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Get $5 off when you download and register for Good As Gold Rewards! It’s now even easier to enjoy your comfort food favorites with the Golden Corral App. Find directions to the nearest Golden Corral restaurant, browse the menu, place your curbside to go order, and earn rewards all in one place.

Get directions to your local Golden Corral restaurant and view hours, services, and details.

Easily order your favorite individual or family meals to go for curbside pickup service. Save your favorite orders to reorder again with just a few taps.

Order even faster when you save your preferred payment. Save credit, debit, or gift cards to your profile.

Register for Good as Gold Rewards and earn points automatically when you order through the app. Scan your code or upload your receipt to earn points for dining at your local Golden Corral. Earn bonus points for referring friends and family. Get rewards for registering, through earning points, and on your birthday.

Redeem rewards as they are earned or bank them to save for a special dining event.

Receive exclusive offers for registered members of Good As Gold Rewards. Be the first to know about local events, specials, and offers.


Minor improvements.


40 comentarios en "Golden Corral MODDED 2022"

  1. D Moss dice:

    this is totally about the app. whenever I get about 85 points on my card and almost 100, it is always suddenly taken off with no explanation. it’s a big time rip-off. I lose all the points I’ve built up over three weeks. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’m not using this app anymore, it’s total BS!. coroporate should be ashamed doing their customers this way.

  2. The app is great until you get to the restaurant and you aren’t able to use your reward points. In addition to that the receipt doesn’t even have a code or number to download points earned for the current visit. I have lost over fifty points due to their inefficiency. They are always super apologetic and claim it’s due to their out of date computer system. Ya ok, then end the whole program.

  3. Sonya Lee dice:

    Love the app..but it won’t let you upload but one receipt within 4 hours of each other.. and that’s a problem for me because I have a receipt to eat in the restaurant.. after I’m done eating , sometimes I will fix another box and pay for it and take it home and it won’t let me upload that receipt.. because it’s within 4 hours and that’s not fair

  4. It’s a bit confusing since I did not have a barcode to scan or the restaurant did not have a scanner for the code on my telephone. I use the code spelled out on my receipt at the urging of the manager and that worked so I got nine points. Once you get past that that little hurdle it’s pretty easy to use and pretty easy to sign up.

  5. The app said to look for a marked Curbside space, but I’ve driven around 4 times and there isn’t one. The app asked where to find me when I arrived so finally said the first handicapped spot next to the exit door. I’ve been here 10 minutes (past pick up time), still no appearance of food. I’ve had a horrible day, it’s getting dark and I really want to go home.

  6. Changing my rating. App suddenly quit working said oops wrong signature, that’s a new one. Have tried for 2 days have uninstalled reinstalled shut down phone done reset on phone. Still nothing. Now the app shows up on the welcome page and freezes. Next time don’t get the guy from Obamacare to program your app.

  7. A Ken dice:

    This place has a large selection of good food and it tastes delicious! All the staff – hostess, cooks, bakers and people refilling food items are great! It is also very clean. I hope everyone asks to sit in Paula’s section. She is awesome – cheerful, asks if you need anything then gets it and always shows up just when your drink glass is empty! If you go away from here hungry it is because you choose to!

  8. I have not been able to log into Golden Corral app for several months now. It seems that I only have $10.00 to go in order to recieve discount but the app never downloads so that I can sign in. I have asked for help at the locations I patronize with no one having any clue how to remedy this. Very frustrating to say the least

  9. The app does not have a convient way to credit delivery failures. On November 3rd, I ordered food delivery at my wife’s house. The food was never delivered to us. The app had no solution. I called the restaurant and was RUDELY, advised to submit problem in the app. I went back to the app and rated the service. After putting the information in I checked callback. Nearly a week went by. I never received a callback. I then followed a path to place a comment/complaint and again requested a callback.

  10. Awful ever since I updated your app. I have not been able to add my points or get into the app. Today I tried to use my birthday reward. Learned I had to buy one to get one free. As much money as I have spend in past year,just maybee I need to look at ,another restaurant.

  11. The food bars use to be great at one time. Was there last night with my wife and the food was below standard what I have had in the past. The young girl cooking at the steak grill was to busy talking with an other employee when I asked her about the steaks that was on the grill. Her reply was they are not done. And they were. Desert bar was terrible no silverware. The salad bar not so appealing. Ran out of food plates.

