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Use the Amazon Alexa App to set up your Alexa-enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, get news updates, and much more. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

• Get more out of your Echo device through personalized feature recommendations from Alexa
• Discover and enable recommended Alexa skills
• Pick up where you left off directly from the home feed with lists, shopping, or recently played Music and Books

• Set up your Alexa-enabled devices, control or check status of your compatible smart lights, locks and thermostats at home or on the go
• Create routines to automate your smart home devices

• Connect to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Choose a song or playlist and listen on your Alexa-enabled devices
• Create speaker groups to play music across your compatible Echo devices for multi-room music

• View and edit shopping and to-do lists on the go, get weather and news updates, manage timers and alarms, and more

• Use Drop In from your app to connect instantly with your compatible Echo devices, like a two-way intercom
• Call or message supported Alexa-enabled devices, at no additional cost


Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


66 comentarios en "Amazon Alexa MODDED"

  1. Absolute rubbish One of the most powerful devices and one of the worst operating app. Every time I open the app there is always a “new device” found. Same device that was discovered more than dozen times. It takes forever to load, devices are removed from certain group or associated with wrong group. I can go on and on and on. It’s not always ready, not always connected and definitely not fast, you guys need to change that in your advertising, it’s a lie! And remove the ads from my device.

  2. When I ask what the weather is, it gives me the weather for a different city. Yes, I made sure location is updated on all devices. The Xbox skill never works properly. It’s more of an annoyance than helpful. I use this app to set alarms, turn on/off xbox and lights. The Xbox skill is usually completely useless. No, there is nothing wrong with my network. Playing music is really bad now. I want to hear a certain song and it just plays songs that sound like the song. Overall just not good anymore.

  3. Rainy Day dice:

    Alexa can be very helpful at times, but she can be extremely frustrating at times as well. Especially when when being asked certain questions or to play my music on Spotify. Heck recently she hasn’t been able to find my device either. So really she is only good for me to be use as Bluetooth speaker. I wish she was better at hearing or understanding, but she is what she is until something better comes out.

  4. SirEuchre dice:

    This shows as compatible with Android Go devices, but it is far too heavy an app for the kind of devices Android Go runs on. Either there needs to be a ‘lite’ or Go version of the app, or the app itself needs to be seriously redesigned to not lag for over a minute, or simply never load, on the ‘Home’ tab/page. When I want to load up my shopping lists on the app, I don’t want to wait over 2 minutes to find out the screen just isn’t going to load, then restart the app to find it still won’t, and meanwhile I should be 5 or more minutes into my shopping. The list view also loves to ‘rubber band’ when it has categories turned on, so you can never actually see the bottom items on the list. When it does work, it can be very useful. It’s a shame it working is such a crapshoot.

  5. Ron Reed dice:

    After years, you would think the team could deliver a useful app.. this app crashed on my Samsun Ultra 22 routinely. I’ve had it on several devices, and it is awful on all of them. It makes it extremely hard to use the Alexa services since this app seems to be the only way to easily configure new devices or services. The response on the app remains truly awful. It is nearly useless without a lot of patience.

  6. Very clunky. I’d expect something more intuitive and better quality from Amazon. It’s annoying that if you select an item on a list and then click back to return to the list, it always returns you to the top of the list, rather than spot that you were at. Update: Yesterday, half of my alarms I have set for different days of the week just vanished from my list. No idea why. And while I’m trying to add them back, one more went missing, and now I keep getting errors, so I can’t fix this at all.

  7. overall, the experience with this is frustrating. it’s a glorified egg timer and it barely does that job correctly most of the time. barely listens when you want it to, listens too much when you want it to shut up. the commercials and tv shows make them look so simple and works instantly, but it’s never, ever, that simple.

  8. I don’t like the improvements. When I want to hear songs by one particular artist I don’t want”similar artists” included. Also, stop playing newer versions of songs. Play the originals. I love live music, but unless I ask for the live version, I want to hear the radio/album original version. The A.I. Is lacking the intelligence or should have but now.

  9. M dice:

    Recently started constant searching for devices to connect to by Bluetooth. It’s destroying my battery causing my phone to have to be plugged in 95% of the time. Should be a very limited time triggered function when you’re setting up a connection only. The default setup for dots only requires a wifi connection. I also don’t get reminders or timers on the dot (why I have it). If this isn’t fixed B4 the end of Jan2023, I’ll have to return my dot & uninstall the app! This is ridiculous!

