Slim Chickens MODDED 2022


Be a Slimthusiast! Easily order on the go, earn rewards, and more.
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Be a Slimthusiast! Easily order on the go, earn rewards, and more.

* Earn Rewards fast!
* Skip the Line® Order on the App and head to the Online Order Pickup sign.
* Get a FREE Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich when you download the app.
* Earn one point for every $1 that you spend and get a $4 reward for every 50 points you earn.
* Tell your friends and get a referral reward when they place their first qualifying order.
* Get a sweet treat on your birthday.
* Save your favorite orders.
* Get insider news and special offers.
* Find the closest Slim Chickens.
* Save your favorite location.
* View store hours.
* Get directions.
* Share feedback.


Updated item availability dates to display for in App ordering.


40 comentarios en "Slim Chickens MODDED 2022"

  1. The app was much better than expected. Lots of choices of main dishes, sides, spices, sauces & drinks. Easy to navigate, easy to make changes, choose to pick-up, curbside or delivery. I chose pick-up for the following day. It was put on the pick-up shelf as I walked in the door. Very nice & easy experience. It’s now my favorite chicken place.

  2. The food is really good but the app needs some work. I want to be able to have the option to select only entrees as well as meals. Not every time I go out to eat do I want a drink included and I definitely don’t want to be forced to get one. The menu needs bigger images so u can see what the item looks like before I click into it. Other than that, it was easy to order and the service was fast.

  3. The app is amazing, as is the food. It’s easy to order online or for delivery, you earn rewards quickly, and if you don’t order with the app you can easily scan your receipt to get your points (a basic feature that so many apps leave out). Don’t get me started on the special app-only deals!

  4. Ripoff, promised a free sandwich for installing the app and never received it. Also app is very buggy, leaves you stranded on screens with no way to back out.

  5. Eric VV dice:

    App is barely functional. Constant crashing. Won’t add a receipt for points even when keyed in manually

  6. Easy to install and easy to navigate. I wanted to scan a barcode from last night and it was super easy.

  7. I’ve always had trouble with this app. I try to reset my password and it’ll take 2 days for it to send me a link to reset

  8. Great! Very friendly and personable staff. Clean, organized and very, very fast! I’ll be back!

  9. This app does not allow you to use gift cards, also when you pull up to the store it says to hit in the app that you are here. But there is no way to let them know you arrived, because there is no button on the app to say you are here. The app needs a little more work.

  10. Alisia H. dice:

    App doesnt work. I cant login, reset password or anything. No email is sent to reset password. I couldnt even do the facebook because my phone number. I gave up.

  11. Well organized. Fast processing. Easy to understand functionality. Rewards simple part of process

  12. I LOVE the 23rd street Slim Chickens in PC, FL!! Staff are always very attentive and my order is always right. Thank you guys!!

  13. It was some of the best chicken club sandwiches my wife and I ever had. Can’t wait to go back and try something else out.😊❤️😋

  14. Easy to use app. Rewards scanned right away. No complaints so far.

  15. Only has meals. Can’t order just single tenders. I never need a drink so this app is entirely useless.

  16. Went to slim chickens for the first time. Was suggested to get the app for points towards deals. The installation was slow but it installed. Went through the process of signing up. Was able to scan my receipt for points. Got the free sandwich deal. Everything looked ok. Until I went to check the app for making plans to come back. The app will not load. It stays in buffering limbo. Decided to uninstall until this is fixed. Will still go for good food. Just fix your app!!!

  17. Out of fries! Little to no heat in dining room. Last time on 7 piece, one was a half piece of chicken. One more strike and I’ll not come back.

  18. There is absolutely no reason at all you should punish users for using root on their phone. You are a fast food chain for Christ’s sake, not a banking app. Anybody who’s rooting their phone can take any risks that they want to with their credit card information. And there’s absolutely no reason at all that you should override my default brightness settings. Your app is white and if I’m ordering in a dark room I do not need to be blinded. Fix these issues and it would be a five-star app.

  19. If I pick a 20 wing order. App only lets me toss all 20 in a single sauce. No notes/comments section or way to select different sauces for 10 and 10.

  20. Our absolute favorite go to chicken place! So thankful we found Slim Chickens in our neighborhood. Their food is delicious and don’t get me started about their fried mushrooms. Mmmm!😜

  21. Bud McCue dice:

    Great app and great restaurant chain! A suggestion I’d recommend: add in the option to enter a gift card as a payment option. Currently you can only add a credit card as a payment option. Would still recommend this app if you frequent this restaurant!

