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Wolt makes it incredibly easy to discover and get great food, groceries and anything you might need delivered in your city. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ll make sure it gets delivered to you. Just pick a restaurant or shop, choose what you want, swipe to order and let us do the rest!

No time for cooking? Don’t want to leave the house to do your shopping? We’ve all been there. That’s why we became the online experts on the greatest local shopping experiences and restaurants. Anything you need, we’ve got you covered with our 40 000+ restaurant and shop choices.

You’ll be kept in the loop on the status of the delivery in real-time, with a minute-by-minute countdown. If staring at a clock isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we’ll also send you notifications so you know when your order is about to arrive.

We don’t like to brag, but we take customer support seriously, with a team of wonderful, friendly people in every one of the 23+ countries we operate in. They are just a chat away and respond in seconds.

Getting your food and goods should be as simple as possible. That’s why you can pay conveniently and securely with your credit card or Google Pay. Whatever works for you.

Wolt is currently available in 170+ cities located in Japan, Germany, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. More are added all the time!


40 comentarios en "Wolt Delivery: Food and more MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is amazing. No bugs, no stutters. So incredibly smooth to use. Integrates wonderfully with Google Pay. The order process is intuitive. Everything just works. Congrats to the devs on a spectacular job. The only things is like to see are more restaurant selections, and the ability to customize an item. (No mustard, no mayo, etc). You can only make changes if programmed in, a text box would be nice!

  2. I visited Croatia, Zagreb, and used this app to order, may 4 times. It was great. I have traveled to others countries and this is the smarter one (I can’t think of any other term). It’s easy to find restaurants, but is really cool that it allows restaurants to pause taking orders if they’re too busy. It also shows messages if there’s a lot of traffic in the city letting you know that deliveries will take longer. They updates these constantly.

  3. Worst user interface EVER. I ended up ordering three identical pancakes, because when you hit DONE it just keeps incrementing the count of items in the cart, so you don’t even know what’s in the cart in the end. Very confusing and counter-intuitive UI, really hard to navigate (compared to other apps of the same kind).

  4. Such an awful experience. First things first, I created an order, waited for 30 minutes and then the app sent me a notification that the order has been delivered, while it hadn’t. I waited for 30 more minutes, just in case there was a problem somewhere and then contacted the support. They said, that I maintain multiple accounts (been using Wolt for less than a week), that my order is cancelled and my account is deactivated. That’s all. Well, seemed good at first, but it seems it isn’t.

  5. I really liked the app, but it happened quite a lot of time that I was spending like 10 minutes picking an order from a restaurant, but when I try to order it, it tells that delivery to my location is no longer possible because they suddenly restricted the delivery range. Bruh, charge extra for delivery at least, don’t cut the option completely!

  6. Alex Katz dice:

    Delivered my 25 euro order to the wrong address it automatically preselected. 3 months ago I moved to a new address. I’ve been ordering wolt to the new address for the past 3 months without any problems. Somehow wolt preselected my old address (even though I was at the new address the whole time) and I didn’t notice it. Usually it preselects the last location or at least based on gps Support told me that I should have checked it and it’s not a bug. “Read ToS”. So it can happen to you

  7. Excellent app. Fixes the issues I have noticed with the competition. Some of the things I like: I can set the exact location when my address is missing from the map. I have had issues with the competing app because delivery people were not able to find me. The app preserves the current order in a smart way when I close it and open again. Kudos to the Wolt team!

  8. The overall experience of the app is great, but can rate it a 4 for now. Since this app allows for international people to work, having the ability to configure your notes to fit specific language settings would be neat. Example, in my settings, there’s two note fields, Lithuanian and English, I set them up and someone who speaks English and uses the English language for the app they would see the English note for reaching my address and vice versa for Lithuanian delivery personnel

  9. There is one very annoying issue: with self pickup dismissing the order ready notification completes the order, and there seems to be no way to bring up the number that you need to say to get the order. I often dismiss the notification automatically, it’s just muscle memory. Update: no, this doesn’t seem to be caused by dismissing the notification. Maybe the venue does something wrong. Still, this could be fixed by better UX.

