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Takeout That's Fair For All.
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ChowNow does takeout differently. We don’t believe in charging absurd fees—to you, our diners, or our restaurant partners. Other delivery apps slam restaurants with commissions as high as 40% on every order. Not ChowNow—when you order with us, everyone wins. Because fair takeout just tastes better.

We partner with the best independent restaurants nationwide. With us, you’re getting unique local eats that are ready for pickup whenever and wherever you are. Whatever your personal taste, ChowNow offers a diverse menu of the best local takeout in your neighborhood.

Every restaurant you find on ChowNow offers convenient takeout options. Many of our partners also offer delivery and curbside pick-up—just check out what’s cookin’ near you. Explore local gems in your neighborhood. Whatever you’re craving, just get it to-go!

Bolognese or burger? Bibimbap or BBQ? If you’ve got a craving or looking to browse, just sort by cuisine type to narrow down your selection. Who knows, maybe you’ll try something different and discover a new favorite dish!

Order ahead, skip the line, and pay with the tap of a button using Google Pay. Securely store your credit card information to your ChowNow account so you can get better food to-go faster.

Need a hand with your order? ChowNow Customer Service is available via chat, SMS, phone or email ‘round the clock, seven days a week. We want your takeout experience to be fast, easy and most of all, delicious, so whatever you need, we’ve always got your back.

ChowNow has every cuisine you can imagine, all in one convenient app. Satisfy your cravings for pasta, Vietnamese, barbecue, Korean, Mediterranean, Cajun, desserts, sushi, Indian, pizza, salads, deli, vegetarian, vegan, Greek, Chinese, Italian, burgers, French, seafood, Thai, comfort food, Mexican and more.

ChowNow’s free food ordering app is available across the U.S. Whether you’re at home or traveling, use ChowNow to order carryout (and in some markets, delivery too) from the best local restaurants in places like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Dallas, Austin, Orange County, San Diego, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Charlotte.


Our latest update features bug fixes and enhancements to improve your ordering experience.


40 comentarios en "ChowNow: Local Food Ordering 2022"

  1. Kay Vee dice:

    Used to love this app but it keeps screwing up now. Tonight for example, it messed up an order. Tech support said I had to resubmit before they could cancel but screen went blank then the app said there were no restaurants in my area (2 minutes earlier there were dozens) so I couldn’t. Tech claimed the company couldn’t (aka would not) offer any other solutions. They were eventually able to get me a link to resubmit – so not on the tech but lost faith in the platform and won’t be using it again.

  2. So frustrating. I’m trying to support restaurants by using ChowNow but every time I select delivery it somehow switches to pickup. No wonder everyone decides to just use the competing apps focused on delivery. I understand delivery is more complicated but if I wanted to pick something up, I would just go to the restaurant and order. I don’t need an app for that. The pickup option is useless and definitely should not be the default.

  3. Good when it works but it’s not accurate. When you select restaurant, you can set for delivery or pickup. Do not trust the screens since it’s misleading. It’s not until you pay that it can switch to pickup . The app is a doordash front where they don’t have an agreement with the restaurant. This happens many times and chownow knows the issue but won’t fix.

  4. Teasa B dice:

    I love how many restaurants are on here and it makes be happy to be able to support these places. I do have a problem with placing orders for pickup when I wanted them delivered and there is no way to change it or cancel and reorder. It doesn’t ask if I want pick up or delivery it just defaults to pickup, even though the restaurant has the option for either.

  5. Love the simple pricing – means that my local restaurants can stay in business! Also love that I can see local restaurants and filter that list. Wish the menu/ordering interface was easier to navigate. A long list of items with limited ability to filter or see descriptions isn’t great, not to mention that the add-on options aren’t clear in many cases and are shared across dishes.

  6. I love, love that this app supports local restaurants and will continue to use it and support the restaurants that they have. It is missing some of the bells and whistles like live tracking and at least from my experience so far, there is not really a way to say if you want anything modified or to warn of allergies.

  7. Not great. Can’t see past orders. Clicked ok for my order and couldn’t remember the order number. Restaurant was very busy, so it took a minute to figure out which pickup was mine. Not awful, but could be more user friendly. Also can’t put in food preferences for recommendations or just change my account settings like passwords

  8. M Abbey dice:

    They never update the status of the order. You get an ETA but then it never let’s you knowwhen your order has arrived. I live in an apartment building and the front entrance is pretty far from my unit so it’s important to me that I know when it has been delivered. Half the time I can’t even order from the restaurant with this app, saying it’s closed, when it’s most definitely open..Expensive delivery fees & they up the price on each item making it 45$ for 2 items, delivery & tip. Too expensive.

  9. I want to like this app so much, but it’s so clunky that it’s almost unusable. It doesn’t remember your address and you have to enter it again each time you switch restaurants. To the developers: this app is a great concept! Please invest time in fixing the weird UI/UX issues and I will happily use this as my primary food ordering app.

  10. pretty poorly developed app. have to input address upon opening the app every time. and only then can you log in… which you also have to do every time you open the app. allows you to place orders without requiring any contact information whatsoever. so if your delivery person needs to contact you for any reason, you’re screwed.

  11. NOT A DELIVERY APP it’s fine for ordering takeout, but its small-delivery-fee methodology involves waiting an hour plus for your food to arrive from 2 miles away. I guess if you’re poor and badly need delivery then it will get food to you, but if you can afford the extra 2 bucks delivery on literally any other app it is worth the money. it’s also missing some basic features, like searching menus and restaurant phone numbers.

