App Lock – Preventing Intruder MODDED 2022

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App Lock is a smart and super applock with Fingerprint/PIN /Pattern lock, protects your privacy. Just one click to lock apps and secure your phone!

With App Lock, your apps are protected quickly. You can change the password whenever you want. Best of all, you no longer must worry about your personal information being revealed when using Pin password App Lock.

App Locker – Pattern pin password app lock helps you to secure personal information when strangers access apps on your phone.
App Lock pattern – App lock for phone free is an application that protects your privacy with the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Our lock application is secure and always wants to bring you the best experience.

#Why Need App Locker – Lock Apps Fingerprint, PIN & Pattern?
👉 No more worrying about others checking your social media apps, messages, calls, etc.
👉 Keep your friends from snooping around when they borrow your phone.
👉 Prevent kids from sending wrong messages, messing up system settings, and paying for games.
👉 Never worry about people reading your private data.

#Features of App Lock – Lock for apps with Fingerprint, PIN & Pattern.
🔑 Lock all apps
Applock easy WhatsApp Locker, Facebook, Messenger, Calls, Gmail, Snapchat, Play Store, etc. No more unauthorized access and guard your privacy!

🔐 Hide photos and videos
App Lock Fingerprint encrypt Gallery to make it a photo vault. Keep your private memories safe, no one can see them without password.

🗝️ Use multiple lock types
App Lock with both pattern, PIN and fingerprint are available. With invisible pattern draw path, no one can peep at your pattern.

👮 Intruder selfie
App Lock protect app by take pictures of any intruders that enter an incorrect password.

🔐 Lock new apps
Applocker detect the installation of new apps and lock them in one click. Provide all-round protection.

🚀 Lock apps in real time
Lock without delay, no need to worry about the app content being displayed before the lock kicks in.

🔑 Customize the re-lock time
App Lock activate the lock at a specific time, no need to enter password repeatedly before that.

👮 Advanced protection
AppLock Pro can hide App Lock from recent apps to prevent it from being found by others.

🔢 Reset password
Reset your password with security questions if you forget it.

👍 Easy to operate
One click to enable/disable App Locker.

Do you want an app locker with password? Please try the lock app lock. The lock app lock supports setting custom time. You can lock application what you like.
Download now App Locker – App Lock Fingerprint & Lock all apps to have a great lock app experience. Application App Lock is in the development and completion process, so we would love to receive your feedback and suggestions via email: [email protected]. Your feedback is extremely valuable for us to improve the product.

Sincerely thank you, best regards!

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