Jersey Mike’s MODDED 2022


Conveniently order food ahead and avoid the wait at your favorite Jersey Mike's.
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Cut the line & order on the go! It’s easy with the Jersey Mike’s App to order & customize your favorite items, whether you like it Mike’s Way® or want to create your own combination.

The app allows you to earn Shore Points® on every purchase of a sub, even our kids’ meals and catering boxes. Want to know the best part about earning points? It’s redeeming them! You can easily redeem points through the app when you make a purchase or by using a QR code to scan in store.

You also have access to MyMike’s where you can create your account. In MyMike’s you are able to sign up for our email club, track your Shore Points® and much more.

App Features:
– Find a location near you
– Earn & redeem Shore Points®
– Explore the menu
– Order on the go
– Customize your order
– Create your MyMike’s account
– Use an existing saved payment card
– See the estimated time your order will be ready
– Add notes to your order


- You can now pickup your order at a window at supporting restaurants
- Various graphical updates and bug fixes


43 comentarios en "Jersey Mike’s MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a pretty good app overall, however I wish they would add certain options. Like the ability to select “light” or “extra” on certain ingredients. And also the ability to switch cheeses. My favorite sandwich is the number 9, but I hate swiss so I always get provolove instead. The app doesn’t make that easy. I have to write it into the special instructions, and sometimes the employees don’t look at that. Those things would make the app much better.

  2. The Jersey Mike’s app used to have issues and would crash, but it is now much easier to navigate and order from. Supply chain issues and the occasional inability to find a delivery driver are not the fault of the app, but they make it clear on there when these issues are affecting them. Great quality meats and friendly staff when you need to go in.

  3. Incredibly good sandwiches! Would like easier, more intuitive, access to overall menu. Difficult to get back to ordering menu if one changes one’s mind on a particular sandwich. Also, am unable to find drink or chips only options for add ons. These only seem to be available I’d drink/chips bought in combination. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

  4. Great App! Easy interface looks great! The best part is that the app designers listen to feedback. It wasn’t a super big deal, but the app didn’t match the chip selection, so everytime I picked up my order I had to swap the chips. Again not really a big deal or anything. But I wrote in about it and they said they are working on it, and now they are all listed. Small thing but great that they listen!

  5. Overall, the ordering process is fairly easy. The home page is a little confusing as a return user. It’s not intuitive to me which button to push to start the order. But once you start, I like that the headings include Favorites, among others. It’s really great for ordering your saved meals. In general the layout of the app looks very clean. You can still use your Shore Points, if you have them. Payment is easy. Maybe a tweak to the home page, but a solid app otherwise. Enjoy!

  6. I won’t even go into the awesomeness that’s Jersey Mike’s sandwiches and instead focus on just the app itself. It’s pretty simple and easy to use. Very user friendly. Makes it extremely easy to see how many rewards points you have and how close you are to the next reward. Ordering is straight forward and not complicated at all, even when customizing an order. Not to mention nothing beats being able to skip the line when ordering ahead. 10/10 would recommend if you’re a Jersey Mike’s fan.

  7. Fairly straight-forward to use. This app helped me find a nearby location I didn’t know about. Menu has images and text which make for easy selection. You can also customize your selection and add a name to it which is great for group orders. You can clearly see what’s been added to the cart, and order and payment confirmation are distinct. It’s a bit too easy to order takeout!

  8. Amazing improvement in the app, it may be the easiest one to use now. A year ago on my Pixel nothing seemed to be aligned and it was very difficult to use. The only thing to watch out for now is to double-check the address of the store where you plan to pick up your order. If you happen to change it while you’re traveling, the next time you’re home you may accidentally order a sub from a store 600 mi away like I did! Unfortunately, of course I used points for that one… bummer.

  9. I love the fact that every purchase gives me pts and I can redeem my pts whenever I choose. But customizing your food is always the most important feature I value in any food service app. This one is good but could use a little improvement… For example, I like swiss cheese on ANY sandwich I ever order and I always want the option to be able to pick whatever type of cheese I’m in the mood for. This app does not offer that feature. You can add extra cheese but you can’t select your favorite.

  10. For those having issues with the app around June 19, 2020, try uninstalling it completely and re-downloading it. It just fixed everything that had been going wrong for me on my Android phone – like not being able to view my account, edit old expired credit cards, or see shore points. Frustrating that it seems to have not registered any of my orders or points since last fall, but at least it’s working now.

  11. They used to be great but in the past 6 months, they seem to be having a lot of problems. I always order through the app. The orders are never right. We order 3 – 5 sandwiches at a time. At least 1 is always completely wrong. They also get the bread wrong quite often and if u want any add-ons, forget it. I like to add bacon and I’m lucky if there’s 1/2 a slice on a regular. size sandwich. It seems like for $1.29 they could at least put a full slice, better yet, it should be 2 full slices.

