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6.10.0 (2023020708)

See wait times and check into a hair salon ahead of time with Online Check-In.
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6.10.0 (2023020708)
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Online Check-In saves you time by seeing estimated wait times for hair salons near you. From there, just pick your favorite salon, and get on the waitlist from wherever you are.

-Check estimated wait times based on current conditions in the salon and updates in real time.
-Online Check-In: You save time by checking in to the salon ahead of time – saving your place in line.
-ReadyNext®: Get text alerts to notify you when your estimated wait time reaches 15 minutes as your cue to head to the salon.
-Save your favorite hair salon so it’s even quicker next time you check in!

-Tap the Search icon
-Pick a hair salon near you
-Tap the Check In button
-Enter your name and phone number
-Tap Check In again to be added to the wait list – no login, email, or profile required.
-Let the salon know when you arrive.

After you check in, you can watch your estimated wait time countdown and arrive at the salon when it’s nearly your turn to get your service.

Estimated wait times assume you are getting the next available stylist. You can request a stylist upon arrival at the salon but your wait may be longer. For safety and privacy reasons, we do not publish stylist schedules.

Customers can check in online during the hours the salon is open. Online Check-In will not be available during the first five minutes a salon is scheduled to be open. This gives customers who are physically in the salon when it opens a chance to be checked in and have their names added to the waitlist. We accept online check-in up until 30 minutes before closing time. You can still get a haircut at closing time, you just can’t check in on the app.

Yes, you can use Online Check-In for all services except perms and formal updos. Please note that not all salons offer perms. And, most salons require an appointment for these services, so please call the salon to inquire.

You can check in from any device that has internet (a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). Go to, click on Find a Salon or Check In. Enter your postal code or address and you’ll be using Online Check-In in no time! If you don’t have an Internet connection, you can always walk right in to any salon and add your name to the list.

After you’ve checked in online, you will see what place you are in on the waitlist. You’ll want to arrive to the salon before you are next in line. If you’d like to receive a text message when your estimated wait time reaches 15 minutes, you can sign up for ReadyNext® text alerts. Once you arrive at the salon, let the stylists know you’re there, and they will confirm your information and finish your check in.

We understand: Things happen! Don’t worry if you lose your keys, spill something, or get stuck in traffic. We’ll keep your name on the list for a short period of time.

Once you are checked in, the salon will appear on the home screen. Cancel at any time by tapping Cancel check-in.


Love is in the hair so stop playing heart to get and check into a Great Clips salon today. We are ready to sweep you off your feet!


40 comentarios en "Great Clips Online Check-in MOD"

  1. The app gives a false impression of your wait time. When you check in with the app at your home, the wait time is always less until you arrive near the store, which adds almost 7 to 10 extra minutes to the overall wait. It is very misleading, and yes, always run updates and watched this several times before posting a negative review.

  2. I don’t really like the Great Clips app. I think it is missing two major features. I think your app should provide a record keeper so I don’t have to bring in a business card to get hole punched to accumulate 8 or 10 visits to receive a Free haircut. We’re in the computer age not the stone age. this was acceptable in the 80’s not in 2023. The app also should provide a selection of your stylist if you have a preference if not auto fill…

  3. I see this app is good but at the same time, it can be improved by having the option to add shampoo to the appointment to let the staff know ahead of time what we want during our haircut. The same goes for the option to make an appointment with who they want a haircut and what person or whoever is available. Other than that I do enjoy the app and I hope to see more cool things to make it a better experience before I go to the haircut shop.

  4. Weirdly one of the most well designed apps i have ever used. I don’t necessarily work on code for a living but I use a ton of different apps for my life and work. It hurts me to say that the greatclips app proceeds them all. Fast and responsive design that is extremely intuitive with the color and style of the elements almost leading you down the desired path. The fun loading screens and animated ui are super cool and don’t take away from the experience or speed. I would marry the software team.

