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This chicken delivers. With the Popeyes® app, you’ll never have to wait in line for your favorite chicken again. Just select pick up or delivery, explore our menu, add something delicious to your cart and enjoy!

Mobile Coupons: Get exclusive access to the best mobile-only deals.
Restaurant Locator: Find your closest Popeyes® and see their hours.
Menu: Explore favorites and discover new things to love.

Available in select locations:
Mobile Ordering: Order with the app for delivery or pick-up.
Delivery Tracking: Track your order in real time from the restaurant right to your door.


We're cookin' up some updates in the Popeyes app, y'all! In our latest release, you'll find:
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes


45 comentarios en "Popeyes® App MODDED 2022"

  1. One because you can’t rate zero. Very seldom works. Doesn’t tell you anything about why. Just doesn’t work. And says they are trying to fix it, but they never do anything to actually make it work. Either need to dump the app entirely or dump the hacks not developing it. 4 months of “oops. Something went wrong” with no fix just doesn’t cut it. And it doesn’t matter if you choose an older location, a brand new location or anything in between, so it is absolutely the app.

  2. I’ve used this twice in the last 4 days. Let’s just say its really NOT worth the convenience. They send you emails and notifications about deals that won’t even be applied. It has the same deals. Why send notifications on specials that aren’t applicable in the app nor at the store. This was second time downloading the app due the store having long lines. 🙄 Unsubscibe and delete in full effect.

  3. Absolutely awful app experience. Wouldn’t allow me to place an order. Got “fatal error” on first try, started over with order and got “Uh oh! We’re having trouble… we’re aware of the issue…working to resolve it, try again later.” Tried again two more times and got same result before giving up. This was all after entering my CC info. Of course they wouldn’t honor the app-only coupon at the drive-thru.

  4. Awful. The only chicken you can buy using this worthless app is spicy. You choose family meals and you get everything. You have to scroll across the top and choose a different option. The absolute worst thing is that you can only choose one type of chicken through the app, SPICY. What a terrible app, and the really sad part is that it is an improvement over the last version, and this one is still awful.

  5. The only useful thing about having this app downloaded is looking at the menu. This is one of the worst restaurant apps you can download as it does not work. I go in to order my food and it never works. It always says the items I have selected aren’t available at the store. I’ve tried switching stores, closing the app, and updating it. I’ve had this app for about a year and it’s never worked.

  6. Like some of you mentioned on here, I also experienced getting hidden charges from the app when placing the order. I took a screenshot of the order and the wrong subtotal. I was initially offered a $X dollars off coupon, but I asked for a refund of the incorrect amount. In a follow-up email, they said the screenshots were helpful and that I would be getting a refund for the overcharged amount. Putting 3 stars here to show that they’ll fix mistakes. Good luck!

  7. Amazingly. painfully slow. Almost as slow as the service at Popeye’s. I love the convenience of using the app to place my order in advanca and avoid having to wait in the store, but this app is very slow to respond to selections made. Each new screen takes several seconds to load, and in some case my screen display timed out while waiting for the next page to load. Love the chicken (y’all’s sandwich is the best out there), hate the speed.

  8. The app definitely needs revision! It’s very inconvenient you are unable to choose what type of meat you want when you pick a meal (dark,white,mixed) you just get what you get. For the sides you are unable to choose if you want them made a certain way. It is just very NON-USER friendly. We always have to end up going into the restaurant to tell them how we want it made when you should be able to do it all right from the app.

  9. I like it because it’s convenient at times but there are some things that need to change. 1) It would be nice if the advertisements applied to all the stores! 2) There should be an option for different size drinks when you order( including in combos). We should be able to order like we do when we go into the restuarants. 3) There should be an option to choose which piece of chicken someone wants. Give the same options that one has when one goes to a restaurant.

  10. It’s obviously convenient, but I’ve ALWAYS had issues getting what I ACTUALLY ORDER, especially when it’s some sort of special or BOGO free. I never get it. If I change to a special side like Mac and cheese, I NEVER get that even though I pay the extra for it. They always say, “that’s online-we can’t see it, & it doesn’t show on the receipt”. So it’s almost not worth using it to order…

  11. App does not work! Tried to place order for pickup without success. I was able to select the menu item I wanted, but the app repeatedly went to blank screen not allowing me to finalize the sale. As a result, I was unable to take advantage of the offer for 5pc signature chicken for $5.99 and instead had to pay $12.29 for the 3pc meal because the store couldn’t assist. Needless to say, I was not happy.

  12. App glitch = Can’t sign in to my account. The keyboard tries to come up but is forced to minimize every single time. I am unable to order anything, access points, or do anything at all you would normally do in the app under your login. Dumb. App is up to date. Cache is cleared, app restarted, Uninstalled and reinstalled. Keyboard is up-to-date. Phone software is up-to-date. I’ll stick to the website or drive thru.

