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Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so you and your family can get the pizza you love without worry. Our app is designed for pizza lovers, making fast food delivery and takeout even easier. Check out our menu, find deals, save orders and earn free pizza with Hut Rewards®.

• Order contactless delivery, takeout or curbside pickup
• Check in for curbside pickup with one simple click
• Access the full Pizza Hut menu, discover new menu items and view local deals
• Stay up-to-date with your Hut Rewards® points and redeem free pizza, wings and more with ease
• Customize your own pizzas with the easy-to-use Pizza Builder
• Reorder in three easy taps
• Track your order with the Pizza Hut Delivery Tracker
• Place future orders up to 7 days in advance
• Use guest checkout to easily order without an account
• Find Pizza Hut locations near you
• Pay with cash, card or Pizza Hut gift card
• Order within the 50 United States territories and possessions excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands


We've made bug fixes and performance improvements so that you can keep on ordering your favorite pizza, check out faster, and redeem your Hut Rewards® points.


40 comentarios en "Pizza Hut – Food Delivery & Ta MODDED 2022"

  1. I still love the app and the rewards program. Definitely my favorite pizza joint!! But the bugs in the app are getting out of hand!! It’s getting harder and harder to use! I have a cheap phone with limited space so I have to reinstall apps whenever I want to use them. I have to uninstall and reinstall multiple times lately to get this one to work. Not good!!

  2. LOTS OF BUGS! I used to love this app, especially for the reward system, but as of late it has been so buggy and has had so many issues it takes forever to even TRY placing an order, sometimes I can’t even order at all! Some of the words are even missing letters. Example, if the word is “Yes” it will say “Ye”. This is extremely irritating. I have uninstalled and re-installed many times trying to fix things myself, and it doesn’t help. Please fix these bugs and I will give you a better rating.

  3. UPDATE: You can’t even add symbols to delivery directions, and the character limit is so small it’s worthless. Why? It’s almost funny. There is no ability to add a gate code to get into a gated area. The app crashes. It won’t let me redeem points. I have to continuously back out of the app and close it, then open it again so that my inputs will be accepted. I get error messages telling me something went wrong and to try again later every few seconds. This is super inconvenient.

  4. It took forever to download for some reason, and the ordering process was a bit annoying as you couldn’t go to the next step unless you click on something you don’t even want just to get to the next screen only to have to edit it from your cart. Also it seems to change things back once you’ve selected so.ething else… I got bread sticks I stead of cheese stick and I’m not happy about it to say the least !!!

  5. J T dice:

    The app is unbearably slow. I don’t know if this app relies on the website or not, but the website is really slow too. But it’s slightly faster than the app so I always browse to the website instead of using this app. If I use this app I have to wait at least a minute to sign in and all I see are blank screens for the next 30 seconds until it actually loads. Tested on different broadband connections and they are all equally slow.

  6. Usually I love the app for the convience and being user friendly. That wasn’t the case tonight, I wanted a very simple order: two pastas and a melt that is shown on the app. I tried selecting the pastas twice through the main menu and it would change the items at check out. The melt that I would’ve loved to have isn’t on the menu anywhere even though I’ve had it from this location before. I got the mix and match pasta combo for 15.99 with breadsticks, but the individual price for pasta is 9.49.

  7. Great app, pretty straight forward on how to use it and travel around the pages. Only thing I have any problem with is sometimes when i hit the make payment button…it sits there for a second then says error. In a few seconds a screen pops back up showing check out screen again, however i have already paid and the payment was taken from the credit card. I could see how someone may order twice if they didn’t go check the CC statement online to see that it was already paid for.

  8. God this app is a turd. It won’t keep you logged in, and you can’t log in from the initial login screen even with the correct password. Instead you have to “Continue as guest,” then on the menu page go to sign in. Looks exactly the same, but actually works correctly. I don’t understand why it is like this. It’s easier to just order through a web browser.

  9. UPDATE 2/3/23 What really drives me nuts about this app is that you can not change payment info. It brings up cards you’ve used before, but you can’t delete them, can’t edit them, and can’t add a new one. So, since I lost a card and the replacement card has the same number but a different exp date, I have to enter my card everytime I use the app. This makes the app inconvenient/pointless. It’s literally quicker to just call now.

  10. I would give this zero stars if I could. Not only is the app terrible and doesn’t let you connect to anything, but the entire network is flawed. I tried ordering over my browser and it wouldn’t let me redeem my points because it said I had “rewards in progress” (I didn’t). At least make it so the points don’t expire if you are going to have ongoing issues you aren’t going to fix. By far the worst experience I’ve ever had ordering online. Just do us all a favor and scrap it all.

  11. The app is really comprehensive, offers a lot of options, but there are some significant operational issues. It stalls frequently and shuts down. Requires me to log back in every time, sometimes keeps the order, sometimes doesn’t, fails at various spots throughout the app. Needs a lot of work. I’m running a Samsung S21, and this happens both on and off Wi-Fi

  12. Clunky and time consuming,UNLESS you know precisely what you want Cannot edit anything once its in the cart, you have to delete it and start over from scratch, which isn’t difficult at all, but is time consuming considering you have to walk through each step of the pizza building process each time. And if you want to run a couple different orders to check for the best price, it can get old real fast. Other than that, the longer you use the app, the hungrier you get, so end up ordering more!

