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Get the (ice cream) party started. Get the scoop on sweet treats, deals & more.
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Get the (ice cream) party started. Order cakes and ice cream, access exclusive deals and offers, and experience Baskin-Robbins® at your fingertips. Trusted by over 4 million ice cream lovers, the Baskin-Robbins® mobile app is here to help you sweeten every moment.

Exclusive access to the latest & greatest updates, coupons, and deals. Can’t wait for the sweet savings? Download today and enjoy a free regular scoop when you sign up for mobile deals.*

Celebrate your next special occasion with a Baskin-Robbins® ice cream cake or Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treat! Customize with your favorite ice cream flavor and cake flavor, and place your order right in the app.

Enjoy a faster checkout experience. Add your existing Baskin-Robbins® gift card, scan at the register, and enjoy. No existing gift card? No problem – add and manage virtual gift cards directly through the app. Checking out has never been cooler.

At Baskin-Robbins®, we believe there’s always a reason to celebrate. Stay on top of our favorite events and holidays, or create and manage your own. We’ll remind you about upcoming birthday parties, anniversaries, play dates, or any other reason you find to celebrate.

Ice cream emergency? We get it. Finding the closest Baskin-Robbins® is always just a tap away.

Instantly send mobile gift cards to the people who matter most. Choose a design in the app, then text or email to make someone’s day.

Stay up to date on new ice cream flavors, seasonal treats, and nutrition information.

*Terms and condition apply


We’ve just made ordering your favorite ice cream cakes even better with coupon and accessibility updates.


40 comentarios en "Baskin-Robbins MODDED"

  1. I have been using this app for a few months now but it is only good when it decides to work. You have to sign in to your account upon opening everyday. The autofill is deleted often so I’m forced to type in my info constantly. There have been multiple instances of the login not working without any reason or error message (even with the correct credentials). When I am actually able to use the app, it is easy to navigate and has great deals.

  2. One of the worst apps I have ever used! It never allows you to reload a card; always says it’s temporarily down, but it’s been like that for months! I had multiple cards with low balances and it was such a hassle to bring up each one at the register. When each card was scanned, it deducted the balance from the card, but never took it off my bill! I ended up paying more than I should have. Soo frustrating!

  3. Pretty pointless app unless you’re preordering a cake or a party size take home sundae pack. You can’t order individual, single-serve items or even see what those items might be. I downloaded the app after stopping in on a whim for the first time in years. They were busy and wanting me to make a quick decision. Their menu is not very easy to navigate in the store. Unfortunately the app doesn’t list the flavoin the flavors to avoid the stress of trying to figure out which flavors on the spot.

  4. Very very limited options. If you hope to order a cup of each family member’s favorite and unusual flavor then pick the half dozen options up later, forget it. This app is geared only toward the more expensive products and a very very limited variety of flavors. Not worth the space it takes. Very disappointed. One point for quick load and colorful layout.

  5. R L dice:

    This app is useless to me until we can actually purchase ice cream by cone, cup, shake, or however, other than prepacked containers I can get at a much lower price in any grocery store. I only order a cake once every few years. Other places allow ordering ahead of frozen drinks and the like in their app. Just arrive on time and it’s all good. Get with it and catch up BR. I don’t like having to stand around in your tiny stores. I want to order ahead and quickly pickup and go. Thanks.

  6. Not well developed and orobably not QCed. the birthday club is default off even if you’ve had an account for a long time before the app. Plus there is a problem with the dates when you add it to your profile. it’s always a day or two off. even after editing it several times. also, it’s silly that you can’t combine giftcards onto 1 card and have to use multiple ones when purchasing.

  7. The app and website are useless. I wish I could show the screenshot I just took. Laughable! It says two pre packed quarts for $11.99. Below that, it says $12.99. Looking in the cart, they are charging $12.99. That’s pretty much the only thing I can even order. No options for buying the fresh packs or diy kits. Just a blank page. No deals in the app. Had to waste my time giving my ACTUAL phone number because it would not accept my all 8’s, and created an account for nothing!! Uninstalled.

