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Remote control your home comfort. Anytime, anywhere.
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With the Sensi Smart Thermostat, you can enjoy complete control of your home comfort – Anytime. Anywhere.

Extensive Compatibility
Sensi Smart Thermostats work with HVAC equipment found in most homes*. Check compatibility at

Easy to install. Easier to use.
Even if you’ve never installed a thermostat, we’ve got you covered. Clearly illustrated, in-app instructions will walk you through each step from start to finish.

As soon as you’ve installed and connected your thermostat, the Sensi app serves as an intuitive remote control that lets you set, change and program your home comfort from anywhere.

In-App Features:
Remote temperature control
Flexible 7-day scheduling
Usage reports
Service reminders
Auto changeover
Circulating fan
Humidity control**
Temperature limits
Smart alerts
Local weather
Early start
A/C protection
Keypad lockout

Smart home meets smart comfort. Simply pair to the smart home platform of your choice to seamlessly control all of your connected devices.

Smart Home Compatible
• Amazon Alexa
• Google Assistant
• SmartThings

*Common wire (c-wire) not required for most applications. Does not work with baseboard heat and some other systems. Common wire (c-wire) is required for heat only systems, cool only systems and heat pump systems.
**Humidification requires additional equipment and a professional installation is recommended. Dehumidification supported with AC and heat pump systems.


This release contains general bug fixes and optimizations to improve the user experience, application operation, and support for Sensi products.


40 comentarios en "Sensi MOD"

  1. I love this app especially since they’ve updated it to allow me to see the usage stats real time. 3-22: It’s been another year and we’re still very happy with the thermostat. Edit 11/27/22; We’re still loving this thermostat. We especially love the Auto switching. Where we live it can be winter in the morning and summer by the afternoon. It switches perfectly.

  2. I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now after installing my new thermostat. I have not had any connectivity issues with the app and it is fairly straightforward to use. I have it wired to control my two stage furnace and it appears to kick on the 2nd stage when the temperature is 3 degrees below the setpoint. One minor improvement I would like to see the usage for each stage instead of just the heating or cooling time.

  3. John West dice:

    Very easy to use and works perfectly. Allows me to check tempin condo when I am not there. I can turn down/up/off while in bed if needed. Just a great idea. Plus my control is not very accessible, behind a recliner. And everyone can get app and adjust as necessary. Love it!!!

  4. I love the convenience of being able to control the thermostat from in bed or from the airport when I arrive back in town. It also gives data on usage each day for both cooling and heating (separated of course). A very minor gripe: it doesn’t know that Arizona doesn’t go on Daylight Saving Time, so the schedule times are off by an hour during DST.

  5. Nil Fel dice:

    Love Love how easy it is to use the app and create separate schedules for summer and winter weather. Love the feature that gives you the breakdown on the day by day usage or month to month and color coded to differentiate between heating and AC being used so you can make adjustments accordingly. Also love the temp control unit, it has decent size screen which lights up with a slight touch, screen has big clear numbers.

  6. DnMC98 dice:

    It’s ok. The app is glitchy. If I’m in the app and the A/C kicks on, the app force closes. Edit: December fifth, 2022 it’s 2 years since my last review. There’s still glitches in the app. Unfortunately, it seems like the company wants to sell the thermostats, but doesn’t want to make sure the app works flawlessly. Is it better than it was 2 years ago, slightly, but they’ve had two years to advance it and make it work well.

  7. J Money dice:

    Does not have all functionality that the thermostat itself has, but has information like use of Aux Heat that the thermostat doesn’t have. Must have both items to fully understand operation and setup of the system. Should have more functionality from both locations. Also, minimal options through Alexa control, temperature setting and readout only, no changing of schedule or system function.

  8. I HATE THIS APP Every time our wifi cycles, it boots the thermostat off and it’s a PITA to reconnect to our network. The directions for connecting do not match what I’m experiencing. I connect to the Sensi wi-fi in step 2. Then nothing happens and I cannot follow Step 3 which says ‘return to the app’. When I do that, I’m disconnected and back at the beginning. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using Android. Sensi! Fix this!

