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Pay or scan. Order ahead. Earn free drinks, status, and exclusive rewards!
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Bring on the rewards, bring on the Smiles!

• Scan or pay with your phone
• Customize and place your order
• Collect Smiles and earn free drinks
• Enjoy exclusive rewards
• Reach Caramelicious® status for extra perks
• Get $2 for each friend you refer from the app
• Send digital gift cards and drinks to friends
• Find and favorite Scooter’s Coffee locations
• Browse the menu and nutrition information
• Keep track of purchases

Did we just become besties? Yes. Yes we did. 😊


- Added support for newer phones
- Minor bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Scooter’s Coffee 2022"

  1. Alli Roth dice:

    This app could be so much more. The drinks on the order ahead aren’t even the full menu of drinks. I would love to save that time and mishearing orders to order my drink and pick it up at the window but it’s not in the app. Order ahead is not even capable of using the credit that you have uploaded to your account, you must pay with a card. Annoying and inconvenient.

  2. Pretty straight forward for making new orders no problem there but have a few annoyances. 1. Would like to tip AFTER picking up order. 2. Option to veiw previous orders without adding them to a new order. Already double ordered because of this. Not too upset because food is good enough. 3. Viewing rewards while still on the food menu would be nice instead of backing up all the way to the main menu.

  3. The app is super slow. Each click takes a full 4-5 seconds to load up. Also, other than providing a qr code to scan at the register and letting you browse the menu, it doesn’t seem like this app has any functionality. You can’t create an order or actually customize any drinks. It doesn’t even tell you the prices of the items, it’s just pics and descriptions. Let me create an order on the app. Give me all the drink options available in-store. Show me the prices so I can make an informed decision.

  4. Needs improvement. The app allows you to tip, but only prior to the payment. It would be nice to have the option to tip after payment. Would also like to see what was ordered and the cost of the items, not just the totals of purchases. I never know how much each drink is if ordering multiple drinks for multiple people. Only work around is placing multiple orders which is frowned upon because it messes up their drive thru time.

  5. Coffee is great, app has a need for improvement. It’s hard trying to keep track of where my digital gift cards are at on my phone, it would be nice to have them easily accessible in the app itself. Also, might be nice to be able to preorder through the app so it is ready for pickup when arriving at the location. Although, the location i visit is really fast, I never have to wait long in line.

  6. New app is a big switch, but I think a positive one! Ask your barista to walk you through it and you should be good to go. Use the same email you had on the old app and all info and points transfer over. This app has a ton of new, exciting features. Yes there are a few things – like preselected amounts to upload – that need to be some troubleshooting, but overall I have enjoyed the new app.

  7. I love scooters coffee, and was very excited to hear that they started a rewards program through an app. But oh my goodness does this app suck. It always takes forever to load. Don’t think about looking at menus because you hit back once and it completely takes you back the beginning. They have an option for you to add gift cards, but it doesn’t work. They also have a tutorial section which is just pictures of the things the app offers but not how to use it.

  8. We have used the Scooter’s app previously. Then the app was redesigned (we had moved to an area that had no Scooter’s for seven months) and we updated our phones. The new app has an option to load funds but there is NO WAY TO CHECK YOUR BALANCE!!!! For real???? Then, if and when that account runs out, they charge the remaining balance due to the card on file. That is not how I keep accounting records. That is a very poor feature (or lack thereof) to this app. Very disappointing!!!! SMH

  9. Love scooters products. I use the app to find locations when I’m out of town just so I don’t have to go to the national branded places. But the app, in my opinion, was better before the update, specifically the tip option. Before the last update, I was able to put in dollar amounts. Now, it only allows percentages. Problem is, it won’t let you go above a certain percentage. If I get a $2 coffee and want to tip $2, I can’t tip 100%. Please bring back the option to tip employees more.

  10. This app is not for ordering drinks ahead of time (which is fine) and makes paying and earning rewards easy. My one complaint is that once reaching their highest level, there would supposedly be more rewards. I think in 9 months there had been two double smile days and one or two extra shot days. I was hoping for more when I downloaded it to earn rewards! Also, it’d be nice if they get sent out sooner when they do happen. I often recieve them once I’m already at work.