  12. Sarah L dice:

    App is helpful and works fine, especially for customizing an order. But could be better… please please please, developers, can you please put in the ability to repeat a past order?? It does no good to just view our past orders and not use it to speed up the next one. Also, having a section for favorite stores we use often would be great… right now, to switch between local stores, you have to go through the entire nationwide search each time.

  13. Not sure what everyone’s talking about. The app works great for me. I can save favorite orders, buttons are intuitive, I can always go back and edit my order after adding it to my cart. The customization works great, and I love that I can type in notes about a sub (light oil, ___ cheese instead, allergy, etc.). I also love that you can put names on the subs (“This sub is for _____”). It makes ordering for several people easy, because we don’t all have to open the subs to investigate! Great job!

  14. I like the convenience and easy to use set up of the app. I would like to see all toppings options available for the hot subs from the app. Also would like the Coupon code to be an available option within the redeem code button in the checkout screen. This would be easier then going back to the home screen which would cancel your entire order.

  15. Ordering your sub is easy, point and click. But customization is lacking. You can only remove or add ingredients that are connected to said sub. You cannot add other ingredients that are on the menu to you sub. In order to do so, you have to put it in the special note section of the app, and hope that they include your “special request” on your order. Other that the app’s an app.

  16. Anthony S dice:

    This is actually a pretty good app. It should let you customize your sandwich a little more but there is a note section where you can add more instructions. The biggest problem, the best rewards can’t be used in the app. I get emails with coupons but you have to go in the store and wait in line to use them, which makes the app kinda pointless.

  17. Fine app, I have one big complaint though. That is the app does not save previous orders. It would be so much more convenient to have a prior/favorite orders like chipotle has. I dislike having to put in my order for the same thing everytime. Sounds petty, but with all the customizing I do it adds up. Also would prevent me from making an error on my order.

  18. I use several different restaurant apps (especially these days!), and the Jersey Mike’s is definitely one of the most user-friendly, attractive and easy to navigate apps out there! It gives a ready-to-pick-up time, and it is a walk-in-and-pick-up arrangement; but for me, that sure beats waiting in a long line with everyone else who did not use the app. Well done, Jersey Mike!

  19. Very easy to order everything, but you can’t change cheese options if you want or alter the meat selection if needed. It would also be nice to see the coupons that are sent to you because once you click on the banner that comes across the phone, if you didn’t memorize the code, you are sol because it is no where in the app.

  20. Very good for the most part. I have not been able to find a way to save my favorite orders so I can just skip the menu and place a repeat or saved favorite but maybe it does that and I just haven’t figured it out yet. Otherwise, fast, convenient and very reliable. Minutes after posting this, I found the “favorites”. Not in an obvious location but its there! Increasing to 5 stars.

  21. Easy to Order & Customize your food. You can add a name to each item you order as well. Makes it easy to know who orders what without opening the wrapper. Especially when you are ordering for multiple people. You can sign up for there rewards and redeem the points right in the app. This app makes it so much easier to order than ordering over the phone where human error becomes a huge factor. Had app for a year and never have had an order that was wrong and I order at least once a month.

  22. Forget about deleting favorites, it won’t let you add favorites. Credit cards that used to work, don’t anymore. You have to reenter the number every time you want to order something. I wish that you had never messed around with the app you had about a year ago, it worked great. Now, it is frustrating to use. It doesn’t even show my shore points as increasing or not.

  23. Since the new update on the app, I have not been able to place an order. I have uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I want to admit. Finally get in to pay for my order and i get an error stating ‘my address cannot be verified’. Like, since when?? There isnt even an option to enter an address. Yhwrws some bugs still remaining. i sure woipd hate to stop going because of an app. My store has extremely high foot traffic during the lunch hour, and 30 min is not even close to enough time.

  24. The app is broken, everytime I try to do an order ill select the store or put my address in for delivery. Then it will just show me a “favorites” screen on the menu slide but there’s no menu showing the items showing up. It’s been like this for at least a month and has deterred me multiple times from ordering. Once it’s fixed I’ll definitely have 5 stars back.

  25. Eli Rauer dice:

    Works well. Actual times may vary. The quoted times are estimates and vary by how busy the location is at the time the order is placed. Its pretty close 9 times out of 10. Otherwise the app works well. Its easy to navigate and customize your selection. One negative is that fountain drinks are not able to be selected through the app despite being available in store.

