Chuck E. Cheese MODDED 2022


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Chuck E. Cheese is the number one family entertainment venue, and now we are bringing all that fun and entertainment to your mobile device with our brand new app!

With the new Chuck E. Cheese app, you’ll be able to…

• Join Chuck E. Cheese Rewards to get special offers, unlock exciting prizes and more. You’ll earn Rewards Points for every dollar you spend, and even get special birthday treats for you and your family!

• Order delicious handmade pizzas, yummy appetizers, tasty desserts, drinks and more for takeout or delivery right to your house!

• Get updates about our special events and immersive experiences to help you create special moments all year long.

• Reserve a birthday party! Now booking the perfect party is in the palm of your hands!

• Keep track of your Play Pass cards, check Play Point and E-Ticket balances!

• Celebrate your graduate or birthday child with a Chuck E. Cheese gift card. Choose from a variety of designs that fit any occasion to be mailed to your home or delivered instantly via email.

• …and much more!

Download the Chuck E. Cheese app and create your Chuck E. Cheese Rewards account today! Visit for more details.


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52 comentarios en "Chuck E. Cheese MODDED 2022"

  1. Very confusing! I went to chuck e cheese and they didn’t know about the app and how to use it. It was very confusing and in the end we just said forget the app and let’s just pay and go play.

  2. This place is what it’s supposed to be. My only ought against them is the ability to redeem gift cards in the app.

  3. My grandson’s first time here. His 4th birthday! He had a blast! This is the best place for a child to have so much fun!

  4. Daughter loved it. Sadly the playground got taken away but she still loved it.

  5. Horrible waited a hour then they realized they never made our food and we were the only guests there didn’t even reimburse us for anything and so overpriced

  6. Ammar Ali dice:

    App works great, kids love that they can keep record of their tickets

  7. Great place to have family day. It is so much fun and it is cheap. The kids really enjoy their fun.

  8. No points because I ordered card at kiosk. That should be advertised at kiosk.

  9. They offer incentives to download app but it’s a lie! They don’t upload the incentives until way later, then actually put a time limit on the incentive trying to get you to return within a couple of weeks. I complained to management and had my discount taken off at the register because the website promised $10 off play for downloading the app and the app didn’t show the discount. (I just checked, now 4 days later, and the discount is finally on the app.)

  10. Did not add points for birthday party and it was my fault I did not check at the time, so it was too late.

  11. Downloading app is really easy: user friendly

  12. Not getting what we are suppose to when trying to redeem..then it is taken from our rewards but facility will not honor & then will get a message redeemed or expired. Has happened several times..when spending a lot of money only to get knocked out of points or our rewards is riduculous..what is the point of having the app..the points should last at least 6 months..Everyone can not afford to go to chuck e cheese every couple of weeks..the staff at each facility should be trained correctly on app!

  13. Can’t open the account tab to add payment or redeem rewards. It says I’m not connected to a data source. I am connected to wifi & data! Please fix the issue. What’s the point in having an app for your business if it doesn’t work and is malfunctioning for everyone??

  14. App would not scan my receipt to redeem rewards. My gift cards could not be redeemed at the location. Lots of extra time and money spent via the app that did not result in any rewards for me. My experience would have been better if I didn’t have the app at all.

  15. Can’t order dine in. Keeps telling to me select the table im at but never let’s me choose.

  16. Not happy with Chuck E Cheese! Downloaded this after I booked a birthday party for my son. The party was horrible and everything about the experience was horrible. Everything they promote for party is the cheapest stuff and you have to throw it away after you leave. The stuff is so cheaply made you can’t use it or it breaks right away.

  17. Delicious pizza! Great deals to have fun!

  18. El K dice:

    This App doesn’t work (or it works sporadically). I just scanned my $111 dollar reciept and I got the message saying that I received 111 points. But as soon as I closed the message I saw that my points were unchanged and I had the same number of points as before. So I tried scanning it again and I got the message: “Oops! You cannot use the same reciept more than once.” The store staff were not able to help me.

  19. The app took a while to download and there were several steps. But it credited the account for my grands, so it was worthwhile so far. However, upon completion of the download the account was only credited with 67 points rather than the 500 advertised. Hmmm…

  20. My experience was good my only cpl ?’s are as followed: 1- why don’t you get more tickets from the games considering the prizes are kinda pricey due to the economy right now. 2- why is it that when you have a few rewards that you have earned by buying items at Chuckie Cheese orndiung surveys you can only use 1. When you choose 1 you loose the others, to me that’s not fair!

  21. Tanya B dice:

    Chuck E. Cheese is a great place for children of all ages. But the tickets don’t make any sense. It should be another way for tickets and points. And the gift should be a little bit better. The food I’lI give it a 3 because the chicken bites was not good and no taste. The pizza was oily. And all the soda you can drink need large cups that small cup is a waste of time and it’s $2.99. And they are a bit pricey. They need more game for the smaller children ages 1years old to 6years old.

