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Our brand new app brings customized Wingstop orders faster and easier than ever.
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Wingstop, Where Flavor Gets Its Wings

You bring the appetite, we’ll bring the flavor. Our brand-new mobile app makes it easier than ever to satisfy your craving by ordering ahead for delivery or carryout. Choose your made-to-order masterpiece featuring any of our 11 iconic flavors from your favorite Wingstop location.

Download the official Wingstop mobile app to get first-class treatment. No account is needed to order ahead or get delivery. But when you do create one, we promise to remember your favorite orders so you can reorder anytime with a tap of the finger. We got your back.

A few new features:

Order wings ASAP or up to 7 days in advance with our streamlined quick-n-easy flow for delivery or carryout
Customize your mix of iconic flavors and protein styles on each order
Personalize your experience by setting your favorite locations, delivery addresses and in-app payment methods
Easily get directions and store info for any Wingstop location
Registered users can save and reorder favorite menu items

Download now!

*Ordering functionality is for U.S. residents only


Our app just got an upgrade. Come get your flavor and check out what's new:

• Improved app stability


40 comentarios en "Wingstop MOD 2022"

  1. This app is really easy to use, has a lot of customization options. Definitely one of the top food apps. Updated 7/3/22, app keeps crashing. Can’t put more than one thing in the cart, when I go to add more items, the app crashes and resets everything.

  2. App is easy to use, intuitive and allows you to quickly and easily order what you want . It would be nice to be able to order each flavor in specific amounts so that it doesn’t have to be in equal amounts of each flavor. For instance if you order 24 wings in 3 flavors it is split into 8 only if each flavor. I would like to have ordered 12 of one and 6 each if the other flavors or 8 and 4 as well.

  3. Aram Rice dice:

    The app is easy to use, and efficient. The restaurant doesn’t offer any loyalty programs for online delivery customers however. They have punch cards that would allow you to get the 10th basket of wings you order for free, but those are not accepted online through the app, and you must pick up your order from the restaurant to have the holes punched.

  4. Updated version of app works great! Love the convenience and flexibility as well. Having the ability to be able to pay in restaurant at pick-up as well is an added bonus for each and every socio-economic class. I would like to mention that they recently changed their COMBO menu which NO LONGER includes a side of Seasoned Fries AND your choice of Veggies sticks as well. If there is a change, it is good business practice to mention the change at the time the order is placed. Overall still happy.

  5. App is really easy to use. I have used the app for the past 5 orders now so I figure I could give it a rate. Very clear and understandable. I loved the ability to ask for extra seasoning on things that I normally would ask for any way, providing more options is always a good thing. The only compliant I have is missing the ability to substitute certain items from their combos but over all great experience. Definitely will use again.

  6. This is a horrible app. You can’t update your credit cards, it keeps the old ones and tells you that they are expired. When you try to put it in again, it just keeps the old info and says it’s expired. Absolutely frustrating. I finally had to enter an entirely new card. There needs to be a way to manage your account and cards, but nope, this app is so backwards it feels like I’m in 2004 again.

  7. The app is user friendly. I had ordered through the website previously. I prefer the app because it contain just as much as of the menu options available on the website. The location feature gives one the option to choose a store of preference with accuracy. You are able to order ahead so you don’t forget or you could order for immediate pick up in about 25 minutes. I would definitely recommend the app to everyone that cares. It easy to use. You don’t have to wait trying to log onto a computer.

  8. This app is fantastic. It’s very easy to use. It’s quick and guides you through the process to make sure you don’t miss anything. I originally rated this app with 3 stars because I felt it lacked features that the older version had. Apparently some features were removed temporarily to accommodate the large orders during the Superbowl. Now that it has been restored I am more than pleased with it!

  9. The app works very well for ordering but it unfortunately becomes completely useless if your device is in any language besides English. My device was in Russian and I was across the street from the location I was ordering from and no matter how I tried to type in the address the location would not show up, despite typing in English. I dont know if this is poor Google Maps integration or what. As soon as I changed system language to English, the location showed up and I was able to order…

  10. Fix the location algorithm! I usually have a great experience through the app and used to only be able to actually complete my order through the app vs. website. On my most recent order, the app automatically selected a restaurant across state lines. When the delivery person got to the restaurant, they contacted me asking if I entered the wrong address. My order was then marked as delivered even though the delivery person was still at the restaurant. I didn’t receive my food nor a refund.

