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Like a tiny Chipotle that lives in your phone, our app lets you order real, delicious food for pickup or delivery.


• Members bank points automatically for in-app orders.
• In-person, scan the app to earn points and redeem rewards.
• Redeem points on Food, Goods and Giving in the Rewards Exchange.
• Set a favorite reward to track points as you go.
• Get rewarded faster with extra point offers and early access to new menu items.
• Oh, and let’s just say… we won’t forget you on your birthday.

• Pick up quicker with mobile pickup shelves and Chipotlane.
• Or, get your food delivery bought straight to your door.
• Try tasty menu items you can only get in-app or online.
• Get your faves faster with saved meals and recent orders.
• Go crazy with unlimited ‘extra’ ‘light’ and ‘on-the-side’ customizations.
• Low gift card balance? Split the payment with another card.
• Pay your way with Google Pay.
• See your sustainability impact with Real Foodprint metrics.
• Start a Group Order to invite your squad in on the fun.
• Save your go-to Chipotle locations and food delivery addresses.


Thanks for using the Chipotle app! We've made your ordering experience even better with a new Chipotle Rewards Card widget, a few performance enhancements, security updates, and bug fixes included in this release.


40 comentarios en "Chipotle – Fresh Food Fast MOD 2022"

  1. I love the convenience of ordering on the app, but about every third or fourth order, something goes wrong. Usually the glitches are small, but more than once, I’ve shown up to pick up my order and it’s not in the system, despite being paid for and receiving a receipt email! Chipotle customer service is wonderful, so I can’t complain there. But I’d like to see app improvements, especially in selecting a location for pickup that is not a “favorite” location.

  2. Building a meal with the app is very easy. I love the ease of customizing, light, extra, on the side, so much better than most apps. I would like to see a place to add a note. For example, I would like to request salad dressing, or extra napkins, but there’s no place for that. Also, I want to be able to ‘favorite’ a menu item, with all of its customizations. Currently you can only favorite the entire order, which is not helpful at all.

  3. They offer promos and then they don’t work. for example, free queso or a side. I chose a different side, but no discount. Then after going through the order, the place to enter the discount code was gone. And adding reward items is cumbersome. let me do it in one step while ordering. instead i have to redeem the points, then add it to my order.

  4. Ash Evans dice:

    In theory and looks, it’s a good app. It allows you to put in your order ahead, with the exact things you want. In reality, the app usually tells me my order is ready at least 5 minutes before it actually is, and several times, the app has removed part of my ingredients after I’ve submitted my order. I don’t find out until I get my food and not everything’s there.(Often, I don’t think to check my food until I’m home.) The app also regularly freezes. Chipotle, you’re better than this!

  5. The update required me to login again and used two factor authentication, which was inconvenient. But the main. issue is the new Hold to Order button. It did not work well. I tried it several times, had to back out of the checkout page and come back into the order. After three more tries and holding the button for about a minute, my order finally went through. Get rid of this unhelpful new feature. Very annoying.!

  6. Work is near one restaurant and home near another I have accidentally ordered from the wrong location a couple of times. I noticed it immediately once the order processed because the pick up address shows right there. But there is no way to cancel the order. It would be nice to have the pickup address confirm near the payment button or have a way to cancel the order within a minute or 2. Obviously this is ultimately my fault. But this would make the app more user-friendly.

  7. Jim P dice:

    It works well, but wish you could order chipotle honey vinaigrette on the side for other meals. I put it ony burrito or bowl. It makes my meal when I can get it, but when I have to go back to the counter to ask for some, waiting in line, etc. Would be nice if I could add it on the side in the app and it just be there. With the new update, I now have a “Chipotle Order in Progress” notification that sticks around. It would be nice to click in the app that I picked it up so it doesn’t keep it.

  8. So frustrating ordering with this app. It’s not intuitive and oftentimes you end up doubling up with your last order. And then you have to go item by item to remove them. Also, you can’t customize like you would in the store. Finally, and the worst part, there’s at least a 50% chance your order will be incorrect or missing items. I’ve often had to run back because they forgot to give me a second bag, exchange an item that was made incorrectly, or give me someone else’s food!

  9. Good when it works, but they still have not fixed where you enter a credit card. Typing the number results in duplicate numbers being entered. And back spacing jumps between other numbers and doesnt delete what intended. Not to mention there have been numerous times where i order an hour ahead, then get there and still not have my order ready. Tried several stores and it isnt a single store issue. So i conclude an app issue.

  10. I would assume that I’m not the only one who has had this issue solely because it comes up as an option when you select “issues with order” but I tend to occasionally place orders in the wrong location. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m use to every app having locations where you’re ordering at either the beginning or ending of the order. The chipotle app just keeps your location set to your most recently ordered location. They do always make it right with reimbursements.

  11. Like their food, always have. We decided to order in and have food delivered, started as a pickup order. Upon switching, noticed a nearly 30% increase in each item cost, if that wasn’t enough, on top of that they add a delivery fee and service fees. Pick one or the other, don’t price gouge your loyal customers. Very disappointed.

