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Join. Earn. Get Rewarded. Now receive 2x points every time you scan your app barcode!

Get 2x rewards points on your everyday purchases when you scan your app barcode*, then browse our rewards menu and use points to get free food and drinks. Earn faster with bonus points offers and point streaks on select snacks, drinks, and products.

Get food, alcohol, candy, snacks, drinks, ice cream, grocery, health needs and more delivered anywhere you are in about 30 minutes. 7NOW delivers over 3000+ items including Slurpee® and Big Gulp®, pizza and sandwiches, and even beer, wine, and liquor (where available, 21 years or older of course) across 43 major metro areas.

Fill up on gas for less. On your first 7 trips you’ll save 11¢/gal. After that you’ll receive everyday fuel rewards of 3¢/gal*. Check the ‘Find a store’ section and the 7-Eleven app will filter fuel loyalty locations near you.

It’s easy to pay with your phone. The 7-Eleven Wallet makes checking out contactless and easy. Get started when you load your Wallet with cash, credit, debit, 7-Eleven gift cards, Apple Pay® or Google Pay®.

With our contactless checkout, you can shop and check out with your phone. It as easy as scan, pay, and go. Scan the items as you shop and skip the line when you are ready to checkout.

Get exclusive offers on your favorite products like pizza, coffee, ice cream, donuts, snacks, energy drinks and bottled water with deals for 7Rewards members.

Start saving big and earning 7Rewards points on everything you buy at Stripes Stores. Redeem points for free food and drinks. Get tacos and family meals from Laredo Taco Company, beer, and groceries to go with curbside pickup at select stores.

We’re here to make your day better. Please let us know if you think we’re doing a good job or not. Submit feedback at any time in the app.

Are you still reading this? Awesome. Most people stop when they get to the small print. But not you! You get to read the cool stuff. 7‑Eleven, Inc. is the premier name in the convenience-retailing industry. They don’t like to brag, but they invented convenience stores. For real. Google it. Based in Irving, Texas, 7‑Eleven operates, franchises and/or licenses more than 72,800 stores in 17 countries, including 12,000 in North America. Known for its iconic brands such as Slurpee®, Big Bite® and Big Gulp®, 7‑Eleven has expanded into high-quality sandwiches, salads, side dishes, cut fruit and protein boxes, as well as pizza, chicken wings and mini beef tacos. Mmmmm, tacos. 7‑Eleven offers customers industry-leading private brand products under the 7-Select™ brand including healthy options, decadent treats and everyday favorites at an outstanding value. Customers can earn and redeem points on various items in stores nationwide through its 7Rewards® loyalty program with more than 40 million members, place an order in the 7NOW® delivery app in over 1,300 cities, or rely on 7‑Eleven for bill payment service, self-service lockers and other convenient services. Find out more online at www.7-Eleven.com, via the 7Rewards customer loyalty platform on the 7‑Eleven mobile app, or on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, they trademarked the word “Brainfreeze.” No lie. Thanks for sticking with this. You’re unstoppable.

*Points exclude services, fuel and age restricted items including tobacco, lottery and alcohol


NOW YOU CAN EARN POINTS FASTER BY USING THE APP!Open the app and find out how.Oh! And we also squashed some bugs and made some performance enhancements.
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40 comentarios en "7-Eleven: Rewards & Shopping MODDED"

  1. The 7Now portion of the app is so buggy. Constantly refreshes, will show no product available on pages that you were just looking at. Recently I’m getting an “oops” screen that becomes “forbidden 403” error. If you can get it to load again it will have reset and you’ll lose what’s in your cart, and have to go through the buggy pages to add them back. No wonder the subscription was for free for black Friday, no one would use this service without some incentive.

  2. Has not been a good one, this app has repetitively taken 1000+ points for $0.10 off a purchase, and I believe the highest it has ever given me is$0.50 off of anything. The stores don’t all perticipate in the program and the fuel rewards are a hysterical mess, good luck to anybody who is trying to figure that out. Even the managers don’t understand it, That’s pretty bad. Overall, if there was a negative rating, I would definitely give it a-3.

  3. Meyar dice:

    The app chugs even on a modern smart phone to the point of messing up orders. There is no order cancel button even though support documents says there is. I had the pleasure of the app glitching out so bad that it tried to send my order to the wrong address 6 miles away from the 7-11 nearest my current location. Overall, app is potato and I use it out of necessity more than anything. Phone support has been a pleasure to deal with at least.

