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Download a fun new way to pay, earn rewards, and get hooked up at Dutch Bros.
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The Dutch Bros® App: join the party! Use the new Dutch Bros App for a fun, contactless way to pay for your fave drinks, and earn rewards as you do!


Dutch Rewards
Each time you scan, you can earn points just for drinking your faves, which can be turned into free drinks later on. When you want to claim your rewards just scan like always. It’s that simple!

Dutch Pass™
A seamless way to pay that makes it easier than ever to enjoy Dutch. Load cash and scan whenever you want to pay or earn points. You can also show love to your Broistas by adding a tip.

Birthday Rewards
Be on the lookout for Birthday and Half Birthday rewards to make your day more special!

Find Shops & Browse the Menu
Find and favorite the shops you go to most often. Check out the menu before you order to explore all of our awesome flavors!

Collect Stickers
Get hooked up with app stickers and customize your app to show your style.


We hope you're loving Dutch Rewards and all of the fun things happening, like app stickers, new drinks, and events! This latest update includes minor feature improvements to make your experience even better, and a really cool new way to celebrate your Birthday! Sending good vibes your way, Dutch fam!


40 comentarios en "Dutch Bros® MODDED 2022"

  1. I like it overall. I’ve never really had problems. There’s a special little button called Dutch Pass. It’s a QR code you can have scanned at the shop whether your paying out of your wallet or the app. It gives you reward points for free items. As for improvements, I’d like to see a price menu. Another would either be a customizable menu or at least the substitutes available. Like milks or sugar free syrups. I’m diabetic and would like to know what I can and cannot drink before I put in my order.

  2. Twyxel dice:

    It’s a rewards app. as of now it’s working as intended but one period of time it took a while until an issue with the app was resolved. prevented me from easily getting my points or redeeming the points I’d already accumulated. though that issue I hope will forever be history. would be nice if it had a menu so you could customize your drink and as they scan the app at the window the request is made. might make things move faster during busy hours.

  3. So far loving it. Only thing I would say to add feature wise, is a “like” button or “want to try” button. I was looking at the menu yesterday and found some I wanted to try but forgot their names when I went to order today. That would would make the app perfect! Still loving it. Have one more suggestion: sugar free options menu!!! I order drinks sugar free and sometimes I get to the window to find out that one of the parts is not sugar free and I have to change the order.

  4. App is not bad. Does what it’s supposed too and easy to navigate. Only thing I would change and that’s adding the prices for each item and price difference for each size per item so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost and allow for purchase in advance and just “pick up” your prepaid order.

  5. Used to work but was not intuitive. The “save credit card” and “automatic recharge” functions don’t work anymore. Even deleted app and reinstalled. App never had any way to “pay it forward” or pay for someone else’s drink. Update: it stopped working for a few months, then magically turned again after an update

  6. It’s 2023…And I’m still loving the app! I do like the rewards, and notifications of sticker drops, etc. Dutch is still rockin’ the app. I love being able to load money onto my app and have it scanned easily when I go through the line. I keep a tip set and I also don’t have to worry about losing a card. I love it!

  7. App it’s self is rather boring. I would like a sticker book that I can click on and see all my stickers, and I want to be able to decorate the app. It would be fun to maybe have games or coloring pages too. I would love to be able to buy merchandise from the app. For example the cups and hydrolysis. Also the reward levels should actually come with rewards. Maybe free stickers and drinks.

  8. Serena B dice:

    Easy to use and super convenient to have everything available in the app instead of keeping track of punch cards Update: I am a bit disappointed that they made the points expire after only 6 months. I love Dutch Bros, but I don’t have the budget to buy often enough to even earn a free drink in 6 months. Just discovered all but 24 of my 300+ points expired

  9. Ally dice:

    I’ve been waiting for Dutch Bros to have an app. This app is super easy to use and makes the order process super quick. You can keep track of points instead of using a stamp card. I love that I can reload money and can use the app instead of paying with a card. Super sleek and haven’t had any issues so far!

  10. I usually order the same thing everytime (large cold brew with soft top) but when I bring my kids we need the menu found in the app (they like to try different things or to remember their favorites). I absolutely love the rewards part and the ability to charge up quickly so I can have money in the app. I wouldn’t mind an “order ahead” ability in the app for the future but it currently meets my needs!

  11. Jifyrex dice:

    I mean, it’s a rewards app. There’s not much to go wrong. If you regularly buy Dutch Bros and/or have room on your phone, it’s a great way to get some free coffee. It has an included menu which can be very helpful, as well as a Dutch Bros locator with GPS. Maybe a bit overkill, but still handy. It has a feature of virtual “stickers” you can get if you buy specific drinks or buy at specific times, which you can use as a sort of profile pic to customize your app. A little strange, but still good.