  10. I enjoy this app along side of Amazon Music. I listen to any song I want to hear or a combination of whole albums of a particular artist. I also use the map portion in satellite view as well as navigation. this is a pretty good app despite that it has connection problems sporadically. I have to unplug from the USB port then reinsert. This usually fixes the connection problems or it just loses the connect to the server for no apparent reason. Hence the four stars.

  11. Basically useless. I got this to set up an Echo Show 5 for communication with disabled relatives, and that just plain doesn’t work at all. Also got it for the video doorbell which is technically compatible, but neither the video nor the doorbell functions work. UI is uncommunicative, buttons are missing; I never know what is working, what should be working, or what’s failing. I’m sure there’s some useful bits in here, but for my purposes it’s nothing but disappointment.

  12. It is always buggy. Currently, it changed my music preferences to use Sirius for music. I do not have Sirius, and it won’t allow me to go into music preferences. When I try, the screen just freezes. It happens for both adults in my household. Now, no music can play on any of the Alexas in my house 🙄 They also used to have repeat available for music. We would play white noise all night. That feature comes and goes with updates. It’s not a reliable app.

  13. Dee Mogul dice:

    will not allow me to play my personal audio files from my phone, and does not give any other options to change from amazon music as the default. I have called customer service ,and they even tried to assist using their remote service, to no avail. It was finally suggested to just uninstall. I will get another service , because this is ridiculous!!

  14. Russ C dice:

    The app has completely stopped working. It crashes as soon as it opens. I attempted to delete and reinstall, but even that failed. I’ve been struggling with Alexa for over a week now. It’s constantly losing connection, failing to recognize synced devices. Not to mention a few days ago when first gen echos stopped working for over 24 hours.

  15. Erin dice:

    Alexa used to play my Pandora stations by voice command. Lately, it has been ignoring my stations and playing whatever it thinks is similar. I’ve reset and relinked my accounts, no change. I could get my stations to play by doing it through the app, but since the latest update, the app keeps crashing when I try to open it. It seems to be getting worse and more useless each update.

  16. N Ins dice:

    I used to love my “smart home” devices. I’m ready to ditch all of them as they are constantly disconnecting from Alexa. After each update, Alexa has gotten worse. It will respond from a different room. It won’t do the function you ask even though it responds with “OK” and blings. What’s the point of having this if it doesn’t work properly? It used to be good until the latest updates. FIX IT!

  17. Anthony C dice:

    Too many functions most don’t work well. This is designed as an app that works and connects with everything…it’s a wide net that comes with a cost for specific functionality. Everything takes multiple tries or doesn’t work. Once finally set up correctly it’s ok, hence the 2nd star…but good luck getting set up.

  18. This product would be wonderful if it actually worked! Our firebox is useful but also extremely temperamental. You have to be very careful with the wording of your requests, it gets very confused when new voices are added! (Such as when visitors use the tv.) There are also lots of quirks among the apps. You can ask two apps the same request but it will only work for one of them. We just purchased an echo show for the main purpose of video calling. It doesn’t work. Customer service is useless.

  19. The speaker doesn’t work seamlessly with Spotify anymore. Over the last few months, it haas to be physically restarted when activated through the Spotify app. Given that this is the main use of this speaker, and I already own Google speakers and other tech, and that I have tried every suggestion from Alexa, I believe it’s time to leave Alexa in the dark. i am tired of constantly repeating every command for my lights as well. i believe shebis

  20. I like Alexa to deliver good music without taking up too much space. l had a complete stereo system that l had since 1990. It took up too much space and l couldn’t listen to the music or songs l wanted to hear when l wanted to hear them. My Sonos speaker pacts enough bass to complete my daily elliptical exercise. l don’t like the change where you can’t repeat songs now, but thanks for a great system and products.

  21. UPDATE: STILL HORRIBLE. Slow to load, slow to transition to other aspects of the app. Clearly one of the most poorly performing apps I have ever seen. Slow doesn’t convey how bad it is. Massive delays in responding, meaning several seconds. It can at times appear to be “frozen”.

