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Explore the Menu
Check out what’s new or easily find your faves before starting an order.

Order Ahead
Enjoy easy ordering and one-click reordering at participating locations.

Weekly Deals
Create an account and get access to exclusive new deals every week.

Earn Points
Sign into your account to place an order or scan your phone at the register to earn points. Redeem points for delicious rewards! Available at participating locations.

Find Locations Near You
Easily favorite and switch locations to find your favorite DQ(R) restaurant near you.

Texas locations use the DQ® Texas App.


Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.


41 comentarios en "Dairy Queen® MOD"

  1. When the app was first loaded over a year ago it worked fine. Now in the last six months there have been more issues than I can count. I don’t receive my points half of the time. The deals in the app never seem to work for the online orders and most in store deals aren’t excepted in a number of DQ’s. There have been a number of other problems too. I have email the company through the app but never get any response and no one answers the corporate phone when called.

  2. S Z dice:

    Easy and convenient to use interface. No spam. Real meal deal. Food is ready at stated pickup time. Much better than McDonald’s app which has confusing interface, full of spam, have to go through hoops just to use a coupon, and food wasn’t even prepared until you get there – why bother. Since switching to DQ app, much faster and easier to use. Very happy with the experience and the food, especially when you are in a hurry and need to grab a quick bite to eat.

  3. It’s very inconvenient that there’s absolutely no way to cancel an order once it’s submitted. The store that you send the order to can’t cancel & neither can the app. *Update* & so today I discovered that there’s no way to get your points when “the scanner doesn’t work.” I asked the cashier if she could just type in my phone number, she says no. I started going here more just to see if the rewards are worth it. But I guess not since I can’t earn any. 👎🏾👎🏾

  4. Easy to navigate, i only have one problem. Not all the purchase options are available. The 2 for $4 deal isn’t available. And not all the food is there either. We couldn’t order root beer through the app even though it is an option at that store. More integration would be nice but everything else, even adding a coupon, was super easy

  5. Erin H dice:

    This used to be a great app, but ever since the last update, it is terrible. It logs me out constantly and, of course I can never remember my password. But if your location is turned on and you request your password be reset, you won’t get an email – not until you turn your location off and restart your phone and by then it is too late to use your points…🤔 Very frustrating.

  6. I have been waiting for this app for a long time. Loved it the one thing I will say is that they need to try to replicate the menus as much as possible so it’s consistent in the app, instore, and on the kiosk outside. This is one of the things I hope they do because their competition doesn’t. But ordering was really easy, liked that you see the available coupons right at the time that your ordering so you know what deals are available. Awesome job! Best ice cream in town hands down.

  7. There isn’t an option to select your pickup time when placing an order thru the app. The app is also not updated correctly with locations and if you can go inside to pick up or not. I submitted an online order and it had the option to pick up inside. That is what I selected. When we arrived, inside was completely closed and there were 10 cars ahead of us in the drive thru. Sadly it was a 30 minute wait in the drive thru and our food was cold when we got it from the drive thru window.

  8. Cindy B dice:

    I eat there 3-4xs a week. The app has awesome coupons and it is supposed to be easy to earn points. Unfortunately this is not the case. The ordering system doesn’t list all items that are available in store. I end up missing a lot of points. Worst thing… the other night I submitted an order, went to my DQ, notified via app I was there. It was confirmed as successful. The freaking store wasn’t even open!!! It hadn’t been for awhile that night. I mean seriously… WTH???

  9. Changed the app, seems to work easier. would still be nice if there were the other options for the sodas available at the location. The particular location that is closest to me is hit or miss on if they have the lobby open to pick up the order or if I have to sit in the drive thru to pick it up, which defeats the purpose of ordering through the mobile app.

  10. Dan Henry dice:

    So very broken. Assuming you can successfully sign in (took me several attempts), almost everything you do in the app ends with a red box at the bottom of the screen that says “timeout.” I couldn’t successfully submit an order! The app used to work, but it recently underwent an overhaul. Roll it back – this one’s a failure

  11. I enjoy the perks program and ability to do mobile orders. However. They need a better system for when a customer makes a mistake when ordering. I accidentally ordered at the wrong location one time… It took over 2 weeks to get a refund. And I had to drive to the location to get it. It was complicated and very inconvenient for a mistake I caught immediately and cancelled.

  12. K. Taylor dice:

    I’m sure it would be great, but of the 2 locations I frequent, neither one use this service. So no point in using the app yet. I’ve edited this because finally my locations are able to take the app. However, this app is so problematic that I couldn’t place an order on it. It wouldn’t take my debit card for payment and of course, you have to pay on the app when placing an order. Fine, skip the app order and go to the location, place my order at the Drive Thru and the app says you can have them scan your barcode to get your reward points, except that hasn’t worked twice now. I couldn’t use an app specific BOGO coupon because of the payment issue. There also seems to be no way to add a DQ gift card as a payment option which other apps allow. Its frustrating that they promote this app/service and it just doesn’t work.