  12. Not impressed. It only allows 1 code every 4 hours (used to allow 2 codes) and if you have several people at the same table who want to pay separately it still only gives credit for 1 code. This tends to make me want to meet friends somewhere else, where my business is more valued. Plus, having to have an app to earn rewards is unnecessary. You should be able to do it thru the Good as Gold Club, but cannot.

  13. Rich P dice:

    When you sign up your giving a $5 coupon for $25 purchase which expires 2 years from now. The restaurant says the barcode won’t scan and contact corporate you contact corporate and they say to contact the restaurant. Since they scanned it and it didn’t work now my coupon is no longer in the app. USELESS. It’s their way of luring you in to their restaurant and then you can’t even access Rewards. You email corporate office and it takes them a month to get back to you with the runaround.

  14. Mspinki dice:

    It won’t let me enter receipt codes more than half the time. Error constantly comes up saying I can’t enter more than one code within 4 hours. The reality is that you can’t enter codes within 24 hours. I entered one receipt that had just been handed to me by the clerk. It said it had already been entered. Total garbage and completely useless. I have lost countless points since using this app.

  15. The App will steel (ghost) the redeemed rewards certificate without any reason or justifications. Have lost 2x $10 in a row, never redeemed or use them, but just disappeared. Wasted over 3 weeks responding to the agent in the app feedback due to her slow and ignorant responses to quit on me at the end without any solution. Now 2x$10 certificates has gone!!! Don’t waste your time!!!

  16. Great App. Using the App is convenient, and easy to use. You can check for restaurant locations, place orders for take out, and by using the App and entering the code from your receipts, you gain points for free meals money. You can also purchase gifts cards with the App, which makes great gifts. I highly recommend it.

  17. The app was pretty straightforward and easy to use; although, I found it somewhat ambiguous about how to go about getting credit for my in-store purchases. The button to credit your rewards account is called “Earn”, which threw me off.

  18. Based on the recent reviews on how. this app works, or is working, compounded by the local stores apparently not knowing how the app works, plus corporate customer service not responding in a timely manner to problems is causing me to rethink having downloaded this app! There is going to be hell to pay if I have rewards available and go to a local restaurant, lose my points and still have to pay! Also trying to scan a receipt and then it not working until after the receipts code had expired!!

  19. This has to be the worst food app ever for takeout. It only gives me the choice of a meat and two vegetables I can’t order a vegetable plate it gives me no options for ordering more side orders than just two that come with the meal and I can only order one meal and pay for it and then if I want a second meal if I’m eating with someone else I have to go back start a new order and pay for that separately just stupid stupid!!!

  20. App doesn’t let you sign up. I put name email address and password. As phone number is optional as well as invite code is optional. And once I agree to terms and that I am 18 yrs old and click sign up. I get a pop-up box that says oops. This is what happens when you hire any developer without doing your research.

  21. App easy to use for my purposes. About 10 meals ‘earned’ equals about 1 free meal ‘redeemed.’ I dine at my local GC about 1x per week and have thus far redeemed $30 (in $10 increments) for 3 visits without problem. NOTES: JUST DON’T WAIT LONGER THAN A FEW DAYS TO ENTER YOUR RECEIPT# FOR ITS POINTS, OR APP WON’T ALLOW YOU TO! ALSO: DON’T be scared when, once you’ve reached the 100-points/$10 ‘earned’ goal, you see those points gone from app’s main screen..your $10 ‘earned’ is still within!

  22. J Jasper dice:

    A lot of gotchas. You have to spend $100 before you can get any reward and then when you activate it and if you can’t use it within a short time span you lose it all. (Why?) You lose it even if you are at a GC and if their system is down you just lost you $10 credit for good. Their fault but tough ####

  23. Horrible P.O.!! They don’t serve what’s on their website. Since I ordered on the website they used door dash for delivery and was told by the delivery driver to cancel my order because they went serving what I ordered, then found out after going back on the website and was unable to cancel order because there’s no cancellation option. The restaurant was not taking calls at all!! And couldn’t go through door dash because I don’t have an account with them!! I will never done that again!!

  24. This app is completely and utterly useless. I downloaded the app, not only is there NO bar code, put I repeatedly clicked on what I thought was a link to enter my receipt number to go towards my reward points. NOTHING. Uninstaller. A complete waste of time and useless just to like the cooks serving undercooked food, and making omelets inside out. 🤬🤬🤬

  25. I have the app on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone. App is good for those that like to eat there regularly, but when I went to redeem my $10 reward, no where did the app say I would have a 4 hour window to use the reward. I figured it’d be added to the app to use later (like Wendy’s has) or I’d get an email with a code on it or something. Now the code I have will expire before my family goes out to eat tonight. The app needs to be more transparent about telling you that you have a limited time to use your reward AND have you confirm you wish to use the reward knowing that. I just lost $10 because of that. I didn’t realize the rewards were like Fazoli’s with a limited window to use, but at least Fazoli’s gives you a warning you have a limited window unlike Golden Corral which tricks you into wasting your reward if you activate it too soon.