  5. Used it for 3 years now, in several states. Pretty good app, actually. Normally, apps for things such as this don’t work as intended. I personally have had zero problems with it, except on the rare occasion that it forgets/assigns old favorite locations as my main, which, again, is very rare. (Edit: still 5 stars, but the developers have reached out to me saying they are fixing this rare and minor bug; it was almost immediate, so they obviously listen to feedback! 6/5 stars)

  6. I love going to my home location to get my hair done with all the familiar faces but even the few times I’ve got my hair cut at 2 other location I’ve always been taken care of and staff is super friendly! I like they always check the notes in the system and update them so they can best know clients. Especially in a case like myself if and when I stop in at another location it makes everything easy and a great experience! So far I’ve not had a bad experience and I love great clips!

  7. Greg Sowa dice:

    Basic app, does it’s job. Could do it better, though. You can already add yourself to the wait list while you’re on your way there, but you should be able to check yourself in upon arrival – the check-in button could be set to only appear based on your phones GPS putting you at the location of the Great Clips’ wait list you added yourself to. This would save time for the salon staff – they could keep cutting hair rather than having to break to check people in.

  8. I think it very what location you go to. there so many places to choose from which is nice. its hard to try to keep the same person all the time to be consistent on the hair cut the same. you never get the same person. But I do like part about being able to check in. that part is very nice.

  9. Jeff S dice:

    I love using the Great Clips app! I’ve been using it since it first came out. It’s nice because it lets me see how long the line is and get in it without having to go to the salon and wait. I can go do other things or wait at home instead. I’ve been going to Great Clips since 1997 (it’s 2022 when I’m writing this)! I have always had friendly service and great haircuts!

  10. The great clips near me has had some pretty terrible stylists recently. So much so, that I find it necessary to request a stylist upon check-in. This app doesn’t give that capability, nor can you tell who’s working on a given day. Since I have to make a phone call or visit in-person to ensure I’m avoiding those few select nightmare-stylists, this app has no use. Furthermore, it’s just as easy to check in using their website on a mobile browser, the app itself offers no further functionality.

  11. David Do dice:

    App is great for the most part, just annoying that when I open the app and choose to checkin, instead of automatically zoning in on my location I have to tap the location button in order to zoom in from a country wide view to zoom into a city level. I wish it would just open and automatically assume I don’t need to see all 50 states. Emailed them before about it and I guess there’s no plans to change that, I guess it’s just one extra tap (and data to load the whole country)

  12. great for saving a place in line. seems most people use it now. but that’s all it’s good for. what would be awesome is seeing which stylists are in the store. many people call to ask causing the stylists to stop and answer the phone. it’s annoying. better yet make to where we can queue in line for a certain stylist. that will eliminate the constant calls and be better for customers.

  13. Great App, that let’s you CHECK IN ahead of time to save your spot in line for a haircut. it’s not an appointment. Super nice that it counts down the wait time until it’s your turn. clients tell me though they would like to have an option to see when their stylist is working. but I know that can be hard. just a suggestion

  14. It let’s you check in, and then doesn’t save state, let you check on the estimated time or anything. It just let’s you check in again. The text reminder option also doesn’t work. Frankly, I’m astounded how useless this app is. It’s approximately as good as a phone call to the shop… Only a phone call comes with the confidence of a human confirmation. This is pointless.

  15. Great Clips’ app does exactly what it says it will: allows you to find a GC near you and check in so you won’t have to wait as long when you get there. It can give you directions if you need them—it plays really well with Google Maps; I haven’t tried it with other GPS routing services. Given that some of both the best and worst cuts I’ve ever had were at GCs, it would be cool if the app remembered which stylists have cut your hair on which dates.

  16. Your update is terrible. I have 2 locations about equal distance away. One shows 30 minutes wait and the other 0. When I select the one with 0 it then confirms me at 39 minutes. Then it goes up to 42 minutes after it had been about 5 minutes after I got the 39 minute wait time. My time has been wasted which never happened before and I have used Great Clips exclusively for years. This might be what changes my loyalty. There are other options. Apps are supposed to save me time, not cost me time.

