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Hi bestie,
Now get your faves delivered—and earn points—with McDelivery through the app.
As always, we’ve made other updates to enhance your experience.
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63 comentarios en "McDonald’s MODDED 2022"

  1. The most useless app. For some reason, you can’t add a payment option. St first, the payment option worked just fine. Suddenly, it stopped. Cleared out the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, but it won’t let me add any payment option. Reached out to customer support months ago, never heard back. It’s good for collecting points, but you still have to go in to pay in person or the drive through. The ordering of individual items can be very confusing as well.

  2. Well after a lot of troubleshooting, I did reach out to the developer, sent some emails and finally the application is working again. At the end of my transaction on the app they had I survey. Seems like they are aware of the issue. Of course as software changes in our devices the developers have a job on their hands to keep up. Thanks for fixing the issue… we have become so dependent on applications…. it’s the norm!

  3. Glitchy. Initially I thought it was my phone but after getting a new phone, the problem is with the app. Sometimes it won’t recognize any restaurants near me. Other times it defaults to the previous order when I open the app and doesn’t recognize the order was completed and won’t allow me to move on. Sometimes it won’t open at all. On a positive note, I love the deals, the $3 breakfast bundle and I notice it corrects if I ordered from one location but end up at another, it corrects

  4. Couldn’t log into the app for the past few months. Kept giving me an error message. Had to get rid of it, because I couldn’t access anything without logging in. Also, told me my phone storage was full so i couldn’t use the app. I’m not sure how my phone storage affects the apps ability to let me scan the barcode at the drive thru window. Update: A few years later, a friend recommended the app again to me saying it’s working better now. Downloaded it and immediately got another error. Seriously?

  5. The app is amazing when it works but that’s never a guarantee. Every update comes with tons of bugs and lag issues; currently I’ve been signed out and I get an error message when I try to sign back in. The deals don’t always work, the app freezes and crashes often, the deals used to be significantly better, and what’s the point of collecting points for rewards if the rewards don’t work when you want to use them or the app itself is continuously crashing and buggy?

  6. It would be amazing…if it worked all of the time. It crashes and hangs frequently. At midnight it only allows you to order from the breakfast menu even though the restaurants are still serving dinner. Unlike Starbuck’s and most other places apps, you cannot combine offers or even redeem a reward and an offer together. The deals you can get are amazing and comparable to prices from 10+ years ago. However, I work overnights, want a burger right now, and can’t get one with this broken app.

  7. Jason H dice:

    App is buggy, slow UI transitions and has to be reinstalled frequently when you start getting the “something went wrong” notifications. Only convenient when it works. Good luck. Edit: Now I can’t even login. McDonald’s hasn’t heard of something called quality assurance. Dropping to one star now that the app is completely unusable and I missed my window for breakfast.

  8. All of the sudden after like 4 months of using I am no longer able to long into my account any longer. I keep getting an error message. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app 3 times now and it still does not work. It was work yesterday but when I went to use it this morning it no longer worked. I use my app every day so this is quite frustrating. Update: this problem has been fixed and I was able to sign back into my account. Thank you for fixing this.

  9. James dice:

    App is trash. It takes 5 minutes to move from one screen to another. The location finder does ok sometimes but frequently likes to fight you. You’ll place the order and open the app a week later (taking 5 or more minutes to load) and the order will still show up as incomplete, meaning you waste another 5 to 10 minutes to clear it. I wish I could give it 0 stars. I’ve done everything you can imagine to fix. I recently got a new phone and hoped but no it’s still broken. Get your stuff together MD.

  10. Evan C dice:

    It’s confusing and does not work well. My second time using the app I ordered, parked, entered the space number, received a message about technical issues, and was instructed to go inside and show them the error and order code. I then had to order inside and pay cash. What a waste of time. To add insult, i was then charged more for the same order! I should have just stuck with the drive-through.

  11. Has potential for others but… I don’t eat catsup. When you choose to customize a sandwich, you cannot choose to eliminate catsup. No option for that unless you want sandwich totally plain. I suggested modification weeks ago. Just updated app. Remains unchanged. Gotta delete the app as it is no good to me this way. There is an easy fix for this. Seriously???

  12. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I was trying to order ahead and use some of the points that I had. I can get into the app but forget about doing ANYTHING inside the app. You click log in to my account and “Something went wrong. Try again later.” Has been coming up for the last month. This is not the first time this has happened to me either, you need a more reliable app AND when this happens a backup method to order on the web!

  13. This app does not work. I can’t login to any corresponding email account, the app can’t locate me when my GPS setting is on, the app freezes every time it opens and only shows a White blank page, and in the only instances where I’ve been able to get the app to work, the app remembers orders that I’ve already paid for and assumes they’re still pending, and has even sent orders incorrectly. Truly an utter waste of time and human effort.

  14. it takes 10 minutes to place an order with this app because of lag. the app registers selections about 50% of the time, and when it does register, it takes 30 seconds – 3 minutes for the app to respond. thus, it’s tricky to figure out if the app picked up what i’m tapping on. picking a favorite location makes the same address show up in my favorites 3-5 times for some reason. accessing favorite menu items requires going through a few menus instead of being on the front page. frustrating to use.