  22. My opinion has changed since I first got it. Absolutely love the premise of this technology. However, just like the supposedly “smart” technology, it’s too danged glitchy to love. Things in the app are constantly being moved around. Alexa talks too much. I try to find brief mode to make sure it’s still on. Can’t find it. Have to Google it, since the latest update, only to find out it’s still on. So why does it still yap so much? Don’t even get me started on the music lately. The changes SUCK!!!!

  23. It’s great, but… The app works pretty great, it’s kinda hard to navigate and find what I want, it is a bit overwhelming with the amount of features and settings that are available, but I guess that’s pretty standard with an AI. I have 3 echos in my home and I want to set them up so that other members ofy family can use them, but the app will NOT let me add anyone. It’s pretty frustrating and I wound up having to create two Amazon accounts for my kids just so they can “join” my household.

  24. it more or less works but it’s just loaded with bugs. From the cloud cam app I will see the cameras on and it’s off will see that the settings cannot be saved and they are all over the board unreliable it says that I have alarms and there isn’t any or that there’s two alarms and there’s none it barely functions. Update: downgraded because it’s getting worse. It’s pathetic. Update: getting even worse. Having to constantly reset it.

  25. I use this app on a daily basis. I still use the app more than I do voice commands because of the location of my echo dots. I have issues with my home screen either being blank or unable to register me clicking on Quick Action icons. The thermostat info at a glance isn’t always accurate, but it updates when you click on it. None of these are deal breakers. They’re just inconveniences.

  26. Whenever I try to bring up the app it just crashes. A message says it has a bug. This just started today. Samsung Galaxy S22. I updated the app, cleared the cache when asked, and restarted my phone. Still crashes every time I try and open it. Which I’m only doing to try and get help about a smart plug that my Echos have started to ignore. But, the plug works find when turned on/off through the app. But, now I can’t even do that since it crashes.

  27. glitchey as hell. only certain settings can be changed through the app. all others have to be done on the devices themselves. the listening function is too sensitive, especially from the music app and interrupts songs with a bright blue light when no one has used the trigger word. there are a lot of flaws and limited technology platform updates that leave the app virtually useless for anything but initial setup.

  28. I have used this app for years. Lately, the app now glitches with you are scrolling in the lists feature. It hiccups as you are moving through the shopping list. It has gotten to the point that it is unusable as it triggers a headache when I look at it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app repeated with no improvement. Will now permanently delete this app and find something else. It also makes my home Alexa unusable to add items to various shopping lists.

  29. A Perez dice:

    This app is junk. No matter how many times I mark a reminder as done, it keeps sending me the exact damn expired reminder every day. Not just that. When I’m wearing Bluetooth headphones, the only sound in this phone that bypasses the headphones and just rings out loud in front of everybody on the phone speakers is the Alexa reminder sound. I’m not done. When I get a reminder, I don’t see what the reminder title in the notification. All I see is a little phrase that says “here is your reminder.”.

  30. Nothing ever seems to work correctly. The app takes forever to load pages if they load at all. Almost impossible to change settings for my devices. Can’t play Amazon Music through my Alexa devices without constant pauses. I don’t have these issues when playing on other devices (phone, tv, etc). Very frustrating.

  31. What can I say? It works! There is more music available on Amazon than anywhere else I have found. Plus, new music! As far as the Alexa app itself, it is your one-stop location for anything Amazon. All ready and easy to understand. Add and remove devices, investigate what was said/heard by Alexa, creating routines, reminders, timers, and much, much more. Plus no ads.

  32. Terrible UX for such a massive company. Looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades. Does not take advantage of swipe motions. When you make changes, the notification covers your ability to move to different parts of the app, so you’re stuck staring at it until it clears. Thankfully, I don’t have to use it all that often.

  33. The device will monitor what you are saying at all times. It will have the light system turn on. You could be talking about something and it will play some random song or play station. It will make its own playing list. It will ad songs similar to your chosen play list. If you don’t want a song in a play list, it will erase it from another one. It will only let you have 6 skips like Spotify. At times you will catch yourself yelling, because it tries not take correct directives.

  34. I’m not at all happy with the recent change Amazon made to how it plays music. We used to be able to play a specific album or artist exclusively. Now it plays one song from the request and then mixes in a bunch of music I’ve never heard before. We don’t use our device much anymore. Thanks for messing it up amazon.