  4. Love this app, especially since I live right next to a 7/11! The deals are great, and you cant beat the $1 coffee. I had to knock a star off because after a recent update, I can no longer view the rewards menu or my deals by category — when I go to the page, it endlessly loads, stuck on a blank white screen. I have my location on&store set, and I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I hope this gets fixed soon!

  5. Very easy and reliable app. Always successfully scans at any store. The deals are good if you’re a semi-regular customer. Best of all is that the app holds both my US and Canadian 7-Eleven cards, so I can easily switch back and forth. If you’re going to redeem something with your points, or redeem one of the deals, tap all of that before you get to the register. Then just watch the magic of the discounts apply automatically or, better still, see your balance due go to $0.00! Well done!

  6. Love all the free drinks and snacks I get with the app! Special offers for app holders, too. Issues? It’s really slow to open. Like, open it when you’re third in line, and it might be ready to scan when you’re in front. That slow. Also, I’ve had my free drink reward somehow get redeemed by the cashier, but she didn’t actually credit it, so I lost it forever. But in general, it’s great.

  7. Update: 2 years later and I can’t login all of a sudden. Reached out to an email and number that I had to search for because they provide NONE of that on the app if you aren’t logged in. All I got was a generic message. The app doesn’t allow you to actually change or reset passwords. The option is only there for SHOW. Once you click it and enter your email, it doesn’t do anything and takes you back to the sign in page. Too bad, I really liked the app and stopping at 7-11. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Really easy to use. Even if you enter your phone number at 7-11 the rewards will still go back to the app on your phone. Or you can scan your phone at check out. Redeeming is way easier than I thought. No letter codes. Just click redeem and scan your barcode at checkout and it adjusts the price. And the rewards are great too. Not just a basic candy bar but drinks and snacks. Makes it worth the little things you buy here and there. I love it 💜🤷

  9. It’s an excellent system, yes, but be warned when it comes to either redeeming items or doing challenges like a month of spending or gaining points six times to earn 4,000 Points. Of personal experience, I had to complain to the facility to earn that after I’ve completed the challenge; even making extra payments. There was also a time after that in which I was redeeming a Slushee, but then it wouldn’t register into the system despite the app responding to the scans rather well; and so I had to redeem it twice, losing 1,600 Points – and it still wouldn’t register for the cashiers. Overall, I’ve had many good experiences with the applcation. I may have been discouraged twice, but there are a lot of good deals with the app that’s hardly resistable and so I still find myself using it and enjoying it. Let’s hope that these flaws would be amended to.

  10. Mr LeBon dice:

    Love this App and all the great rewards that comes with it! It’s the best rewards program out there! I do have an issue though. When i press the “Play to win” box on the home page it opens up a page where there’s two games to choose from. The “High/Low” game doesn’t work? It loads up and then closes and sends me back to home page everytime?? Any suggestions?

  11. Major problems with this app just in the past couple of weeks. I’ve been using it for a couple years but in the past two weeks it’s not working right. It scans okay in the store but when I redeem points for something free it doesn’t give me the item for free, just takes away my points but still charges me full price of the register. Even worse, they are advertising deals with the app all over the store, but they’re charging you full price not giving you the deals.

  12. Really useful and easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who finds themself going to a 7- Eleven once a week or even a month. It would be even better if you get more points for each purchase, or have certain days where a specific item grants you more points. In conclusion, great app and like any other it can use small but appreciated adjuatments.

  13. Lots of ads, and a bit hard to navigate. Otherwise, I’m happy about my experience with the app. Lots of great deals, discounts and opportunities to be able to redeem, some are very nice, while others are very complicated and unnecessarily hard to obtain, due to the dollar/ point earnings system. Overalll, I think It’s not a Wonderful app, but it’s definitely not the worst. ( Could be more personalized by individual user accounts.

  14. When the app works it’s great, I like to stock points for monthly road trips and end up getting a couple drinks and snacks for the road. However, I haven’t been able to redeem points in about 5 months. I’ve tried uninstalling reinstalling, making sure updates work, even using it on wifi. I can’t redeem points and they keep going to waste, very annoying. If the app worked more consistently I would give it higher rating.

  15. I’m not sure if I’ll keep using this app or not. I’ve been bombarded with emails for all kinds of offers, but when I go to use them they usually don’t have the product advertised. And now to make things worse, to get all this free stuff you have to download a separate 7-Eleven “delivery” app, which only attempts to charge outrageous fees and tip the drivers before your order is placed. Customer service in my book is based on what you get, the experience. Not what you hope for. Get it together!

