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Smart lighting made simple. Organize and control your lights by groups within rooms over Wi-Fi or remotely through the cloud. Improve the way you work, feel and simply enjoy the environment you’re in with our wide variety of different light modes that cover the range from fun to functional. All your settings are securely stored on the cloud and can be shared with your family, friends and even your guests if you like.


* Bug fixes and performance improvements


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  1. Update Jan 2023: the setup was apparently fixed. There is a V2 app that I will try. Original review: The worse ‘smart light’ app for setting up a new light. Does not work most of the times. Assumes the light has colors, but my model does not. On subsequent attempts, sometimes remember the wifi password, sometimes not. There are two password dialogs: one can show the password in clear, the other cannot.

  2. Absolutely the worst “Smart” home app, the lights don’t remember the last setting. They lose connection and don’t turn on, I have a room with 4 downlights, 2 always turn on to the candlelight setting, one always starts on daylight, and the 4th refuses to turn on. The 4th one will turn on if you disconnect it from power, but if you turn it off in the app or with Alexa it will never turn on again. The old dumb dimmable LEDs are going back up. I know why Home Depot had discounted them to <$5.

  3. App could be better. The scheduler sucks, I hate how when you set the schedule time, the time the light(s) come on is a clock that allows you to chose hour and minute, yet the end time you have to do math in your head and also cycle through the hours and minutes for the lights to turn off. Should have the same UI interface for the end time, which is the clock like the start time. They should also integrate with the weather apps to auto adjust on/off time by sunrise and sunset as an option.

  4. I find I’m the only one in recent times that has not hit issues in the app. I wish there more of a customization in themes and such. I also find some of the the light themes don’t really do anything. “Halloween” just turns all the lights yellow. “Steampunk” and one of the water themes also just show a color and don’t do much.

  5. EM_wave dice:

    AWESOME!! Love my 3 RBG bulbs and the app is simple and easy to use! VERY big fan of this product and app. I would greatly request more features and control routine expansion and customization. I love being able to do the basics with this app like change colors or dim % and even organize light groups into spaces and rooms. I’d love to be able to customize a fully modded out lighting routine and sync w/ multiple lights in a room in the future 🤞🏻🤲🏻

  6. Topp Catt dice:

    It seems like a cool idea and its great when it works but its frustrating to wake up in the morning and fiddle with the phone for ten minutes to turn lights on, you have to manually turn the lights off and then back on. But still its nice to have the ability to choose different colors of light in one light bulb. My favorite is the Golden white. It fluxuates between a really white light and a golden light.

  7. Update Jan 2023: Worst device control app ever! This app cannot maintain a connection to the devices. Sometimes it works, sometimes not; and most of the time not. It will just randomly allow or disallow control of my lights. But the scheduled events (going on and off at specified times) works perfectly. The old version was just as bad, and I had high hopes that they finally fixed the bugs, but they didn’t.

  8. Glitchy and the schedule feature seems to work only when it wants to. I have it set to turn on at 7pm and turn off at 1, but recently it’s been turning on randomly and then staying on into the next day. The vacation feature is off, but it seems to still behave as if it’s on. Also it would be nice to have a turn on at sunset feature. New quirk, the light changes color temperature randomly now while still ignoring the schedule sometimes.

  9. Incredibly convenient when it works. However, it is becoming more and more often that it doesn’t work. Nearly every other time I open the app my lights are unavailable so I have to close and open my app again to reload it. The schedule feature, which I have used for over a year and a half now to ensure I wake up in the morning and that I dont come home to a dark house in the evening, doesn’t work right anymore. My lights either turn on/off much earlier than scheduled, or they just dont at all.

  10. PLEASE fix “home” switching! Automatic switching gets easily screwed up and repeatedly keeps changing the home to the wrong location. Manually changing requires opening the menu, scrolling down, selecting “settings”, tapping “Change home”, and then selecting the home to control. This is far more complicated than it has to be. Just provide a drop-down selection when clicking the home name at the top of the app. I switch multiple times everyday, and it’s incredibly frustrating!

  11. Meister dice:

    The lights are great but the app has frequent connection issues, along with a load of other annoyances that make it hard to work with. When you are selecting a color, the menu likes to randomly close on you. This is very annoying for tweaking colors. Suggestion: support chat needs push notifications since it can take awhile to get a response, and the chat isn’t a full live chat, more of a private message system.

  12. The product is useful and allows for easy remote control of lights, but falls very short on its adaptability with respect to changing sunrise/sunset times. It would be great if we could configure lights to turn on x minutes before sunset and turn them off x minutes after sunrise. Barring this, the user must periodically adjust each schedule to the changing daylight hours.

  13. The whole “smart device” thing didn’t really pan out to be all that convenient. I dealt with having multiple apps, but when my Google hub and Android devices all answered at the same time to any request, the Nest went skipping on the nearest lake. Then my phone started saying “connected via Wiz” when connecting to my own home router, and only connecting to the 2.4Ghz channel, down went another set of devices and the accompanying app. Frig off Phillips, you are way out of line.

