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Get secret deals and exclusive mobile coupons with the official BURGER KING® app and save like a king! Explore our menu and find your nearest BK® restaurant anytime, anywhere. And in most locations, you can even order ahead.
Specific features include:
– Mobile Coupons: Get VIP access to the hottest mobile-only coupons and secret deals right from your phone.
– Mobile Ordering: For select locations, order with the app and skip the line to enjoy your meal even faster.
– Find Your BK®: Locate your nearest BURGER KING® restaurant and never leave those flame-grilled cravings unfulfilled.
– Menu: Explore your BK® favorites and discover our hottest new menu additions. Plus, you can browse item descriptions and nutritional information at any time.


We update the BK app often to make it faster and more reliable to you. In our latest release you’ll find:
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes


46 comentarios en "BURGER KING® App 2022"

  1. It’s good for what it can do, but there’s limits, like not being able to add the free any size fry promo to certain orders. Also, I can’t upload a print BK coupon to the app — one of the advantages that Wendy’s has. But with a $1 large fry in the app, plus other good deals, it’s solid for me. The competition could take a few cues from BK.

  2. I love using fast food apps to make the ordering and pickup process easier. However, this app has been very inconsistent and frustrating. Some offers have restrictions that ultimately lead me to order from another restaurant/chain(why can’t I upgrade my drink size for an upcharge, or add cheese to a burger???). Long story short, when I get to actually order something “my way”, the app is great! Otherwise, the bad app experience leaves me to go somewhere else.

  3. I usually really like restaurant apps, especially with rewards. This is the WORST app that I have on my phone. My payment does not go through, the ordering is impossible, it has errors every time I try to use it. I have literally changed my mind and gone to a different restaurant because of this app. It’s just terrible. Even if it worked correctly (which it never does), it is so overdone, wordy, not user-friendly and confusing. Absolutely the worst.

  4. Craig S dice:

    App asks to enable location for a better experience, but with location enabled the app either hangs on listing them or it lists locations no where near my location. It’s so bad it even suggests locations in another city when a franchise might be less than a mile away. Even worse, clicking on the support tab to report this issue does nothing. Who’s ever coding this joke probably can’t find their way home.

  5. After a couple of years of use, I lost access to my account for no reason. Tech support said I had to create a new account. Lost all of the points I had accumulated. Total scam. Ap never works all that great anyway. Can’t find nearby locations, allows orders and charges you for stores that are closed when you arrive, freezes up, etc.

  6. Compared to other fast food apps, this one leaves a lot to be desired. There is very little customization on menu items, and for a company who’s slogan is “Have it your way,” in the app, you can’t. Most stores also have the Coke Freestyle, yet the app doesn’t account for that. It takes forever to earn rewards, and the app itself frequently crashes and won’t allow payment.

  7. Cannot give it higher than 3 stars. I enjoy both BK and The BK App, generally speaking. With an App, online ordering should always beade easier and this one is just too inconsistent for me. I will keep the App for now. My suggestions for those in charge of UI would be to make the tap correspondence more accurate, update GPS information for locations, keep the menu as up-to-date as necessary and location specific.

  8. I recently got the option for delivery but it’s so bad. I’ve done it once and the order was wrong. Tried again and realized all the options to save money are thrown out the window and price deception is apparent. For example Chicken fries are listed at 3.99 but added to order it’s 4.89. Single impossible king, listed at 6.99, added it’s 8.89. Its ridiculous. Update: Just ordered food, been waiting 2 hours for arrival. $3 coupon offered for inconvenience. What a joke.

  9. This app is definitely eh. It’s not terribly hard to use and the rewards system js nice! However, you can’t just look at the menu for your area. You have to select a location and if that location is currently closed? You can’t view the menu at all. I find that incredibly frustrating. I have also found that if the app says the store is closed, they may not actually be closed. They may just not be taking online orders at that time.

  10. Good app. Wish they had non meat options included for the breakfast specials. Currently you can buy individual egg and cheese sandwiches but on breakfast specials, there are no options to remove the protein (bacon, sausage) to get the special price. The meatless options should be added to the menu for this option.

  11. Jake d dice:

    Best app out of the main fast food companies. Does not require location access, straightforward operation and navigation, lots of discount offers to choose from. Good rewards and easy order customization, and works with a VPN. Only negative is you can’t just use the rest of the credit on a bk crown card (gift card) if it doesn’t have enough for your order, you have to add an entire $20 to the card first so you are always left with unusable money on your card, I don’t recommend buying crown cards

  12. Constant crashes unable to create an order. I have uninstalled your app, rebooted my phone, and reinstalled the app. After an hour of crashes, i still can’t order a single thing. I have close to 3k points and can’t use them nor can I use the deals. At this point, i will not be shopping in a Burger King until this is fixed. I’ve lost HOURS of my time just trying to order some damn food.