  16. A great app for savings and deals at 7-Eleven and it’s easy to earn points quickly. There are a lot of options though and it takes longer to go through them than the it takes to shop there. A search feature would be helpful. Also the screen goes bright when easy barcode scanning but because it’s on the home page it blinds you; having a separate page would be less startling.

  17. A login bug made me lose a prior account that had about 3000 points on it. Neither this app nor the website would let me change my registered email address, so that info is locked to an account with an email that’s now deleted and purged. On another point: credit cards can be added to the wallet, but they can’t be removed. I’m on the verge of getting those cards replaced, with new numbers, just to make sure they can’t be charged at all. If this issue isn’t corrected soon, then no more 7R app.

  18. very unintrusive app. it’s there when you need it and that’s it. no constant,unimportant notifications or e-mails. great app you earn points with every visit for free stuff and you save money almost all the time. I’m very apprehensive about adding apps on my phone but this one is completely invisible until you need it. highly recommend it.

  19. Tish C. dice:

    I used this app every time I went to 7-Eleven and my husband did every morning before work for 2yrs. Now I cannot get into the app at all!! When I try to sign in it tells me incorrect password or email but it’s not an it was never changed! I haven’t been able to use it for the month of January now… I am really disappointed that it’s not working right an I’ve Uninstalled an reinstalled it a few times that didn’t help at all!

  20. I like using the app, to earn points for free drinks and awards. however, the points do not stack up quickly and it is very slow process to get rewards unless you, buy their point deal products. I love the fact that I can get a free hot drink, after a couple of hot refills, but in order to get anything else free; you need to get at least 800 points which could take over 30 dollars to earn. Therefore, the app really doesn’t offer any savings unless you buy large quantities of food at 7 11.

  21. I got free chips and an ice tea when I won 2400 points on this app! That was pretty cool, and it worked great for a month for me. I have the version for Android. It all of a sudden would just load the start up page. I unistalled twice, force stopped, got the latest version, cleared my phones cache and storage unneeded data, still didnt work again. I downloaded one more time and still not working. Hope you can get it going again.

  22. I absolutely love this app. I am able to keep track of my points and can easily choose what I want to spend them on. Plus, I am able to view what is extra earned points when bought. The only downfall I’ve had issues with us the apps brightness it brings to my screen. Thats somethingthat is slightly irritating because I have sensitive eyes but I have been able to get use to it.

  23. The app shows me tons of deals that the stores don’t even accept! Not to mention, many of these deals require items that aren’t even for sale at 7-eleven. Good app. Helpful for saving money. But please fix the inconsistencies. Update: I reported the issue to the customer service via the email in the reply from the app developers, and instead of fixing anything, they just gave me points in the amount I was missing from purchases I made. They did not fix the main issues I mentioned.

  24. Great app to get rewards, but only for a limited time. This app originally had no time limits to save up points but now it’s a “use it or lose it” plan. Redeeming points is a little awkward too. That needs major improvement. Somehow you have to do it in a specific way for it to work right. I depend on the cashier at the store to do it and now most of them do figure it out. It’s probably just me but if these 2 issues are improved, then it’d be worth 5 stars.

  25. Lindsay T dice:

    I downloaded and placed an order to be delivered for the first time tonight. I ordered four things, one was a case of water and they forgot to bring the water. Since it was contact-less delivery, I didn’t realize until they had already left it. So I called up and they refunded the price of the water and the delivery fee but I still got slapped with a bunch of other fees like a convenience fee, which is a complete joke. I had to reorder and pay for the fees again. Not a good experience at all.

  26. Wuzi Mu dice:

    This app is so awful. It doesn’t add my physical card’s points. And the “pickup” option is especially pathetic. It doesn’t just not work, but it breaks the app if you try to use it. All it does is show a small zoomed out piece of map. And lags. And if you try to go back and reload all it does is say “oops, something went wrong”

  27. This app is awesome. Everything I buy from 711 has a point value. Rack up the points, and redeem your choice from the items offered at different point levels. I’ve gotten a whole pizza, sandwiches, free drinks, etc. In the app and store you can see clearly marked items that give you extra points. The only bad is that they recently overhauled the point system, and now it gives less points than it did before. I do understand that giving away too much free stuff hurts profit.