  12. Biy Che dice:

    Signed up for free guac, coupon kept saying it was missing the item no matter if I added it as part of my bowl or separately. Also, app asked for a name for the order, but didn’t actually add it to the receipt so they couldn’t find my order. There’s also no way to view what was on the order after submitting, can only see price paid and pick up time. Also don’t see any way to view past receipts.

  13. Poor app functionality. When adding cards, it dropped a discount on my order and I ended up not getting part of my order. It states there is no internet connection every time you open the app or refresh. The ability to order for pickup works, but you can’t see own order details and when the staff finishes is vastly different from whatever status is on the bar is (which never updates, just stuck on preparing). $27 for a salad delivery? The store is 2 miles away!

  14. The app almost works, but the pickup times don’t reflect how busy the store is. If the store is over an hour behind (and if staff tell you to just refund), you can’t do it in the app, you have to wrestle with a chat bot that closes when it sees the order still open. When you finally get a human, they can’t cancel the order, only void the transaction. Not worth it, for you or the workers who get buried as the app piles more and more on them.

  15. Not super thrilled with the fact that I can’t simply order just a side of salsa. Ive already placed a bag of chips and queso in the cart and I just want to add an extra salsa cup. There’s no way to do that in the app. You can do that with queso, and guac, but not anything else. Edit: One year later and it seems they still haven’t fixed the clunky issues with this app. 1 star. Too bad I can’t order the way I want to here.

  16. Food is great. Only problem I have is I wanted to pay with my gift cards so I could take advantage of one of their digital specials while using the app. There is no option to pay anything other than credit card. Tried to call. All Automated. Would not accept gift card as payment saying I needed to order through app. This is a problem ….. if you are going to sell gift cards, the customer should be able to use them online or in person.

  17. Edit: Points only awarded sometimes. I use an app so I don’t need to mess with paper receipts. Last two purchases received no credit and no help without a receipt. No exceptions. I gave it a shot. Trash app except for trendy teens who think Chipotle is authentic Mexican food. Prices are a bit high for something that is largely rice, but that won’t change since teeny boppers will keep them in business. No in-app promos. Orders rarely ready on time.

  18. J N dice:

    Use of rewards to not understandable to use for online orders and pick up. Then the order time kept saying it wasn’t available, though it shows the time display. Should be taken off if I can’t choose it anymore. Also I tried to add this Mastercard gift card (they take MC) but when I tried to pay it said there was a problem. I’m not sure if they take split payments but it took me 30 minutes just figure all this out. Just not very user friendly.

  19. C Me dice:

    This app makes ordering even more difficult by attempting to cater to more options. By doing so, it makes every step of ordering more difficult. from signing in, to choosing a location, to the limited customization options. If it wasn’t for an app exclusive, I wouldn’t use it ever again.

  20. Edit: Downgraded 5 to 3 stars. This app overtime has gotten worse. It has become slower and glitchier (even after reinstalling). Randomly log outs me out. And NOW after the latest update, REQUIRES you to have location on to work. Even though you can say “No thanks” it will not work without location being on… 3 stars since it still works to say the least. One of the few restaurant apps that works well.

  21. This app works decently for placing orders, but the customer support for orders is unreliable and frustrating. For every time I have had issues with an order, the customer service failed to rectify the issue, be it missing items, order cancellation, etc.; additionally, most of the support features are poorly organized and require a lot of navigation just to find. In my opinion, the convenience of the app isn’t worth the potential headache ordering ahead creates.

  22. Had major order issues with the app the past 3 or more uses. The customer support is an awful automated message service that typically, “can’t process the request,” every time there’s an issue, and with no easy way to talk to a human being it gets incredibly frustrating trying get a refund. Uninstalling and no longer ordering delivery from Chipotle, which is currently the only option to get it.

  23. When it works, it’s great. You can customize your order down to every ingredient… It overcomes those restrictions on the delivery apps like doordash, uber eats, etc… However, sometimes the payment processing won’t go thru and you waste your time. Needs programming improvement, but for customization of ingredients it’s far superior to the delivery apps.

  24. Great restaurant, not so great app. There’s usually about a 20% chance of total failure anytime you use it, and now I can’t even install it without triggering an endless loop of “Unfortunately, Chipotle has stopped” notifications. The app looks sleek and modern for sure, but it’s not much if all you can see on it is the sad cartoon avocado.

  25. There’s no way to seek human help with the order, and the support chatbot can’t handle order disasters. It seems to be deliberately more frustrating to use than it has been in the past, forcing you to go outside the app to look up an order number that’s obviously available to the bot, and refusing to help when an order has multiple problems. If you ask for a human, it says it doesn’t understand you. None of this is accidental.

