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Download the MyPollo! App to get more out of your Pollo Tropical experience. Earn points for every $1 spent. Every 75 points gets you a $5 reward.

Use the new Pollo Tropical app to browse our menu, place orders for in-store pick-up, curbside or delivery. You can join our loyalty program to receive exclusive offers, save your favorites for easy re-ordering, and earn and redeem rewards.

• Search for locations near you by current location or zip code.
• Browse the menu and discover new items.
• Order as a guest or sign-up to join MyPollo! to earn rewards.
• Place orders for in-store pick-up, curbside or delivery.
• Save your favorite orders for quick re-ordering right from the home screen.


We are always upgrading and improving the Pollo Tropical app to bring the best experiences to our guests, updates this release include:
• User input enhancements
• Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Pollo Tropical MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a pretty good app for quick service. It has a few flaws. Whenever you order from somewhere, it shows where you last ate, instead of the store closest to you like it says it does. This has cost me around $40 because the customer support isn’t great. It is great to order a meal ahead of time, but they regularly miss items from the bag making it extremely annoying to have to repeatedly check the bag over and over. The rewards program is nice and so is the overlay. I recommend, but be careful.

  2. The app is very user friendly while ordering. BUT….if you make a mistake and place the order incorrectly…friendly app no more. There’s no way to cancel an order, or modify it, or directly contact the store you placed the order with for that matter. Basically, while things go in their favor (people spending money), all is good. Once a little Customer Service is required, you are done for. Good luck calling the corporate phone number they list there. 😒

  3. Signed in with Facebook. It wants me to verify my email but gives some weird Facebook email address. This pops up every few seconds and it’s so annoying! I go in to change the email address and it won’t let me click it. Shows the arrow like you can click but nothing happens. Matter of fact, nothing in my profile can be clicked on to change.

  4. Its ok i guess. Not very useful though. What good is downloading an app that doesn’t work all the time? You have to scan the barcode from the receipt of your purchase in order to get rewards but the barcode scanner barely reads, the receipts from the restaurants barely print well, so the scanner barely reads it, and entering manually doesn’t work all the time either. I go to Pollo tropical like 5 times a week and love it. But this is not a reliable app.

  5. I have been unable to open my app for months. I uninstalled it and tried again several times but nothing worked! I am so upset I have actually stopped going to Pollo. I lost more than $9 that I had in rewards. What is going on? My friend has the app in Atlanta and she has no problems with it even though you guys closed all your stores there. I am so disappointed. We used to go at least twice a week. I even contacted them but I received the no help at all.

  6. Super bad experience with this app. You try to change the location that you have to order on another one and it is a mess. Even if you see that the location is change the order is place on your previous one. You need to sit with the customer service for hours because they don’t have a way to cancel and refund the money immediately. No way to cancel an existing order that you place it 1 min before. Be careful

  7. App is very buggy. Force closed app and cleared out cache, but it still will not accept points barcode, either scanned or manually, after trying for a few days. Used to work fine, but not the case anymore. Please fix.

  8. Convenient and friendly. I live right on the beach behind the entrance of Daytona Beach Fl. I see and hear everyone that visits. Pollo always delivers ahead of time, even on special events in Daytona. The food is delicious. There are multiple options as well as accommodations for someone who’s dieting or has a unique palate. What I’m trying to saying is, Pollo Tropical is an awesome place that serves delicious foods

  9. No way to order contactless delivery. No way to cancel an order or change/add an item. No way to request napkins/ utensils which the rude lazy stores never include. App is slow and bulky and old fashioned

  10. App is not accurate. It’s a waste of time. Whenever I go to the restaurant to scan my points( rewards ) the cashier told me it’s not good.

  11. App works good for guest ordering. I can’t get link to reset my password. I called customer service and I gave them my info and the link never came to my email.

  12. Best rewards and easy to use. If you love the food you’ll love the app which is like getting paid for what you already purchase.

