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Connect to your Shark ROBOT™ from anywhere using the SharkClean™ App.
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Unlock powerful cleaning performance and clean your home from anywhere in the world with the SharkClean app!

The SharkClean app is the hub for customizing your robot’s settings.

Get the most from your Shark by scheduling cleans, creating a map of your home that you can customize and edit, clean by specific rooms or areas immediately*, and more — all in the app.

Plus, quickly access troubleshooting tips and FAQs, get notifications, and see detailed Cleaning Reports* with the SharkClean app.
*varies by model.

● Schedule your Shark to run when it’s convenient for you.
● Easily adjust the days and times your robot cleans your home.
● Use voice commands to control your Shark.
● Compatible with Google Assistant** and Alexa*** enabled devices.
3. ENABLE RECHARGE & RESUME (1000 & 2000 models)
● Get even better cleaning coverage with Recharge & Resume.
● With recharge and resume, your robot returns to the base, recharges, and can pick up where it left off.
4. CLEAN SPECIFIC ROOMS OR ZONES (1000 & 2000 models)
● Once your robot generates a map of your home, you can create rooms and high-traffic zones.
● Customize cleaning by immediately sending your robot to clean specific rooms and zones from the SharkClean app.
● Vacuum and mop your floors at the same time with VacMop ™ mode.
● Your robot skillfully avoids carpets while scrubbing your floor 100 times per minute.

● Shark® Connected Robotic Vacuum (Models Supported: 700, 800, 900, 1000, and 2000)
● Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz band support

Supported OS:
● Android Phone – 9.0 and above

For U.S. support, visit for additional information or to contact support.
For E.U. support, visit for additional information or to contact support.

**Google is a trademark of Google LLC
***Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates.


This update includes bug fixes to make SharkClean better for you.


40 comentarios en "SharkClean FULL"

  1. The app was working well enough for the past month. But now the vacuum just returns to the dock right after starting. It pulls out of the dock, sits there for 5 seconds, and returns to the dock. Others with this problem say it seems to be an issue with the app, because it cleans if you press the physical button on the machine. This needs to be fixed immediately, it is extremely inconvenient.

  2. I would recommend this vacuum to others if the app wasn’t absolutely terrible. The app randomly clears out anything you have saved. Rooms just randomly disappear. You can set the vacuum to run on a schedule and even set it to run at max power every time. It will say it’s running at max, but it very clearly isn’t so that doesn’t function right. It’s just overall entirely too buggy for something as expensive as these vacuums are.

  3. Everything was working fine. App was easy to use vacuum was doing great. One day the language changed to French and nothing will allow you to change to another language. I tried resetting the vacuum everything. Called customer support wasted 30 min on the phone they did not understand what I was telling them. When I choose a different language it says it’s downloading the language pack but never does. At least it still sends text messages in English..

  4. I have had my Shark for about a week now and it seems to be doing well! I think the only thing I would like to see is the ability to set up different areas such as an upstairs and downstairs even if I have to pick it up and take it there. I also would like a bit more flexibility in setting rooms or zones, the standard and smallest box sizes on the app make it difficult to design zones!

  5. My robot can no longer keep connection with my router. Zero issues with any other internet-of-things. Shark’s response? Keep trying. The more I play with it, the less I like it. I can’t include vacuum power in the schedule and can’t figure out how to adjust the defaults. The room selection tool is a bit bulky. I’d really like a clear robot button for the self emptying model, I had a clog that I wasn’t notified.

  6. Its not flawless but very good! Most of my headaches come during setup. I have 2 shark vacs and getting it to join wifi at home and at work has been a downright crapshoot. I’m probably a solid 7 of 10 capable when it comes to this type of thing and it was frustrating to have to try no less than 20 times repeating the same steps to get connected. After getting them on my networks though they operate well. We have had botvac for over 6 years and always get Shark. That says a lot in my opinion.

