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Order ahead and get pickup or delivery on your favorite menu items any time.
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Welcome to Peetnik Rewards – mobile ordering doesn’t get much better than this. Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, so you can earn rewards even faster. Order now and earn 125 points after you make your first order, just like that.

Order to redeem rewards you want using your points: tea, coffee beans, breakfast sandwiches, alt milk, cold brew, lattes, and more. With more than 20 rewards to choose from, the choice is yours – all day, every day.

Order ahead and pickup your favorites any time. Mobile ordering is easy, choose the pickup option to skip the line or choose delivery to have food and drink delivered right to your door. Make a coffee-lover’s day by buying their second cup or sending them a gift card to help them start their morning off right. Our coffee app makes it easy to customize and instantly send gift cards to anyone who needs a delicious cup of pick-me-up.

Get exclusive rewards and perks throughout the year: enjoy a surprise on your Birthday and Peetnik Rewards Anniversary, and access our members-only secret menu for special items from your favorite Peet’s coffee shop. You can even show your barista some love with contactless tipping.

Whether you need your morning cup, a warm breakfast sandwich or your favorite beans – Peet’s has you covered.


Peetnik Rewards Program:

• Earn rewards faster: 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or when you order ahead with the app
• Order food and drink items now and get 125 points after your first order (New members only)
• Rewards app lets you redeem your points for more than 20 exclusive rewards
• Get more rewards on your Birthday and Peetnik Rewards Anniversary
• Perks for early access, member-only offers, extra-point days, and more

Mobile Order Ahead:

• Order ahead and skip the line. Get coffee now for either pickup or delivery
• Mobile ordering from the entire menu, including your favorite coffee, cold brew, breakfast sandwich, muffin, or beans – whatever you want!
• Order now and tip your barista through your favorite coffee app for a contactless way to show some love

Coffee Makes the Best Gift:

• Send gift cards instantly or schedule for a later date
• Customize gift cards for any occasion
• Order delivery or pickup and buy that special someone their second cup

Start your morning off right with Peet’s Coffee.


Bug fixes, display and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Peet’s Coffee: Earn Rewards MODDED 2022"

  1. This app update does not work at all. I continuously get Javascript errors. I get their stupid promotion notifications and can’t even buy a drink through the app. What’s the point of this? You really have the worst app developers. Edit: I fixed the errors by reinstalling completely. Even when using the new version, I had to reinstall fully.

  2. I’ve had a lot of problems with this app, most being with the payment options. I’d attempt to reload my card and an error screen would go up. This made paying with the app impossible. Luckily, it’s been since fixed. The entire app has a new look and it feels much cleaner and easier to navigate.

  3. The app has a hard time. Lots of error messages, declined to add my credit card (which works in store). Additionally, I’m not sure why the app has you customize the drinks you order with added milk and sweetener when they don’t prepare it that way and expect you to do it when picking up. At least let us know that before picking up and bringing home the drink not knowing it isn’t what was ordered. It is handy to skip lines though.

  4. Surprise, surprise, there’s another major issue with this app. This app used to be terrible, but usable. Now whenever I order at one location, the in-app receipt verifies the correct location. HOWEVER, it then sends the order to a different location which then appears as the location I “ordered from” in the email receipt that I’m sent.

  5. This app is horrible! It randomly switches stores after you place your order. Happens to me several times, and overheard another customer complaining about the exact same thing. Navigation is not intuitive and ordering is a pain. Keeps popping up with what they’re pushing as specials, interrupting your ordering process. Awful app. They could learn a thing or two from their competitor’s app.

  6. Quick and easy to use! Updated – not anymore! The update has changed the ease of use. I can’t even figure out how to view my balance if funds! I don’t think I like it anymore. Easier to walk in and have them scan my QR code. Booo! Updating again – the new interface is NOT user friendly. I can’t even figure out how to add a gift card balance I received as a gift!!!