  11. I was told upon switching apps, which was mandated as the other stopped working, that I would have all my rewards and gift cards. I have lost all of them and find this app not as user friendly or intuitive. I am a loyal customer who stops by regularly on my way to work and often surprise coworkers with gift cards. I’ve lost about $10 and a few “punches” from before. I do appreciate going to a point system instead of punch, but I may not get the chance to use it.

  12. The update is actual garbage. It no longer tells me how much money I have on the app, it only allows you put in pre-selected amounts of money (i.e., cannot put in $15 like I used to anymore), the little chart on the front page of that showed how many drinks until a free one is now on a completely separate page, and is displayed on some sort of stupid progress wheel. The ONLY improvement is that you can now tip using the app.

  13. I’m really confused. I receive notifications to order online for a drink with an add shot, implying that it can be purchased in app, but when I search items you can’t add anything to cart. What is the point of this app? I’m not a boomer, this just literally makes no sense. After reading other reviews I now see this app is a waste of time and they have not been receptive to customer feedback. That’s disappointing. Waste of space on my device.

  14. Perhaps I’m missing something, but tapping Sign in / Sign up doesn’t actually take you somewhere to sign up. It asks for an email, next page is for signing in with a password. I don’t see the option to establish a password or any other account details. There aren’t any other buttons, so if I missed something, it’s well hidden.

  15. When you hit order and try to shop for coffee or try and press any other selection on the menu like location, shop any of those choices they do not open up at all and app is slow at times.

  16. They never ask me to scan the app I find having it pointless when every purchase I have to ask if I can scan the app. Feel like I’m being rude.

  17. Literally can’t sing up or create an account. All my emails are “invalid”

  18. Molly J dice:

    App works very well and processes quickly – dramatically faster than Caribou and Starbucks in my area. It’s also laid out very clearly, which is ideal. I didn’t like that it requires my vital stats. That’s completely unnecessary. Other similar apps for food purchasing and pickup don’t require as much personal info so it concerns me they’re selling cust data.

  19. I just downloaded the app to see if I could add the money from a couple of gift cards I received to it as a method of payment. It does not appear to have this option to add a gift card as payment. It would be more convenient to just be able to add money to a digital card rather than having to keep track of multiple cards with varying balances. If this can be a feature they add soon, I’ll probably be more likely to use the app more often.

  20. App blows; can’t use it without signing up so they can sell your data. Scanned a card I got for $5 off a mobile order, but it didn’t add it to my account. Tried to scan again and it says I can’t claim it again. BUT I DIDNT EVEN GET TO CLAIM IT THE FIRST TIME

  21. I really liked the tipping option before where you could put in a dollar amount, now it’s a percentage. I like to tip the barista usually pretty well. The percentage is hard to figure out before getting to the window, especially if they don’t give you your total till you get there. Go back to the old way.

  22. The newest app will not let me access my account at all. When you attempt to log in/register it only gives me the option to register a new account. I have emailed customer service twice with no response after 7 days. I was one purchase away forum my free drink so this is incredibly frustrating. This app was great up until the new release a few weeks ago.

  23. Was double charged on the app! Went to the store. They said they would cancel one of the orders and credit my account. They canceled the order but my account NEVER received the credit. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Will NEVER go to Scooters again!

  24. I’ll never put my payment info into this app ever again. I was charged for an order I did not receive, and I cannot get a refund no matter how hard I try. The app automatically chose an old location I only visited once, 5 hours from where I live. I can’t change the location; I can’t get a refund from anyone I’ve talked to. Maybe don’t use this app. I’m so frustrated. Also, they don’t even make your order til you get there, so the order ahead is pointless.

  25. I have tried loading my cards to the app for 2 days and it keeps telling my invalid postal code. Its frustrating because I can’t redeem rewards or make an online purchase. It would be nice to have a spot to put a receipt number in if you can’t use the online app.

  26. the new update had me confused but I think I’ve figured it out. I ended up making a purchase without getting the rewards since I couldn’t figure it out. How do I get credit for referring people to the app. I’ll rate this app again as I learn more about the changes. oh like others mentioned I too lost some of my rewards with the switch and I had 2 other gift cards on there that are now gone.

  27. I like the coupons and potential to earn free drinks, but the app is totally unreliable. Sometimes it will randomly log you out, and won’t accept your valid credentials. Other times, it just spins and never creates a token to pay or redeem an offer. Please fix these bugs!!!