  15. Mish Kish dice:

    I had a bunch of points saved up and wanted to use them, but I can’t log in to the app anymore, I just get an error message. And this isn’t even close to the first glitch I’ve had with this app. Permanently closed locations being listed as open, pickup order number disappearing before I can get my food, (which makes pickup harder for both the employees and me) deals I haven’t redeemed saying they’ve been redeemed, and now this?

  16. pfhuntley dice:

    Pain in the butt! Very unreliable. When it worked it had the last order already completed still in my cart & takes too long to get out of it. It’s not letting me choose location & says menu not available try later but never works no matter what I choose. Uninstalled & reinstalled, still won’t work. I tried choosing food or rewards 1st but it won’t load. I have wasted way too much time messing around with this app. I’m extremely frustrated. I’ve done everything from the internet to no avail.

  17. One of the worst UI/UX designs for a mobile food ordering app. Takes way too long to order because of the non-intuitive navigation, slow page loading, and excessive “extras” like in-app deals that aren’t always relevant to many users. Blank pages that don’t fully load is common, regardless of stable cell/wifi. I only use the app if 15+ mins. to waste, like on the train. Otherwise, it’s less frustrating to just order in-person, or use a food delivery app like Uber Eats or Postmates instead.

  18. “Something went wrong, please try again.” Slow, constantly logs me out and then gives error message when trying to sign back in. *IF* I am able to place an order, the next time I open the app it shows the order is still pending even though it’s not. I have to “reopen” my two week old order, clear through a bunch of error messages, then remove each item from my cart one by one. The deals are good… But only being able to redeem 1 reward per visit makes the points pretty useless to me.

  19. In general the app can be nice and convenient with discounts too. However, I had an issue where after ordering, the app refused to give me an order number or in general get my order to the McDonald’s. I tried cancelling and trying again but I couldn’t add my deal to the order because you can only use a deal once per day. I went to McDonald’s for convenience but after sitting in the parking lot trying to get this sorted for ten minutes I gave up and took it as a sign to eat healthier.

  20. This is the worst app I have ever used. It constantly crashes, I’ve had to delete and redownload dozens of times, and constantly have to close and reload to get the app to even load. I put up with it because I’m poor and the deals help me afford lunch, but it’s a constant source of frustration. Mobile ordering does not work for me, I add things to my cart and the app immediately crashes. The only way I am able to use it is by reading the deal codes and ordering in the drive through.

  21. By far the worst fast food app. Needs to be completely redone. Slow, buggy, garbage. Every time I open it, it still has the previous order in the bag, so I have to fight with it to remove all the previously ordered items, then dig around complicated, slow menus to find the same mix of 6 items I usually order. Poorly designed.

  22. This app is great for savings when it works…which is almost never. Almost as bad as their soft serve machine being down. It keeps giving me an Error message when I try and log in. I have reinstalled multiple times. When I could actually log in and use it, at times it would think I didn’t pick up my previous mobile order and wouldn’t allow me to place a new one. It’s so unreliable and always seems to not want to work when on McDonald’s property 🧐

  23. It has been a year and it still has the same bugs and glitches. And they removed the buy 1 get 1 free deal for breakfast sandwiches. I’ll be going 90% less, if i go at all. Reinstalling is the first thing you do when theres unresolved glitches. And I know how the deals work, Ive been using the app for a year. The buy 1 get 1 free is now just an egg sandwich and get the second for $1. No more choice of breakfast sandwich, just the one option. Used to go 4 times a week, wont be anymore i guess.

  24. Pyroki LP dice:

    Kinda nice when the app works. But it randomly crashes and I need to reinstall every few months. This is easily the least reliable app I use, and being as unstable as it is I cannot give a better score than just 1 star. I literally go to other places from getting over how much the app is crashing and reinstalling doesn’t always help. Just reinstalled today and ended up with subway because I couldn’t get the app to not crash while trying to order.

  25. Total junk! I was forced to delete the app due to the app freezing up during use. I tried to reinstall the app. Now the app won’t install due to “error”. Total waste of time! Update: Customer service responded to my comment and they were able to resolve the issue on their end. Thank you for the prompt reply and service.

  26. Amber Lee dice:

    2/15/23 update: still has major glitches on updating after an order has been picked up. Won’t empty the cart afterward; won’t refresh deals the next day. Today and the last couple of weeks it has been very bad about this. It keeps giving “something went wrong”I’ve errors or not loading deals or even the menu. Restarted my phone and reinstalled the app to no avail. Who knows what makes it update when it does work. I won’t go to McDonald’s unless I can use the app, so I guess it’s win either way.

  27. Had many bad experiences with the app. It started where I can’t order cause the last order is still waiting for me to pick up even though I have. Have to delete and reinstall the app. Pretty much have to do that at least once every couple weeks. Now, I can’t even log into the app. Had to delete and reinstall again for the same reason. Don’t have this issue with other fast food apps. Would think mcdonald’s would be the last to have these kinds of issues.