  11. I don’t rate apps very often, only have done it like twice, but this one gets the job done. It’s incredibly easy to use. Thankfully it isn’t slow and there’s no delay in switching menus. I love it’s simplicity and how fast it is. I haven’t experienced a problem in the 20+ times I’ve ordered and if there has been a problem, it was my fault like accidentally ordering an extra order of fries. Good app and it deserves the 5stars.

  12. Pretty great mobile app experience compared to most food chain apps. Could use some improvements but everything functions well. The one thing I’d love to see improved is ready for carryout time frame. It would say ready in 15-20 minutes but sometimes you forget what time you ordered. So an indication of when you ordered relative to when the order is ready would be great!

  13. Convenient, detailed, self-explanatory, and tasty. Doubts? Might as well get the app and have the menu at your fingertips; with the option of paying before you pickup, it literally makes orders a grab-n-go process. It even includes calories while you’re choosing items and the ability to add notes. I’ve had no trouble.

  14. App works well unlike competitors, prices are better though less options. No rewards system is a big bummer. Edit: if you live in an apartment don’t do delivery option. They do not provide any way to give the delivery driver your apartment number. I’ve had several driver’s just leave it at the main door without even calling to let me know it’s there and it’s been stolen once.

  15. Love it do essy to use once u get the hang of the app just one thing I would’ve liked better is, once u get to choose either classic bone-in or out , I didn’t really liked seeing again (bone-in or out) when choosing the flavors. Gets a bit confusing when having a blurry vision by being too long on the phone . Overall I Love it!

  16. Great app. Just wish checking out was faster. It takes a while for the next screen to load, making you think it’s not working. Then when you close the app, it clears your cart, which is annoying. I hope it retains it so you don’t have to reselect if you accidentally close it. Otherwise, it’s a good app.

  17. Incredibly easy to order delicious wings, sides, & strips from this app! Everything is very user-friendly, from choosing between different meals, switching up different flavors & dips, to changing between delivery & pickup, all without having to completely start your order over (happens with some apps I’ve noticed). This is exactly how to design a superb app, thank you Wingstop!

  18. Thomas dice:

    Have eaten here multiple times and enjiy it every time! Good turn over time for food and great flavors. Associates know how to upsell beautifully and really consider what you want for your dollar. Just a great experience. Only issue, is a recent one with an addition of some new faces that are not really there to “work”. But they have picked it up a lot!

  19. Two years ago, I wrote a one star review for this app. I thought rating the app would be enough to signal that there’s an issue that needs to be addressed but it looks like they’d rather me do a bunch of extra work in contacting them a second time rather than just fixing the problem. Still can’t log in on the app. The website has no problem with my password.

  20. Been using all consistently for several months with no issues. My only complaint is that some locations won’t allow you to choose cash as payment if the order is over $20. Which is ridiculous because if I call the order in cash payment would not be an issue. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars. FYI I primarily go to the location on Charleston and rainbow they are awesome. NEVER had any issues with service or food quality, that store is 5+++ stars

  21. The app is pretty bare bones and contains only text. The backend is only as reliable as your local store. So not very reliable at all as it turns out for me. You’re much better off calling in your order or walking in. 100% recommend against using the delivery option unless you like cold food.

  22. Good but not perfect. Wings are yummy but a lot of the flavors have the same after taste which isn’t satisfying to me. There aren’t many side food options but they’re still delicious. Delivery isn’t that good, recently ordered food for dinner and the delivery took so long I was already asleep for work only to find cold food at my front door the next morning. I definitely recommend Wingstop, just don’t expect anything over the top good from here.

  23. Generally a smooth, clean experience. Not always intuitive, but it will stop you if you forget or miss something. In that way, its foolproof. It would be a 5 if the drink options were truly accurate (Fanta is never an option even though I know the location has it).

  24. app is very convenient. I do wish there were more options for customizing orders (one nitpick is only being able to pick two flavors for fries. also. the amount of seasoning should be an extra option with extra done). Would also like an option to exclude a drink from the order all together.