  9. Great, when it works. Seems to be having connectivity issues constantly now. I have two installed. One in my house, one in room over my garage. It’s not often I can open app and see both working. It’s making it useless. Used to happen occasionally, now it’s almost every time I go to use it. No point to wifi enabled extra cost if it never works.

  10. Big Mobe dice:

    Most of the basic functions I had in my previous thermostat, which were all accessable from its touch screen, are locked behind this app. I thought getting a thermostat with wireless remote functions would be a bonus feature but, it turned out to be a requirement. To make things worse it was difficult to connect to it and I had to create an account just access the app. A thermostat that required my personal information just setup shouldn’t exist. I will never buy another.

  11. Have it for home, and for investment properties. The Android app is simple and intuitive, and offers all the functionality of the thermostat from anywhere! The Apple app has most of the same functionality, but is a little clunkier and more difficult to set up (at least when transferring to new accounts/wifi). That being said, the thermostats and the app have been running uninterrupted and glitch-free in my properties for over a year now. All smiles here.

  12. Keeps loosing internet connection with app! It’s very frustrating especially when I have to wake up in the middle of the night so my family is not freezing to sync it back to my phone 🥶😡 ( if it wants too). Fix these issues! If you don’t have the app with the Sensi app the thermostat doesn’t work at all on its own.

  13. Phil R dice:

    Works great most of the time. Sometimes you’ll open up the app and it’ll tell you that your thermostat is offline, wait 4-5 seconds for it to refresh its server connection, then it sees that the thermostat is online. Why go from the loading splash screen to the homepage showing the device when the server connection hasn’t refreshed to see if the device is online or not? Thats just silly. Also fix the app getting hung saying “no internet connection” when I do have a connection, app restart fixes.

  14. Alan K dice:

    Works with Google Home. I like the usage reports it has. It shows daily and monthly stats. I do a print screen of the monthly stats every 6 months. I now have 2 years of history. Other than that it does a great job of allowing you to schedule multiple changes. I have it lower at night in the winter then much warmer in the morning for a few hours then I return it to a normal temp for the remainder of the day. Basically I love it.

  15. Ok. For some strange reason this thermostat application keeps booting me out of my account and when I do get a chance to log in to try and set up the thermostat it comes up with a constant provisioning error try again I went as far as to reinstall the old router and the same error message and I cannot find the feature where I can take a picture of the QR code for this thermostat. Y’all need to update this app because it’s very dated

  16. R Aguirre dice:

    After this last app update, I do not have access to the back lighting option on the app in the Thermostat Display Options. Very frustrating … thinking of going back to Google Nest. And, at times it goes offline when the WiFi is clearly on. Have to disconnect WiFi in order for Sensi to reconnect hard to do when you’re out of town on vacation.

  17. Nina H dice:

    Have had this thermostat for a little over a year, and it was nice. Was recently out of town & wi-fi went out, when it came back up tried turning on thermostat & it said it was “offline” not able to connect without being on the same network. When we got home it says its connected but not registering with the app. Ive tried resetting, removed an reinstalled, and completely deleted app and reinstalled. Still not working. It now doesn’t say its “offline” but its not controlling with the app.

  18. Appears that have improved significantly. Haven’t had any connectivity issues and the interface is very nice. I was a little worried they were walking away from it. I would recommend this thermostat. Sketchy connectivity but more stable after last update. Having to reconnect at the wall unit, the solution, obviously less than ideal for a “remote” control application. Update 4-13-21: after 11 days no response from support. Must have gone out of business. App has

  19. I’m surprised how well this works. I didn’t expect much based on experience with other smart-home apps. This app and the device itself work very well and the app is super responsive. No lagging or out-of-sync information. At most it takes 2-3 sec to connect to the thermostat when you first open the app. The app also offers pretty complex scheduling options but is very easy to use for basic needs. The auto feature is great, setting a high and low temp to keep your house in the right temperature range by heating or cooling as needed; especially helpful during the Spring and Fall. But the best part by far is the fan cycling option. Instead of turning your house fan on to get circulation, then forgetting about it, leaving it run for hours or days, this app lets you set a minimum amount of time you want the fan to run every hour! Very pleased with this product and app. I would highly recommend. Just make sure you have a C-Wire or and extra wire to use for a C-Wire (as every smart thermostat requires).