  13. Customer service never has responded to any of my emails. Probably a dozen or so. So basically they don’t have customer service.

  14. This is actually abysmal. How is it that you design this app without a way to cancel your order. The app sent the order to the wrong location miles away after I had changed it and I had to call the support number, which took multiple tries to get an agent on the phone. To be fair, the agent was helpful but still, garbage app

  15. The food is good and sometimes fresh. On occasion the rice can be over cooked and they don’t like to give you fresh off the grill.

  16. i g dice:

    This app makes a lot of promises . Sends email link to confirm sign up but there is no link that’s works email sent to my spam and nothing in it . Plus fake coupons not working when I went to pollo tropical restaurant they said coupon was not valid did not work .

  17. You can’t cancel the order on the app, their website or the store. Really bad experience, and the worse part was that I have to wait almost an hour to get it.

  18. Can’t scan receipts to get points, it always shows an error message and says wait 4 hours to try again. And how is it you can’t access the menu, without ordering? I just want to see the menu without ordering.

  19. Agent 86 dice:

    I love the restaurant however the app designed is kinda generic and unappealing. I would love to see a good update with some better rewards. Forget the app the restaurant is great and the food is absolutely delicious.

  20. It takes about an hour or more for customer service to answer and the app doesn’t let you know when the place you order is out of something in the menu

  21. Ordered grilled master surf & turf; Chicken was dried out(dark meat) I found 4 pieces of steak hidden somewhere in the mix that were burnt to a crisp and smaller than my fork, and 51/50 size shrimp. Like always the balsomic tomatoes & onions are great. Don’t understand why it’s offered but when I tried to order they wouldn’t let me substitute yellow rice for white rice. Yet the app I ordered from gave me the option to substitute. number 1-5 with 5 being the best, this meal has been rated 1

  22. Horrible service when ordering via this app. Wrong order and missing items every time.

  23. Latinamerican Style and Healthy fast food. My son Love it, with the plus of Using the app to get points and promotions.

  24. Food is good when they make it right. Just received a chicken caesar with no chicken. Not the first time.

  25. every time I order, they always forget to include something. especially the sauces they never get it right. 😒 food quality is not consistent. University and Westview Coral springs, FL

  26. Takes long to load…didn’t credit my points for my purchase after scanning receipt.

  27. Easy download. Earn points and a free Tropichop just for joining!

  28. OMG.I was so excited to get the new cerviche. I ordered 3 of them. It was so disgusting.A couple of shrimp and something that looked like carrots tons of them with no flavor. Don’t waste your money 💰.!!!

  29. The app just won’t let me order anything. I place my order, go to the check out and then error message everytime. I try to order something, anything but it’s always the same Error Message.

  30. Currently stuck in upgrade loop! Going back and forth between must upgrade app link on the app and Google play open link after having been upgraded. Guess we’re eating Applebee’s tonight.

  31. It was working fine before the new update but now with the new update it doesn’t scan the receipt neither accept to imput manually the barcode numbers , I can’t get poits anymore 😡

  32. terrible service and the app never works properly

  33. This app a rip off once it’s time for you to get reward …. You can’t log in smh

  34. I was trying to update the app as requested and it kept on taking me back to the same page. It gets 0 stars which I could not input.

  35. love it. love them. so professional and the food is so tasty

  36. simple, straightforward way to order yummy food. everything that’s needed on the app, nothing that isn’t.

  37. Doesn’t scan my tickets. When scan at the store, sometimes it doesn’t add the points, so, pretty bad…

  38. Josh Eddy dice:

    the service is the worst. no one cares about customer service at this location. chicken quality is horrible. burnt dried chicken. never have any of the sauce. just lazy and don’t want to make more or walk to the back to get more.

  39. My first order, no one found my order, no one knew how to solve it. I needed to talk to 5 people to solve and finally make my order.

  40. I am placing my order in this restaurant always. They are very nice. I didn’t spend much time waiting for my order. A lot spaces for parking are available.

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