  26. Very disappointed. The system now continually pops up asking you to turn on your location services. Even after repeatedly saying no and cancel or close, it continually pops up with location services pop up. Very annoying!! *** Update from 11/15/22 seems to have cleared up the problem… No more continuous pop-up to turn on location service!!! ***

  27. Michael G dice:

    New: App is always having issues. You can scan my payment but I can’t add rewards? Old: On top of digital convenience fee and delivery fee, the price of each item goes up roughly $1 for delivery orders? Are you kidding me? That is absolutely ridiculous. Never ordering delivery again. Just charge a higher flat delivery fee. Do not try to sneak these other price hikes just because I choose delivery. Shady behavior.

  28. Editing to downgrade. When a coupon in the app is expired, remove it from being an option. There are rewards or coupons on there that are like a week expired but it makes me think i can still use it. I think it would be nice to have a comments section when ordering. while I can select extra sour cream or cheese, I would like to be able to say I want additional sides of these items so it is ready when I get there. that way I don’t clog up the line by asking for them in person.

  29. Was working very well. I use it to order weekly. It was a bit buggy in that the cursor would consistently move around when I would try to put my card number in, so I would have to go back and delete and re-enter the correct numbers. Now, the past two weeks, it won’t accept my payment method, even though it’s a credit card with a huge then I have to go stand in a huge line

  30. Cold Fire dice:

    I shouldn’t need my location on to use your app. Hitting ‘No Thanks’ just causes and endless loop of pop-up asking to turn on location. Literally unusable without turning on location. I can understand needing it to order from the closest store, but if I’m at a store already and just want to scan the app to get rewards and/or pay, it shouldn’t require location access. Just checked by uninstalling/reinstalling. Not a bug, apparently a new ‘feature’. Review on 2022/09/18.

  31. Used to love this app. It made things super easy to order and pickup, since I could just add previous order to bag and go on my way. Now I can’t use it, because my husband orders tacos (and has ordered them) with more than 5 toppings, which the app no longer allows. If you need to charge me extra, fine, but don’t limit my topping choices like this. He’s ordered his tacos the same way for years, and now I have to go into the store to do it myself. This is stupid and I’d like it changed back.

  32. T H dice:

    Since the last update, The Chipotle app only works if you allow it to access your location. “For a better experience, turn on device location which uses Google’s location service.” When I click “No thanks “, the message continues to pop up and will not allow me to proceed. Location access should not necessary to use the app. It hasn’t been necessary in the past. Currently, the app is useless to me. I am disappointed and frustrated! Creepy, stalker like functionality…not cool.

  33. It glitches frequently, but my biggest complaint is that the store you’re ordering from isn’t prominently listed or confirmed when you order, so I’ve accidentally ordered from the wrong location multiple times and then just trying to call them to say they can give the food away (because I’m not driving 20 miles in the wrong direction to get it) is worse than trying to call Comcast. You literally can’t talk to a person. And forget about a refund! That’s not happening.

  34. T.C. B dice:

    Worked great for a long time, but now when I start it up it asks me to enable location services and even when I click “no thanks” the same pop up comes back and asks again. Sometimes it will stop after 4 or 5 times but other times I eventually just give up and close the app after 20 times. I have it set in the phones app settings to never ask me this and this makes me wonder what other permissions you are ignoring.

  35. S C dice:

    Changes to this app force you to turn on location. I usually order before leaving work so my current location is rarely relevant to the store I pick up from. I have location turned off to avoid creepy targeted ads so this is a big deal to me. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops turning on and off location just to use your app.

  36. Updated from 1 star to 4. Overall excellent app…one thing is it would be nice to have more customization on making bowls, particularly by allowing certain meats on one half and another on the other side. Also fajita veggies should be available on the side. ***Previous review***** App *was* working fine. Until the last couple of weeks. Now, it *constantly* says that there is a technical issue that they’re working on.

  37. r j dice:

    No, no, no, and no! I should not at all be forced to turn on location services to use this app. I can enter a zip code or address and find a restaurant just fine. The worst is while I’m being forced to turn on location services I get the same old deflecting/lying message about “a better experience with your service.” We all know that actually means “the monopoly of Google that we are slaves to demands your data and location from us so provide it now.”

  38. The app once again is trying to force us to let it use Location services. It asks you to turn it on, and if you hit “No Thanks” the window just pops right back up. It used to be if you were quick, you could hit Menu, and get to the menu with the pop-up being dismissed. Not so anymore.

  39. This is the second time this month I’ve used the app and it has completely changed my order. I go through the whole menu picking out what i want on my tacos and when it’s delivered i end up with plain chicken tacos with nothing but cheese and queso. The order gets completely changed after I’ve paid. 1 star and i wish there was a way to rate it lower.

  40. Your app is unusable when the location is off a device. If it asks me to turn it on once, fine. But you don’t need to know my location- its on me if I choose the wrong store. But the incessant asking makes it impossible to use, and so I just choose a different restaurant to spend my money. If it doesn’t get fixed, I’m ready to delete the app and always go elsewhere.

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