  7. there is no work being done on the app! making the programmable function unusable. mapping is a horrible experience. first setup over 10 tries. my phone became outdated, this one app wouldn’t function. no updates… This being the case, I was only able to use the unit at full operations for 6mo. fast forward almost a year, new phone. 15 more full runs and still can’t get an accurate map. plz make map editable in inaccurate sections. that would be the least u could do to make ur product useful

  8. Now it’s crashing again. Then it will start working again. Very frustrating. I can see where the low ratings come from. FIXED! Suddenly crashing. The app was going great. Now it crashes and I can’t use it. I went into settings and gave the app all permissions and it worked again. Hope that helps someone.

  9. Random logouts and terrible UI. It never stays signed in, and there are times that my wife and I will try to sign in, but it won’t accept one of our passwords. (We ‘show password’ and verify they match exactly with no extra spaces) House maps randomly delete themselves every few months, so I can’t direct it to certain rooms, and it needs to relearn boundaries again. Has happened at least 4 times in the last year.

  10. It’s been 3 days and still unable to use my mop vac and no reply from support. When will the app be fixed? Just started the last couple days and I’ve only had the unit since Christmas but it comes out of the dock spins around and goes back in if I try to just clean certain rooms. It’s spins around and empties half the tank in one spot and goes back to the dock. Very frustrating and I cannot get a reply in the private messaging. How in the world are we supposed to get support?

  11. Edit: 1/9/23 – app is working much better now Super disappointed with the app. It disconnects from wifi and there is no easy way to reconnect after hours of trying. I had to delete the robot and start over. Wifi disconnected again and again. I have used the support help in the app and have tried many troubleshoots from uninstalling the app to recycling my Wifi and nothing has worked, keeps disconnecting. I have gotten one clean after mapping my house and have had to remap twice. Such a bummer!!

  12. It used to be a great app and very helpful. Now, even with my push notifications on, I do not get alerts when the shark gets stuck, jammed, etc. I just have to notice it and go find it. Open the app, and notifications are there, but we’re never sent to me. Plus, they do not delete them after deleting them. I used to love the app, and the fact of having the only help in the house being a robot sadly is not even getting irritating.

  13. Machine is awesome! App is frustrating. Randomly deletes the rooms off my map and I need to relabel it. I have 3 sharks now and it doesn’t separate which notification is for which! Hard to know which one needs attention. I keep deleting my notifications, but they keep coming back! Weeks worth. When I first got my shark push notifications would pop up at the top of my phone, but no matter how much I turn push notifications back on and off they never appear and I have to open the app to see them.

  14. Very basic and buggy. Does not always work and has very primitive notifications and status data. The hardware seems good so far, but if I was gonna buy again, I would look at other vacuums because of the app. UPDATE: Original post was in 2021, now Jan 2023, software still very buggy. Most times if I try to send the bot to a specific room, it just goes off doing entire house. After about 3 or 4 times making the bot return to the dock it may or may not go to the specific room. New maps no help

  15. Make sure you get your wifi password correct when you’re pairing your robot for the first time as there is no way to redo it once you’ve proceeded. The robot will just continue trying to pair forever and even if you delete and reinstall the app it remembers the wrong password from the first time and skips the part where you could re-enter it. Uninstalling and deleting the cache and data did not help. Edit: Will also not send password change email. App just freezes. Edit 2: This app sucks.

  16. Absolute trash. Borderline useless app, and buggy as hell. You have to watch a stupid vacuum slide across your screen every time you open it, the “No Go” zones you can create in the app to keep the vacuum out of certain areas are completely ignored by the vacuum and if you want to pause the vacuum while it’s running, it often ignores that too. What a joke.

  17. It was doing a wonderful job, but one day l lost power & wifi, and it lost its map exploration. I’ve been 3 months trying to get it to go into the rooms it used to work in. But it will not go past the 1st area, which is 1 big square. I live in a 1 bedroom 2 bath apartment so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is truly putting me to work, thinking if I map it differently maybe it will do as well as before. Still, it will not go beyond the 1st area. I’ll keep trying.