  13. App Updated – NO CHANGE. Still ridiculously slow, even with great internet. It shouldn’t take a full minute or more for EVERY selection (offers, location, menu selection, main startup page, etc.) to load. Plenty of memory, storage space, and strong wifi on my device don’t seem to help. Response from company directs you to a page for feedback that is equally frustrating to use, so I guess they just have incredibly bad tech people. Just deleting this instead – not worth the time.

  14. Not being hyperbolic with the 1. There’s something wrong with this app. Last three orders I’ve made, the restaurant(s) were not notified. Latest transaction was at a location a few STATES away from home, and same thing happened. I chose the latest option for time, was late getting there, and it wasn’t even *started*. I would’ve come out better just ordering at the drive-thru, because that’s essentially what happened anyhow. Processed payment instantly, though. That part of the app works fine.

  15. We’ve attempted to use the app for purchases several times. Each payment has failed without warning, causing havoc at the window. They’re good about refunding for app failures, but it takes several days. People at the window are not helpful. Our $30 order cost us $60 until it was resolved. HOWEVER, the app provides good deals. Simply choose the coupon and select “order at window”. It all works out in the end.

  16. Confusing UI. Some categories in the menu are empty. It turns out it’s just that the location chosen doesn’t support ordering from that category, and it’s not a real bug per se. Weird. One line of text saying so would be nice and eliminate this confusion. A link to change the pickup store where the order category (signature chicken in this case) is offered would be even better.

  17. This was my first mobile app purchase. I did not have an option to choose white, dark or mixed chicken in my family meal. Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but I only saw the option for Mild or Spicy. Also, the menu items are slim compared to the menu at the location, which was dissappointing. Another thing. . . I couldn’t contact support. The Submit link greyed out. Other than that, the app worked great.

  18. Confusing to navigate. Requires way more clicks than necessary to find restaurants and order food. Worst of all, I couldn’t even complete my order. Some bug kept changing order details. I couldn’t edit the order, so I had to delete and start over. Did this multiple times before it got the order correct at checkout. But at checkout, it randomly added four extra dollars to my order. No line item expense for it, just $4 added. No accidental food. Like it just couldn’t add right. Awful.

  19. I would love to provide a detailed review of the app, but it has never worked for me. I opened it today because I received a notification of a free item, and for the first time I saw something other than three blinking dots. When I tapped the “order” button to close the message, though, I was back to the same three blinking dots I always see in this app. I have never seen the home page, the order menu, anything. Doesn’t matter if I am using cellular data or Wi-Fi. Trying to run this on a OnePlus 6T.

  20. The app used to work fine. The 1st few times I had no issues with exception to the order being wrong but that was the store and not the app. For the last 2 months I’ve not been able to place a pickup or delivery order on the app. I get to the part where is contacting the store and loads for a few minutes and data they encountered an error and try again later.

  21. First impressions are everything and this app has been a huge let down. This is the only time I’ve used the app to get a deal from T-Mobile and nothing loads properly. Images, orders and offers show up for 2 seconds before disappearing completely with no way to bring them back. When you can’t even place an order through a food app, it’s a complete failure. Will not be using this trash again.

  22. I downloaded the app in October. It worked fine the first three times I ordered via the app. I haven’t been able to use it since November. Everytime I open it, it buffers — three dots flashing across a white screen, but never moves past that. It’s February now, I got a message from the app that there’s a free gift added to my account. I open the app, and guess what, three dots flashing, and it’s been months. Come on, seriously.

  23. Not very useful. You can’t order every item in the standard menu. You can’t always find promotional items; I couldn’t order the Rip’n chicken that’s advertised everywhere. This app is not intuitive whatsoever. I gave it 2 stars simply because you can actually find locations, and if you want to order food, albeit not everything they offer, you can, so that counts for something. Uninstalled because I found myself sitting outside a store ready to order from it and not be able to use it.

  24. Can be pretty buggy, especially during checkout(blank screen, random error messages etc). Offers items that aren’t available, but won’t tell you that until checkout, which is very annoying. I wish you had more control over your order. For example, there’s no option to exclude wings in a family meal, or you can’t order extra or stand alone sauces.

  25. I love Popeyes chicken and I love the functionality of the apps and rewards program. However the app is CURRENTLY NOT WORKING. I can’t select a restaurant location. Anytime I click the “Check Availability” item I’m sent to a blank white screen. I’ve reset, uninstall/reinstalled, and the app still won’t work. I would love it if I could actually use it.

  26. App has gone way downhill and is majorly mucked up now. It’s slow, I don’t stay logged in, and now I can’t log in at all anymore. It doesn’t even allow the keyboard to pop up to enter your email address. I had to copy & paste. Before you entered your credentials right in the app. Now you have to receive an email and click on the link. Unfortunately the link in the email does not work! It doesn’t do anything. It’s just an image and not dynamic. Useless. Uninstalled.

