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Earn rewards when you order online for delivery or pickup from Sonic Drive-In.
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The SONIC Drive-In app lets you order and pay with your phone, get rewards, find out about new items and offers, browse the menu, check nutritional information and more!

• Order Ahead and be first in line every time! Plus, get Happy Hour Any Time (1/2 Price Drinks & Slushes) when you order ahead through the app. Limited time only. See app for details.
• Get exclusive rewards you can redeem when you use Order Ahead.
• Find the closest SONIC Drive-In locations in your area and see their hours.
• Browse the menu. Check out what’s new and view nutritional info for each item.


Improvements to the user experience and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "SONIC Drive-In – Order Online FULL"

  1. When I first started using the app. I didn’t have any issues it worked great and the discounts were a plus. But now. It won’t let me make any purchases keeps saying that there was something changed about my order and to review to submit. Then it may say an error occurred processing your order. Etc etc. Really wish it wasn’t having these problems. I havent been able to purchase an order on it in months. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get rid of it and forget about it.

  2. The coupons or deals are broken and go in an endless circle if you don’t select the right item. If the deal only includes four items after you’ve added it to cart there should be a screen to add just one of those four items not all of the menu items then air out without a warning when you select one that’s not included. As a programmer myself, I can say it’s just plain lazy programming.

  3. I was excited to use this app for the discounts. It worked well for the first couple of weeks but now it won’t let me place an order. It keeps giving me an error message saying oops something went wrong and then behind that message the order loads but when you hit okay on the error message screen it deletes everything. Very disappointed in the apps performance. Hopefully the bugs will get fixed so other users don’t have the same problem.

  4. There are a handful of bugs regarding loading the order page in between picking items off the menu, making sure the right location is set for picking it up and actually paying for the order. Half of the time when I go to pay for the order it says there was an issue with the order and says to try again later. I usually have to reopen the app to get it to work.

  5. Skullbm dice:

    When it works, it works great. When it doesn’t work, it is a shitshow. The location isn’t able to issue refunds or edit the order on request, and you can’t cancel the order if you do ASAP or you are within 5 minthes of your pickup time, so you have to call a customer support number to get a refund. But even then it either doesn’t happen or takes weeks to go through. The half price drinks is nice but it isn’t worth the headache when something goes wrong.

  6. Ben dice:

    Doesn’t save any time, at least at my local Sonic. The deals are fine but I consistently get slower service using the app. I select a time in the future to cut down wait time but, for example, today I got my order 19 minutes after my selected time while watching numerous cars pass through the window line. The back end of the system must not work very well. Pretty embarrassing to lie about app capability. 2 stars because I’d rather pay full price than get slow service and save a few cents.

  7. App does not function. You will sit through the setup, and go through the menu, add items, but when selecting a location, app constantly goes to “oops something’s not right” and bounces you back to the order screen. Ive tried 3 different devices, with 2 different areas, all roads lead to “oops” page. Will re-visit when app works for online ordering

  8. What a wildly unreliable app. It’s like it fell through a portal from bizarro land. There’s about a 5% chance that any given click will result in a vague error message. Often fails in the middle of authorizing your credit card, causing duplicate charges and/or fraud alerts on your CC account. Limits how many payment methods you can have on file, but has no way to delete them. There’s not even a way to change your account password. Great for customizations, in the rare event it works sensibly.

  9. The app is usually good, but when it isn’t, it’s terrible and frustrating. Sometimes you will add something to your cart and then just randomly the app will give you an error when you try to go to check out. Then when you remove that thing from your cart and try again, it’s like the error gets stuck in the app, and the only thing I can do to get it to go away is to remove everything from my cart and clear the app cache and start from scratch. Tonight it took me 25 minutes to order 6 things 🤬

  10. We love the sonic app, mostly. it does glitch fairly often when trying to place an order for the one time specials. It gets stuck on the spinning circle of death. Then if you try and reorder your monthly deal is gone. other than that it’s a real time saver. love the half-price drinks.

  11. Never works! I can select a location, view rewards, add items to my bag, but every time I try to check out, the app gets stuck in the “Loading” screen and won’t move forward. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled to no avail. I’ve even tried ordering from the website on a desktop PC, but the same thing happens every time.

  12. Bob M dice:

    When it works, it’s great. Unfortunately, it has trouble finding the location, it reports locations as closed when they are not (preventing checkout), it signs me out of the app randomly (very inconvenient unless you have made your account with Facebook). It’s just not reliable. When it does work, it gives easy selection and customization, which makes ordering exactly what you want very easy. And it makes tipping very easy as well. I hope Sonic will get some decent programmers to fix this app.