  26. BOW DIDLY dice:

    The app states you can earn $5.00 off of any order of 25.00 or more. That’s a scam to the individual single visitor to the restaurant. The buffet is only $15.99, then you add a soft drink for another $2.99 . The subtotal is before Pennsylvania state sales tax $19.98. then the state sales tax is only $1.20 giving the single visitor only having to pay $21.18 . How in the hell does one get a discount if the bill is less than the $25.00 one would have to spend?? I don’t drink alcohol so that’s out

  27. I had not been to Golden Coral in years and my visit was wonderful. I was very surprised to see the inside was remodeled. The dining area was well lit, spacious and clean. The food of course, was admiringly appeasing to look at and tasted as good as it looked. Of the items I partook off, nothing was undercooked nor overcooked. I will definitely return much sooner than later.

  28. Bill Lang dice:

    Would have given it 5 stars except one time it would not accept the code so I lost out on 18 points. Sent an email to corporate with a picture as instructed. Never heard a word back. Disappointing! Other than that one bad experience, it’s been great.

  29. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner this evening. The restaurant was very busy and the food was constantly refreshed. I had been disappointed a week ago with the roast beef, it was cold and while they normally had hot au jus to warm it with wonderful flavor. Tonight it was warm and they had the hot au jus. I enjoyed an great meal.

  30. It will not let you access account says password bad .sent for a reset password 20 times never got it ! Can not log in.did not get free birthday meal ! Also does not allow you to put receipts on it to get 10.dollar credit on every 100. Spent you get nothing they promised you only get their ads! Not the only one having this problem fixing to delete this app if somebody does not fix it.

  31. I haven’t used this app to order or pay for anything. I order at cash register and pay with my credit card. All I’ve done with this app is enter my barcode number in it to score rewards points. That’s been easy.

  32. The app was easy to use. The restaurant could have been a little cleaner. Seen a busted dairy creamer lay on the floor the whole time we were there right in the middle of the carpet. A pair of tongs beside the buffet bar that someone dropped which lay there for 15 minutes before an employee picked them up. However the manager did give me a free birthday dinner because I did not receive mine in the mail which I thought was very kind. And the cashier with very nice nice as well at getting him.

  33. It says down load and you get $5.00 off. But when I tried to use it I couldn’t get five dollars off. I held up the entire line trying to get a $5.00 off. No more. No birthday discount. Hard to use. I probably won’t even go back to the golden corral. The app is that bad

  34. The registers in the local Golden Corrals do not have QR code readers, and the current version of the app does not generate a numeric alternate code! Also, the introductory points they gave me expired before I could use them. I demand satisfaction! Contact me so we can straighten this out

  35. Tried to redeem $5 off of $25 order reward for downloading the app and store did not have a scan code reader at the register. They asked for the numbers below the bar code, but they disappeared after 2 seconds. The restaurant gave me a free $2.29 soda in lieu of $5. Then for 1 point for each $1 reward you are told to scan the scan code or bar code on receipt. Receipt had neither. Why roll out an app if the restaurants are set up and ready for it?

  36. Rewards for Golden Corral was really easy to get put on my phone. Now every time I go to eat I will be able to get points for everytime. I’m so glad that they started the rewards program because we really like eating there.

  37. Everytime we go in there the staff is usually amazing some days you get someone that dont know anything about the rewards to use as credit for meals then there are sometimes not enough staff to keep everything going around the buffet but i still give 4☆ for the food is usually pretty good but need to train staff better!!!

  38. I love Golden Corral! I have been trying to download this app for two days and I am not having any luck- it says can’t install app and try again later. When I try again, nada no luck. Today is the last day to redeem the receipt code to go towards reward points. I do not want to lose out on the points!

  39. We love Golden Corral’s quality of food, ambiance, and friendly servers. The app is a real plus and very easy to use! I have just earned my first reward, an excellent perk. Overall, I think GC is an outstanding value.

  40. Love eating here. Plus the point you get on the app adds up it’s amazing only down side is sometimes the printer messes up and there is no code on receipt for the points. I missed out 3 times for 3 people that’s a lot.

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