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A free, comprehensive, and easy-to-use application for studying Tarot layouts, recommended by professionals and aimed at studying the cards themselves, layouts and reading them, rather than ready-made solutions. “KaDo – Tarot Card Reading” features a nice design, user-friendly and colorful interface, fast navigation, daily Tarot, about 2,000 values and more than 120 interactive schemes of popular free Tarot cards layouts.

The app also has a “daily Tarot reading” feature, which is updated every midnight. Another convenient feature of KaDo – Tarot is a log of your layouts, for which the application remembers your action history.

The program contains KaDo – Tarot Card Reading types of divination: starting from love and health and ending with the Marseilles and Egyptian layouts. The meanings and interpretations of all 10 types of predictions are free and available in many languages of the world.

The application is developed based on real fortune-telling techniques that are used by real experts in Tarot divination. Divination is divided into periods: there are both predictions for each day and the beginning of periods (week, month, year). The values of the prediction cards may differ since the decks themselves are somewhat different. For example, the Waite deck is perfect for beginners, and some experienced tarologists make decks with their values.

Here is what is presented in the application:
78 Tarot cards, including 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana, and a Rider-Waite deck. If necessary, the deck can be shuffled. The general principle of divination is very simple: ask a question in your head, define it in one of the proposed categories and immediately get an answer.

The main direction of the application is to provide complete information on each card from the deck. The program has 13 values for both straight and inverted, including categories such as love, health, work, result, date.

Tarot Card Reading – this is an interesting and high-quality application that offers predictions at any time. The card that falls out will tell you what you should pay attention to during the day and what events it will be filled with. Divination can be available even once a day.




40 comentarios en "KaDo – Tarot Card Reading MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s absolutely unbelievable how accurate the cards are in this app. I’ve been reading cards for years and know the energy they exhibit & expound, & it’s no less in this app. The readings are explained in simple terms that even a person getting a reading for their first time can easily understand. There is a good variety of types and styles of readings that offer plenty of choices. The educational aspect is an awesome plus that offers anyone wishing to enlighten themselves, the ability to do so.

  2. Yoda E dice:

    Honestly I was first in doubt when downloading this app Considering that all the other tarot apps want a lot of money for just a tarot reading or aren’t accurate but this wow it’s accurate and affordable I love this app! And a plus I love the card designs!

  3. I am so I’m a Ahh moment it’s my Top #1 bast App I have ever installed and sign into it is a 100% Real deal no fake or negative energy or negative messages from the other side it will give you exactly what you are looking to find out about whatever you may what to now in your life I absolutely love this app I recommend it in 100% best at five Riverhead 💜💯🦉🦉😁🐸💜💜 Thank you with much blessings to everyone or do the one I have been matched with to help me to see my Truth about what I been

  4. i was a little skeptical about this app at first, but it actually was very informative and it tapped into everything that im feeling and going through right now.

  5. I cannot go back to see my previous readings and when I open and re open the app it doesn’t work

  6. Good, if not a little rote and borderline cliche…maybe, that’s just my life. In my experience the ads weren’t overly intrusive. Generally I skipped them within five seconds.

  7. The perfect app for self-discovery. Card of the day perfectly describes what will happen to me during the day. Cards just talking to me and I understand them clearly. Love this app! Thank you!!!

  8. Love what I have seen so far. It’s nice that the free app allows you to keep a journal, most don’t on the free side. Each time I get my free daily reading I have to go thru a series of offers for the premium package and turn them down before I can see my reading. But they have to advertise or they won’t make money to be able to give me my free reading, right? So it’s not so bad and the readings are concise and easy to understand. Not just vauge descriptions of tarot cards.

  9. Sam Smoke dice:

    Constant annoying notifications from this app, otherwise would be pretty decent, but nobody in their right mind wants a reminder every few hours about some clickbait leading question to try and drag you back.

  10. App dev does not mention how limited the app is for the free version. If they had been honest I may have paid. I’m not a fan of bait and switch. Do not download. Note to Dev: Not changing my review so don’t ask.

  11. I think this is a great app. Highly recommend. Accurate and definitely not common…

  12. I don’t have any credit cards or anything else or no pay pal cards at all I never had them in my life other people has but not me at all my family and friends got them not me at all 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  13. absolutely negatively blurts things as if I or Many others are such a way that radiates negative energy from it’s great achievements and knowing of stars that look after and simply live in accordance with nature and the laws of both nature and man witch is impossible to be both of these unless they live as professional criminals

  14. I’m thrilled with this app! Very beautiful and clear design, excellent descriptions of Tarot cards. The education section and Articles helped me improve my knowledge of Tarot cards and understand them much better. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app!!!

  15. yay 😁 very easy and honest

  16. Alex Day dice:

    A very good app to have if you are into spiritual meaning.

  17. Very accurate and I love the cards. Amazing!

  18. Love the notes good schooling.

  19. J L dice:

    Wow 😆 Just the worst tarot card reading I have ever gotten. Nothing was relevant to me, my life or any part of my current situation. Not even if I really, really stretched and tried to make it work for me.

  20. Excellent descriptions of each card. I was surprised with how much (and accurate) information is shared with the reader. Tarot apps are fun and help me to get through the stresses of the day by sharing the wisdom of the deck. I highly recommend trying this one out.

  21. I love it so many different choices of things to do and learn the only thing I really wish was offered is to be able to draw your own physical cards for the spread selected and able to get the meaning for each card and summerized meaning and advice offered in each spread

  22. Spoiler Alert: Most of the 1 star comments, are from angry little people who seem to think everything on an app store should be FREE. Games and Apps are a JOB… PAY THEM! Don’t like Ads…? Well the developers like a paycheck. That’s how they’re getting it. So you’re not good at technology or reading instructions? That’s okay. But don’t take it out on the developers, or accusing other players of being “hackers”. Its not the game, or developers. You just suck.

  23. I think that it’s a time peace that I’ve read good news . and positive doing what is right in life everlasting peace in heaven. That’s my future God that told me to go to the highest and change the thoughts for unity and the here after . I prophet at the beginning to the end .and I profitable all they Daystars of my life forever. Because my tree of life is my perfect generations to the end of times.

  24. It keeps messing up the name

  25. Daily Card is something incredible! Love it!

  26. Michael dice:

    From the very get go i am asked my name and the program intentionally garbles it up no thanks

  27. Ava Bae dice:

    wasn’t even able to scroll thru the cards…?? cool

  28. Aly Lou dice:

    new to this but so far so good 😊

  29. slow no answers to my questions

  30. Not paying for a membership before I can get at least one reading for free to see how accurate I believe it to be.

  31. Cindi Era dice:

    Sadly, app locked up and did not have anything to “-swipe” when told to do so. Uninstalled immedialely.

  32. my name is Ashley Holley Pulaski TN. I love this app is totally cool 😎😻 beans I’ll keep it on my phone. yay 😁😁😁😍

  33. Ugh! Terrible, blaring ads constantly!

  34. It doesn’t have the physical reading or a section where u can see the meaning of the cards

  35. hits everything right on the nose

  36. Sarah dice:

    No it’s ands or buts about it

  37. Their is no way in hell. I am pay app to read my fortune. It should be free!

  38. I enjoy using this app it’s fun & easy.

  39. It dose a good job at readings

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