  13. This was a good app at one point, but each update gets worse. It is to the point where now it no longer even lets you place an order. 1 out of my last 5 attempts has actually been successful. The best part is somehow when the app glitches it gets far enough to charge your card, but not actually have the order on location. You get to choose between double paying for your order or not having an order at all. There is also not a way to refund the order because it doesn’t even show in the app.

  14. I like this app because I don’t like talking to the intercom. Orders can get messed up either way, but with the app I don’t have to yell over some else’s loud vehicle or sound system or bc the person taking the order cannot hear me. I like this app when it works like it is suppose to which in my experience is only 30% of the time. It does not work when the establishment turns off receiving online orders, or the app crashes or glitches, or when items are not available at the establishment.

  15. This app only works half of the time at best. I always think I’m going to save time ordering ahead but by the time it’s over half of the time I spend an extra 10 minutes… everything goes fine until check out and then it’s the unending “something went wrong” message… Doesn’t matter if I close the app, restart my phone or anything else..I can’t imagine it’s the phone as it’s not that old…

  16. You can only order using one gift card and only if you have enough money to cover the entire price of the order. Make it so I can load the money onto my account, don’t keep them as multiple individual cards. Then some days, it resets my order three or four times before I can get it fixed and order what I would like. Fix the bugs, please!

  17. Perhaps this is more of a local thing, store by store basis, but if I order remotely and have the instructions to check in upon arrival by the time I do arrive the order cart is empty and I can’t check in over the app, I’d have to press the button on the menu board and check in that way. A small thing, but constant.

  18. Card declines every time. I’ve been to at least 6 different Sonics. Each one ends in the same result, I go to pay and whether I use Google Pay or a card, I get an error saying my card was declined. Then, I order from the kiosk, and have zero issues. One time, just for fun, I ordered just a water. It cost well under a dollar. Same thing, card declined.

  19. The app is great. Menu options are great for getting details across to the location without them misunderstanding your order through the speaker. The downside though is even though I ordered the food and said what time I would be there for pickup, they still took 12 mins past my checkin time. I might as well just order at the drive through window and get it quicker. Update: still long wait and even longer given that the app keeps having errors when entering a stall number.

  20. The app started out great however the last several months we have gone the app won’t work. It won’t let you check out without an error message so you can’t place order. You then loose all discounts and 1/2 price options because they make you order at window because app isn’t working. It has become very frustrating. Update: not only does it show it won’t expect payment in app but it takes the money from your account (without knowledge because it shows error in app) so it took $200 for a $46 order

  21. The last several times I tried to use it, I couldnt make it through checkout. Last night, we were parked at the Sonic, which was definitely open & busy, & the app kept insisting it was closed. When this happens, we just leave. If Sonic chooses to not fix the glitches, they must not want our business.

  22. This is the only good app that doesn’t show prices as you shop. The only way to see prices is to go to checkout. This is a frustrating design choice. I go to Sonic very infrequently because of this one design choice. Pertinent is inconsistent and glitchy at times. Randomly it will tell you a story can’t accept your order, but only after building a cart and going to checkout. The does sometimes can’t take mobile orders and this is how the app handles it.

  23. This app is basically unusable since the fall line up of items came out. It appears after they were added it randomly has issues with processing items at checkout. Sometimes it’s a basic combo like a #1. Other times it’s a special item. Take an item one by one off your order and eventually you’ll be able to checkout… 🤬

  24. I love Sonic so of course I got the app. It’s easy to navigate,its visually pleasing, and gives discounts …I haven’t had any problems using it. My complaint is the lack of prices on the menu. It doesn’t give price until payment screen. It would be great to know how much something is BEFORE I give my debit card.

  25. I love the convenience. I just wish you could add more customization to your order and allow everything you can order in person to be ordered through the app. Maybe add a special instructions message box or change the app to allow touch screen buttons to customize what you want. I would use this a lot more if I could order what I want my way.

  26. The user interface is great, very easy to navigate, but every time i try to place an order, some kind of error occurs and it either continually buffers or only partially goes through. Edit: Tried using the app again over a year later and it still has the same issues. This deterred me from getting SONIC

  27. The issue with this app is that in doesn’t work more often than it works. I regularly go to my local sonic, spend 5+ min building my order to my liking, just to have it give me an error “Somethings not right, there was an error creating your order”. This happens all the time. It happens on my phone and my wife’s. It has gotten to the point I’ve stopped going to my local sonic.