  28. I love Scooter’s as a business so much but the app isn’t great. I got gift cards for Christmas and can’t load them no matter how many times I try to scan them. There isn’t an option to enter the gift card number either. I tried logging into the website instead and can’t get in or reset my password. If I use the gift cards to pay it means I have to separately scan my phone to get loyalty points. Just seems it could be easily improved.

  29. terrible app. nothing transferred, phone is required, tip menu disappears a second after pay screen is opened, no indication that available rewards is an upward swipe, and the gift card balance is under rewards (it’s in no way an reward–it was a required form of payment). I think this was thr push I needed to squash my Scooter’s addiction.

  30. Needs some work. Would really be super beneficial if the order ahead feature from off the app’s menu correctly displayed all the actual menu option items that each location offers such as my favorite Candybar Blender’s. The whole reason I even downloaded this app was for the order ahead feature along with the ability to earn points at the same time but not having the option to order my favorite thing honestly defeats the whole purpose of having this app installed in the first place. Please fix!

  31. Please simplify my wallet. I would like to see one spot that shows my preloaded balance. I am stuck guessing what I have because one shows what I assume is a declining balance and the other is preloaded. If I could have a running total like the Starbucks app that would be great.

  32. I’m upping this by one star, BUT it’s still ridiculously confusing. #PleaseFix! Here are some suggestions: 1) Earned rewards: The automatic use of these should be turned off by default with a pop-up when entering the app saying, “You’ve got rewards!” When they are turned on by default, they are getting used when I don’t want to use them. 2) Need more recurring promotions!!! What’s the point of having the app if I have to wait each month for 1 promotion. Try happy hours… Try celebrating national holidays… You don’t have to give away free stuff — You just need to give slight discounts to make people come in. You even have accessories: Get them out there!!! Tell people if they get their blended drink in a reusable container, they get $2 back on special! Anything is better than nothing. If you have 1 promotion every month, what’s the point? 3) Feedback — You have people in a drive-thru most of the time. Why are you giving them a survey immediately on their phone!?!? Are you serious? The baristas deserve better than this, and the people deserve more safety measures in place. Ask them later! Bring them back to the app to rate their experience!

  33. I’m extremely disappointed in this app. I made an account and added my payment info only to find out that there’s no option to order ahead, no pricing information, and no send to cart button. I’m also getting an error message when I try to log in to the account which I created earlier. Until the app is fixed, I’ll be purchasing my favorite coffee elsewhere. At least I can order ahead through their app and know how much it will be. This app is ridiculous! If I could give it 0 stars, I would!

  34. Not impressed with the move over. I have been an avid customer for years, and I am starting at the bottom of the tier system. Also, it is rediculous that the app can only be used once per purchase. So beware if you have multiple gift cards

  35. The app is fine, but misleading. It seems as if you can order your drinks online, but you can’t. You can just earn rewards and send gifts to friend. That honestly is the most disappointing thing. 😞 if it were just a rewards app and advertised as such I would have gave it a better ranking.

  36. They opened a new location and sent out flyers that said to download the app to receive $2 off or whatever.. after I installed the app absolutely nothing happened. I did this while ordering a coffee showed the flyer and they didn’t honor it. No one knows why it didn’t give the discount. They also did not have the turkey sausage burrito available. For being open such a short time I gotta say I’m not happy with the experience or service and the app didn’t credit what it offered.

  37. I’m not happy with the new app. NONE of my info transfered over to the updated version. All my points are gone. Couldn’t enter in my gift cards. I don’t like keeping my credit card info on the app. Now because I can’t access my gift cards I can no longer use the app. I loved the simplicity of the older verison and I liked that every 12 drinks I got a free drink of pretty much my choice. I’ve deleted this app because it is no longer usable to me. Love scooters but not using the app anymore.

  38. They fixed most of the bugs from the initial release! I am still not excited about the new rewards system (I don’t like all the super sweet drinks) but the majority of what I use it for works now! It would be nice if the rewards worked on cheaper drinks like black coffee and cold brew.

  39. The app is super convenient. Changes to the app cause the custom tip option to only allow for a percentage. Please bring back the option for whole dollars. When my drink is free, you can’t tell what the tip amount will actually be

  40. The app would be so much better if you guys would give us back the option to add gift cards to our accounts cause a some of us don’t have actual credit cards to use & we would like to be able to earn rewards just like those with credit cards get to earn on the app! So please give us the gift card option back on the app it would make this app a whole lot better!! 🙏🙏

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