  12. This app is super easy to use! My only wishes are that Dutch add the ability to only charge up $5, since the current minimum is $10. Also, if like to see them add the seasonal drinks to the digital menu, since you don’t get to see them until you’re at the window. (The folks driving the mobile registers meet you at your car way before that).

  13. If you are lucky enough to live near a Dutch Bros location then you already know. If not when you see one try it out. You’ll be bummed for ever you don’t live near one. The app makes getting free drinks so much easier than their old stamp cards. Just set the tip going forward and load your app. It does all the work. Preordering might be a nice option but the locations aren’t really set up for that.

  14. Easy to use, reliable and checking your rewards is easy. Menu is up to date and the pay through app system works great. Totally worth it. Update: the latest update kept singing me out and when I try to log back on it claims that I exceeded the login attempts and to try again later! I did use the correct email and password but for some reason it won’t sign me back on. What happened?!

  15. Kylie dice:

    This app was great until the latest update. It keeps logging me out when I make a purchase or when the app closes. And then when I try to log back in it tells me that I have exceeded the maximum number of log in attempts after only one try. I have money loaded on my pass and I can’t login to use it. I had points on my account too before the update and when I was able to successfully get in only once right after the update, all my points were gone!

  16. Linda dice:

    In order of annoyance: Can’t use app when there’s an update without first doing the update in line. Not a good menu, with no list of all the different flavors you could choose from. Only shows their set combos that they want to show. Had no clue I could get a strawberry pomegranate smoothie or that it was an option until I asked in frustration because I didn’t like any other flavors. Really the app is just for paying by scanning which you could do with Google pay or Apple pay.

  17. I go to Dutch bros every day before work. The app has stopped working for a week now. It gives me a message sayin “BUMMER, you exceeded the maximum number of login attempts. Please try again later” I’ve tried everything to get it to work. Changed my password, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, everything. Luckily, the broristas are able to add points by typing in my phone number but it’s very unfortunate that I am unable to use my points or the app! What happened?! So disappointed.

  18. Since the last update, I haven’t been able to sign back into the account. I’ve reset my password, cleared the cache on the app, cleared the data, waited 2 days, uninstalled/reinstalled…. and every time I get a “Bummer” notification stating that I’ve done too many failed attempts to log into the account and need to wait. I’ve got at least 500 points just sitting there, so I don’t want to just start over.

  19. Easy to use, reliable and checking your rewards is easy. Menu is up to date and the pay through app system works great. Totally worth it. Update: the latest update kept singing me out and when try to log back on it claims that exceeded the login attempts and to try again later! did use the correct email and password but for some reason it won’t sign me back on. What happened?!

  20. Great app very easy to use, would give more stars buut. I’m having this issue where when I go into the app I’m logged out and on my first attempt to login it tells me I’ve had to many login attempts. I’ve tired redownloading the app and reseting my password and im still getting the same outcome. Been like this for a few weeks. I’ve even asked a worker at dutch about it and they said many people have been having this problem. This is quite a bothersome and concerning issue..

  21. Since the new update I can’t get into my account at all. It continuesly says that I’ve tried to often to log in (even though I never logged out to begin with) and to tey again later. Unfortunately there is no later it ALWAYS says this. I’ve even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I can still get my points at the windows but they say i can’t spend my points without the app working. Honestly would rather have the stamp cards.

  22. Caleb G. dice:

    It’s easy to navigate and gives you most all information that you can ask for. It’s also a time saver, as you can load the app up money and just have them scan it as you order, I will say that it just is missing the ability to load all of your selections (not customized) and just critique the drinks when you are making the order in person.

  23. I love all the features and always awesome to receive the stickers. Not only that but I fell like I get about 3 free drinks or more a month and don’t even feel like I have to go every other day buy like maybe 2-3 times out the week! Ans once I hit the 250 points I use my free medium drink and then you can also save your points and it will tell you when they expire.

  24. Angelo dice:

    Was a great app until it refuses to launch if you have a remote computer access tool like AnyDesk installed. I have emailed the developer and am awaiting a response. Update: they responded very quickly and are working on a solution. Update #2: I forgot to update this sooner but it is working perfectly again with AnyDesk installed still.

  25. The app doesn’t always reward the stickers properly and I can’t even reload the card. Tells me something is wrong with the address even though the info hasn’t changed on my card and have no problem making purchases elsewhere online. Seeing as how that’s pretty much all you can do with the app there is definitely room for improvement.