  10. Not about the app, but the service itself. Terrible experience with delivery. Late (I mean, double the ETA), courier rude (which resulted in me being ruder). Uninstalling and will never use it again. Luckily there are other options in my city.

  11. This was on of my favourite apps in Berlin, from the interface, all the way to customer support. I am uninstalling the app after 4 consecutive orders that got delayed (more than an hour) and got cold unedible and missing food. I contacted support all three times and the solution was tellinge to wait or offer a refund (for missing items). Dear wolt, it’s not about the money it’s about the experience. Your CS are trying their best, but there in nothing they can do to fix it.

  12. Gio dice:

    I’ve been blocked twice by this app based on certain unclear security reasons. Support team is helpless. First time I’ve managed to unblock myself by escalating to Wolt security team. I was able to make an order once after that. The second time I was trying to make an order I found myself blocked again. Unbelievable! Don’t want my money? Won’t get it.

  13. The app allows restaurants to list nothing but “menu” items on the app, thus allowing a broad daylight robbery with overpriced drinks people don’t want. A “menu” is supposed to be a “deal” or “promo” combo that gives you more for your money, not a ripoff. Reached off to support, got shrugs🤷

  14. Very convenient to use if you don’t quite know the language of the land, due to auto translate feature. Sometimes randomly turns off for some menu entries, but it’s ok

  15. Overall a decent app, though two things are annoying: 1) everytime I open other app while choosing smthng the list disappears. 2) I’d love to leave tips for courier after the delivery, depends on the service one gives. I find it quite stupidto leave the top before the delivery with an annoying option of contact if any changes are in mind.

  16. Nikola D dice:

    I used to enjoy this app but few times now i have issues with orders. Last time my order was quite late, food very cold, asked for a refund and they gave me like 30% refund for cold food. I use glovo as well and when they make a mistake especially to customers who order a lot they give a proper treatment. Wolt feels like a cheap app and company because of this. I will def. order less from this app from now on.

  17. Constant long delays and issues, and even complete cancellation after hours of delay. The customer support claims to fix the issues, offers tokens and maybe refunds, but then nothing gets fixed, same issue persist. I’ve given this service months before writing this review. Will stick to Lieferando.

  18. BoutTime dice:

    I use Wilt when working away in Europe. Huge selection of food from local restaurants delivered straight to my hotel. Fantastic customer service through the app too. You can also track delivery in real time on a map in the app.

  19. This app is great for deliveries. It goes into detail for your order so the customer is always delighted! It also has a user friendly interface were you can efficiently order food. This is tue best way to order food

  20. Excellent service depicted in an easy to use app. Sometimes I find it hard to find a specific type of shop (e.g. burger house, pastry shop, etc.), so I would love to see more filters for fine tuning my search. I also second the comment about the option for leaving tip AFTER the delivery as things might go wrong in the end. Apart from that the app works flawlessly!

  21. Lori M dice:

    Versatile options, great for everyday needs but also a great option for gifts, especially when living far away. Simply add the address if the person you want to send the gift to and see your delivery options. Menus are easy and options are endless.

  22. Den K dice:

    Great app, but there is no option to pay by cash which is a big disadvantage, since I have cash savings. Bolt food has this option and it is very convenient. The spare change can be added to account balance. Tips should be leaved after the delivery, since I don’t know that courier will arrive and his working attitude.

  23. They notify you that you have some credits to use in the app that will expire soon, but tell you only after you ordered that those credits are limited to a certain restaurant that you can’t even order from. The customer service was very friendly but couldn’t even extend the duration of the credits. Very frustrating experience.

  24. It is working very well but on the website, you cannot add anything to the cart. In addition, self employed courriers are often working in exploitive conditions and can risk their lifes on dangerous roads without insurance. If you use this app, find a coupon and gift the money to the courier. If you don’t tip, don’t use.

  25. Best part of walt is the customer support, if i ever have any problem with my order they always assist and the order is fixed or re-delivered. Amazing! Easy to use, head ache free.