  20. Replacing a programmable thermostat with a WiFi programmable one has made a huge difference. Installation was straightforward and went by the book. No special skills were required. It is designed for use with a variety of air conditioning systems. Programming, setting up schedules, is much easier, more powerful, and flexible than with a standard programmable thermostat. This is done through the Sensi app. One can setup multiple schedules for heat, cool, and auto modes. The auto mode allows …

  21. I have looked at smart control thermostats in the past and they really were not easy to understand. This is before phones were even involved. Some systems have emergency heat and some don’t. It was hard to tell which did. The app took you effortlessly down the yellow brick road. I was totally amazed AND it gives you a feedback in that it will tell you that you have a valid thermostat and that your new wiring is correct. I was totally impressed. Phone and on-wall controls are easy to understand and works quite well with my google home. The only issues were wifi and I blame that on the phone, not the Sensi! 😁 What would be nice: log temperature readings, etc, and on/off cycles for those of us that like stats

  22. So far so good. Had C wire but wasn’t hooked up on furnace board. Fired right up after I plugged in the wire. Had me scratching my head for a bit when it wouldn’t light up. Looks good. Still getting used to the app though. Updated It still seems great. There are a few things I wish it had. Something like the nest where you can add sensors for better accuracy. I do like the history record because I can adjust a little and then check the history to see what is more efficient.

  23. The app does a great job guiding you through the installation of the thermostat. Using the app to control the thermostat is very easy. However, creating and changing programs required me to go to the manual. I received an email from the system warning me of high humidity in the house. A very nice feature. Overall the convenience and control the app provides is a winner.

  24. David H dice:

    Fairly easy installation. I have two thermostats in different houses. Took about 30 to 40 minutes for each project. I find the scheduling program to be non intuitive and not straightforward. It should be easier. Also, humidity readings are usually inaccurate especially on the high end of the scale. Both have been in use for over a year and when the wifi signal is down, the thermostat will usually reestablish connection when the wifi signal starts. Sensi app is easy to use.

  25. So flexible! I can save multiple schedules and switch back & forth depending on which work schedule we’re using that week. Has up to 8 temp changes per day instead of just 4, and each day can have its own schedule. I do wish the fan could also be scheduled. And there have been a few instances when I’ve wished for more than 8 settings per day so I could raise or lower the temp more gradually. And connecting the app to the thermostat in the first place gave me some trouble. But overall, I love it!

  26. Have had it since last year. Works great. I have not had any problems. Was a little bit challenging to set up. But being an old guy the younger generation will have no problem. It is great to check before getting home and make any adjustments to the temperature that are needed. Also with Alexa using voice command feature it is so “Star Trek” like and it works, so far great. “Update 8/10/2020”. This app works so good. I have had for a year and a half and it has yet to under perform.

  27. I’m quite happy with this amazing system. Leave home and change my mind, a quick check on my Sensi app and I can set a low winter temp or high summer temp to save on electricity. I just tune in an hour or so ahead of my return home and tell it what I want it to be when I arrive. I haven’t tried the system’s ability to put a geographically situated return point at which to adjust the settings. But it is merely due to wanting to think about my approach. It is great. Just do it.

  28. I have been using Sensi app for a year now. I love it! Everything is user friendly and works very well. It’s really neat to be able to view usage stats too. I have a zoned home with one of these upstairs and another downstairs. They work well on my system without any issues. Simple to setup, sophisticated and easy to use. Very helpful and convenient.

