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The OpenTable app is your one-stop-shop for everything dining. Download today so you can:
– Find more ways to dine with tables, takeout and experiences
– Scan restaurant menus, photos, and millions of verified diner reviews from over 50,000+ restaurants worldwide
– Find the best of your city (or plan your next trip!) with our editorial guides
– Streamline your booking experience with new features such as direct messaging with restaurants hot table alerts


Thanks for dining with OpenTable! Our app is regularly improved to better connect you with extraordinary dining experiences for each & every meal you share with OpenTable.

What’s new on the menu? In this release, we have cooked up new features and improvements just for you.


41 comentarios en "OpenTable MODDED 2022"

  1. A dice:

    The app and website are a hot mess. You can’t even get logged into your account. They send multiple text and emails with codes that never work this has been going on for months. You usually get a pop up saying “something is wrong” uh you think. I don’t know why restaurants even partner with this garbage it’s so frustrating that they still haven’t resolved this issue.

  2. OpenTable makes bookings quick and easy. It really helps in finding not only a good idea for a last minute date-night, but one that has AVAILABILITY which often is the issue. It’s also great for doing the same in a new city! I also really like that it integrates into Google maps for simplicity.

  3. I’ve used the app for years, and in the past got a dining credit after 1,000 points, now you have to earn 2,000 points. They make it so difficult to redeem the dining credit, that most people probably give up! You can’t do it on a mobile device, but have to use a desktop computer. There are several steps: you redeem the points, make a reservation, apply the dining reward to a restaurant, they send an email with the reward attached, when I clicked to open it, it said it had already been used!

  4. I mostly love this app, although the rewards aren’t as good as they used to be since competitive apps seem to have depleted some of the participating restaurants. I do wish it was easier to search for specific restaurants. But I’ve used Open Table for many years and have found it very helpful making reservations when I’ve traveled throughout the country.

  5. I have had an open table account for over 5 years now and I have used it to make reservations on numerous occasions. I open the app today to try to make a reservation but it keeps asking me to provide all of these confirmation codes via text and email. By the time I was done confirming everything, I missed out on THREE different reservation times for three different restaurants. I remember this process being much easier. This makes me just want to call the restaurant directly instead of the app.

  6. I appreciate being able to snag a reservation on the go, w/o having to call the establishment. It’s extremely convenient to use this app, & the UI is self explanatory. It is annoying that sometimes I can’t modify a reservation without calling in, but I don’t know if that’s an issue with the app or settings the restaurant imposes. Overall, great app!!

  7. This app has been excellent in locating food or ambience preference. When the time you requested is not available, alternative days/times are suggested. If you ever book another reservation, but have an existing reservation around the same time elsewhere (booked with Opentable) it ask if you would like to cancel the previous one and make a new reservation. Thus far, I am pleased with its user friendly features and most especially thrilled that I was able to get a reservation through Open Table when I was not able to do so by calling the restaurant directly. A must app to have!

  8. It just works. I work in a fine dining restaurant and can tell you, if you have a bad reservation experience with the app, it’s usually a snafu on the restaurants end, not the app. My tip: use the notes to customize your experience. It can make a date that much more special. I often request a nice bottle of wine from the online menu to be decanted on our table before we arrive, most places oblige and it’s impressive. (Obviously they may call you to get a credit card number before they open it.)

  9. Great app! Eliminates the hassle of calling all over the place to see who has openong where, and the map option really helps narrow down options by proximity. Great access to menus, rebiews, pictures, and totally easy to modify reservations if needed. Wish more restaurants used it, but I think they’re getting the idea. So far haven’t quite figured out how to redeem points, but that’s on me so I won’t take stars off for that.

  10. The app is hard to use. It is a great app until you try to actually “Reserve” . I struggled to find where the ” Reserve” was at. It is clear at the bottom, and you must do it on exactly the right order or the app doesn’t work. A simple change, moving the RESERVE to the top of the page, and allowing a reservation either from a search or from the selection of the actual restaurant would improve the app.

  11. I’ve been a power user for years. The app does what it’s supposed to BUT the rewards program used to be MUCH easier to use & frankly better. The functionality of the app hasn’t largely been changed & there are things that could take it to the next level. This still remains my go-to for reservations. The app does its job with little problems. I do want to restrict my searches though. I live close to NY and usually do NOT want NY restaurants included in my searches. The app is solid not perfect.

  12. I have loved and used the Open Table app for years, and have over 84,000 points. However, for the last several weeks, in multiple attempts, all I get is an error message indicating the app is having difficulty communicating with its servers. I have had to return to calling restaurants because the app has continued to fail.