  14. It worked fine for about a 1.5 years but the last 2, 3 months most of the lights have not been responding. I’m constantly resetting them from the power switch so that App can connect to the lights. I have Google mesh WiFi throughout the house so I don’t think WiFi or router is the issue. Based on my experience in the last 2, 3 months I would not recommend this product to anyone. It was working fine when I got them but last 2, 3 months they’ve been very annoying.

  15. Most of the lights work in the house with the exception of one bulb that only responds about half the time, and it’s right next to one that works fine. Other than that, the app is just too simplistic and limited. Circadian rhythms: No adjustment for brightness or color tone. Custom rhythm: no gradual transitions. No seasonal dusk/dawn time adjustment for schedules or rhythms. Finally, the main UI is just clunky. Scrolling tabs to control a room? Really?

  16. Really useful for routines, I have severe ADHD, and this helps me stay on a schedule. The lights turn on or off and change color/tone on a schedule that I set up and it helps put my mind in the right state to either be proactive or stop focusing and relax. The oscillating interactive presets can be sped up or slowed down, which means I have a way to force a stimulation balance without being distracted by music or podcasts. controllable lights sounds like a menial thing but it’s pretty powerful.

  17. Light effects are never updated, just the same scenes; so without the ability to customize Dynamic scenes, you’re stuck with the same effects. The 2 lights I have rarely connect with the app upon first launching–it might be one, or neither, until I restart the app. Schedules seem to mostly work, albeit not exactly at the time specified. Despite 2 lamps on the same schedule, one might change minutes before the other. Connection lost with Google assistant until bulbs removed then added again.

  18. James dice:

    It does the job of turning your lights on great and you can set schedules for on and off as well. I do wish there was a dark mode which is needed being the screen gets really bright. My other gripe is that if you connect it to Google for voice, it goes to a 3rd party then it says that its not responsible for your info at that point which creates a security safety issue for me so I’ll never be saying, “lights on or off” using this app.

  19. Derk R dice:

    If I leave the room my lightbulb is in, the app will lose connection to it and any changes I make will not happen until I turn the lightswitch off and on again. Very inconvenient as I bought the bulb so I could handle the lights remotely. Seems like one of the prinary things you wouldn’t want to happen in a remote-controlled device. Edit: an update has restored control to my light and it loses connection less frequently. Still don’t recommend, but it do add a miniscule amount of convenience now.

  20. Tiroulsa dice:

    The product they’re selling is great the problem is the app is completely horrible. Half the time the lights won’t even change properly or half of them will change. It’s not a physical problem because the lights turn on just fine, it’s a problem with how they connect to the app. Some serious bug testing and development needs to be done before this is a fully featured product

  21. M James dice:

    When it works, I think it’s great. The problem is that lately it’s not working on lights which have been in use for years. The lights schedule hasn’t been functioning right for weeks, and the app is unresponsive when I try to manually turn lights on/off, despite having a stable wifi connection.

  22. Lights keeps losing wifi. Reset router, reinstall app, setup lights again, link to Google, everything works fine. Go to sleep,wake up say turn on lights nothing happens check app no lights connected. I work in IT, the lights are on a 2.4 GHz wifi. This is a problem that does not go away. I am currently looking for different lights because these have been nothing but a headache for most of the time I have owned them.

  23. Ray D. dice:

    A lot of glitches wrong with it. I’ll set up my light to turn a certain color at 8am, yet it gets stuck on dark Red, no matter what I do or Set differently. I’ve reinstalled the app, restarted my account and unplugging the light, yet it always switches to dark Red, as if it’s stubbornly memorized that one color of all colors.

  24. I hate this app, so disappointing. App doesn’t work to control my lights & unable to connect with lights. It used to be occasionally, now it’s about 75% of the time. Connectivity has gotten worse even though I have improved my wifi signal. I have 3 bulbs in my ceiling fan & 1 in a lamp, & several times a day or every other day at least 1 to all 4 light bulbs will stop responding. Not because of internet connectivity, Alexa will say so. Only way to reconnect is turning on/off several times 🙁

  25. Never works properly. Perfect wifi connection and distance. Everytime you pick a color it MIGHT change it or more likely I have to close the app and open it a bunch of times to get it to respond and then I have to do that 3 times if I want a different color for each light.

  26. Ian C dice:

    08/2022 edit: Lost a star because 2+ years on, there’s STILL no dark mode for the app or the ability to make our own custom dynamic modes. 02/2020: Please add a Dark Mode for the app! I have had no issues with controlling the lights, setting schedules, pairing, etc., though I would also love to be able to create my own custom “Dynamic” modes (which seems to be on the dev road map so that’s cool). Lights used: A19 Bulbs and the Downlights from Phillips, all are Full Color & Tunable White.

  27. Bruce dice:

    Moderately easy to connect (as long as you DON’T try to do it manually – that does NOT work at all) but the lights seem to have constant connectivity issue despite being in a WiFi saturated area. Both lights are within 6 feet of a WiFi access point. Nothing else has any issues. Just these two lights. Sometimes they won’t show in the app as being ON when they are obviously ON. Sometimes they just don’t react to a change like dimming/brightening. Either way, it causes me to have to repeat commands over and over until it finally gets it right. I can’t tell if it’s the app or the lights since you can’t use one without the other. Also, to my knowledge, these lights will not use ANY OTHER software to set up so you’re stuck with it. I’ll never buy another one of their products.