  13. Horrible! They must have looked at other fast-food apps and rejected all the best features. Too many clicks to place an order; difficult to change mistakes (actually, easier to cancel and restart). No interest in providing inclusion of regional menu options. And NEVER place an order then try to pick up anywhere except where you specified (e.g., drive-thru but go inside to get something more)!

  14. I downloaded the app to be able to order ahead and not have to wait in line. Only to find out every single store I clicked on says it does not support ordering ahead of time. Even though it’s advertised all over the front page of the app. This is ridiculous. What’s the point in having an app to order ahead and then advertising as such if every location doesn’t support the function? Deleted.

  15. It seems like an okay app but not all locations are compatible yet they’re still listed. The rest are too far away from where I live to even bother. I ordered in person but I really wish I could’ve ordered ahead of time just for convenience sake. If management could get on top of it make all locations available that would be awesome. So many other restaurants have this option already so if they could do that too would be perfect.

  16. Jlynn8210 dice:

    This app is awful. I’ve logged into it in the past with no problems but now it keeps telling me I need to sign up. I get to the page where you set a location and click done and nothing happens. I have to back completely out and do it all again for only the same thing to continue happening. I’ve been to DQ 3 times in the past 2 weeks and can’t use the app, can’t get points for my purchases. It’s crazy!

  17. Frustrating app! It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to make it work corrcectly. First, on multiple occasions we’ve placed an order and then sat in the hour long line and then they didn’t receive the order. Second, why are we sitting in line when we ordered on the app. It defeats the entire purpose. Walk to our car with our food or let us come in and pick it up. Third, it’s not a complete menu. Fourth, you can’t special request most items.

  18. After the bug fixes, the app now works fine. Love that the menu is listed and it is easy to order. The 2 problems I have is that #1 the new/seasonal blizzard flavors are not available to order online. #2 it is difficult to get points if u don’t order though the app. First time, the cashier couldn’t give me points for my purchase due to a broken scanner. At another location, I just forgot to scan because I was excited over the new blizzard flavor that wasn’t available for order thru the app.

  19. Functional for ordering food which is nice. The sign up process is a huge pain, requiring you to select a ‘favorite’ store (even if there’s none in your area) and automatically signing you up for spam emails and push notifications for advertisements. Also super annoying that it doesn’t show when your order will be ready (in spite of them giving you a time in the email then send when you order through the app). Not all menu options are in the app and there’s limited order customization.

  20. nicc dice:

    Total failure, unable to sign up. It asks for my favorite location but the app is unable to find ANY stores on the entire planet. Tried wifi and cellular. My location is turned on. Because this is a required step in the sign up process I am unable to continue. I am not the only one. Even if this was a location services issue, why won’t it work when I try to manually enter an address? Your app is broken

  21. The app does not allow me to fully create and account. On the second page of registration there is no option to move forward or finish the process. Also, for cones and blizzards only the vanilla option is available, there does not appear to be a way to select chocolate soft serve. The app seems to function well otherwise and I placed an order as a guest. Seems like an unfinished version not a final release.

  22. Mostly disappointing. I installed the app & logged in with Facebook to avoid having to fill in a bunch of details. The app still required some info, including mandatory “pick a favorite location”. The only thing you need to worry about is what location in ordering from. I tried to order via the app, it says the location I picked is closed when I’m in the parking lot. I give up and order at the drive-thru, pay & ask if I can scan the reward code. No, you needed to do that first. Uninstalled.

  23. The app is awkward to use, unusually clunky for a fast food app. When you downloaded there’s no deal to start with, so I would have done just as well to walk in the building in order, especially since I ordered curbside and still had to go in and pick up. On top of that, three of the blizzards I ordered came out normal size, and one came out a solid inch smaller, so I might have gotten the medium size for the large price. An unimpressive experience all the way.

  24. App seems great, but just doesn’t work. I’ve tried many times. I can pick out whatever I want, customize it however, but when it comes time to send the order it says check network connection. Will not place an order. I messaged their contact us about it but they basically said it’s my phone. I’ll note I have many other fast food restaurant apps that work with no problem.

  25. So far the mobile order experience is better as a first time user than the McDonald’s mobile ordering in app. Pros: * Pretty quick to switch between menus and items. * Defaulted to the correct Dairy Queen location when starting an order. * Entering payment information was easy. * Adding a coupon/deal was easy after starting an order. Cons: * Some transitions were somewhat slow (waiting 20-25 seconds before updating). I believe those were related to adding items to order and starting checkout

  26. The app isn’t correct on what items they have. I can stand in the store and look at the menu, they have a lot more items on the menu board than what the app shows. It’s been like this since day 1 using the app. I have uninstalled the app several times, install it when I need it, so it should be updated to the newest version. I can’t ever place an order to use rewards, it does not work. I have to go inside, wait in line, place an order, then scan the app barcode at the register to use my rewards.