  13. This is a nice way to discover restaurants and make reservations. Unfortunately, the app has some issues. The service has a feature that allows you to save restaurants of interest, but the “saved” list does not sync between the app and the online portal. Additionally, reviews on the app will not allow me to upload pictures. If the features of the app actually functioned (e.g. saving and reviewing), this app would get 5 stars from me. But these features are broken, and have been so for more than a year.

  14. Great app to discover new restaurants. I use it to book reservations as I travel. I love that I can see the restaurant, their menu, and budget or meals. The ability to sort by area, cuisine, and price are very helpful. It is also nice to be able to send the restaurant special notes like “this is a date”, or “this is a surprise birthday dinner” is really nice. The fact that I earn points for booking through them is just icing on the cake.

  15. I found Open Table when they were very new…probably around 2005 or so. This is my favorite app ever! Makes reserving a table very easy no matter where we are. I use it locally and for when we travel as well. The reviews are very helpful for when we’re in an area and we don’t know the restaurants. I love the way that they keep the technology up-to-date and make it very easy for mobile devices. Can you tell? I love OpenTable!

  16. I appreciate the Open Table app for ease of booking tables, the huge choice of eateries and notifying my guests. The one thing I find annoying is, when visiting the same restaurant multiple times, I’m bombarded with messages to review. There should be an opt out as in “I’ve already reviewed this place many times and will do again if anything changes.”

  17. I eat out every night and user this app all the time. Taking away the ability to sort the search results alphabetically made the app almost useless to me. I dine at almost every restaurant in my city, and I choose by scrolling through the alphabetical list. I don’t want to see them ordered by how much they pay OpenTable or anything else. Put the A-Z sort option back in!

  18. Overall, this is a very good app for making reservations. It is super frustrating, however, to have to know the name of the exact place you are. It would be so much better if they would simply put a button that says restaurants near me, but there isn’t such a feature. Additionally, they use some proprietary ranking order, instead of letting you see which restaurants are closest. It’s harder for the user, so they can reward paying restaurants for better placement.

  19. I love everything with the exception of two things. One, I’d like to have the option to filter and sort alphabetically. Second, if I’m searching for a reservation with a restaurant having multiple locations near me, I’d like to see all available times at once; sometimes the reservation time is more of a priority than the location.

  20. The app is relatively poor. It works but the UX is pretty dated and cranked at this point. They now require you to opt-in (into what) to get the rewards point (and you should keep doing that). Also few bugs here and there… E.g: I just made a reservation because the login wasn’t working for my GF (she was successful to change the password, but the new password wasn’t accepted). So, it works? For me yes, it is good? Let’s say they have little competition…

  21. This is an okay app. It serves it’s purpose at a cost. There’s no longer a way to add your reservation to your calendar (Android) which sucks. Even if you click add to calendar from the email confirmation, it takes you back to the app that no longer has the icon/capability. Also, they sell a lot of your dining details so you need to make sure to update your preferences in the settings. I do appreciate the transparency, though.

  22. As soon as you navigate away from the app to , for example retrieve a verification code from text or email, your search clears and you have to start your reservation all over again from the home screen. Very annoying. There also is noap feature for the results so if open table doesn’t list the neighborhood, good luck finding a restaurant close to where you need to be in the list of the rendered results for your group size in the city.

  23. I love Using Open Table for reservations. The app well, can bit, just a tad confusing if you are making reservations out of town. However if you look to the bottom of the red section there is a Search Option, use that. Otherwise this is the best designed app to use for this kind of service, and you keep it FREE!!! Not only that you allow us to accrue points. Would not consider using any other app or service when making my Restaurant reservations. Nothing compares to Open Table!!

  24. In general, I LOVE this app. I use it for 80% of my bookings. I only wish more restaurants were on here. The only glitch I’ve encountered is difficulty editing reservations from time to time. If I need to make a change, or cancel, I usually end up having to call the restaurant instead of being able to do so from the app/online. Other than that, this app is the best!

  25. I love the value proposition and interface; however, the results refreshed and cancelled all of my filters numerous times throughout a single use of the app, and would send me to the home page when I selected a restaurant from a list of results. It usually happened when I selected a restaurant, went back to the results, then selected a different restaurant. Maybe it was also timeout related?

  26. Rick Daly dice:

    The app is great for reservations but the restaurant info is frequently incorrect. For example, one restaurant that looked good in my area was listed as being “under $30”. I checked out the restaurant website to make sure and found that there were few menu items under $30, and those were the starter salads and the apps. A meal would be, at minumum, $125.00. I found several errors when looking up restaurants I am familiar with.