  28. Great bulbs. Unfortunately, connecting them went from great and straightforward to something is completely broken. Being an engineer, I really thought I’d be able to fix it but after I took a formally working bulb and went to see if I could reconnect to it if I deleted it and found it had the same connectivity timeout I’d been experiencing, I gave up and returned them. Something changed on their end and it’s not backwards compatible. The tech support was abysmal.

  29. The WiZ lights are fantastic – great light output, excellent color. I have about a dozen throughout the house and really like them. The WiZ app, on the other hand… when it works, it’s fine, and does everythingI expect it to. But it can also be quite frustrating. It often takes multiple tries to get the lights to respond to the app. Also issues with fixture selection I don’t have room to go into here. Finally and most importantly, there’s no dark mode – this app is PAINFUL to use at night!

  30. I personally love the lights themselves, they’re bright, they’ve got a wide range of color, and they are a much more value based product than something like a Phillips Hue bulb. The app itself is elegant, however, I wish there was more lighting customization. I would like to be able to create my own dynamic lighting. This is a bit of a long shot, but I wish I could sync my lights to my computer, like what is possible with hue bulbs. Finally, the widgets almost never work, it always shows errors

  31. In the last two weeks, the app has gone from decent functionality to nearly useless. I get an error message every 10 seconds that I need to log in (which covers the UI), yet all the login options pull up another error message and won’t continue. As it stands now, I can use the app to turn lights on and off and that’s it. Can’t change my presets, settings, anything. I often have to use a command (especially on/off) multiple times before the lights respond, with several seconds pause between.

  32. Overall I enjoy the app though it feels like it’s “designed obselescence”. As I can envision a lot more options and versatility that just don’t seem to “be an option” on the low end of the price spectrum. Decent enough. And does the trick. Especially for a 13 dollar smart bulb, it even works with Google home, but even though it’s cheap, I feel like there is a lot more that one ought to be able to do, and technically should be possible, but they want to incentivise people to cough up more 💰

  33. I don’t think they thought this through. The first step is to select Smart or Manual Pairing, but Smart Pairing is disabled. Fine. In manual pairing, the lights aren’t changing to purple after a minute as expected, but if you click the help link, it takes you to the website to dumb down there instructions instead of giving you an alternative setup option. At the bottom of the page, there is what looks like a “Contact Us” button, but it isn’t a hyperlink.

  34. Why can’t you set favorites from the app? There is no “settings” button next to the light color as the help tutorials show. They arent even selling the wizmote right now which is the only other way I can see to possibly switch settings for when the light turns on. Annoying to say the least! Updated to add: Thank you for the reply!! 2 encounters with the help department and neither of them could tell me this!!

  35. James dice:

    Mostly, the app works really well. I have two sets of lights and so longs I have power to the lights, they work fine. One of my biggest complaints is the color of the app screen itself. I’ve searched but haven’t found it. You should be able to go to dark screen on the app itself. It makes ZERO sense that when you lower your light or if it’s the middle of the night and you have a really bright screen making it difficult to see because you’re squinting? We need a darkscreen. App overall is 👍🏽

  36. We’ve loved these so far. Have had ten bulbs in two zones of our basement and one in our kitchen for a few months now. The app has worked well. Oddly my husband can control the lights from the app from anywhere but I can only do it if I’m on a wireless internet signal (not using data). Might just be a phone setting. We did learn the bulbs don’t work well on a dimmer switch. They need to be on a regular switch but that only required an easy quick change. Next up is trying the lights with Alexa!

  37. Works, but not great. It usually takes two or three tries to get the settings to actually apply, when I try and set all the lights only one of them will change to the setting I choose while the rest stay on the old setting. It’s pretty annoying to have to go back several times in order for the setting to update. I also wish it kept my most used settings together so I didn’t have to scroll through the list every time.

  38. I give it four stars because it took way to long to recognize my wifi. Customer service was good at helping, but the troubles I had getting it to work almost made me return it to Home Depot. However once I finally got it to sync with my wifi, it has been working flawlessly with no issues whatsoever. The app interface is simple and I like the fact that you can create schedules and countless scenes based off the colors and their shades.

  39. Bought two smart plugs and tried to set them up. The app is super basic and requires a lot of repetitive steps, and after being forced to wait five minutes to find the device, nothing is found. So I try the manual steps, and connect to the device immediately, but then nothing happens. I finally got 1 to appear, but the firmware update failed, rendering it useless. Returning the plugs and deleting the app!

  40. Must be missing something given all the 4 and 5 star reviews. I’m using one bulb in an exterior fixture. The app finds the light just fine. Any time I open it though the light initially shows as offline but usually comes back. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to set a schedule to have the light come on at sunset…only at a set time. As for Alexa, it finds the light just fine but EVERY time I go to set it up in Alexa it immediately shows unresponsive. Does not work at all with Alexa.

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