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The all-new Cracker Barrel app offers even more convenience. From finding the closest Cracker Barrel to beating the line when you dine or ordering homestyle favorites to-go, we think you’ll find lots to love.

Get directions to your favorite Cracker Barrel store or view store details with one tap.

It’s easier than ever to place an order at any time for your favorite Cracker Barrel meal. Simple select a location and pick-up time, and customize your order.

Add your name to our Online Wait List before your arrive for parties up to six. Or, simply check the wait time at Cracker Barrel stores.

Access our Catering and Online Gift Shop through direct links.


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40 comentarios en "Cracker Barrel FULL"

  1. Bev dice:

    Used to love this app. Great comfort food that is very affordable. Last 2 times I tried to order delivery, I kept getting “item not available” message every time I tried to add to cart. Very frustrating! Have they stopped taking delivery orders? If so, might have been nice to put mention of that on home page. Tried to order using GrubHub+ and prices were significantly higher. What has changed??? Please fix or let us know what’s going on. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not solve the problem.

  2. The app doesn’t allow customization of sides w/meals like the Turkey Dinner (if you want mashed potatoes, not sweet potatoes) or request that things like gravy be on the side. If you forget to sign in before starting the order, it deletes the order & makes you start over when you get to the sign in step in the cart. When I place my order, I get an error, but the order goes through, as I get a text telling me how to pick it up. And it makes you enter your billing address every time your order.

  3. The app is okay, but there are some shortfalls to its feature set. You cannot place an order without signing in (which is called Guest mode); it features Glazed Fried Chicken Tenders, but not Fried Chicken Tenders, which are available when I am at the restaurant; and the app allows the user to order a sweet potato, even though the restaurant is out of them, and will charge you for it anyway. Otherwise, the app lets me order meals for pickup and the staff are always nice at the store.

  4. While it does allow you to order food for pickup, curbside or delivery fairly seemlessly, I have to login everytime and there’s no way to save a payment method so I have to put a credit card EVERYTIME. And lately, it doesn’t allow autofill so I have to type everything in manually. The app really needs an update to fix these issues.

  5. Getting app error without even touching it. Tried ordering on website. No options for locations. We know there is a location in Horn Lake, MS, but it defaults to Nashville even though my location is on it claims to not have my location. Even after entering the zip code it doesn’t locate any location. Even after manually entering the city and state as given for an option, it doesn’t work. We’ve tried to order for 2 days. Not even the phone number works. What happened to the app, site and mgmt?

  6. One of the worst food apps I’ve used. It doesn’t stay logged into my account, I have to enter credentials everytime. If I select delivery it doesn’t remember it if I go back to add items to cart and it doesn’t remember my cc info. I know budgets and resources may be tight but you really to get a mobile overhaul project kicked-off soon. It took me 45 minutes to place an order this morning…absolutely unacceptable!

  7. Melissa N dice:

    First, the app doesn’t seem to allow the option to stay signed in. 2nd, it doesn’t seem to allow the option to save credit card info so it has to be entered every single time. 3rd, the ASAP option ALWAYS gives an error asking that the time be specified. Why even have the ASAP option? If all that would get fixed, I’d rate the app higher. Also, need to allow for customization of an order such as adding lemon to tea.

  8. No option to remove seasoning from fish. No option to add special instructions, which every smart app has, so I can put in for no seasoning (or anything else I might need). I think okay, I can handle a little seasoning even though I hate it. The fish comes out so seasoned it burns my eyes to even smell it. Waste of money, can’t eat it. And when you try to pay for a dine-in meal using the app, it doesn’t work. It has never worked once. Garbage app.

  9. Nick Sams dice:

    It took 5 tries to get it to order. It’s slow to respond. It doesn’t save any information. If you add things to your cart, get to the end and it asks you to either sign in or continue as guest, if you sign in you’ll lose everything in your cart until you try adding things to your cart, then it all appears again. The website isn’t much better either.

  10. Brian M dice:

    I had no trouble with the app, while it’s far from intuitive, it worked fine for me, I paid with gpay, and the final screen wanted me to take a screenshot as reciept verification, which honestly seemed ridiculous. However, I didn’t have to give an email, or sign up for anything, so that was good. If there was a sign up, this app would’ve been 3 stars.

  11. Absolutely horrible. The app design is atrocious and not customer friendly. Trying to find the meals was a trek in itself that was a total headache. After spending almost an hour trying to locate just 2 meals, it was a success. But wait, that wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part was trying to add those 2 meals to the cart. Finally, I was able to proceed. Then, at the very end, I can’t check out. Entered all of my info correctly and would not finalize. Run away from this app, quickly.

  12. This app used to be great. I place an order, and it take me back to a different screen over and over. The “forget password?” link is an error message. I have not been able to use the app for about 2 months, so no curbside delivery is possible. This update essentially made the app unusable, and there seems no hurry to fix it. If they revert back to the previous version, it would be much improved.