  25. Buggy. Delete something, add new items, and it refreshes with older items from several screens ago. Prices require many screen flows to evaluate which is good value (likely by design). Store shows unable to take online order after filling out an entire order. Should really be a straight forward app as it’s just the website, but somehow functions poorly.

  26. Usually my experience is great with this app, but this is the second time that my card is declined upon payment and my order doesn’t go through despite my bank account showing multiple transactions for the same order. Very annoying since they can’t refund me and I have to call my bank and open a case that takes several business days to resolve.

  27. Passable ordertaking app but it sets you up to fail in a few different ways and then you just gotta figure it out for yourself. For example, if you need the restaurant you’re ordering from requires you to pay upfront, you don’t learn that until you’re past the point where you can pick that

  28. It was a great app, when I was able to log on. Now I can only go through the website. I’ve uninstalled and updated and reinstalled multiple times and still say “error opening application” on the other hand website is also easy to use and fast.

  29. I get a “Unable to launch the application, Unknown Error” message when opening up the app. Tried force stopping and clearing cache, as well as reinstalling the app. No change :/ I’m able to order through the website, so that’s a plus. 5/18 App works now. After i upgraded my pone. Never got a follow up on my email report to WS support.

  30. Horrible, the app and online website. I have tried to put my card information in on both to place an order and they keep telling me my billing address is wrong and I know that’s not true when I’ve order on plenty of other occasions before. The last time it did this I figured it was just a bug no problem I go to the store instead. Now I’m trying again so I can place it for lunch because I don’t have time to go there and wait so I want order ahead and I can’t once again! I’ve tried multiple cards!

  31. I have been eating at Wingstop for quite a while. However, I’ve only used the app for pickup orders. For whatever reason (Warriors game 5!) I decided to try delivery this past weekend. Thank you Wingstop for including the tip option. I don’t carry much cash these days and I always tip food service because they have one of the most difficult jobs in this country, period. Always tip your food service workers!!!! Kudos to the app developer from a fellow IT pro.

  32. My first experience at a Wingstop was absolutely terrible however since trying the near my home 3 👍. I used the app and service was very good. Food was ready to pick-up once I arrived and I forgot my Lemonade bottle and I was able to get on my next order. Also the deals are really good, just need to add a customer rewards program.

  33. Easy to use and order. However every single time i got to get my wings they are never ready. The order is supposed to take 20 it says but i have to wait almost 30 extra mins at the restaurant before my wings even get dropped in the fryer. There is hardly anyone there and im still having to wait. Why is this. Not going there anymore.

  34. Dogshit, worked once and then anytime after it would take minutes just to load another screen only to give me an error and make me do everything over again, couldn’t even find my location without having a stroke and crashing itself.

  35. I usually used door dash but instead i downloaded the Wingstop app and realized after they completely screwed up my $50 order and instead sent me $14 in dry rub wings (disgusting), and sent nothing else. I contacted customer service and they don’t respond. I contacted them several days in a rows without a response, they don’t care. The Wingstop app is awful. No customer service at all, they don’t care. I no longer eat Wingstop because of this app.

  36. One of the most user-friendly food apps out there. Tons of options for customization and super duper easy. Not only does WingStop have the best wings, they have the best app, too! Get with it, BW3! (Im old… Buffalo Wild Wings (less the third W, Weck, will always be BW3 to me) needs to step it up!!

  37. The application was easy for me to use and set up. Took no more than five minutes and I had my account set up and order placed. I love the option to set an order time as well and I made use of this feature from the first time I used the app.

  38. The app isn’t bad so I’ll give it 3 stars. However, I’m deleting it because my local Wingstop let my food sit on a shelf for 30 minutes as I stood there believing it was being made. No refund offered. So I had no choice but to eat $68 worth of cold wings and fries.

  39. Easy to navigate and add items, flavors and portions. Pay ahead and just pick it up. Our local WingStop always has the order ready within the time window the app gives us after ordering. Thanks Newhall, CA crew!

  40. Donovan B dice:

    The app does exactly what I need it to do, which is, ordering wings. Very simple and straightforward service. 🤙

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