  22. Streamlined experience with no-hassle, common sense rewards that are easy to redeem and accumulate quickly for frequent customers. Not much you could complain about. Ordering ahead and picking up instead of fighting wrap-around lines in the drive-thru is also a great option to have. A+

  23. This app doesn’t have as many options as some of the others so I will never actually order from the app. Items such as size of drink and whether to put ice in a drink are little details that make it into a usable app or not. It does give me all the menu options and the food is great.

  24. The ordering system is a little clunky compared to others I’ve used. It seems to break with behavior I’ve come to expect from similar apps. There were no instructions given for how to pick up your food once the order was placed. Drive through? Curbside? Go inside? Fortunately, the restaurant had some signs out front.

  25. Chris dice:

    Always order from Location 3301 / Flemington NJ. App and website menu doesn’t match paper copy (missing selection / items not listed). However, if I call local they can make item(s). Corporate or Olo, please fix. Also, i did a $28 order today and not able to add points (already scanned by another error message). Food is good though (4 to 5 stars for that)…just frustrating ordering process/ rewards system.

  26. Just downloaded the app to redeem rewards and unfortunately whether I use the app or attend the Herriman, UT store the experience is poor. App will not scan the QR code. The app scans for a second and then immediately states an error (whether the bar code is in front of camera or not). First visit to a store was tonight and the customer service left much to be desired. Lackluster experience all around. Seems to have so much potential…just wasn’t impressed with the experience tonight.

  27. Tubaya Th dice:

    Poor. There should not be a time limit on receipts that can be entered for points. I ordered the food and just decided to download the app and its saying the receipt is too old! Also no place to customize your order. I had to call the store to tell them extra ice in my drink and don’t cook my fries until I arrive after multiple order with old fries.

  28. Great ordering interface. No place to add customization unfortunately. No well done, no specific type of wing, even if I’m willing to pay extra. I like supporting them over competitors, but do better.

  29. Installed app 2020. My only complaint that app doesn’t allow customization (no ice). Other than that, I did not run into any other issues. I was able to use back arrow & return to app. App kept my orders in cart. I was able to view my orders before placing & change anything, but bc of No Ice, I didn’t order w/app & went into store. App scanned receipt just fine. UPDATE MARCH 2022: App still doesn’t allow “NO ICE”. I do not like ice. It’s too cold for me. I’ve stopped using app & restaurant.

  30. The app said immediate pickup but once I submitted the order said 30 minutes later. When I went into the store to question this they said they only allow a couple online/pickups an hour. So they do make you wait. The in store or drive through was 10x faster. The app and how they run it is horseshit.

  31. App is great, and easy to use, and earn and redeem points for items.

  32. Poor portion size and quality. Chicken fingers were really small for what I was charged. Also kinda rubbery. Downloaded the app and scanned my receipt to get the free chicken sandwich as per the add on their building and did not receive it. I’ll pass on this place from now on.

  33. Worked fine the first two times. As someone else pointed out, it’s not cool to have someone go throught the whole order process only to tell them the store is busy. But now it doesn’t matter as anytime I open it now it only says “not connected to internet” at the bottom.

  34. Really like the app and have been using it for awhile. But it needs to be UPDATED. You can only order milkshakes individually. If you try to add them as the drink for a meal, it will say that it is not available. Very frustrating. Please update your app.

  35. Hey the app works just fine for me. Samsung Galaxy S10+ completed the order with ease. Granted this is my time using it,so can’t vouch for the crashing after update. Right now it’s working just great. if that changes I will update my review

  36. Since this location opened I have attempted to use the app on 4 occasions to order. Always says Madison location too busy. Of course they are with the app off. Any app togo or curbside orders have to come into the store to order. I thrive on technology. Apparently Slim Chickens does not.

  37. Appears to be trash. It shows the SP .85 miles away, but when I attempt to order it says there are no restaurants nearby. As I said, trash. Google gave me more info than their app. I can’t even see a frickin’ menu.

  38. Very clean UI, very easy to use and understand. Did notice a bug maybe though. When I added my payment method there was a checkbox but no text to accompany it.

  39. App is easy, just scan receipts after purchase. No trying to remember passwords while you’re at the counter, etc., scan at your leisure to get your rewards. And their chicken and milkshakes are delicious!!

  40. Restaurant was super clean, fast service & good flow considering the amount of business they’re handling currently. Parking lot is super inconvenient to get into, that’s the only issue that I had.

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