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Ordering world famous fried chicken has never been easier. Access exclusive deals with the new KFC app.

One-Click Reordering
All your favorites right at your fingertips.

Order Tracking
Get updates on your order along the way.

Faster Checkout
Quick, easy and contactless.

Stay Connected
Never miss out on the latest KFC products and offers.


Minor bug fix to make your app experience better


68 comentarios en "KFC US – Ordering App MODDED 2022"

  1. I tried to order on their site and when the site would stop loading when I got to the payment screen I went with the app. It crashed one before I got to the and another time while there it stopped doing anything. It’s not the first time I uninstall this app for similar reasons. On the pixel 3 so hopefully better luck with other phones. If it did work I wish you could add all the options available in store. It’s laid out nicely. Unfortunately none of that matters if I can’t actually order.

  2. Like to pay more for a reduced selection and longer wait times? Then this is the perfect app for you! It doesn’t show the full menu, lists no in-store deals, and you still have to wait in a long drive thru line because KFC doesn’t staff a pickup window. After 25 minutes in the drive thru, they told me the order never came through, so I had to wait some more. All the while looking at window posters telling me I could have paid less for more food. Five stars in the worst experience category.

  3. This app is worse than useless. I thought it would save me time but it actually wasted my time. It took me a half hour to place my order. When I finally got the check out, it told me there was a problem with my payment, then my entire order disappeared. Also, green beans weren’t on the menu in the app even though the location has them. I’m deleting it from my phone and never using it again. Thank you KFC for the horrible ordering experience.

  4. H Rost dice:

    Figured I’d download it and try it, but it doesn’t seem to have all menu options available. For example, for the chicken little, it says there are 4 varieties to choose from, but then they only let you choose from 2 options. If I want a limited menu, I’d order from DoorDash.

  5. The app is easy to navigate and use, but it is EXTREMELY SLOW. It literally took me 10+ minutes to order 3 meals. When I got to the check out I incorrectly entered my cvv number. I had to wait another 5+ minutes before I could try again, as the app slowly recompiled my order one item at a time. Other than the slowness, it’s got potential– it is very easy to use and well organized.

  6. Cory Hug dice:

    I was surprised several months ago to find that KFC did NOT have an app, so I was pleasantly surprised last week to see that KFC now has one. For overall functionality, the basics of placing and paying for an order, it’s fine. It needs more options for various combinations and customizing of orders. Right now it only has their main, standard “combos” and ala carte individual items. For example, I typically order only the chicken and biscuit with no sides or drink. This isn’t an option in the app. I also like to get a mix of original and crispy in a single order. The app only allows one or the other. I also had issues as some others described. I ordered for ASAP pickup. The app said pickup was IN store. Even when I got there the signs AT the store said to go inside for mobile pickups. But the lobby was locked (after I actually parked and walked up only to find it locked), so I had to go through the drive-through. Luckily in my case the drive-through only had 1 other car in front of me. But even when it was my turn, I still had to wait a bit to get my order even though the app said it was “ready.” As do most other restaurant mobile ordering apps, it should give the option to pickup either in store or via drive through (and curb-side would be a great option too, but not required). AND, if the store lobby is closed, then the app needs to block off the in-store pickup when ordering. The McDonald’s mobile app does this.

  7. Generously, I give this app two stars. It’s interface is confusing. For example, it uses the same words, place order, to put something in the shopping cart (called ‘bag’) and for actually authorizing payment. There are others. Also, unlike most fast food apps, it doesn’t give deals or offers, or at least I could not find any. Yes, you can order ahead, but you need to stand in line at the store or drive thru just the same so it saves on time. It only delays and confuses the process. I used it once, but have already uninstalled it. Never again.

  8. John Doe dice:

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Extremely buggy and unreliable, but I’ll come back and add stars when it improves. My current error is that trying to make an order just produces a blank white screen. The menu won’t appear, and I can’t seem to select a location, either. UPDATE: As the devs said, the error has been resolved, so I’ve added a star for the fix and prompt reply. KFC was slow to get into the app game, but I think they’re gonna keep getting better.

  9. Defcon 2 dice:

    I just downloaded the app. I was looking for some time for it (I’m in the US) but saw an add on Instagram, so nice to see there’s one. I haven’t used it yet, just browsing around. However, I noticed that there’s no option to pickup an order via drive thru. You have to enter the store. I have other food apps, I’ve never seen one without a drive thru pickup option. I will likely not use this so long as the only pickup option is to enter the store.