  27. App has many issues…no response to any submissions or screenshots with errors. In fact I don’t think I’ve received any response from any time I’ve contacted the corporation. Shows how much they care. The app has so many issues, when they close the stores, their app changes drive thru hours to the next day without telling you their closed. If the phone switches from mobile data to WiFi, the app hangs and you have to clear cache and turn on airplane mode then delete all data, then you can’t orde

  28. This app is awful. It flat out will not find stores near me to allow me to place an order (or even look at a menu). It’s completely useless. My wife has an iPhone, and the app has no issues finding a location. There are two stores within two miles of my house. I’ve check permissions, made sure location services are on, and I’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Nothing works.

  29. Great to be able to see offers and track reward points in the app on the go. Order ahead and skip the line only works if there isn’t a line of cars at the drive up window! I did earn a reward from a game that refuses to show in the app – kind of a bummer. But nice not to have to park and go inside when you are in a hurry.

  30. I signed up, because I am a big fan of DQ. lol. Tried to sign in, can’t. Changed password 3 times, still would not open. Uninstalled. Then read all the comments. Seems everyone is having the same problem. I would give less than one star if that was possible. Update Moments later: tried to contact the email that was given to speak to “customer service”. I finished writing my complaint, went to type in location, and lost connection. I am through trying. Update: Once again, a waste of my time.

  31. This app seems to be missing a lot. Many menu items don’t appear in the app, even if they’re advertised and available at the location. Also, it’s rather annoying that you can’t use gift cards from the app. It would also be nice if I could get an ETA on when the food would be ready before I place the order, instead of being stuck waiting forever in line. On that note, I would like the ability to choose drive thru or carry out when I’m actually AT the restaurant, so I can get an idea of the line

  32. No thanks to customer support I was finally able to log into my account. Apparently, when you change your password they will let you make the new password with invalid characters. So, despite the fact that it allowed me to make the password, it then wouldn’t let me log in with it because it had an invalid character. App works fine now. Only 3 stars though for useless support and screwed up password system.

  33. Joshua dice:

    Wonderful when it works. I can’t countthe number of times I’ve ordered something because of a deal from DQ only to have the app mess up and not be able to find my location so I can’t use the deal. I’m sitting in the drive thru right now and just had to pay full price AGAIN because of this issue. It doesn’t happen always but when it does it’s frustrating.

  34. Kezzy Mo dice:

    App is limited in it’s ability to allow the customer to customize their order. No use in ordering ahead if I can’t get exactly what I want. You can customize food but you can only choose one topping for a sundae. Also, we should be able to choose drive thru or in-store pick up. In addition there needs to be timeline provided to the customer regarding when their food is ready. Needs to be a check-in system. DQ has been in business too long to limit their customers in this way. Very cheap, imo.

  35. Also unable to use the app. It let’s me do everything but when I try to compete the order it tells me to check my network connection. I have bull bars 5g. Nothing is wrong with my connection. Tried updating, Uninstaller, nothing works. Very frustrating and seems like they didn’t believe the last reviewer who had the same issue.

  36. Would be great if mobile orders worked. So far 100% failure rate when I place an order using the app, and I arrive to the DQ down the road for pick up and they look at me in confusion. I put in the store, pick up inside, place my order, check out, and then tells me to press a button to start making food when I get there so it’s fresh. I do everything, I press the button when I get into the parking lot and then get in line inside, only for my order not to have gone through. At least five minutes passed between entering the lot and getting to the register. Supposedly the system works as they had several mobile orders queued up, but mine hasn’t functioned since the first day I started using the app. Haven’t tried the mobile order for another store as the next closest one is a half hour away.

  37. Doesn’t work in my area, which is ridiculous, because tons of other companies do online ordering no matter your location. It’s frustrating to download an app only to find out it’s completely useless, and have to delete it. It’s been forever. Get with the program! This is why I dine elsewhere. It’s quicker and more convenient to use your competitors because they have online ordering.

  38. Sara K dice:

    This app really sucks as far as giving options. I tried to add a combo but it wouldn’t let me without choosing a size for the combo, but there was no option to choose size. It also doesn’t give much choice as far as blizzards go either, you get about 10 choices and can’t add or subtract any ingredients. Uninstaller within 10 minutes of installing

  39. Easy to use, but there is not the option to choose what kid of ice cream you want, so if we need to order anything other than vanilla (chocolate or twist) we have to order that item separately when we get to the store, which is really annoying. Also, after the upgrade there are not as many deals available which is disappointing.

  40. The reliability of this app is horrible. There are constant errors like “check network connection” when there’s nothing wrong with the connection. It reports that the nearest location is closed in the middle of the day when it is not. Tonight it reported that it couldn’t place an order because the store was closed at the time we selected for the order when the app doesn’t have a feature to select a designated time.

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