  12. I enjoy supporting small businesses more than with the other apps, so i like this. However, I would like a way to set a default order method, as I have accidentally ordered pickup when I wanted delivery. :/ Also the variety of restaurants can sometimes be a bit limited.

  13. First time using this app, both in app and on desktop chrome browser I see no way of contacting the driver, no way of contacting support, and no way of giving the developers feedback on their poorly performing app. The app went straight from “your order is being prepared” to “your order is complete” without ever revising expected delivery time. The driver was then 40 min later than the app had predicted. Garbage app needs a lot of work.

  14. Very very nasty experience. Tried to order with the app. After placing an order it kicked me out log out. After a long wait, checking my email I figured out my order was placed and arrived. The order was all wrong and missing some items. Tried to reach out to customer support Guy asks for a photo Nothing happens Next day, tried to reach out again Surprisingly, guy asks for what’s the issue I repeated myself. This time guy says reachout to restaurant directly and figure it out Very very bad

  15. Worst ever. Drivers take multiple orders at the same time. The customer support is non existing and a scam. They lead you to believe that someone will get in touch with you; they never do. The feedback links never work. This happend multiple times. Never again.

  16. Terrible support “I reached out to DoorDash regarding your issue and they are declining to issue a refund due to the phone number provided being incorrect, preventing the driver from confirming delivery. Since ChowNow is not a delivery company (we provide technology services such as websites, apps, payment processing, hardware, and customer service to restaurants such as Chateau Catering – Waltham), we are unable to process any refunds…” The phone number was NOT incorrect. Terrible company!!

  17. Does this ever work anymore? It never finds any results where I am (middle of a city), and crashes when I try to search. This was a lifesaver during lockdown but never works for me now so sadly, uninstalling.

  18. Terrible app, doesn’t even tell you how long it will take before ordering. Regularly says pickup times are fast when they’re actually over an hour. Idk why so many businesses continue to use this trash

  19. Shelly B dice:

    Seems to be broken. Can’t find any restaurants near me and it won’t take another address I input. Errors out when I try to search for a place or click the categories. Will be uninstalling.

  20. Mars Chen dice:

    Terrible app. It allows you to search based on your address, shows you results, then you pick a place reinput your address and it says out of delivery zone.

  21. Don’t believe their times. The two times I used them, both order’s actual times were more than tripled. Ready in 20 mins? Nope! Ready in an hour plus.

  22. RESTAURANT OWNERS BEWARE!!! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN: I ordered a burger and fries from chownow that was suppose to arrive at 4:49 at 6:10 they told me they would be making the restaurant refund the order because a driver was never assigned to the order to pick it up. When in fact it was their fault that a driver was not assigned to my order. If you’re a restaurant owner STAY CLEAR they will be costing you money and customers due to their unprofessional and unethical practice.

  23. First time using the app. Estimated delivery time almost 2 hours. waited the entire time only for the order to be cancelled 3 minutes before delivery time.

  24. Great food and service. We’ve never had a bad meal since they’ve opened. It’s out weekly treat!

  25. Works great, but needs a feature to like or save restaurants you want to frequently order from.

  26. ta - ufo dice:

    i want to order food cus i got anxiety and want to get delivery, then boom, its suddenly pick up after i pay and you have TO CALL THE RESTAURANT IN ORDER TO CANCEL. this is a trap fr.

  27. Needs a feature to be able to filter by delivery address. All of the restaurants shown could not deliver to me

  28. I order from a seafood place near my house all the time. Easy to use app, and no extra fees!

  29. Redeemed itself! I’m glad it they fixed the issues and now it’s perfect for me.

  30. Jon S dice:

    Unable to reach anyone via the support number to cancel an order that is over an hour late

  31. I only wish more restaurants used it! Love that there’s no commission.

  32. super easy to use and doesn’t upcharge u like other apps do! love it!

  33. Food is always great and so is the service!!

  34. A local restaurant required this for pick and delivery. After placing my order I received an error and the order never went through (which I verified with the restaurant) but they took the money from my account. After working with their customer service team (which wasn’t easy to find) their advice was to try again with another card with a promise the charge wouldn’t go through and check again in 24 hrs. Don’t bother. There are better options

  35. I set up my account via the Web using the Google credentials option. Using the android app there’s no way to choose Google credentials to log in??? I’ve only used the app 3 times, but each time I’ve had to re enter my payment method, despite checking the Box that says to remember it. There does not seem to be an option to remember and order, so I have to re enter each time. Prices through the app are higher than prices at the restaurant, and not all items are available through the app.

  36. It’s too bad this app has a trash interface (i.e. bad search function, having to log in each time you use the app), because, from what i can tell this is one of the most cost-effective, food biz friendly delivery apps for restaurants. it feels weird that i have an easier experience using chownow thru google apps… Especially cause there’s no tracking there… Make me love u plzzzz

  37. T C dice:

    I like the concept – that the restaurant gets more of my money. Kudos to ChowNow. The app is a little basic and a little cumbersome compared to other food delivery apps. Can’t search the menus, and no photos of the menu items, really?

  38. Love the concept but the app is unusable. Only been able to use it once to order food, and then every other time since the app automatically crashes as soon as I open it. I can’t even send a report because that page crashes when opening too.

  39. The default set to pickup is what makes it harder for me to rate this higher. I’ve had to call places a few times to cancel orders cause I ordered pickup when I wanted delivery. Update: lowered the score because the pickup vs delivery issue still happens. In fact it is worse now.

  40. The app itself is fine, the service is garbage. In addition to the ‘convenience fee’ they upmark menu items higher than what they charge at the restaurant! This is a shady and sneaky business practice. What’s the point of this app when there’s already plenty which don’t charge pickup fees?

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