  17. Meh, I see nothing so far that justifies a redesign. If anything, it’s less intuitive than the older app. I had two salons listed as favorites that I no longer visit. But I had to stumble upon the method for removing them from my favorites. (The Help option had no info about how to do that.) I tried pressing the star, long-pressing the entry, going to account settings, etc. Then I (accidentally) slid the favorite to the left and it deleted. A visual clue indicating that would’ve been nice.

  18. The new version seems to take a l-o-n-g time to open. It also has trouble displaying any of the data on the home screen or salon list when connected to my wifi but when I connect to 5G is slow but gets the job done. (Yes, I have tested my wifi, even with other apps on the same phone, and all is ok.) Older versions were nice and snappy. Also I find discrepancies between the wait times for each salon between the times shown on the salon list and on the map.

  19. it’s a good app. I’ve pretty much had it since the beginning. and so far, none of the updates made to the app have hindered the maneuverability and easiness that one needs to get around the app and make appointments, etc.. all in all and another words, I recommend the app, if only for the reason of making it easier when you walk in and also the look of astonishment as you get to go in front of people who appear to have been sitting there waiting. that sounds mean, doesn’t it?! it’s not meant to

  20. yes this app is nice and convenient for when you want to check. But as a stylist it’s doesn’t factor in our lunches or breaks. So customers get upset when we tell them a different time then what was told in the app. some people try to use it as an appointment when this not what the online check in is for. It allows people to check in real-time. Anyways I think the app is great when we are busy to allow customers to check in. But as a stylist sometimes can be very frustrating and confusing

  21. This app is a good idea but if you live over 30 minutes away, or it will be longer than 30 minutes before you arrive, its pretty much useless. I live an hour away from my local Great Clips, I checked in as I left home, and was marked as absent. If the app would give you more time, or let you set your own, it would be very handy. The app could be a five star app for those of us that live further out of town. Update: 2/26/2022 the app started locking up my new S22 Ultra. Un/re installed no change

  22. I checked in with 21 minutes after 15 minutes drive there checked in it went to 47 minutes. The app is not as accurate as it used to be. This feature is why I started going here and I just purchased almost 2 years of prepaid haircuts. This is the 2nd time a delay like this happened. I would have chosen another location near my other shopping. Not happy!!!!! Oh and not all places take the prepaid cards and you don’t know until after. They said it because 1 person left.

  23. Much as is the case with most apps, this one isn’t perfect, however it does provide an indication of the wait time and the opportunity to sign in to get on the wait list. it would be better if it designated individual operators by name and their hours of availability (nothing is more frustrating than to find one’s preferred provider to be on lunch break upon arrival), so as to accommodate the ability to exercise one’s preferred choice, if any.

  24. This app works great. You choose a Great Clips and check in. A timer shows you how long the wait is. There is an option to have the app text you at 15 minutes left on the timer. Then we get in the car and go. We have always arrived with someone ready to cut our hair or only a short wait. It’s a very simple and effective app! Thanks!

  25. John L dice:

    Update below… This latest release crashes my phone every time I open it. Galaxy S22 Ultra. I have to restart the phone to be able to do anything. All screen icons are missing, cant see or close running apps. I can pull down the settings/notifications and even go to serrings, force close your app, but does nothing until a restart. After the reboot, your app is already running and usable, but launching it from closed… not good. Please fix. Also haircut reminders haven’t worked for me for quite a while. UPDATE 3-17. Had uninstalled it a after the review. GC reached out to ask some questions. to help resolve. I reinstalled the latest version 5.3.0, and it’s working perfectly. Adjusting up to 4 stars from 2. Only 4 because reminders had not been working on previous versions.

  26. Somethings messed up with the online check-in and timing. The location I checked into online, showed an estimated wait of 50 minutes. No problem I thought, 15-20 minute drive to get there, shouldn’t be a long wait, 30-35 minutes. I get there and the time was 95 minutes. It added an hour. What’s the point of using online check-in and this app. Great Clips, you could probably save money by dropping this app and getting rid of the developers…

  27. R R dice:

    I am a long time Great Clips customer. But I think that has come to an end. They are wanting people to check in online but their check in is so disfunctional it is a joke. The app crashes unless you have a certain kind of phone. Check in on the desktop website is broken as well. If this is the best they can do it is pathetic. I don’t want to use the competition but they make it my only option. Great way to run a business guys!