  7. Horrible. The points are difficult to apply and if you don’t do it correctly, you lose them completely. The old system worked fine, and Peet’s changed it so that it is very difficult to use points and there is some luck involved as to whether the app pushes the points through. Very disappointing.

  8. HTTP and Java errors all over the place, indicating very little testing has been done prior to release. Additionally, the inability to pay via Google Pay (or add a gift balance) renders the app good for only one thing (when it works) – earning rewards. Update: Errors persist, and now points are not accruing from in-store scans, making it now 100% useless.

  9. E V dice:

    This app is borderline useless. If you want to order in-store, scan your code and use your rewards, it’s fine. If you want to use order ahead or pay with the app? You’re out of luck. This app eats rewards if you order ahead, because it doesn’t update your total amount with your applied rewards, meaning you pay full price and lose your reward points. There’s no way to force a refresh on the total anymore since they rolled out the pull up total on the order screen.

  10. This is a half hearted thing. It won’t show you your receipt. You can’t make a purchase with it unless you prepay. Peets around here doesn’t give reciepts unless you ask for them, and doesn’t give the free coffee with purchase of beans unless you ask, and then they look put out. I’m not sure if that’s a training issue or a way of saving money, but if it’s a training issue, it, and the reciepts issue, could be resolved by just adding it onto the app. This thing fails to live up to it’s potential.

  11. Great coffee, worst app out there for coffee. Menu items are wrong (no whip listed on mocha, even though that is a default topping, nor any ability to ask for no whip… all of a sudden?) Everything about how this app is configured for ordering drinks is badly planned/designed! It says ‘Menu’ where it should say ‘order’. Favorites saved just shows an error when menu changes (seriously, give suggestions or just take me to my order details to update/edit, but don’t just show me ‘error’.) Bad!

  12. Dan Ash dice:

    Can not figure out how to redeem points inside app at one point it deducted points before I made the purchase and I had to email Peets and they put the points back in the app so I thank them for that. Also my balance has not been updated it’s still sitting at $37 when it’s actually down to $10 I had to check with the cashier. I guess maybe I should uninstal reinstalll because enough people are not having the same problems.

  13. They didn’t bother to test the app. I had been using the website and wanted to try the app. When I hit login (not create an account) after entering my email and password it says I can’t use that email because it already exists. Of course it does. That’s why I was using it to login. I sent a help request weeks ago and they never responded. No concept of quality and no interest in support.

  14. First of all, the baristas are doing everything they can to make mobile ordering a success and that’s appreciated. But the app UX is complicated and non-intuitive. Once you learn the ordering sequence, there’s an annoying bug where checkout is denied for lack of funds. This can happen even if you have a balance more than twice your order total. Getting unstuck from this is difficult, even if you try to add more (uneeded) funds. Needs work!

  15. This app is quite unreliable. At first it was OK. I have been a Peets customer for 9 yrs. I go in daily sometimes more. I pretty much order the same thing. For a while, the scone was missing from the app. Then it doesn’t acknowledge my credit card. Now, I have to sign in every time even though I checked the remember me box. App is a great concept and it saves me time if it worked! At this point I am very frustrated.

  16. Bruce G dice:

    App works great, but rewards can be a problem. I consistently get an “error processing” if I try to use a drink reward on the last day it is valid. I have to go order at the counter and they are able to apply it there with no issues, but trying to do it in the app always gives me an error. I can order my other items without issue but can’t apply the reward on the last day (next to last day no problem). Happens everytime( so I know it is not a one time thing). Otherwise app would be 5*.

  17. Having ongoing issues with app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and I keep getting errors. I’ve reset my password thinking maybe it’s user error but I find it’s not. App consistently does not work and gives errors, slow and frankly the rewards aren’t great. I have quite a bit of money loaded on the app but I can’t access it now. Very frustrating.

  18. I order on this app several times a week. Fairly easy, but it does have problems accessing my payment options at least once a week. I’ve learned to work around the glitch, but it’s an annoying inconvenience. Also, it won’t let me add new items sometimes, like the cold brew horchata oat latte. I can select it, but there’s no “add to order” button on the screen. Otherwise, a decent app.