  26. Tends to show special promotions that “aren’t available” when you try to use them (such as free delivery on Tuesdays in June. When you attempt to order, a pop-up box says “Delivery Error: Delivery not available). Update: still doing it. Good luck getting anything delivered on double-points days. It’s almost like they don’t want you to buy anything.

  27. The app works well but i have one big issue with it: if you order a hot sandwich, you CAN’T add extra toppings. For example, i might want to put jalapenos on a cheese steak, but as far as I can tell, there’s no option to do so. I hope they fix this in the future because it doesnt make sense that you can customize cold subs but not hot ones.

  28. Very easy to use, can see all my points easily and my rewards code. The only problem is there’s not an easy way to truly customize a sub. There’s options to add and remove toppings, but not to change cheeses, meats, etc. Those requests have to be made in the special instructions. Overall, great app!

  29. Nice application and easy to order. Has order history and easy to navigate. Needs a couple updates: 1. A way to create reusable orders for future ordering (or reorder a previous order) 2. The coupon code we received in the mail that isn’t expired isn’t working on the application. As I’m paying before the order is placed I can’t fix the coupon issue. Maybe update to match the local coupon online so it’s no longer a paper to application issue? I could simply choose which coupon applies.

  30. Carter dice:

    An app as satisfying to use as as the sandwiches are to eat! – The order flow is seamless & intuitive, never leaves you hunting for where to click next – Backtracking to make edits doesn’t lose data you meant to keep – my favorite feature: the app goes out of it’s way to help you use *and understand* the rewards system without it getting in the way, or hiding under the rug, or feeling like a chore that’s not worth the time. A model restaurant app!

  31. Such a simple and appetizing app! Very intuitive and allows for easy customization of an already amazing menu. Some of the features around previous orders and quick points history (overall integration between native mobile and web components), could be improved, but there’s plenty of tasty subs to enjoy in the meantime.

  32. Bring back FAVORITES/Save & ORDERING AHEAD features from the older version—please! I liked the ability to order ahead, because I would order place an order for my family to pick up after work. Also, it was much easier to place an order when I could use our SAVED favorites. Please bring back these features. We do not order as often as we used to because of the deletion of the Favorites and order ahead features.

  33. Could have a bit better customization features for hot subs, but generally the app works well. It’s easy to find what you want, getting orders built is easy and checkout is easy. I ding the app a bit for sometimes not loading, I also have had it crash on ordering several times and that has resulted in double orders, double charges (once) but usually that means the app said it went through but the store never received it. (3 or 4 times) and you end up not having actually ordered.

  34. John Rhee dice:

    Revamp with new bottom navigation dock is indeed miles better than the old horrid UI. However, 1. Once I place the order and close the app, there’s no way to check the order (pickup time, items ordered, etc.). No confirmation email either. 2. The cold sub differentiation should be clearer. E.g., change the repetitive “raised with antibiotics ham” with just “ham*”, with the note once at the top of bottom of the menu.

  35. I love Jersey Mike’s. I have been eating their sandwiches since I was a kid. The app is pretty good but when you want to substitute thing for example swiss cheese instead of provolone there is no option. Nor is there an option to create a different sandwich than whatbis on their menu. I was also told by the store that delivery orders must be placed online but there is a $5 service fee, $3 delivery fee, plus a tip for the delivery that I believe is from door dash. That is an extra $10 in fees !!!

  36. It’s a pretty good app, overall. The Points system is well organized. Ordering is fairly easy, but it would be better if you could save a collection of favorite orders, and/or repeat previous orders. You can already look at previous orders. Just add a button for “Order this again.”

  37. Rob Klink dice:

    Makes it easy to order. I almost never wait in line anymore. If I had two suggestions, it would be the ability to add something to favorites from past orders… Not just as you are placing the order. Also, have the ability to add individual items to favorites instead of the whole order.

  38. Great subs! Blows Subway and the rest out of the water. Also, their app has worked perfectly everytime, auto-applying points and discounts, and super easy to navigate, AND the ability to name each sub for the intended person. Saves tons of time when ordering for a group, or anyone with a custom order. Simple addition, but super helpful! Ordering from JM has always been incredibly easy.

  39. Ernest dice:

    Review of the app not Jersey Mike’s. The app sucks. Clunky ordering process. The starting screen isn’t intuitive [seriously, what button does what]. The ordering process is slightly better but still has much room for improvement. The payment screen is ridiculous and doesn’t work about 50% of the time. I have no idea why. It’s usually much quicker and less frustrating to order on the website.

  40. New app is not as good as the old one. They “upgraded” the app but took away the ability to save favorites which was a convenient feature. Not sure why they didnt just delay the roll out until they got that feature done. Doesnt make sense for an upgrade to lose functionality.

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