  13. This app is not great. I tried to do a mobile order on it and all of a sudden an error occurred saying the item was still in the cart but the order didn’t reach it. I tried shutting off and on the phone, change the order from drive thru to pickup but no change. And I had a friend with me who was doing the order with me and she had the same problem on her app too. In the end, we both got charged for it, even though it was not our fault.

  14. The rewards are fine enough. It’s nice to get small extras and takes way too long for anything significant. You know, like all rewards programs. It functions fine, the layout is very clear. The issue is that there’s literally no point to placing an order in advance. I always have to wait, sometimes even longer than those in line with me. They don’t have mobile pick-up spots, and your food is put in line after you check in. I don’t think placing an order works this way usually.

  15. This app is slow when clicking on anything. Takes a while to get through an order when looking at the deals. One point though not really faulted of the app is that a lot of the deals are online only, when the app doesn’t work there’s no way to do it in store. The biggest problem is that you can not checkout. Once your order is all set and you’ve picked a location and order time, the checkout function will not complete, either Google pay or using a credit card.

  16. Breaks at Checkout. Spent 30 mins trying to get food to go through but would get a “price mutation error” randomly. I could get the kids food to go through but random items with customizations caused errors. The app would not explain what was causing the errors either so it was guesswork. Sometimes it seemed like it was because we picked our drink. Other times it was because a sandwhich had no pickles. Eventually I got so frustrated I gave up and spent more to go to a different restaurant.

  17. Terrible app andthis has gotten worse. Many locations don’t honor deals that appear in the app, and you don’t find out until you wast a lot of time. Also advertised prices are raised once an item is put in the cart. It works less than half the time I use it. It crashes a lot. Worse, I’ll order for my family and me and it’ll tell me that the restaurant is unavailable. Ordering is time consuming so when that happens it wastes a lot of my time.

  18. I like the coupons and convenient ordering, since I usually have a lot of customizations. However, one thing is it only lets you look at what’s currently offered at the time, so if you wanted to look at the lunch menu ahead of time, for example, but it’s before 10:30, then you can’t. Edit: previously the app ran super slow. It runs faster now and typing in info doesn’t seem like a slog. But now I can’t place an order since the “Place Order” button always results in errors, on 3 different days

  19. Exceptionally slow. Often freezes. Does not auto-detect the nearest bk. The confirmation screen eludes the hangry customers eyes. There is no simple way to cancel an order. And then you can’t redeem any rewards points or offers for 1 hour if you make a mistake. Good luck re-placing the same order. You are better off going to a competitor. I love the BK food. I think their food is generally the best of all the fast food chains. This app, however, is total garbage. I do hope that they can fix it!

  20. While it can be useful at times, this app is absolutely infuriating. Sometimes you get your offer combo all picked out, go to add it, and when you’re asked where you want to pick up, it tosses all your choices out so you have to pick them and customize again. Other times, you get through it all, get ready to place your order, and oopsie, they magically removed the special while you were ordering. Terrible. Update: This is still happening. Not only that, but it won’t let me pay. Next to useless

  21. On the up side, the app usually loads quickly & the points system is better than any other fast food place. On the down side, the app is missing A LOT of menu items. Like French toast sticks, mozzarella sticks, and even the bacon croissan’wich breakfast meal. It’s frustrating, because it often means our app orders are incomplete & we have to ask for something additional when we go to pick them up. Which causes us to order less often to skip the headache.

  22. No option to cancel an order once it’s placed (something other restaurant apps DO have). I placed an order and when I went to pick it up no one spoke to me at all, at the drive through. After 10 minutes of waiting I gave up. Couldn’t cancel so my card was still charged. Instead of a refund, BK gave me a $10 credit, which I can only use if I continue using the app. I plan to delete the app once I’ve used that, unless a cancel option is added.

  23. Still no option to remove bun. Please add this. One confusing problem is that the order type always starts as drive-through and cannot be changed to dine-in or take-out until I get to the check out page. It would be much less confusing to have that option when starting the order. The way BK handles gift cards, though, is excellent. No one else makes it as easy to use a gift card in-app.

  24. Buggy! So sick of getting a “Price Mutation error” message. This app is on the verge of useless. It was working until they started doing updates every other day or so. There also needs to be an option to cancel an order (like other restaurants offer on their WORKING apps!) because some locations are out of certain menu items and you have no way of knowing until you get there.

  25. This app is the slowest app I have. It works but gets stuck A LOT. Very frustrating. It’s slow until you get to the payment part when it switches to VERY slow. Then if you get to the submit order button it just spins and you can’t order. How fun. Update: The app won’t work unless you save payment info. I was given $3 off for a messed up order but I can’t use it if I use the free soda upgrade.

  26. N. B. dice:

    Useless junk. You can’t add any combos to your order if you have any loyalty points whatsoever. Even if they screw up your order, they don’t refund, they just give you a customer courtesy credit in the app that you literally cannot use on anything. It tries to replace your order with the credit, which is stupid unless I can just order my credit and go through the drive-thru for cash (I know it doesn’t work that way, I’m just pointing out how stupid this app really is).