  26. Sandra S dice:

    Amazing app. Super clear UI, really well designed layout, and so easy to do what you need. Big range of restaurants and shops. Great filters, including stuff like ‘vegan’. Reasonable delivery prices. Capacity to tip courier. I had an issue with my credit card and customer service and the tech team resolved it within the hour. Very, very impressed. Much better than Glovo!

  27. I just asked the customer service to delete my account. We ordered two burgers, salad, and potatoes, only to find one burger and potatoes missing. Total around 50EUR after the tip and the delivery price. The only thing I could get is a partial refund for the missing items. So that leaves me with 30 euros worth of nothing, as the food was enough just for one person, and the movie night was a disaster. As I can’t get my money back, I will not give them a cent anymore.

  28. The customer service is really bad, they can’t really help you in case your order is late. The food is late for 2 hours because the restaurant is too busy but the app keeps showing 5 mins till delivery. When you ask the customer service to tell you how much longer you will need to wait for your food they can’t give you the answer but keep asking if they can help with anything. Very annoying! This was the last time i used Wolt, very bad experience.

  29. Overall very good app. But of course reliant on the restaurants and the couriers who are individual ppl and make mistakes. The tipping system is illogical, it should be after the delivery not before.

  30. Overall bad experience with the app. They allow you to pay in cash, ask how much you have, and then they will turn up with no change and expect you to pay double for the food than priced. The times change and don’t reflect the real time. I understand that this business is not exact, but asking someone to pay double and trust that someone will give them change later is not acceptable

  31. The application is full of bugs (tracking, customer support chat etc). Some couriers are great, some are downright horrible. I don’t understand why there’s a “live customer support” when all they give you is copy/paste answers. I’m convinced many of the customer support employees don’t speak English either as they seem to love chatting in Hungarian even when I initiate the conversation in English.

  32. Very bad service. Customer support is “being” sorry after the first order delivered to me was somebody else’s order. And the second order was late 1h. On top of everything, you cannot even delete your account and data which I don’t think it’s GDPR compliant…

  33. Way better than the other apps. It has all of the menus translated to English and all the dishes has the right pictures. I am glad to use this app even if I have to pay more comparing to the others. Also the UI/UX is EXTREMELY well done. Thank you team.

  34. iaposto dice:

    False advertising in the app. Pizza Wednesdays with 20% discount offer, selected one pizza restaurant under the offer and no discount was applied at or after checkout. Contacted the customer support, they asked for screenshots of the offer. After I sent it, they claimed that the items I ordered were not part of the offer. I checked and none of the items could be purchased with discount. Lame excuses and practices from a big company.

  35. Wolt attempts to ensure that the order is delivered correctly and promptly. If it isn’t, they often refund the delivery fee, which is a surprising level of accountability and customer service. As a result, I’m ordering far more frequently than I thought I would.

  36. App works great, and well thought out. It helps all three participants. The supplier, the customer and the courier. There’s even a backup support person that can sort out any issues. I love it!

  37. Walt is the best delivery service in Cyprus. It has the best UI and support. Almost all orders are on time and are correct. The only time I had aproblem with wrong delivery the issue was resolved in no time at all and with some additional perks. I love what Walt does and I hope they have more ideas for the future: drone delivery, electric scooters recharged by solar power and better working conditions for the delivery men.

  38. Doesn’t typically crash and has fresh offerings. Navigation is pretty good for discovery of new items and credits gamifi the user experience to keep a competitive edge over competition, at least for new users to the app.

  39. I cannot enter delivery address because it forces me to use map. When searching it just shows street without ability to choose house number. On map I cannot pinpoint to house because it also doesnt show what I selected. On detailed address entry he expects me to add three times some house number which then unlocks next screen and this is absolute nightmare. Why did you made rocket science of entering address and you still flop like a baby.

  40. Exceptional! While being quarantined in Frankfurt, we have used Wolt at least 10 times so far for everything from candy to French pastries to sushi to fried chicken. Every transaction has been exceptional – on time, packaged well, great food. And the people at Wolt have been wonderful to work with. They should teach customer service classes! A lifesaver for us!

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