  18. Kristin dice:

    This app is TERRIBLE. It randomly messes up my map, changing the boundaries and room sizes and making their lines cross. It NEVER once has gone to clean the room I ask it to. The app does not load properly. EVERY SINGLE TIME I open it, I need to close and open it AT LEAST FIVE additional times in order for everything (rooms vs whole house option) to load. I have never been so infuriated and annoyed by an app.

  19. Bryson S dice:

    Overall the app is easy to use once setup is complete. However, I had to call tech support to setup my Shark Av2501S after multiple failed attempts to pair with wifi. After several restarts, pairs, and verifying permissions, the setup process failed to mention GPS location must be on to connect shark to wifi, go figure ¯_(ツ)_/¯. It was never mentioned in setup instructions provided. Once that was turned on everything went smoothly, no issues thus far. Tech support was very helpful.

  20. It’s great to be able to maintain cleaning of your home during the week. I love the self emptying feature which I use maybe once a month. The fact that we have a dog & it picks up the hair no problem is amazing. However I would think it would great to be able to program specific rooms and have no go zones for scheduling purposes.

  21. Overall a reliable app and product that seems to have improved since last update. Given the inconsistencies with all robot vacuums, I have gotten solid value and performance from my Shark and the SharkClean app. The only thing I don’t care for is how slow the app can be with updating – if you delete a map, for example. Interface could be more customizable, dark mode/nav menu… otherwise no real issues.

  22. The app sucks (pun intended). Periodically, the map isn’t recognized & needs redone. Troubleshooting varies connectivity issues through the app is a rabbit hole of wasted time. This week the robot will not clean through the app. The robot leaves the base immediately turns around and returns. A call to customer support, provides a prerecorded message acknowledging an issue with the app.

  23. 1 out of 10 times it actually seems to remember the map. If I tell it to clean a specific room, it spent 2 hours cleaning one of the rooms I told it not to clean. It also gets about 90% done cleaning and had 60% charge left, when it decides to take 2 hours to charge to 100% before it finishes. Why won’t it just finish its run? My map occasionally gets deleted.

  24. AV2600 is literally the first model shown on their site. But it’s not listed as a choice on the app. Took multiple attempts to successfully pair. Paired, the app isn’t intuitive. For example, map doesn’t show base location so you have to be a cryptographer to figure it out. Then when it inadvertently shut the door of a room and was stuck for 2 hours it didn’t send any message. I only found it because I noticed it never returned to the base and went looking. App shouldn’t have these issues.

  25. App constantly crashes on BOTH of our current and previous Google Pixel phones. I have to use my ancient iPad to do anything with the app, which I have to dig out solely for the purpose of being able to use apps that aren’t compatible with non-Apple devices. Besides the obvious lack of compatibility with our preferred operating system, the app is super clunky. No-go zones on the map are awesome in theory, but execution is lacking. I could go on, but characters are limited. Just fix it, please.

  26. Update: on the plus side, they continually refine the app Initial setup is very easy and straightforward. However; setup is critical! I didn’t have mine setup properly and the vacuum lost its WiFi connection and the instructions don’t explain what to do in that situation,necessitating a call to Shark. The representative was VERY knowledgeable, and I was back online quickly. Again though, the information the representative gave me was NOT in the instructions. Overall, the app works great!

  27. Works well. Easy to set up, learns rooms and maps them very accurately. I had no issues with inital mapping as others have. I was able to manualy add a room with minor adjustment to size. The suction power was selling point and picks up very well. Just purchased extra magnet strip to keep it from going in unwanted places. Overall, for this price point it is an excellent cleaner so far.

  28. I have been unable to connect the app to the Shark AV2501S. I am able to connect directly to the vacuum via wifi settings, but when you go to the app it keeps saying, unable to connect, try again. Tech support was not able to help, so now I’m waiting on a ticket that can take up to 48 hours for them to call me back. Update: Jan 14 2023 In order to add the vacuum, you must have the location turned on. This was NOT in the setup instructions. The vacuum is now working.