  28. never works… July 2022, reinstall again, it worked for a bit, they changed it, now it won’t open again. I’m trying to do a reinstall, again July 2021, trying to reinstall as rewards, deals don’t work. It says refresh, but then that does nothing. If you wonder why I don’t eat there often, this is one of the reasons why. Feb. 2023 – still so many app issues. Again not getting McDonald’s since their stupid app won’t work. Tried reloading and it won’t allow me to sign in. I think I’m done.

  29. Awful App with Awful Customer Service. I had an issue in December with the app. I cannot do a mobile order and pick it up. Everytime I try, I am told that I need to check out with my current cart first. Here’s the thing…I don’t have a cart with anything in it. I have reached out to mcdonalds customer support 4 times. They have gotten back twice. Both times they didn’t acknowledge my issue. The second time they said I needed to enable location services. Not helpful in any way.

  30. It’s an app to order fast food. What more to say? The issue I have with it is that after concluding an order and picking it up at the drive-thru it remains in a current status. It will just not go away. This happens on both my S22 Ultra and my partner’s OnePlus 9. If I attempt to place another order it will not let me indicating I already have an order in progress. The only way out of this loop is to uninstall the app and reinstall which I do each time. Fix that and it’ll be just fine.

  31. App is ok. Just wish it would not offer different pickup options if they really aren’t available. For example, made a large order and selected “curbside” pickup option upon checkout. But when i get to the location and select “I’m asked l already here” and the app asks again to select pickup option NOW it tells me both “curbside” AND “inside” pickup options are unavailable! The only way i could pickup is via drive thru! And by then there was a very long line. What a waste of time.

  32. Don K dice:

    When the app works, fantastic. Issue is, it doesn’t work often enough. We have new phones, plenty powerful enough to handle the app. But, it frequently won’t load deals at all, and it will often state I just used a deal, and try to make me wait 15 minutes to redeem another deal when I have redeemed nothing. This is a major issue as I am stopping for breakfast prior to work. The worst part is I want to give McDonald’s my business, but get stuck going to Taco Bell when the app doesn’t work. Sucks.

  33. The app could be better. I like the rewards points feature. What I dont like is how the app will allow me to make an order and after wasting about 20 minutes of the night going to the drive through and being told ” were only accepting orders from door dash and grubhub rightnow just cancel your order with us”. If I knew that was going to happen, I would’ve done exactly that and used doordash for an order from somewhere else at that point. At least let the app tell they’r not taking orders.

  34. I love this app when it works but 75% of the time it lags or doesn’t show the menu on the screen. It takes me 10 minutes to order a coffee most of the time. When I get to the store and go thru the drive thru it doesn’t load fast enough for me to give them my code. I usually have to go to curbside pickup or pull up to the drive thru window and wait until it loads. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times and I still have the problem. It’s really annoying, please fix it!

  35. Deals are great when they work. Feels intentional. So many bugs and loading issues constantly. After I pick up a mobile order, the next time I try to order, it thinks I never got the last one, and Im unable make a new order. This happens almost everytime. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and that does work but that shouldn’t be a fix that I have to do constantly.

  36. Works okay most of the time, but it pretty consistently gets “stuck” on an order that it can’t clear until I uninstall the app and reinstall it. There have also been recent problems with not being able to log in, find a store, menu availability, and other minor glitches that are bothersome, but don’t fully impare the usage.

  37. Usually I’m always using my apps for everything. This particular app gives me the blues a lot of the times. Sometimes it glitches and doesn’t show that I’ve picked up my orders so when I go to order again my original order is still sitting on the screen. And now I can’t even log into it at all I’m receiving an error message.

  38. Constantly having issues where even if I pick up an order, it stays in the app as pending. Each time to fix I have to uninstall and reinstall the damn app. The app gives no way to cancel an order. It’s kinda mind blowing they didn’t think through any of these issues. The deals are nice, but I’m almost at the point of saying forget the deals and uninstalling permanently. And because I’m petty, I won’t go order McDonald’s knowing I’m out all those deals. Shockingly bad functionality gaps.

  39. Robert V dice:

    The app is slow clunky and constantly freezes up. It takes forever the load and it’s extremely finicky. The only good reason I see to use this app would be to use the coupons within it, but even then the app makes it extremely difficult to use the coupons.This app is clearly not well maintained and it is clearly not well coded. Update: Clearing Cache, Uninstalling, and logging out never fix any issues. Even if you have money willing to spend, this app just won’t allow transactions.

  40. A corporation as big as McD’s could afford better technology. I don’t like the fact you have to bring the phone with you & check in when you arrive. Sometimes it would be nice to order ahead to have another person pick up for you. I also HATE the fact that you cannot use a Gift Card on the app to pay!!! You don’t get deals or points when you order in person and if you have a GC, you should be able to use it! There should also be an option to combine the balance of gift cards on the app to pay.

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