  10. Nice looking visual app. I ordered 3 times recently but not on my new downloaded app. The glitch is your order won’t go threw if you do not add a credit card. When ordering on other restaurants your order goes threw for pickup at counter or out for delivery. Also you can pay at the store for cash or online credit, its not mandatory to use a card if the customer doesn’t want to. The buyer has a choice with options, ” WHY “. KFC Chicken is Very Good & it’s Expensive. It’s Not Affordable Anymore.

  11. I’ve downloaded this app twice. Once when it was first released and again just now. It wouldn’t work the first time so I deleted and thought I’d try again after it had been out a while and some of thr bugs had been worked out. Tried again tonight and as soon as I put my card info in it crashes and won’t go through. Would love it if this app would work. For now don’t waste your time downloading it.

  12. Can’t sub or modify – USELESS!!! Like most people we like what we like. We use many other fast food apps, but this one is useless. If you try and order a bucket meal, there are no options to change out the sides or sub out for additional breasts. This shouldn’t be difficult, just program in the upcharge and your done. Nope. So, this removes the convenience of the app, so now we are back at going only frequently. The app would have made pick up worth it, but no.

  13. Chuckie dice:

    They give you a time frame with what’s in your cart. Bad layout hard to find stuff. Reply to below comment. The app only leaves your order in the basket for short amount of time. If you take too long ordering it removes items. It say time expired or something. I had to start my whole order over again. Also the app is hard to navigate it has some issues. But it’s aggravating to have a time limit. It’s also hard to find good coupon codes how about adding more on the site, items overpriced.

  14. Tom Brown dice:

    Very poorly functioning and just thrown together app doesn’t work at all. This app really needs work. It’s slow loading, only half the pictures and descriptions show up and selectable menu items have a mind of their own you never know where you’ll end up or if you even get to the item you want… It’s a joke!!!

  15. It’s ok but they don’t let you fully customize your order. Like for the famous bowl, at the restaurant, we can say light gravy and more corn. Can’t on the app. Would be nice cause at times even in the restaurant, they don’t take that down but they would have to if on on app I would be the one doing it and will show on receipt.

  16. WORST FOOD APP it continues to crash my phone when I order, you can’t change the quantity of what’s in your bag, you have to manually add it to the bag (this includes sauces and because the app runs so slow it takes 2 mins to add 5 sauces. Not exaggerating). It crashed my phone ENTIRELY twice and consistently does not do a good job at ordering food. It would be easier mailing my order and receiving it in 5-7 business days.

  17. I don’t know the purpose of this app. I still need to get down at the restaurant to pick up my order at the counter. I tried to pick it up at the drive thru and was told I had to go inside to get it. That’s inconvenient. My order didn’t include utensils or napkins which isnt the app’s fault but I probably would’ve gotten them had I gone through the drive thru.

  18. Quick Pick up is false advertising. Had to wait 10 minutes because the drive thru was busy and then the front got busy. What’s the purpose for doing QUICK pick up ? And when I got home, my tenders wasn’t in the bag. The manager said that she would be willing to give me what I paid for as long as I have the receipt. No problem with the receipt but the $20 in gas has n place in this blunder. Tell you what, I’m canceling my account and I WILL NOT be patronizing your business.

  19. This app is not even worth the space it takes up in the play store. Wouldn’t let me sign in. Kept telling me to select a location but wouldn’t allow me to select the one location in my county. Keeps telling me no results. Uninstalling. Do better kfc.

  20. Ed Logan dice:

    The app deserves 5 stars but, the kfc service is the reason for the 1 star. What’s the use of ordering ahead when it’s NEVER been ready when you arrive? Even when arriving late it’s not ready. Then you have to wait, play 20 questions explaining who you are, what you ordered and wait another 10 minutes until it’s ready. . The only advantage using the app is it’s already paid when you arrive.

  21. You absolutely cannot customize anything at all. If you order something without it it never gets to the actual restaurant so your order is wrong every single time. Worthless trash app for food.

  22. Extremely overpriced and not that great, tbh. Chicken is bland compared to other chicken chains, even Church’s MUCH cheaper deals are WAY better quality than what KFC has to offer. Popeye’s blows this chicken out of the water and has a much better selection of sides. And these guys don’t have app deals like the other chains either…TWO FREE FINGER SPORKS? THAT’S YOUR DEAL? Uninstalled and not returning. Miss the KFC of yesteryear, when they didn’t charge 5 dollars for a side of instant potatoes

  23. Alon Rand dice:

    Doesn’t include my location. The nearest KFC to me is combined with a Taco Bell. I can order online for that Taco Bell, but not KFC. I can find the location on KFC’s website with a button for ordering pickup or delivery , but when I click it, the location won’t show up when choosing a restaurant. There actually is a location ~30 minutes away on a street named for my town – I ordered pickup there by mistake. Found out when my store didn’t have record of me. Couldn’t cancel anymore, either.