  29. Could not have been easier to set up. Within a few seconds I was controlling my thermostat with my phone. A few more seconds and Sensi was connected to Alexa so I can control my thermostat with my voice. I like that the phone/app interface looks just like the front of the thermostat display (which is actually really pretty) with all the same options in the same visual locations. No problems or hitches so far. I wish everything was this easy to set up!

  30. I love having the schedule, but having the option to turn the heat up from my phone if I want to go home on my lunch, the house is warm before I arrive. Or if my daughter has to do distance learning due to an outbreak and I’ve forgotten to turn the schedule off I can easily turn the heat on for her, with out having her mess with the controls on the unit. The app is extremely easy to use and I love the color coded system, grey when not running, orange when heating and blue when cooling!

  31. Great when it worked, but never worked for long. The thermostat would constantly lose connection and getting it to reconnect was always a pain. This is most likely the fault of the thermostat and not the app, but since they work together, this review reflects that. The app by itself is not difficult to use and works decently enough when the thermostat is connected.

  32. Phil G dice:

    Love this thermostat! It’s light years ahead of the four Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats I’ve had… Two of which the displays burned out, and all of which are very difficult to get connected to Wi-Fi. It’s taken me up to an hour to get those connected to Wi-Fi. The Emerson Sensi was easy to install, has way more functions, a better app, and effortlessly connected to my Wi-Fi! Not sure of durability yet, but so far I am impressed with this thermostat.

  33. I really want to like this app, and thermostat. I try to utilize the geofencing option as I’m single and the only one at home, other than when I have my kids. However the geofencing is so unreliable. Seems like at least half the time it will go to away mode, but not adjust the temperature accordingly. Today, yet again, I had to manually adjust the temperature. Then I check later on and it has changed the temperature back! Figure out the geofencing issues and this would be an easy 5 stars.

  34. Excellent smart thermostat app! I wish the location feature was more reliable. The home/away settings do not change to home when I get back home. They go to Away when I leave, but not back to home. I need to get into the app for the location to be picked up. And it’s not my phone settings, because I’ve allowed full time location access to the app.

  35. Does everything I need it to do, pluse, stuff I would not have thought of. (a few of main option available) completely programmable; Cold, Hot, both. (in Texas, heat is not needed all that much) I love being able to lock the wall unit. “the filter change reminder” – thats great. so many more features, all for a good price!!!! only thing I have had to do over the past 6-7+ years (which could be a problem for some) is change the battery.

  36. No problems so far. I just linked the thermostat to my Google assistant and now I can change the temperature by asking Google. The app is intuitive to use, which I like and lets you setup multiple schedules for heating and cooling and auto mode. I’m pretty stoked to be able to ask Google to cool down the house a bit extra if I’m having a hard time sleeping right from bed.

  37. Being a prior Service Technician and now I work as a distributor of this product, I really enjoyed the ease of installation and set up of the Sensi unit. The app is also very easy to use along with having the ability to connect to the local weather for which where we live is a very neat option. I really like the back light feature as it’s very easy to find when it’s dark. Whereas other stats don’t have that option. We upgraded yesterday from a Diamond 80 to a 96% 2 stage system.

  38. Everything works great! Very stable connection in my case. I had a difficult install but customer service was there to walk me through it. Works perfectly in my 5 thermostat radiant flooring system. App has had no problems and is easy to use. I wish I could set the backlight to turn on at night and off during the day. Would be nice to have the time and outside weather on the screen.

  39. Really like the interface and control seems to work very well and was easy to set up. My only disappointment is that it doesn’t give any record of run time, which i think would be great to know just to see the cycle times and total minutes run of my furnace/ ac. Seems like this would be an easy feature to add so hopefully someday its included. otherwise, great app!

  40. Jim B dice:

    I think this is a very nice thermostat. I think the app with a few modifications would be awesome. I don’t keep a regular schedule in the evening so the geofencing is nice but I do want turn down the heat when I go to bed. It’s like you need a schedule with a geofencing overlay. Geofencing is still a little quirky, but I worked with the Support Team and we were able to correct the issues. Wink may provide the solution for controlling the thermostat at bedtime and waking in the morning.

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