  19. I’ve had this app for a while, uninstalling and reinstalling when I can to make sure there are no bugs. It’s a pain to use, not fully functional, but I really wanted to keep up with my points. However, it has issues processing your card, so in trying to order off the app, I was charged about 4-5 times for one order. This has happened multiple times. I also cannot redeem rewards. 🤦 So I’m uninstalling it and hoping one day they take it seriously enough to fund and create a decent app.

  20. I love earning extra points by using the app (it’s a sometimes thing) but find that more often than not there are issues with adding money to my card. It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and embarrassing to be in the store and owe $3, but I cannot add money to my account because “something went wrong.” So now I’m holding up the line while I fish for my credit card (the same one that is linked to the app) or cash. I wish that would be fixed in the next update.

  21. After an update recently, the app wouldn’t let me sign in. It kept saying it couldn’t connect to the network. I contacted customer service, and they didn’t seem to know why. After a few emails I suggested that maybe my OS isn’t supported anymore? The response was the app only supports Android 8.0 and up. Lame. Especially when it was working fine. I’ve turned off my auto update setting since then

  22. I like the Peet’s app for being flexible, quick, and for being fairly straightforward in use. I can check in with the app and pay with a card or my separate Peet’s card (I’m not a fan of payment by “near-field”). It lets me know when I have a benefit, potential or accrued, without getting in my face or pre-empting another app. I rarely have to re-authenticate, and I’, fine with that since I can choose not to have it handle my money. It’s efficient and well-mannered.

  23. I really like all the promotions and updates I receive through this app! It’s easy to use for ordering and card-reloading, and I like the reward system because I love peets!! Edit: My only con was lack of tipping, and now you can easily tip! Yay! (: my next suggestions for improvement would be to change the wording of “dismissing” a promotion so you know it’s gone forever, and making the menu available for perusal even when all peets are closed.

  24. Works better, and some good new features have been added, but tipping is almost impossible. You cannot do it after your transaction, and it charges your credit card on file, not your peet’s card. I feel like a cheap a-hole when I treat myself to an expensive drink with multiple modifiers and don’t have any cash to tip the barristas! Starbucks app makes tipping really easy, just saying.

  25. It was a great app until about September 2019 when it stopped updating, allowing me to check-in or it keeping up! When I log on, it still thinks it’s June-July 2019. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it won’t even let me log in. Keeps citting errors or just freezes. I’d love to participate in the points and stuff on the app given that I go to Peet’s almost every day but at this rate, I may go to Starbucks given that I’ve never had an issue with their app.

  26. The app is just one annoying thing after another. Frustrating that you can only use your digital Peet’s card, but whatever. I try to load $ onto my digital card, with 3 different credit cards, no luck. “Check card details and try again.” Called customer service, they suggest I call my CC company to let them know it isn’t a fraudulent charge. Honestly, this is too much work. And, after I give up, I go to a location, add $, I have to restart the app to see the value and it doesn’t check me in.Ugh!

  27. FYI, most of the positive reviews are about Peet’s, which I love – not the app update! I moved cities at the same time they updated the app. Twice now I’ve selected my new store in Costa Mesa for order ahead, double-checked the order location, but when the order went through, it switched back to the previous store, I had to contact them tons to fix things, also on multiple charges. It’s complicated, frustrating, and confusing. My free drinks have disappeared before I thought they expired. Awful!

  28. I LOVE PEET’S COFFEE, the service, and the presentation. Wow, these guys do it right!! However, the app developers have a long way to go. You can’t see content of customized orders to confirm that’s what you want to add to your cart. The delete button is clear up at the top right corner of my screen and the order button and items are clear down at the bottom. It’s NOT A BUGGY APP. It’s attractive with great colors and design ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ BUT it has poor layout👎👎👎👎👎 for functionality.