  27. love the app. very conveninet. Always good cross section of restaurants. However some of the best ones often missing from the list. would be nice if there was a way to put in request for waiting list for restaurants in case reservation times become available. also need more “inside” pictures as it plays a big part in where we decide to go.

  28. Horrible experience. I have not been able to book a restaurant because every time I try to I get a “technical error”. I’ve logged on via Google and reset my password, both have failed. Sad to see they are the only real online booking app for restaurants. Want to book a table somewhere? Calling the restaurant works just as well… Even better some might say.

  29. It’s annoying that all upcoming reservations aren’t listed under “Reservations” like on the desktop site. The app now only lists the next upcoming reservation. You can, however, find the other reservations if you click on “notifications.” It’s annoying to have to hunt around for the reservations rather than have it simply listed under “Reservations.”

  30. Open Table provides a valuable service, several valuable services actually, not only facilitating booking, but help in identifying restaurants by location, type, price range, and reviews. My only complaint is the change you instituted in using points. The old process was straightforward; the new one, convoluted and time consuming.

  31. This app makes it so easy to make a reservation and offers many quality restaurants to choose from. In the past I have made reservations by phone and oftentimes the restaurant is noisy so it’s hard for them to hear and can be frustrating. I have sometimes gone to a restaurant where they had the wrong name. This app confirms your reservation so you know that when you arrive your table will be ready for you. (with the correct name and phone number)

  32. Easy & convenient to use! Saves time not having to look up individual restaurant sites in order to find their menu, ratings & phone number. One down side is the “rewards program”. I have booked/kept 11 reservations over time, but my status only shows 100 points for 1 reservation. There’s a local restaurant we booked several times that does not show any points & a few out of state reservations. ALL reservations made through the app should be given points & allowed to continuously accrue.

  33. Greg dice:

    It’s better to just use the website. If you put in to get a notification from the app when a particular restaurant begins accepting reservations for a certain date, you won’t get it. Often, when trying to make a reservation, the app just crashes and I end up going to the website. Unreliable for alerts, unreliable for reservations – so, what’s the point?

  34. Easiest to use reservations app out there! Great rewards program for using the app, the more you use it the more points you accumulate towards easy to achieve rewards! 1000s of restaurants to choose from all over the world. I even use it when I’m traveling, so I know I’m always dining at the best restaurants in the area no matter where I am…

  35. Barb dice:

    Most of the time it works but don’t always get credit for reservation. It is probably lack of training on the restaurant end maybe? Pays very little for as many visits it requires to get rewards or rewards expire prior to obtaining enough to get credit for them. Dine Rewards is $20 for every 4 visits instead of the 20 it takes on Open Table. Good number of restaurants on Open Table thpugh. It is easy to make the reservation. Not so easy to change.

  36. Fierz Ali dice:

    Garbage. You can’t cancel reservations from the app. That’s a really straightforward and basic feature that should be seamless to implement. You can’t book another reservation either until you cancel your current reservation. Really inconvenient when you need to call the restaurant to cancel, and they don’t open for another 6 hours.

  37. I use it whenever I can! It’s easy to use, and the confirmations for reservations are reassuring. maps and reminders are also helpful. I have never had any trouble upon arrival at the restaurant. Earning points always motivates, especially when there are 1000 point promotions. I recommend it for everyone.

  38. Can’t book through the app. I’ve been getting the “hmm..having some trouble communicating with our servers” message for weeks now. It’s not cute and it’s not good for business. Uninstalled then reinstalled the app twice, rebooted my phone multiple times. I’ve been a member since 2005 but am thinking of dropping the service. Come on Open Table… FIX YOUR TECHNOLOGY! It’s pretty hard to drag my laptop along in order to book a table for dinner. The desktop version works fine. Signed, Unhappy

  39. This app is fairly useless when trying to get into a very popular restaurant. After setting notifications for multiple days at a restaurant that’s always booked weeks in advance, I’ve gotten several notifications of an available table while I had my phone in hand, but when clicking the notification, nothing happens. The restaurant doesn’t keep a wait list, so there’s no other way to try to get in.

  40. Joanne P dice:

    Makes making restaurant reservations a snap. Reading reviews really helps steer me in a better direction when it comes to dining out, especially when I’m out of town and don’t know where to go. Currently, a LOT of restaurants require a reservation due to ‘the ick’ and being able to see which restaurants are actually open is great. Seeing multiple reviews with the same theme (great service, slow service, long waits even with a reservation, etc) tells me it’s not just one person’s opinion.

  41. Clunky app. Hard to find what you want. Search feature is worthless unless you know the exact name of the restaurant. Useful for making reservations but nothing about the process is easy. I hope to see a full redesign of it at some point. One of the least intuitive apps I use and frankly, I hate using it.

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