  13. The app takes way too long to load sometimes and crashes simi-regularly. The interface needs updating now that Flynn own the company. The design hasn’t changed in years and it could be so much better. It seems sort of dull, theme-wise. Now it does work for placing orders. Personally, I normally hit the back button on my phone to go back a page but the app doesn’t allow this, which I find tiresome and annoying. Needs a full redesign. Cosmetically.

  14. Update, 1 year later. The app still useless. This used to be a good app, but of late it is slow, and crashes constantly. You will click an option then suddenly the program vanishes, and you have to re-open it. Even their website does this. I spent more than 40 minutes trying to order using both the app and the sight. Nothing. I downloaded installed and ordered with the dominos app in less than 5 minutes. Pizza hut rewards are useless if you can’t place an order.

  15. This thing is garbage. It messes up more than it works. Usually, when checking out, but also, when opening it, too. When opening, it just closes out and refuses to open. When checking out, it’ll say uh oh, network error, or something went wrong, or, you have to wait 5 minutes before you can place order again. Even though it does go through to the store. You have to call and see if the order went through and how many times it went through if you tried to check out more than once. Apps up to date

  16. C. Hess dice:

    Typically, I do not have any issues with this app; It is definitely not the most user-friendly design that it could be, but it is navigatable and does the job. However, today, I went to order my family’s weekly pizza night pizza, and when I tried to add more than three toppings, I kept getting the “topping overload” message that another reviewer mentioned. It’s so weird because I could order a specialty pizza with more toppings, no problem.🤔

  17. Terrible app. 30% off regular menu price pizza, ends up as $14, upgrading the crust to pan for $1.50 makes the pizza $18 before taxes?! The app doesn’t save address, location or preferred store properly, and has huge pop-ups every time you do anything. Trying to select menu options will sometimes just add stuff to your cart, or take you back to the main menu, where you will get more pop-ups for sides.

  18. Could not add additional Parma with the provided add button. Had to add 2 separate times. Also app is still doubling up on some text boxes. When you start to type names as an example…by the time you get to a certain point in a word it will automatically add the rest of the word, but as if to double the word(ex…BruckeBrucken)! Then you have to go back and delete extra letters as well as check other boxes to make sure it didnt happen in other spots! So annoying!

  19. I have had issues with primarily logging in and placing the order which options were unavailable or the process was just plain tedious, to say the least. The past couple times I was able to order with much more ease. Seems they are trying and succeeding to fix these issues. A few more times of this simplicity and ease and I’d definitely give 5 stars. 4 seems fair for now. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Sara B.

  20. This is the first time in a long time the app has even worked! It just keeps closing like one or 2 clicks into the order. Did it today 2 but somehow it worked. Edit: app still doesn’t work right. It crashes 5 times before I can get my order luckily it saves my progress now. 2nd edit. Rating reduced if I could give you lower, I would. This app is TRASH! It takes 30 minutes to place an order because of all the problems I mentioned previously. FIX. THIS. SHIZZ!!!

  21. D C dice:

    The app is easy enough to use, though the login is a bit glitchy sometimes. My primary issue is with the recent price changes that don’t coincide with the price in “DEALS”. I think they should be able to update that in-app to reveal the actual prices instead of getting a rude surprise at checkout. Bought a $10.99 Tastemaker that was even advertised as such in the checkout only to be charged $14.99. Same with another order which was advertised as $14.99 only to be charged $21.29 at checkout.

  22. Absolute garbage app. Shuts down all of the time, most so when transitioning between “add to cart” and “check out”. I have to restart my order multiple times. It’s literally easier to go to my office turn my computer on, wait for it to boot up, go to the pizza hut website and order there than through my mobile phone.

  23. The app has been easy to use in the past, but recently there have been a lot of bugs and “Uh-oh” messages. Specifically whenever I try to add a reward item like my free bread sticks when I definitely have enough points, I am not able to add the item. Hopefully once these problems are fixed I can change my review.

  24. The app doesn’t work right anymore. It won’t let you add more than 3 toppings “for evenness of cooking”. Yet, you can get a specialty pizza with lots and lots of toppings. So, that doesn’t make any sense why we can’t order more than 3 toppings now on anything else or add something to a specialty pizza. Please fix the app!

  25. Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza place in my area. Unfortunately the app is slow and outdated. When I open the app for the first time, it always closes. After opening again, it’s always extremely slow and hard to navigate. Feels like it hasn’t been updated in a decade. It’s frustrating when you have to use the app or site to earn reward points. I guarantee that fixing their app would increase revenue by at least 20% practically overnight. I don’t get it.