  8. Really amazing how the app stops working the day of “free” samples (samples are by default free -_-) and I can’t log in whatsoever which really irritates me as I’d like to grab a scoop on my day off but no, app wants to suddenly not work anymore. Seriously just….fricken all types of…wow…just get it fixed. Now one star, still not fixed. MONTH LATER AND STILL NOTHING. UNINSTALLING!

  9. They sent me email for latest promos but….you must use their app. Supposed to use for a promo, and use the scannable coupon in the app. The promo ad is there under deals, but no where is there any scannable coupon. And online ordering is a joke, a very very limited, so not even useful if you don’t want a small sunset of the 31 flavors. Was better off when they stuck with email coupons, this is a badly done, badly functional app. Wish they would stop with this app.

  10. The worst!! All I wanted to do was order a Cappuccino Blast and, you can’t! When not logged in, you can view ALL the menu items including those. But when you go to make an order and are FORCED to log in to do so, the whole beverages part of the menu, DISAPPEARS!?!? Makes absolutely no sense. A definite waste of my time and energy.

  11. At one point, briefly, this app did allow the merging of balances. Then it just disappeared with an update. What would be the purpose of this? It takes so long to check out because of this I would have to think that people waiting behind everyone in line is bailing and going to sonic. You’re not keeping tmobile people from using their rewards, you’re loosing other customers with the slow service.

  12. Lejon Lin dice:

    This app is designed beautifully but it never works. 80% it will not let me log in. It literally says “unable to log in”. I have not had any success reloading a card through the app. It always errors out and says the service is unavailable.

  13. Since the recent update, you can’t log onto the app, no matter how many times you reset the password. Offers are only accessible on the app, so please fix this, then I will update my rating.

  14. USELESS APP. DO NOT USE. The app has 6 icons on the home page order menu. They don’t allow you to search for single scoop, waffle cones, etc… why use the app for convenience when you can’t even order a cappuccino blast from the app? Why can’t I order a banana split? These are staples and if I want them I have to go to the store to get them. What’s the point of this app???

  15. This is by far the worst app available. You can only get the app to work half the time when you are trying to use the deals and even then you have to time it correctly before it closes out on you. Who gives a deal then gives you a time limit to when it has to get scanned? I thought Dunkin had the worst app but this one takes the cake!

  16. This app is great for ordering ahead and not waiting but sometimes the buttons font work and I have to sign in every time I want to use it.

  17. The app won’t let me login when I literally just created an account. It works on the website but not the app what the heck?

  18. Garbage. Randomly won’t let either me or my wife log into our accounts. We even password reset and connection is perfectly fine! Not everyone should be allowed to develop apps if you can’t handle basic functions like LOG IN .. As much as you charge for VERY overpriced ice cream versus other places, I would think you’d have enough money to hire decent developers.

  19. Very easy to use. I do wish you could add scoops in a cup to your order to go in the app.

  20. Karina dice:

    App never wants to work. After it takes long to load, it pops up with an error message.

  21. Apparently I can order sundaes and other frozen treats through Uber Eats, but I can’t order a sundae treat through the app? I prefer the app over Uber Eats. I would rather order a sundae and pick it up myself than pay the exuberant delivery fee and have my treat melted by the time I finally receive it.

  22. Ming Y dice:

    I can sign in from web, but app is useless. I can never sign in.

  23. App used to work fine but one day I logged in to use whatever money I had left on my gift cards and it deleted the money (as I stared at it) and said I had none left. Now the app is always stuck in the eternal loading menu circle of doom so I can’t even use it.

  24. Locked me out for no reason, and wouldn’t let me log back on. All of my info is correct, but it just says unable to log in. I’m trying to use a coupon so I can order a pickup for my kids birthday, unfortunately the coupon isn’t visible on a regular web page, and only on the app. I can log into the webpage just fine.

  25. Not sure why the system changes your birthday to one day before and makes no mention of it unless you go look, which you won’t do if you put it in correctly. I suppose it’s a way to keep you from using it. Also, I downloaded the app to make purchases mainly but you can only add the prepackaged quarts to your cart. What’s the point of this app? To get some sorry coupons? I pass

  26. Doesn’t allow me to add funds to my BR card, no matter which of my cards I use. Constantly showing me error messages for seemingly nothing (for example: clicking on “locations”; clicking on “my account”; attempting to log in; successfully logging in; trying to add funds; selecting any of the locations while trying to order a cake). At this point I’d say it is unusable, and beyond frustrating.