  13. Bill dice:

    This update utterly killed the app… I’ve used the previous version for months and ordered lunch in a few seconds each time. The new version is entirely unusable and much more cumbersome to use. If you ordered a meal the previous version would ask you if you wanted a drink, but now you have to scroll to the bottom of the long menu to try to add a drink. It is horrible… either roll back to the previous version or you are losing a customer. I’m not dealing with this app every time I want lunch.

  14. App worked fine when initially installed, but now doesn’t allow me to join the wait list. Even after I sign in, it let’s me put the number of people in my party and then goes to my contact information, but when I press submit, it takes me back to identifying how many people are in my party. When we get to our local Cracker Barrel (the one shown when I try to join the wait list), the store’s system doesn’t show me on their list. This is after uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Not good!

  15. K S dice:

    The latest version of the app is unusable. Finding your menu item is difficult, then when you try to checkout you get “Uh oh, there’s a problem with your order.” No explanation of what the problem is so it can be fixed, just a useless error message. Before this it was usable, even if it wasn’t the best designed app, but now it’s a complete joke. Whoever coded it ripped Cracker Barrel off big time.

  16. Horrible update. Prior version was great! This update apparently did not retain my original profile. Had to create a new one. Then, it wouldn’t let me revise my password. Also, two out of three menu choices were not available, but no hint of this until I tried to add them to my basket. Finally gave up and made my own dinner when I got home. Sadly, Cracker Barrel was on my way home. Would’ve been very convenient otherwise.

  17. The app is a bit wonky and not very intuitive. Entering my credit card data was easy until the final “next” button. But it doesn’t change the screen afterwords. When I completed the payment process through the app, it did not provide a confirmation of payment, and there was no email or text message to confirm payment. Had to ask the cashier to check if the payment actually went through. Kind of negates the benefit of using the app to pay instead of just paying the cashier.

  18. Clunky, needs work. Billing address is a PO Box and app won’t let me enter that in payment. Even though I’m not shipping anything and the shipping address is a street by address. Menu is a little all over the place. Specials are hard to differentiate from others. This app has gotten better since I’ve been using it, but still a few areas that need work.

  19. This app is a real piece of trash. It simply doesn’t work! I registered, put in email and p/w and it accepted and said I was “all set” or similar words. Closed it, tried to reopen it after I finished my meal. Guess what? I couldn’t. It said I had incorrect p/w. Tried to reset as per instructions and the app closes and goes back to sign in page again. Repeated three times with no success. Yep, real trash!

  20. Edit 9/19/21: “Fix” just broke it again. Quality Control!!! Thank you for listening! The new app was terrible, difficult to use and extremely buggy, so now, if you uninstall and then reinstall, you will have the old app back. Ordering is a joy again! Update (11/8/20): Yeah, never mind. The app is still buggy, and apparently no one is interested in fixing it. I have to use the app daily, but it is a struggle each time. It’s so bad I’m thinking of learning to code just to write my own version.

  21. Dre Jones dice:

    Worst restaurant app experience. Beside being old with a decades old user interface. The app is a billing nightmare. It says your order failed only to charge your card and complete the order. The favorite menu item option never works. The order history never works. It feels like they hired the programmer thru the door for this app. It’s a complete waste of time and effort. I order from the phone using a web browser for a better experience

  22. New app doesn’t save any information. What’s the point in having an account that you log into if it doesn’t save contact and payment information? You have to reenter every single thing and it takes forever to place an order. Old app was easier and faster to use. This app is awful. All the reviews are telling you that, and you haven’t replied or fixed it. You don’t care?

  23. On Android AND iPhone, the app crashes when trying to order or to pay. I’ve tried to order on this app several times and it did this on several occasions. The wait time is not correct either. When you go in, you still have additional wait time. Sometimes when you put your name down for the ahead wait list, it does not appear on the list when you arrive at the restaurant. Not sure if this is because the app crashes mid-processing or what.

  24. This app is very deceptive and misleading. The app indicates wait times in their restaurant(s) as 25 to 30 minutes for a party of 4 people. However when arriving at the restaurant(s), the wait time is anywhere from 50 minutes to one hour. The app is not friendly to use either. When paying for a meal at the table through the app, after adding the tip and card payment information, the app real not process not allow a person to finalize the payment without removing the tip, appearing to freeze.

  25. Rob Hill dice:

    New version is junk. I travel for work and used the previous version quite often. Since the last update I have given up and uninstalled from my phone. No more store info when you select a store. You either can order online or get on the wait list. So, when I couldn’t get the phone number for a local store to my location, because the pay portion of the app didn’t work, I gave up and went somewhere where else.

  26. This is the most UNuser friendly App I have ever used! I had no issues with the previous one but this one is impossible to navigate. I am fairly computer literate and can’t imagine anyone with limited knowledge being able to navigate their way through to place an order. I can’t believe that an organization as large as Cracker Barrel has designed an App as difficult as this. The other reviewers are spot on!