  22. So far so good! Always loved this place to have fun on rainy/cold any kind of day.. Place you can interact with your child.. Making memories that last a life time. Love to see them smile, enjoy a meal and play.. Thank you Chuck E. Cheese for the experience and better prices.. = to us 😁 Love that you have coupons for families..

  23. Fun atmosphere and love accumulating points

  24. Love how you get 500 tickets just for signing up. And all of the special deals they offer through the app. I love the way they do it now. You buy a wristband and have a time limit. Such as an hour. And play as much as you want within that time. You don’t have to handle any tokens or tickets. And you can put money into the prizes if you don’t have enough.

  25. App often doesn’t work correctly. Staff doesn’t know how to apply receipt to App. This is the 3rd update I’ve been a part of. Issues remind me why they have been bankrupt for years. Like Macy’s. My heart still comes and loves it!! Some staff is super accomidating!!!

  26. Charleston Entertainment “Cheddar” Cheese the 3rd, you’ve done it again! You have revolutionized the app store by creating this masterpiece and everyone is loving it! We all love it! The pizza is cheesy and delectable. The drinks are so good. The games are fun for all ages and adult-friendly. Even the elderly are joining in on the fun! Please keep making these masterpieces! Atari would be proud of you!

  27. The app needs to let the user know that there will be a waiting period between sign up and actively using the app. Kiosks inside the building will not recognize any new members and receipts are not recognized by the system, $50 of play time paid for and I can’t add it to my account because they don’t include that information from the automated kiosk, compared to going to an actual person that will provide the “correct receipt” , but cannot assist with any issues on app.

  28. Best time ever the kids really enjoy their time

  29. Awesome! App is easy to use and convenient.. It was so easy to book my party. I was able to relax. Everything was done, and clead I didn’t have to worry ,the Customer service was AMAZING.. Everyone was super friendly and kind. Made my son special day memorable

  30. Chuck the grand Master rat is back with a technology driven 21st century app that brings friends and family closer than ever. I rest easy knowing my points are saved and stored in one convient locations as I dream of the dancing animtronics and rat pizza digests easily in my sleeping tummy. Thank you Chuck you made my dreams come true like always. You can count on three things in life: death, taxes, and the Rat.

  31. Would definitely recommend this new remodel establishment. They have a toddler section, another section for older games. The dance floor is wonderful for children. I would definitely recommend this place for birthday or a fun family time out.

  32. This is a review of the APP, not actual locations. The app is a mess. I’ve had over 300 points and redeemed a few offers and now it started all over again. They rolled out the summer fun program, which we love, but when it comes to using the app together with summer fun membership, it’s a mess.

  33. I got through the new user information and got the text and emails, but soon after finding my store, it started freezing up a bit. Now it won’t let me back into the app at all. Deleted cache, nothing. Deleted data, I was able to sign in but it still didn’t assign a store. I allowed gps this one time instead of always, & yet again stuck loading fav. store w/ the mini circle loading screen. I opened another app while waiting, went back and asking again for fav. store?! Pls fix!!

  34. Booking a birthday party and sending invitations takes forever because there’s no back button. So do not navigate to any of the policies to figure out what they say. Don’t click on other options or outside links for invitations because they may lead to a deadend and they may not have a back button. Thus, you won’t be able to go back to the page in which you were working. When you hit the back button on your phone, the app will just send you to the redeem points page.

  35. Karen G dice:

    Website shows to download app to get coupons and such. There are no coupons, and it makes you sign up for an account. I now get spammed with junk in my email. I have unsubscribed, and they continue to send them. I have even reported as spam. Don’t bother to sign up unless you want spam everything you can do it the app you can do it the location. Removed app.

  36. Super Awesome , Gold Pass is definitely the way to go. Would of spent the same amount of money and can still take my son and nephews every week. With 120 minute play time plus massive bonus to get tickets… easiest is to split time between kids & lots & lots of fun if they want to play at the same time 🥰 2 hours last forever plus you can pause to eat !!! I loved it.

  37. The app itself is good, however the wording is terrible. When you unlock items to redeem it makes you think that you have all of those items when in fact you just have access to those and the points that you have accumulated will then be used to redeem them. So you don’t have as many as you think. If they just made the wording clearer it would be better.

  38. They couldn’t have done anything greater than creating this app. I enjoy all the Spectacular coupons and free gifts. Controlling by the app gives you points when you scan your receipt from the purchases that you have made inside inside in the purchase that you have made on the app. I enjoy it due to the fact that my sister is autistic and I bring 3 other kids with me all the time then sometimes I have a I’ve up to 6 kids with me and it’s just more easier for me to order my food & purchase

  39. You must save your receipt!!! scan the bar code to get your points added to your app. We ordered a combo food pack and game play time. Threw our receipt away because our cashier did not tell us how it worked!! I felt ripped off.

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