  27. Update: worked for a little while, now it’s not taking any payments. This app WAS awesome–it had great deals and was extremely easy to work with. Then they started updating all the time, and it makes you sign in every update. Now, on the latest version, orders will not go through at all (on my Samsung–doesnt seem to be affecting my friends with iPhones).

  28. Downloading an update every time i want to use the app is very inconvenient, especially when the update encounters a problem and prevents me from using the app entirely. Edit 09/24/2022: 2 stars. App is BARELY usable. Runs incredibly slow, and each new update seems to break features and cause UI bugs. It’s sufficiently frustrating to discourage use. On top of their offers becoming less and less appealing, I haven’t been eating here nearly as often as I used to.

  29. The app used to be great, but now, it simply DOESN’T WORK AT ALL! I even uninstalled it and reinstalled to see if that would help, but it didn’t. I am attempting to sign in, I enter my email address and it takes me to a blank screen. I click on a different button and it asks me to sign in again. You search for a location and they all say CLOSED, even though they are clearly open. I am so disappointed. BK was always my go to app when we were looking for a good deal.

  30. Bob Veela dice:

    Definitely one of the more janky fast food apps I’ve used but it works, sometimes. I’ve noticed when I add some items to the card it shows them as discounted but the total and charge doesn’t reflect that which is one of the reasons I stopped using it. This only happened to me occasionally and I noticed it after I was overcharged once so if you pay attention it’s a decent app.

  31. This app never works properly. The mobile ordering never works properly. If for some reason you get signed out to sign back in instead of a password they will send a code to your email that you will never get and you’ll have to use a whole new email just to have full access to the coupons. This last time I couldn’t even order because it kept giving me a monetary value error when I would go to check out. Burger King has lost a customer

  32. K Durham dice:

    The app is just awful. Always crashes when paying and says they are aware of the problem but keeps happening. Also the rewards program is garbage. You should be able to place multiple orders with rewards or multiple rewards per order (at least 2 minimum). More people would buy things that way. Making someone wait an hour between each offer is just stupid. I understand it’s so people don’t take advantage but seriously a free fry with a large family meal or something isn’t going to break the bank

  33. I’ve had a decent experience up until the most recent update. Now I’m having trouble placing mobile orders with my go-to restaurant. There’s some sort of error thing that there is a price mutation. Apparently it cannot calculate tax for my restaurants so it tells me to select a new restaurant. That doesn’t work. It’s a bummer for my family because we end up going about once a week. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. I will definitely change my rating once this issue gets fixed.

  34. t wagner dice:

    Worst app EVER!! Kept getting an error message after entering all my credit card info and clicked submit to place the order – Msg says: “We are not able creating your order at this time. We are aware of the issues and trying to resolve it.” Even reinstalled the app did not help. Trying with different credit cards did not help. Cleaned up everything in cart and reordered did not help. This app is hopeless.

  35. The recent updates to the app have still not fixed what the previous “update” ruined. The app is still 80% unresponsive. Items must be selected 4 to 5 times before the app recognizes the selection and saved location favorites can not be selected at all. Prior to the last 3 so called updates the app was fast and flawless. Put it back the way it was and leave it alone.

  36. Used to be a great app, but with updates, the experience is gone. Point system has been updated as well making points hard to keep. Had a good amount of points “expire” due to this change in terms. You pretty much have to go to a location every 3 months to gain any value from the app.

  37. App is OK, you may order most of the menu. Visually unappealing app and what you get never looks like the pictures. Problem is the food. Quality has been going down and we no longer stop at our local Burger King. Chicken sandwich is about ⅓ smaller that the original with the current one being almost all tasteless breading. Chicken Nuggets are the same, mostly breading with almost no meat. Chicken fries? Don’t order it’s almost all breading. Reminds me of the old ad, “Where’s the Meat?”

  38. Bad app all around. It worked well the first few times I used the app. The app suddenly stopped working (nothing is available in my store, even when selecting different stores). Making my points worthless because nothing is available. I put in a ticket on the app and had my ticket elevated to th3 technical team. I waited a few weeks with no word from the technical team. I contacted the service rep that helped me initially and got a email saying it’s a known issue. I waited weeks for no help.

  39. This app is trash. Constantly having issues with adding payment methods. Once I get a payment card to save, it’ll give errors that the card details are wrong. The details are right, checked over and over again. Tried switching payments to Google Pay, the BK app will make the charge and immediately cancel the payment. Don’t waste your time, go to another restaurant, they obviously don’t want business in 2022. Everyone else has figured out mobile ordering, BK has no clue what they’re doing here.

  40. Coltyn S dice:

    Every time I use the app it is bugged. Recently it will spam message to turn on location services even when they are on. It often does not show bottom menu buttons. And when using redeem codes the provided numbers often do not show up at restaurant. otherwise the layout is nice, and not complicated to follow.

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