  27. X dice:

    Awful app as far as when I get a notification with a few words about a special offer, it WILL NOT display any info about the offer when I try to go into it. It immediately reverts back to the home page, trying to get me to place an order. It is also very difficult to just look at a menu or holiday specials or nutrirional info on qll menu items. They have lost several potential orders from our family due to these flaws and I really see no advantage to this app over calling in by phone.

  28. Fabulous app! Needs order history, though! After several seamless uses, today my confirmation email was delayed, and I had no way to check if the order went through, so I went through the process again only to discover both went through. Thankful to the local manager, who caught it and made the food only once. He’s going to have to contact someone about removing the second charge since the app also has no cancellation option.

  29. Nate D dice:

    The app is wonderful and the restaurant has never let us down. However, browsing the menu is a bit trivial. The food options that I’m looking for are under categories that don’t make since. It would be very helpful when looking for new items if there was a search button that we could type in what we were looking for when trying to find a new option.

  30. Greg King dice:

    The app is bloated and poorly designed and optimized. It does not work well. We’re efficiently. It does not accept proper text input (it only accepts lower case letters in some places and will only accept certain upper case letters in others). It also does not allow you to pay for your meal well. It often fails while paying and does not give you a confirmation of whether or not you paid. In those cases you then still have to go to the cashier, which negates the entire purpose of the app.

  31. I LOVE this app!!! 🙂 It’s so convenient to check yourself in, and avoid the lines waiting to get inside to a table. Anyone who comments when we walk past them to get seated I just say, “Next time, check in with the app!” We’ve used it many times for curbside pickup. That’s quick and easy, too! Just recently, we tried the ‘pay from your table’ choice. That is another quick and easy ability we will be using on every visit. Try this app– you won’t be disappointed!! 😊

  32. John Pham dice:

    My account info was deleted less than a month after the last time I used the app. I am standing in front of the Restaurant I am trying to order pick-up from, and the app is telling me that my order cannot be completed because the restaurant is closed. The restaurant closes in 3 hours. My payment info was not saved from last time I used the app. Bad bad experience all the way around.

  33. App needs work. Every time I look at the app, a different feature seems broken. Like the payment method, delivery, cart, can’t find location, or whatever. I used to be able to pay with a gift card, but now you can’t. I called the store to use gift card over the phone for delivery, they won’t do that. So the only way to use it is to drive to the store to pick it up (it’s far away). I love their food but their app needs a lot of work.

  34. This app has greatly improved but the fact that after you go through the menu, have all payment information filled in and ready to place the order for the “place order” button not to work… that kind of kills all progress they’ve made. Wasted a lot of time trying place orders for it not to work then have twice the wait time after calling in the order.

  35. Waste of time. I add one item, then all subsequent items refuse to add to shopping cart. The 1 time it actually worked, the store left out nearly half the order. Just call the store and double check everything at pickup. Also even when it works you cannot customize anything. Cannot request things. There is literally no point to this app.

  36. Thought it would be nice to avoid the notoriously horrid Cracker Barrel checkout line, so I downloaded the app in the restaurant using the QR code advertised at the table. Getting through the payment screen after screen was a real chore and not at all intuitive, but I thought it might be worth the effort when I finally finished the payment process. Not so fast. Card declined. So I waited in the checkout line for ten minutes, used the exact same “declined” card, and left. Do not recommend.

  37. I added a gift card as a payment method and selected it, but the full amount of the order was still charged to my credit card instead. Now the app immediately crashes every time I try to open it. After looking online and calling the store, there seems to be no way to cancel the order or change the payment method. Very disappointed.

  38. The new app is just a wrapper for their website! It’s horrible! It takes 10x longer to make a simple order. I have to scroll The page too many times just to select my customizations and even to find the right meal it takes at least 7 fast swipes! Insanely stupid I’m getting the old apk. The old app was so much more streamlined. The old app was perfect other than the hamburger stack menu was too high and I could barely get it to open because the stupid camera hole punch on my moto g stylus.

  39. We love cracker barrel and I was so excited to download the app to try to avoid having to call multiple times and repeat the order only to have it wrong. First your app probably only offers one third of both menus. Second if you choose a meal with 2 sides you cant choose 2 of the same item. Third you cannot add additional sides. Fourth you cannot substitute a side of toast for dinner meals nor just order a side of toast. Fifth No way to add condiments… OVER ALL APP IS AN EPIC FAIL!!!!

  40. Three problems. 1) If you don’t remember the email address you used to sign up, it wipes it so that you have to start over typing it in. 2) Apparently, there is nothing at the store that makes sure the order is filled correctly. 3) When they screw up your order, they can not refund. Only choices are to return to get the item or a discount the next time you come in.

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