

  33. You can only save one payment method at a time. If you want to use a different card you have to delete the first one and add the new one. If you frequently use multiple cards you’ll have to do this every time you want to change cards. There’s no way to customize your order. You order off the menu or not at all. The map didn’t zoom or scroll well and tapping a location highlights it but not in the list and didn’t give any further information. None of their CS contacts work. Dying company.

  34. The app is pretty good overall. I only have two significant issues. 1. Mobile Pay balance is limited to $100. That isn’t as much money as it used to be and it makes a $100 gift card problematic if any balance from the last card remains. 2. Setting up meals as favorites is a pain. Arbitrary “changes” in the time of day menu (what actually changes between lunch and dinner?) make previous favorites unavailable, even if they are in both. I have just given up at this point and manually enter things.

  35. Overall an excellent app with a good rewards system, and frequent mobile deals! My only issue is you can only save a single cards info. I frequently pay with my husband’s card, but do use my own as well, and it’s a huge hassle to add a cards info every other time I’m ordering. It takes a lot of time and frustration to order and has kept me from mobile ordering several times before. I would really appreciate it if you could have multiple cards saved for easier checkout!

  36. Really glitchy. 2 significant issues I experience regularly. Gets stuck in the splash screen and doesn’t load. After filing up my bag it says “oops, something went wrong. Start your order again.” Start again, fails again. And again. Really irritating since when I order it’s always a bunch of items, so it’s not one click and restart.

  37. App no longer works. I have tried to place an order when I have been out shopping several times. The app keeps telling me there is a problem and to restart my order. I tried using it inside the restaurant, but it only redeemed the deal I loaded to the app. It would not take off for the item I had enough points to get. I should have been able to use both. Very disappointed with this app.

  38. Broken, slow, not intuitive. Deal disappears, location resets the look of the page you are on, non intuitive menus to pick before you can move on with order like picking the time of pickup. Google pay would not process, press the button and nothing happens. Left hungry and dissatisfied after letting a large line order while I try to figure out the app

  39. The app will load for me about 75% of the time. Other times I have to delete the app and redownload it to start working again. I like the ordering process and the tabs. Checkout is also quick. However, the discounts never apply as advertised. Say there is a discount for a free any-sized drink with any purchase. When you checkout the discount that is applied is a dollar amount that is not equal to the item (not even the item before tax). Very confusing!

  40. Rob Rob dice:

    It’s a great app… when it works. I’ve tried getting it to work through various Wi-Fi connections (including their own in-house Wi-Fi; out of curiosity) and have also tried it through just my provider’s network. Once in a great while it’s fine. Very unreliable. Shame really because the ordering process and customizable menu aspects of the app are wonderful- not to mention the rewards points achievable and app-specific promos.

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