  26. Generally the app works fine, but on occasion (mostly on cell networks) it just completely flips out and can’t complete a single task correctly. Just tonight I tried to place an order. I repeatedly got spinning wait icons followed by an error that something went wrong. So I gave up. But it turns out that one of those orders did go through and I ended up paying for a pizza that languished unclaimed because I never got confirmation in the app. So this free app cost me $15.

  27. App is total trash. And it’s been trash for at least 3 years now. It’s clunky, app will stop responding randomly and it’ll close on you randomly numerous times before you can even get the opportunity to look at the deals. Save yourself the headache and just drive to pizza hut to order and wait. Because the time it takes to fight with this app, you could had done just that. Useless!

  28. I feel like the deal and prices are misleading when looking through the app. The prices are already very high. The reward point you get for what you spend are way off. Should be double at least from what ive seen. Theres no way to get bonus points by doing anything else but purchase something. Need to make it more worth the prices they charge. Also i wish they had a more detailed nutrition facts for each item or pizza like per slice but not just calories.

  29. The pizza is great.. the APP however is TERRIBLE. Constantly crashes, gives “invalid token” error when I try to login, have to click continue as guest, then click login for it to let me login… It took me about 6 attempts to place a simple order because the app would either freeze up, or just crash and boot me out halfway through my order, forcing me to start all over again. Wouldn’t let me add an item redeeming my “reward points” either.

  30. Kay Rouse dice:

    App still sucks. Never works. Says it can’t pull up the menu. Going to go to Pizza Inn instead. All of a sudden I can’t log into the app. They text me about their specials etc. But when I click on the link it says access denied. I try resetting my password but I never get the email to reset my password. This is useless and I can’t access my points. I am going to Uninstall this app as it is only good for taking up space!

  31. When I arrive at the location and reopen the app to tap “I’m here” for curbside pickup, the app completely resets, with no way to get to that option or my order anymore, meaning I have to go in after all. And God help you if you do an entire order, and find out at the end it defaulted you to a location nowhere NEAR you; if you want to change the location, you have to start THE ENTIRE ORDER ALL OVER AGAIN FROM SCRATCH. -_-; Very frustrating.

  32. The app is slow, always has had issues when changing order, changing from delivery to carryout, using rewards, etc. Needs to be revamped. 1/1/23 App is still in the same state as before. Slow, unresponsive, full of errors. It took 30 minutes and 4 separate attempts to finally get an order placed for delivery because it wouldn’t let me checkout without telling it my car color and make…

  33. The app worked flawlessly for the longest time. Then 6 months ago it stopped working and crashes before I can place an order. And I can’t call for my order because no one answers the phones EVER!!!!! So I have no choice but to fiddle with the Pizza Hut app that crashes every 2 minutes and I just give up and I do what everyone else does and I use the Domino’s app and I’m not trying to be funny just being realistic.

  34. This is only regarding the app not the pizza/products! PH app is buggy, if I make certain selections it’s shuts down, so I make the order and then call to clarify or ask at the window if it’s something as easy as 2 liter preference. This app is also clumsy and slow Personally think Domino’s sets the standard for pizzas apps. Much better interface, can turn on notifications for more accurate understanding of delivery/carryout status, quicker load times, ease of coupons, rewards, etc.

  35. Sometimes gives random errors when ordering. Newest one I got was “uh oh please enter car description and select color” for a delivery. I proceeded to spend 10 minutes trying to see if I needed to select make and model of a car somewhere. The website is also notorious for having issues, so it’s pretty on brand, sadly. But the pizza dinner box is nice.

  36. Mari May dice:

    I love using this app , it’s very convenient. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is due to the technical issues it has , also I’m not sure how the app connects to the store but 1 time I ordered through the app and got a call almost 20 minutes after saying they don’t know how I placed an order but they were closed . So yeah , some man made mistakes but over all an amazing app! Also LOVE the points you get from ordering from the app !

  37. This app does what it’s supposed to. You can look over the deals, the menu, place your order, pay online, sit back and wait for the delivery driver to show up. Unless you choose pickup lol. It even gives you the option to get text messages about your order, and has an on-screen tracker so you can see where your order is from the order, to the kitchen, to “out for delivery”.

  38. Until recently this had been my favorite pizza place app. I liked the rewards and it kept me coming back. But now the past 3 times I have ordered from you guys. I try to use the rewards, and I get a message saying something went wrong. I have tried starting over and even updated the app, and still an error when I try to redeem the points.

  39. Jay M dice:

    Used to be good. Now it’s a pain in the rear. Doesn’t switch well from takeout to delivery, doesn’t empty your cart, you have to remove duplicate cart items and still says you have to add a description and color for your car when trying to check out even though the option to do so is not there. Have to manually clear your cart, force close the app and then start over.

  40. Update (12/22): I can order now, but any time I push a reward, it closes the app… It took me almost 30 minutes because I kept getting logged out. My cart disappeared and reappeared like 6 times. It was a pain! We love Pizza Hut, please fix your app!! Update: I just reinstalled, and as soon as I picked something, it shut down on me. This app is total junk. Redeleting. They haven’t even tried to fix it.

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