Olive Garden Italian Kitchen MODDED 2022


Find your Olive Garden, join the Wait List, order ToGo, buy gift cards and more!
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The Olive Garden app conveniently brings your favorites to your fingertips. Find real-time directions to your nearest Olive Garden, browse the menu, place and save ToGo orders, save your spot on the Wait List and more, all within a few taps.

Join the Wait List:
– Check the current wait times for your Olive Garden
– See your estimated wait based on your party size
– Quickly add your name to the Wait List in less than five seconds, and see your real-time place in line

Quickly Order & Reorder ToGo:
– Easily order your favorites ToGo
– Save your order in the app for later
– Reorder your favorites with just a few taps

Find Your Olive Garden:
– Easily find your closest restaurant
– Check to see what hours we are open
– Get real-time drive time to any location

Payments & Gift Cards:
– Order faster and save your preferred payment
– Use, save and reload gift cards to your profile

With the Olive Garden App, we’re all family here! (TM)

Must be 13+. Prices and participation may vary. View our online privacy notice at https://m.olivegarden.com/mobileapp/privacy-policy

© Darden Concepts, Inc. All rights reserved.


· Enabling push notifications for easier check-in with carside pick-up. Make sure your location services are enabled to use this feature.
· General improvement and bug fixes.


4 comentarios en "Olive Garden Italian Kitchen MODDED 2022"

  1. Jaylynn dice:

    I have tried to use the gift card feature now at least 4 times. It enver works. So I have to call. Which defeats the purpose of the app. It’s very frustrating as I just watch the circle spin. It also crashed when I first opened it. Not bad the rest of the time but since we usually use gift cards we receive as presents it’s annoying to have to call every time.

  2. C C dice:

    I love Italian food, especially garlic bread. But I do not love this app one bit. Slow, buggy, taps don’t register or if they do its a wait of 10 to 30 seconds. Can’t say it’s my connection as other apps are flowing just fine. Hope it improves.

  3. Heather Teysko dice:

    So the whole reason I downloaded the app was to be able to easily sign up for the list so we could cut down on our time waiting. The entire drive of 20 minutes, I kept checking and it said no wait. So then we get to the restaurant and there’s suddenly a 30 minute wait and the hostess just says that the “system is slow in updating.” So what’s the point of even having that feature if it doesn’t work? Overpromising and under delivering!

  4. Warren Komis dice:

    This app must have been some high school student’s senior coding project. It’s barely functional. It kept telling me my selected time is no available but no matter what time I choose it didn’t work. Every other app gives you the next available time. This one tries to but when you select it that time doesn’t work either. I finally gave up and got food from elsewhere.

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