  26. Always such a welcoming experience,workers seem happy and well dressed in their comfortable unique uniforms and the drinks have honestly never been wrong or tasted bad even when ordering something random off the menu. I use the app a lot too, the point system is amazing for getting free drinks and going through the online menu for specific flavors.

  27. I just discovered DB’s in San An TX (I’m from NY) and this app is super helpful because it has the entire drink menu, which is helpful because the menu is HUGE! The only improvement I’d make to the app is for it to log previous drinks purchased, that way I can remember what I had before and order it again. I am not a huge coffee drinker, but I love DB’s 🖤💛💚

  28. Love this coffee shop! The app makes the experience a little easier and quicker. It’s definitely a good addition. Also, I love that they’re continuing to expand to new locations. Added thing I like how the combo of the app and emails keeps you up to date on all the deals and freebies.

  29. The app is easy to use, and the stickers are fun, however I DO NOT like the fact that your points for free drinks expire. When they used to have stamp cards you could hang onto those until you were ready to use them. I lost more than half my points at the end of the year. Went from 1345 all the way down to 291. That’s not fair in my opinion. Points shouldn’t expire. We earned those points.

  30. Matt S dice:

    I had 355 points saved. Checking my account history it showed that they were removed on 1/1/23 for “campaign expiration”. I never recieved any push notification telling me my points were expiring. Looking deeper into the app, there are rules explaining point expiration and lifetime. It would be better if users received a push notification, email, or pop up about when points are expiring rather than hiding that information deep within the app. As a user, I only open the app when I make a purchase

  31. Awesome coffee and awesome staff!! Only down one star because there is usually a long line to wait and my preferred location (on Illiff) has a complicated way of getting into their drive thru when the traffic is heavy, especially for larger vehicles. Other than that, I love them! I have gotten several free drinks from using points, my birthday and just because they sent me a free coupon! 🎉

  32. App doesn’t open anymore. I get an error that I have an auto clicker installed despite the fact that I have uninstalled the one that was on my phone. There’d be no benefit for using an auto clicker in this app so I have no idea why the developers of this app would have a problem with one anyway. Just a power play apparently.

  33. Loved the app till last update. Last update has it totally bricked. Only gets as far as loading screen background and then times out. Can’t access advertised sweepstakes, loaded funds, or earned free drinks. Even tried uninstall/reinstall and still nothing. *Update 2/17/23 It worked for a couple months. Now right back to the same problems. Tried clear cache/storage and uninstall/reinstall…..nothing

  34. Super easy to use, and so glad to get points on my drinks again! Thanks DB! Last update signed me out, won’t let me back in with correct password or reset. I’ve contacted dutch bros, but haven’t heard back yet! **updated 1/29/23** running smoothly after the last couple updates. Love the app, can’t seem to gift points to others anymore though, and really liked that feature to be able to share with my family. Thanks for keeping up the good work db!

  35. The app works fine, it does what it’s supposed to do. The reason I’m rating it low is because it is able to see the other apps downloaded to my phone, which is a huge issue of privacy. How do I know this? Because the app made a baffling demand that I uninstall an auto-clicker that has nothing to do with… buying coffee. Trying to hope this is removed in a later update since I would love to have access to my rewards, as it stands the app is unusable. Wondering how legal this is.

  36. I love Dutch Bros and the app is decent but I do wish you could order ahead. There’s so many things to choose from and I’d like to try different customizations but I don’t know everything that’s available etc. Hopefully they expand their food a little too at some point.

  37. Today was new sticker day! Got the lavender white chocolate drink iced. So good. The line was huge in the drive thru, but they quickly opened the second lane, and two more employees taking orders. I got through in about 10 minutes! I love many of their drinks and sugar free options! The app made it easier to pay, and getting new stickers each month! I love how fast my rewards add up for free drinks! ☕

  38. Update Dec 2022: still can’t use app due to multiple blocks just because an app is installed. This must be changed immediately. Can’t use since changed. TeamViewer is not allowing your app to run, change this immediately. I have to have TeamViewer as well as other tools that you have flagged.

  39. No nonsense ads, no BS, just a fabulous app for a fabulous business. This app makes it possible to just roll up, touch nothing, and have someone hand you a coffee. Super efficient, incredibly easy to use, highly recommend

  40. Ryan dice:

    WATCH OUT!!! This app scans your phone like a virus!!! It’s reading what apps you use!!! App keeps crashing giving me a “tool detected” warning for a web browser casting app. This means it’s actively scanning our phones!! Someone really messed up this app and now it’s giving false positive warnings for some stupid reason!! This is not a banking app, stop it! You don’t need this level of security nor PRIVACY INVASION!! Fix this!! Already contacted support. They did nothing to help

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