  29. Used to be great. Now it won’t let me add money to my Peets card and thus I can’t buy anything. I keep getting an error message that says to contact support. I contacted support and followed their instructions (essentially restarting my phone, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, making sure it was updated, removing my cards and readding them) and nothing worked. I understand there’s a lot going on right now, but with how they’re pushing the Order Ahead option you would think it would work

  30. Joe Lewis dice:

    Every time you try to add a payment option, the app renders an HTTP error. Tried to login from a web page instead, and it created an entirely new account even though I was using the same email address as the app. The customer experience is confusing and disjointed, and ultimately I was never able to place an order using this app.

  31. Very Buggy App. Update after update. I cannot see the in-app notifications. I see there’s a notification when I open my phone & I tap on it to try to see/read the notification but nothing appears to be there in the app. It is always empty. I never did see a notification for my birthday drink because of very old notifications that would not allow me to delete it for over year & now this. Even though i switched phone this problem persists.

  32. Some of the items in the store are not in the app. Couldn’t order off of app alone. Don’t like the minimum amount to transfer to balance. Customer feedback wasn’t the quickest in responding but ok. It’d so be nice to be able to add whip on things on the app. Not sure if you can. Also almond milk was not an option.There was oat and barista tried to help but it wasn’t an option if I recall correctly.

  33. Been using this app for some time. However, now I do not trust it at all. My card details seems to be missing, and error messages keep appearing when I try to order or fill my details again. This is not the first time, last year I also had issues with my balance being lower than what it was and the app was having ‘an outage’.

  34. I would love to give this app 4 and a half Stars , but that is not an option 🙂 the app is really easy to use, and I rarely have any issues, except for there are some details about ordering drinks that aren’t convenient. The one inconvenience for me is specifying tje amount of sweetener. I like to add vanilla syrup to my drinks, if I get regular, it’s too sweet, if I get light I don’t taste it. I would like to be able to specify the quantity of pumps I can add in a drink.

  35. Trac Fone dice:

    Cannot place order through app, when you CANNOT customize your order or put specific temperature for hot drinks. Your “Extra Hot” ia barely warm. AND no matter which location is selected, the ORDER button is grayed out. All orders have to be placed In-Store. Your Updated app has many issues. Messages flash on the screen, then immediately disappears. Order button is shaded out for any location selected. The app only gives store information, but doesn’t allow you to order.

  36. Peet’s app is amazing!! Very easy to place order on app, adding funds and time accuracy is on point. As a Mother of 5, it is useful to order my favorite coffee online and have it ready for me once I arrive so that get the children as well as myself to our destinations. But. I do still like to order inside to talk to the staff and be personable. You also get bonus points for ordering ahead. Win win!!

  37. Edit: App works fine on my new phone. Have added $$ to my virtual card, enjoy convenience of ordering ahead, and earning free drinks. ********************** (Orig. review) This app worked ok when first installed. It became less functional with time til it stopped working at all. Spent days emailing back with customer service; they were very kind, responsive but in the end the fixes that were suggested did not work. Seems that the app simply doesn’t work with old phones like my Samsung Galaxy s3.

  38. The coffee is great. My only knock is with the application. I have had to delete and reload a couple of times. This has defeated the benefit of reloading funds and on line ordering when there are continued error notifications. I hope this most recent update takes care of the issues.

  39. No matter how many times I Uninstall then reinstall, I get an “unable to Auth cc” error when attempting to reload from my linked payment options. Unlinking and relinking doesn’t work. I have to log into the website or have them do it at the register to reload, both of which are a pain and make me just not want to bother. I usually go to Starbucks because I’ve never had a problem using their app.

  40. The app is really hard to use. So far I haven’t found how to add a store to my favorites. every time I go back to search for another store I need to pan the map again and the position resets every now and then. The only payment method is with the Peet’s gift card that you need to load, there is no option to pay with credit card. When I wanted to order ahead, there was no option for when I wanted my coffee, that is a must feature for any online orders. The app is very finicky too.

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