  28. This is a horrible and glitchy app. It either won’t accept your payment or it takes your payment, and then won’t let you check in at the restaurant. It just says “Check in failed. Try again later.” Then you have to call to cancel the order to get a refund when you can’t check in. Calling takes forever because you have to answer 20 questions just to get your $2 back. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not fix the issue. Very frustrating!

  29. When the app works, it’s great. I just spent over 30 minutes trying to place an order & continuously got the “there is something wrong with your order,” pop up. However, it never tells you what is wrong with your order, so it’s literally a guessing game. I also hate that there are things (cinnasnacks, especially) that the app won’t let you order, which leads you to believe they’re out when they’re not, as though some stores don’t want to make them.

  30. I normally dont fuss too much about apps, but this one is AWFUL. It is so frustrating to decide to eat at sonic, based on getting half priced drinks/rewards etc, start driving there, only to find out the dang app wont work!! On the rare occasion it does work, the ½ price drinks are nice, but its not worth the aggravation to save a tiny bit. Occasionally there are rewards/promos, but it has no benefit if you cant use them because it never works! Dont waste your time. Wish i could give 0 stars.

  31. Update, the app still sucks to an enormous degree. Every. Single. Time. I try to use it, something goes wrong. Either the restaurant never received my order despite still being charged, or the app can’t process the transaction, or it just completely fails to add items to the cart. This piece of software is wretched. Edit 9/21/2022: checked in fifteen minutes ago, several cars have pulled up, ordered, got their food and left while my order remains “in the kitchen.” I think it’s time to uninstall

  32. It used to work great. But the last few visits it won’t accept any forms of payment. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and removed payments and added back. If I can’t order in the app I don’t want to eat at Sonic. I can’t get all my rewards and half price drinks. I called once with no success. Update: have contacted them – they say it’s for my security that it disabled the app if payment is rejected. They “reset” said it was fixed, same problem occurred again.

  33. Customer service was great she was very nice and did all she could but my issue was not resolved, even though everything in my order was available at the sonic location near me I was only given the “something went wrong error” I tried changing it multiple times and made it as basic of an order as possible and that did nothing either, so I am now forced to pay full price for my drinks and its extremely frustrating when you are trying to save money where you can.

  34. Cons: – getting refunds on orders messed up or location can’t fulfill is a long process. – items will be listed available when they’re not. – they have to escalate to refund your card, try to offer coupons which expire. – stalls in my area are constantly out of order or don’t have numbers on them. Pros: – 1/2 price drinks – app works great when it does.

  35. Mike W dice:

    This app was broken in the past, but now it works great! Just make sure you select the restaurant before you start ordering. If you change the restaurant after your cart is full it may not work, and that is a huge bummer as you will have to start over. Ordering for my large family is so much easier through the app than through the speaker.

  36. Update: hasn’t worked in 2 months even after Uninstall/reinstall… STOP GIVING USELESS ERROR MESSAGES AND GIVE INFORMATION! If I’m ordering something you’re out of, mark it so I can REMOVE IT or have the app REMOVE IT. If I’ve selected an invalid deal, REMOVE IT. Do something that allows us to know what we need to do! I use the app to get the half price drinks and the deals. The locations won’t honor those prices w/o the APP. This has been an issue for more than a year now.

  37. My account was hacked. Instead of letting me add a new credit card, they’ve just blacklisted my name. I’ve tried different credit cards and our other options to pay, as well as trying to set up a new account with a different email address. None of them work. Customer service just keeps sending me on a loop, the same “fixes,” which don’t work. So they tell me I don’t need the app to order in person. Yet they won’t give me the app rewards/coupons/specials offered on the app in person at the stall.

  38. Every single time I use this app an error message happens. Nothing better than ordering food and you get mixed messages saying it went through and one saying oops something went wrong. Love driving to sonic to find out I wasted time on the app and end up ordering at the restaurant. It is cool you can tip on the app if you want.

  39. Used to be great and convenient, now all it ever says is “there was an error” when attempting to place an order. Uninstalled, reinstalled, closed and reopened app, nothing seems to work and seems others are having this issue. Not having the order ahead for eating at sonic is giving your competitors our business, since they have a properly operating app that gives us this option. Which is every other meal or so. So crunch them numbers and decide whether you want to fix it or not for this family.

  40. I always get the “Something isn’t right” error message. The app doesn’t process my order, though it works for my husband every time on his phone. Sonic’s response is simply, “there’s a technical error.” Extremely unhelpful. Update as of September 2022 – still glitchy and almost always fails to process my order!! No reason given for the error, just “Something isn’t right.” 9 times out of 10 I get the error message when I go to check out. Looks like I’m not the only one.

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