  28. This app is great EXCEPT for one big thing — I have no way of picking the stylist that I want. That’s huge! If I can’t pick my stylist, then I CANNOT use this app! Design the app so each stylist has the option to input their schedule. Then, clients would be able to schedule an appointment with our favorite stylist. Thank you!

  29. This latest update to the app makes check-in to your favorite Great Clips location a hell of a lot easier than the last version of the app did. The only thing this version is missing, is the location phone number listed right there by the check-in button on your favorite location. The reason I’d want the phone number there, is to be able to touch it and bring up the number to call to see if my hair stylist is working, before I commit to checking in. Otherwise, the app is just fine.

  30. Justin F dice:

    This app is pointless and frustrating. Every time I use it to check in online the time randomly goes up and down and back up. Often it goes higher than it was when I checked in originally after waiting for 20 or 30 minutes! Apparently they’re taking walk-ins ahead of online check-ins. Can someone tell me the point of checking in online in this system? It’s infuriating.

  31. Pointless to have it! If you arent waiting in line in person from the moment you ‘check-in’ in the app then you could easily lose your spot and have to start over. The app check-in time changes dramatically and randomly. The text you get also doesnt match the app. Then upon going inside to see whats up im told a different wait time then both the app and text. Why it’s happening or who’s at fault is irrelevant given the circumstances.

  32. The update killed it. The font on the available locations is tiny. The map which used to show the wait times is buried through additional clicks.. What was wrong having the map as the main page? Too simple? This was a big downgrade. And you changed the apps color? Maybe I’m the odd duck who scrolls to where I think it is, sees the color of the app, then clicks it without reading every app that u have. It had 4.6 stars..why change it?

  33. Don’t bother! The stores used to use this, and it was nice. But the last two times I’ve checked in with this program, at two different locations, they have stopped using it to put you in line and now place walk-ins in front of those who use the app to check in early. In other words, in our area they dont put you in line until you get there….which is pointless! Save your phone space and forget about this app.

  34. While I find it convenient to be able to check in on my phone, the ETA system is absolutely horrible! I am have a busy schedule, like most people. When you see the eta start at 120 minutes and work it’s way down to 2, YOU GET READY TO HEAD IN but it jump back to 45 then you wait for it to get back to 26 then jump back to 50 is total BS! This is the 2nd time in as many check ins (with the app) that this has happened and is very frustrating.

  35. Love this Great Clips! Everyone is so nice and they do an awesome job! Everytime I get mine or my kids hair cut, they do it just like the pics I show them! So glad to find a place that can cut our hair exactly how we want. They listen to you instead of doing whatever they want to to your hair unlike other hair places I’ve been too. Definitely recommend this Great Clips!

  36. This app is amazing. Always has been. The resent updates has made the app look wonderful and make so much easier to use. I love the little details and hard work put into makeing this app functional, easy to use, and look good all at the same time. The home page shows what you need and not any extra stuff that might be anoying unlike other apps. The map works great. I love the way it snaps to the location on the map when scrolling through the list of locations. This makes it so much easier to use

  37. Matt Cyr dice:

    I hate the new app. There was nothing wrong with the old app, it opened to a map list wait times at each location. And all I had to do was push a button and join the wait list. No longer easy, thinking of dumping Great Clips all together now!

  38. Horrible app. I’ve used this for a few years. Used to be great. The last few times I’ve used it the app has told me it’s about time for my cut so I head down to Great Clips, only to be told I’ve got another 45 min wait. It appears they allow the walk-ins to get in line ahead of the online check in. Checking in only counts if you’re in the Great Clips lobby, which makes this app totally useless.

  39. __ dice:

    I liked the app more in the past when it opened directly to the map. Now I have to click several times to see where the nearest shops are. And when you finally do see the map there’s a bunch of unnecessary stuff covering it on the top and bottom edges of the UI.

  40. Works well for checking in ahead of time and wait times are pretty accurate. I wish there was the option to pick your preferred stylist. Sportclips has this option and it’s very nice.

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