  29. The app has had vast improvement since my original review. It’s still a little buggy and often when I open it I don’t see the House and Rooms tabs so I can’t select which rooms I want vacuumed. Minimizing it or closing and reopening it fixes that issue. Maybe it’s loading those tabs incredibly slowly. If that’s the case then they need to show a splash screen until the app is ready to be used.

  30. Multilevel home : ( The robot is great and designed to recognize and avoid steps, but the app is not designed to deal with level changes. The app can only map one level. My plan was to give the robot a “home” location on each level change and just carry it to the next one, but the the app forces you to delete any existing layout to create a new one. The app needs an update to store multiple floorplans (levels) and select the one the vacumm is on before telling it to clean.

  31. Mike W dice:

    Whomever Shark outsourced the creation of this app to should be either fired or put in front of a firing squad. This is the most infuriating app I have ever used. Essentially any issue you have you have to reset the mapping and start from scratch. Any connectivity issues? Start from scratch. Change to new router? Start from scratch. It’s also so poorly laid out that it’s just downright frustrating to use. If you’re thinking of buying a Shark product that uses this app I’d just stay away.

  32. Once again, the app is broken. Crashes within a few seconds of opening. Clearing cache doesn’t work to fix it. Reinstalling doesn’t work. Crashes on multiple devices. Devs need to create a website application to be able to manage the Shark robots, considering how often this app is broken and just plain doesn’t work.

  33. This app is so inconsistent & glitchy. Certain features will just disappear randomly – like the room selection option. Then, when that option is actually displayed, the app will ignore the room selection & choose to clean the whole house instead.. I’ve had to uninstall & reinstall almost every time I’ve tried to use the app. If there wasn’t a schedule option, I’d have no way to use the vacuum due to the unreliability of this app.

  34. The vacuum/app easily get confused. Now it won’t run the assigned job. It starts the cleaning from the app but then within 10 seconds it goes right back to the dock. The app reports nothing except to act as if the job completed normally. The app seems to always have issues. Your company need to hire competent programmers.

  35. I am changing my review to 1 star. If I could get a response to my previous concern, I could at least give a star for the response. This app is unsupported on Galaxy TAB (I’d say that’s a pretty common product). Just try to control room sizes, set up house and no goes on a tiny cell phone screen. It is practically impossible. With the larger screen on the tablet, features you are promoting are useable. Each time I use this app I get more and more frustrated. Do you have any plans for the future?

  36. We are generally happy with the vacuum and app. There are occasional issues. Over the past year, it’s cleaning power has reduced. The floor is most clean, but we end up with clumps of stuff. It does seem to get stuck easily. Stuck under a chair, or the intake is stuck, not just when full.

  37. It took a few tries, and I had to close the bathrooms because the shark vacuum could get in but couldn’t get back out before I had a usable map, but now I can tell it where to go and it goes. It picked up so much cat hair! It mapped so well I can see the outline of some of the furniture. I just take it to the bathrooms and close the door and let it go.

  38. Equipment is great, interface is terrible. Constant crashes; won’t go to selected room unless you reset app and access history, notifications, and schedule page and then may not even work; history is flaky and buggy; can only schedule one time a day to run and it’s for the entire map. This app really is terrible. Deserves 0 (zero) stars.

  39. Alex Len dice:

    Created an account then it says password is wrong. Go to reset password and the contine button does nothing. Horrible initial experience since I need the app to get the features of the vacuum. (Updated: Created a new account and got in. Now the vacuum can’t find my 2.4 network that is broadcasting just fine. I’ve owned 3 different brand vacuums and this is the only one where I’ve had an issue and not been able to set it up.)

  40. I am great with programming the settings of anything computerized! But this app is flawed and extremely buggy! I’ve had too erase the maps several times in two days. Carpeted zones has trouble following dimensions that I have set for it. And then for no reason, all zones of any kind, shift to places far outside of the entire map layout! I’ve been using shark and Ninja products for many years and have always found quality and craftsmanship at a fair price. Shark should be ashamed! With this APP!

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