  27. All menu items are not available to order through the app. Onion rings not an option. When ordering a combo, there is no option other than small for a drink, no way to get a larger size. Used the app today but won’t in the future unless this is fixed. The good is that it definitely saved time. Food was ready very fast even though there was a long line in the store and in the drive thru.

  28. Eric Lee dice:

    I tried ordering a few times on the app. It’s been very few hits and a lot of misses. It apparently is sending people to the wrong location for pickup. It doesn’t update properly and gives incorrect information. If I could give 0 stars, I would. Update: I too received the automated response and it does in fact lead to the same digital responder from the website itself. Not to an actual person who could actually do something about issues with the app.

  29. Seems like they have gotten a lot of the bugs fixed (worked for me anyway) but still no option to change the size of the drink when you order the combo. It defaults to Small and nowhere in the checkout process can you choose a larger size. Absolutely braindead for the developers. Probably costing the company many thousands of dollars in lost revenue–orders of magnitude more than it would cost to implement this some fix. So stupid.

  30. What a lame excuse for an app, crashes all the time, is unresponsive when opening the app and then often while placing an order it will tell me that my selected restaurant isn’t accepting online orders when in fact they are. I just need to restart the all for it to start working again. Frustrating experience. I guess it’s still better than waiting in line which is why it gets 2 stars.

  31. For a start, when you type in an address. It never located a Popeyes around you. I had to Google the address and put that in for it to say one was close. Second, you click Order and nothing happens. I even selected several of the chains and clicked Order and it doesn’t progress to the next screen. Downloaded the app for the T-Mobile deal. Ended up going elsewhere.

  32. Extremely fast, understanding, friendly/kind staff members and sufficient service at the Waterloo, IA location. BUT… I was unable to get the application to finish my order. I had to keep starting it over. The app kept saying “unable to process” (or something similar to that). So I ended up having to call them. (Something I do not enjoy & use apps to avoid having to call and bug them.) Anyways I explained what was happening with the app & was able to pick-up my drive through order easily!

  33. It crashes every single time I try to order off of it. I always get to the part where you pay and then when you click that you are most there it says oops there is a problem and you have to start all over again. I have money in the bank and it even happens be when using a credit card that has a zero balance. So I chose to order inside the restaurant and you get 15 mins for a promotion code and it crashes after 2 mins.

  34. I like the app to be able to order ahead & get points for rewards. I do not like the app because it does not allow me to scan at the restaurant to receive points toward rewards. It also did not let me upgrade my side. It also does not allow you to order more than one of the same combo when you are ordering for more than one person. You have to wait 5 minutes and place an entirely new order.

  35. Digi Dog dice:

    It feels really suspicious whenever I’m getting ready to order lunch with my free Tmobile Tuesday coupon and then the app suddenly stops working at checkout. Tried this twice at lunchtime and got the same result. Tried it once at night and it worked just fine. Especially now during quarantine, you’d think that a system like this would work flawlessly, but someone over at corporate needs to learn how to program an app.

  36. Downloaded thinking it would be easier to order through app.. No ability to use physical coupons in app that I could find.. no ability to scan receipt to get points in app from non app orders. The whole user experience seems to be centered around either using the app or ordering at the window.. but trying to do both is a non starter. If it’s an either or type of thing I’ll stick to ordering at the window. I don’t need points for free food enough to fight with it.

  37. Absolutely useless. Every restaurant I checked, from NY, to Washington DC, to Florida, to Las Vegas & SoCal all said “online soon.” This app has no purpose. Even the search feature is ridiculous: you have to zoom in ridiculously close before it shows locations on the map. It’s easier to use Google Maps to find a location.

  38. J Frazier dice:

    App is very slow and tends to hang. Pickup options aren’t correct at times. For example, I chose pickup inside one night but dining room was already closed, so I went to wait in the drive thru. Also, after placing order with offer, my order history shows a message of “Not available at selected store.” It would be better if the app didn’t show the offer at all if it’s not valid. 2nd star is for the app somewhat functioning versus apps that go into endless force close loops.

  39. Until recently the app worked fine. A week ago I placed an order that the store didn’t receive until they checked their systems. Another complaint is the way the app updates. It should update in the background like most other apps do. Instead it updates when you open the app causing you to wait for it to update. The app signed me out. It asks for my email address to sign me back in, and instead of letting me input a password or fingerprint it is supposed to send me a link in an email. The email never arrives.

  40. I tried for 30 min to complete my order and could not. This is a freshly uploaded app. I have unloaded it from my phone because it is absolutely worthless. As soon as it get to picking a location it loop infinitely. I even let it sit for 10 min and nothing. Whatever change you made last you need to reverse because from all the feedback I read, it was working just fine until you pushed an up date and now it doesn’t work. If I could give zero stars I would 😑👎

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