  27. Horrible app! Have tried to access discounts & it’s always “down.” Tried to update account online & that is “down”, too. Also takes up double the amount of space on my phone than other restaurant apps. But provides a fraction of the customer service in proportion to the aggravation trying to get the app to work. Save your memory and don’t download!

  28. I cannot login to the app despite using the same credentials as when I login via a browser. Please fix it.

  29. Seriously, hot garbage. I’ve seen programming work better on an 8-bit machine powered by a potato battery. Went to my local Baskin-Robbins for the very first time since it opened with this app specifically to get a free scoop. And when I tried to redeem the coupon, the app froze and wouldn’t let me log back in. Not to mention purchasing things through the app is the sucha hassle because none of the prices are accurate to what their advertised as while in your cart. Fix your app.

  30. Allan dice:

    After choosing a location, the menu hides the list of flavors and offerings. In order to see the full menu, you must unselect a location. Pressing on location address tab from the order menu often freezes the app. There was an errors message when inputting birthday and editing profile. No rewards system.

  31. App logs me out all the time. Then makes you verify yourself by sending you a code every time you log in. When I enter the code it tells me its wrong and sends me a new code, so I enter that and it tells me that one is wrong too. Its a very annoying cycle. I end up not using the coupons or rewards and paying full price because it takes so long. Super frustrating, and worthless app.

  32. Will not let me log into app. I have tried multiple times it will say “One moment please” but will keep me on the sign-in screen. It won’t tell me if I have the wrong password either. Birthday club is not working either. I will save the correct date and every time I click the app it will go a date backwards. (Ex. I will put 11/30 & the app will put 11/29)

  33. I haven’t been able to log in for months through the app. I’ve tried reinstalling serval times, changing the password several times. None of those options work. I have been successful logging on from the web (no app) however none of my stored gift cards appear. Only options for gift cards is to purchase or download the app for mobile gift cards. I have several gift cards stored so what happens now.

  34. My problem with this app is similar others. I’ve tried ordering e-gift cards through this app several times, I keep getting an error message, and I know it’s not my debit card. In fact, I tried to use two different cards; yet, I continue to get a transaction error message and I’m told to try again. About a month ago, I contacted the restaurant about this problem and I thought they were going to fix this problem, apparently, they didn’t; I guess they don’t care.

  35. I had a coupon for a free scoop. After pressing the redeem button, there’s a countdown of five minutes. If it’s not used within that time, the coupon disappears. I went into the store and the cashier scanned it right away. But there was a promotion going on that I was unaware of, so I wasn’t able to use the coupon. That would have been fine if it went back on my account for future use, but because you have to start the countdown before they can scan it, I’m out of luck now.

  36. rptp dice:

    What should be a simple app with a few coupons on it, a menu, and some marketing is an absolute nightmare loading up. Redeeming coupons has a five minute to use timer after doing so. This makes using promos a hassle when you’re in the store ready to pay since coupons won’t load half the time, and the other half you can’t even log in to the app.

  37. I downloaded the app so that I could send gift cards. I was able to send 2 cards successfully, but then I started getting an error message that says “There has been an error with the gift card transaction, please try again.” I’ve tried emailing for help, but no response. If I could send more than 2 gift cards I’d give a much higher rating!

  38. Ludawg94 dice:

    Finally after a full year it seems as though they fix the log in issue. Just recently tried to download the app again today, so unsure how long ago it got fixed but finally. Didn’t lose my gift card amount I had saved to the app, that’s why I give it a 4. I’ll switch to a 5 once I start using it more and don’t have any issues.

  39. I downloaded the app and thought it would be simple like other fast food places. All I wanted to do was order a banana split and I spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out. I’m considered pretty high tech savvy and app savvy. Probably delete the app and just forget about it.

  40. App constantly crashes, refuses password. I’ve changed it several times because it says login failed. I can login online to verify it’s correct pw, it will still say login failed. They have no way of combining multiple gift cards, and once you’ve registered your gift card in the app it hides all the info about it except the last 4digits of the card and current balance, so you can’t call to merge them either. Gone to three locations nearest me (within 2 hours of me) and they won’t app payments

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