Blaze Pizza MODDED 2022


Rethink the way you pizza with the new Blaze Pizza app.
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There is no better way to Blaze.

The Blaze Pizza app’s got everything you need, and a whole lot more you didn’t even know you wanted. Scan the app whenever you visit and you’ll earn one Flame on every dollar. Check your Blaze Rewards any time — and when you’ve got enough Flames to cash in, tap your way to bringing home free pizza, salads, desserts and other awesome rewards. You can order ahead on the app, too.

Our visual pizza builder serves you up-close-and-personal photos of every mouthwatering topping, so you can fire up your favorite pizza from the comfort of your own phone.


More bug fixes to improve your experience.


4 comentarios en "Blaze Pizza MODDED 2022"

  1. Kristen Hittel dice:

    This is a poorly designed app. Upon opening the app, there is a button that suggests downloading the app. I am not able to access my rewards. I followed blaze’s recommendation of logging out and back in. Now I can’t even log into my account that I literally just signed out of. Based on the tweets I’m seeing, tons of people are having the same problem with the app. There app clearly cannot handle any sort of significant volume. Time for a new app developer or something.

  2. Wraith dice:

    So, I downloaded the app, and to create an account, I need a password that has lowercase, upper, number, and a “special character”. It did not accept the password and wouldn’t tell me anything else. After 10 minutes of trying, it turns out + ÷ = / . < and so on are NOT "special characters", only $ is, so I guess all passwords have a $ in them. After that, I ordered only to have AFTER ORDERING the app tell me to pick a later time. It would accept no times. Thanks for wasting my time, Blaze.

  3. Jean René dice:

    This app was updated a little while back and i wasn’t able to log into my account and was locked out for weeks even when i tried resting my password. Over all the update is less useful. We can no longer scan bar codes on past receipts. The app can’t recognize you are using the app and encourages you to download the app on blog post(home page). Over all I have had this app for well over 5 years and the experience has dramatically fallen.

  4. Craig Crowder dice:

    this is a pretty good app. I like Blaze Pizza, and I enjoy picking up and bringing home the build your own. however, pickup is not very good and curbside is almost nonexistent. It’s incredibly difficult. I hate to say it, but McDonald’s has the best app and to pick up of any of the restaurants that I have in my mobile apps. they just make it incredibly easy. suggestions for improving the app would be saving previous meals to make them easy to reorder. Also, making curbside pickup a lot easier

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