  28. Easy to use app. Simplicity and ease of access are automatic three stars in my book. Rewards are based on purchase and you don’t have to use a gift card or credit card to gain rewards unlike WaWa. I can use my phone number at check out also instead of my app, that way if I am on a call, or maybe left my phone in the car, or maybe my phone is dead – I still get rewards. That’s a plus two for adaptability of the app.

  29. Dirty. Sticky floors. Staff is rude and unhelpful. I only ever go into my local 7-Eleven in a pinch because it’s less than a mile from my home. As far as the rewards go, I have a rewards card but no one was able to help me activate it or use it (my reading/up close vision is fairly shot without glasses). I’m thinking I should be getting some sort of emails or texts from the 7-Eleven app, but I’ve gotten nothing. I’ll probably end up uninstalling the app by the end of the week.

  30. Love the rewards and the app!! You get a lot of points just by buying little things and they add up quickly. Plus, the lowest reward is only 800 points, which you can get after only a couple Big Gulps or Slurpees. The app is easy to use and navigate and it’s a huge money saver if you frequent 7 Eleven. Wouldn’t change a thing!!

  31. This app and rewards program is a waste of time. I go to 7-Eleven almost every day, and gave my phone # most of the time in order to get points. But the most points I’ve ever had is 800. Since points expire, I can’t save them for something I actually want. Even when I did try to use them, I didn’t get the free item. I would have felt more appreciated as a customer if I had never used this app. PS. Why make us scan the app to keep points when you let us use our phone # at purchase? Bad design!

  32. I love the rewards, daily deals and the app is really easy to use once you get familiar with it. I honestly didn’t think it was worth the trouble of downloading it when I first got it. Now, I couldn’t see not having it! It’s super convenient to he able to just enter my # associated with my account at checkout rather than scanning the apps barcode.

  33. Well I have had this app for quite a few years, and overall I like the way the system works but lately after every update I’m automatically logged out of my account and whenever I try to log back in with my password it keeps saying wrong password. I’ve sent a request for a password three times and nothing has shown up in my email. It’s a shame I couldn’t rate this any higher until this issue gets fixed permanently.

  34. It is helpful to have this app if you are often at the convenience store, like me and my family, for things such as coffee or a quick snack. Similar to grocery store or fast food places that has reward points, 7-eleven has many ways to earn points and free items which is great. I have not had any issues with the app and the functionality of it. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone that is in an area l I ke mine where there is a 7-eleven on almost every corner.

  35. Never had a problem with 7-Eleven app until recently. I’d always use this app when going to 7-Eleven. That was until the app started refusing to open, in fact, sometimes it gives me a notification that the app stopped running even though I never opened it! I have no clue what’s wrong with your app but I can say it is most definetly NOT working! I still sometimes use my card at 7-eleven even though I cant check it. Are those points gone?

  36. Highly disappointed. I had the app running between March – May 2021, after being knocked out between Dec 2020- March 2021. I am can’t login on the app because I receive a message saying ” App has stopped”. I have sent email messages to customer care with little or no response to solving this problem. This happens every time a new game is added to the app. Can someone fix this so there won’t be anymore of the same problems with signing in as it did earlier this year?

  37. Great app when it works. It’s nice to be able to order through 7/11 directly instead of UberEATS but I’ve had a lot of trouble with the app working. Needs to have work done on inventory, cart updates, and payment. I used it a few times but now it won’t accept any payment I offer it. I’ve been using UberEATS in the mean time since they’ve got a bigger inventory of available items it seems and the UI is a lot easier to understand and not so cluttered. Please 🙏 give us a software patch.

  38. LOVE the functionality and the capabilities of the app! Especially now that the in-app “Wallet” feature is up and running!!! HOWEVER!!! The developers made the size of the barcodes SO RIDICULOUSLY SMALL, that most 7-11 stores I went to, simply could NOT scan it at the checkout!!! Thank you for your reply! I’ve emailed you the screen capture video of my app experience and any workaround for this issue would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Best regards, Jacob.

  39. You cannot adjust the display brightness when this app is opened and at the Home menu. I understand it’s more than likely so the bar code scans successfully while at the store, but max brightness when trying to view the app is just too much. It renders a broken user experience. We should be in control of the brightness of our devices.

  40. A few amusing games but mostly good for getting rewards and getting some points. To then spend on things most people probably shouldn’t be eating to begin with but at least it’s free. Though I would like to see a purchase history or a way to buy things via the app and some of the items costing less points. However what are you really going to expect from a 7-Eleven app.

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