  24. Using the app on a Samsung Galaxy S8. I can neither create an account nor log into an account using this app. Ordering as a guest sucks. Don’t bother with it! I’m uninstalling it! Taco Bell’s app really works and is easy to use.

  25. App works for one of the two local locations, any order placed at the second is either rejected or loops and then cancels. This has been an issue for over a year now. App has a very small selection of meals to order and feels behind most other apps in features.

  26. impossible to actually order. when you go to enter your card info, you’ll see a text input field come up with a pop-up next to it saying “For security reasons”, without telling you what it is they want you to type in? is it the security code? the expiration date? the pin? nope, none of them work. whoever designed this app was beyond blitheringly inept.

  27. KiWi dice:

    Tried to make a purchase 2x, both times said there was an issue with my payment method(GPay) the total was $12.13. Since there was an issue, the order was canceled, but there is a transaction for $1213.00 in my GPay transaction history(Yes $1213.00). This is the 2nd time I have had a problem being charged for an order I didn’t get. First time I was double charged. Don’t use this app it will RIP YOU OFF!!

  28. E A dice:

    Its basic and gives no options to customize your order or just order individual things like you can in person. The app says the order is being worked on and goes through an entire process of progress bars and making it seem like its in real time being prepared then says its finished. I got there almost 15 mins after it said it was finished and they hadn’t even started making it. I still had to wait a bit once I got there. Also if the lobby doors are always locked how can we pickup our order?

  29. After choosing my items I tried to place my order. I was met with a generic “something went wrong. Please try again” error. After my third attempt to submit my order, I tried to change when my order was due (thinking that could be the error). Instead my entire order was deleted. Once I verified my order did not go through we decided to eat somewhere else. I will be hesitant to try again.

  30. Very bad process an order, I had an order, the app said ready for pickup. But I went there they said they don’t have the item i ordered, i asked to cancel, they said cancel on app. But the app didn’t has cancel function. i went to website, also didn’t have cancel function. I ask auto assistance, yes waiting 20 minutes to connected, then the assistance said click on link contact to cancel. I went to contact after fill out all, i couldn’t click send (it was grey out). Yes, i hope i don’t lost $

  31. Needs to update the hours on the app!!!! Ordered from one restaurant where on the app it said it was open but it was closed when i went to pick up my order. I changed the order to another restaurant that was ” open ” but it was closed too!! No food and no way to get a refund

  32. Ben Lucas dice:

    When you open up the app, they have a little pop up ad encouraging you to… Use the app! You click on it and it takes you to an error message. You guys must be the watered-down ketchup of app developers. Why would someone water down ketchup? I don’t know. But why can’t I just download the latest version of the app and order food? That, I also do not know.

  33. I like ordering ahead and pick up usually so loved the idea to do so for KFC as well. But that’s kind of hard to do when literally right after you update the app, it will constantly completely close on you whenever you hit checkout over and over again. I don’t know if this is only me or what.

  34. B3Quattro dice:

    App is extremely glitchy and slow. Won’t let me click on login or creat account…it does nothing when I do. Tried to order as guest instead and was still extremely glitchy and sluggish

  35. Horrible user interface, limited menu. Lack of options led me to choose a different restaurant and I will probably never order KFC through the app. Which is highly unfortunate as that’s the only way I order fast food.

  36. Would love to order. Unfortunately, this app is awful. Constantly freezing. Have to close it and start over. Still haven’t been able to successfully place an order. Very disappointed.

  37. Unable to redeem promo. Downloaded the app to redeem the free sandwich with purchase of $12. Button presses, does nothing. Tried adding to cart first, still nothing. Otherwise the app seems to work okay, so 2 stars instead of 1.

  38. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE APP! Not at all user friendly, slower than a sloth on a bicycle, and if at all possible makes you feel dumber for having tried to use it!

  39. Ohlens dice:

    Tried to order food for my family while my mom was at a doctor’s appointment. It’s just like others are saying. No way to customize your order, logs you into a browser and it takes forever to load! I just find this super annoying since most apps let you customize your order your way.

  40. It’d be great, I guess, if I could use it. Every time I try to place my order for as soon as possible, it tells me the store is closed at that time. Then I try to pick an actual time and whatever the day’s date is is unselectable. Doesn’t matter what day, time, or store location I use.

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