  35. Unacceptable to have NO SEARCH FUNCTION when looking through my media! Using this app is the ONLY way I can get free audiobooks to play on my Echo/Dot. For whatever ridiculous reason they can’t recognize the these and just play another random book. But I have HUNDREDS of audiobooks in my library and the ONLY option is to scroll through all of them! Not alphabetical or even chronological. MADDENING! Customizing reminders and calling a device are helpful features I like.

  36. Update It has been corrected. This doesn’t happen no more. keeps sending a message to close app when it isn’t even in use. All apps are closed and I could barely leave feedback cause every couple letters it would pop back up up I had to uninstall. I would think Amazon would be on top of stuff like this.

  37. This app is full of bugs. I’ve spent hours trying to coordinate 4 echo dots with Spotify, and my setting changes don’t save. Sometimes I can play music and other times I perform the same operation and it doesn’t play. The thumbnails of different albums flicker. This app is frustrating and disappointing, especially coming from Amazon.

  38. Edited 1/11/23: When it works correctly it’s great and super helpful but lately it’s been losing important ‘reminders’ that I really need to work right. Original review: This app works very well except it doesn’t always hear or get things right. Being married for over a couple of decades to a man who doesn’t hear well I’m used to dealing with this but it would be nice to have something not mess up what I’m saying so wildly. 😉

  39. Alexa is no longer connected to the app on my phone. It worked fine until a week or so ago when it quit. It still obeys voice commands but goes back to the phone desktop almost as soon as it comes up on the phone. I have talked with a Customer Servace person. There seemd to be a problem that is not associated with the update. The problem is in the process of being solved. They said a letter will go out when the issue is vleared up. More stars will be awarded when this problem is resolved.

  40. Nothing works anymore, smart plugs have disappeared and you can’t enable or link apps like you used to do. One of the many irritating things is not being able to listen to music unless I buy an Amazon Music subscription, so while I’m having to reinstall my plugs again there’s no music to drown out my swearing. My suggestion is to stay away from getting an Alexa and look into Google products unless Amazon can get it’s act together and fix it

  41. The app used to work great. But lately I’ve had problems with multi room music. I have an echo, three speakers and two subs. They are all in the Everywhere group for multi room music. I used to be able to hit the volume button on the app and control each device’s volume separately. Now it only shows three devices, even when it’s playing on more. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, unpaired and repaired devices. Tried to contact support and the email bounced back.

  42. Jan Roc dice:

    The volume on these devices are horrible. I have the dot in my bedroom. Ever since they updated the app it went back to the volume issues again. The volume keeps resetting to full volume every day. I normally keep the volume at 5% which is very low. It doesn’t matter if I adjust it manually on the device or on the app it just keeps resetting. This is just annoying and I’m about to just unplug it.

  43. Brenda B dice:

    It’s really time for the Alexa App to get a face-lift. It’s great for connecting devices, but a terrible, jumbled mess if you want to try to do anything. Please, clean it up and allow users to be able to organize their devices (alphabetically, by user preference, other?) Take a note from the eero (also Amazon) app. It’s wonderful.

  44. I have several echoes, and lightbulbs. Half the time the lighting won’t work. Most of the time I have an infuriating time trying to listen to music. I will click on the Playlist I want, but it will start playing a completely different song that is not on the Playlist. Sometimes it simply refuses to play music in the kitchen, even when I select the “everywhere” option. What is the point of “smart” technology if it’s stupid? 😒

  45. Often Alexa can’t distinguish between the words “off” and “on” in custom commands, even after a number of years. Sometimes trys to play a different pandora station than the one I’ve asked for, even though I’ve been requesting the same station in the same way for years. Not show stoppers, but less than what I expected from artificial intelligence. Tempting to test out the competition.

  46. Gail T dice:

    Used to really like this app. Used mostly for grocery shopping, timers, reminders. Now, each time I want to use on any of my devices. I’m required to sign in, as if I’d never used it before. Extremely annoying to the point I no longer use the app. Echo Show, I’ll say a command couple of times I get no response or irrelevant response. After that, to minimize chances of going ballistic, I don’t make a third try. I find myself routinely cursing–loudly at the thing.

  47. Pure Rubbish! Especially when you are trying to play all your echo devices at once! This used to work, but now is in utter disarray! When you are trying to do “All” volume control, forget about it! You have to do it entirely manually, walk to each echo device, and adjust volume physically. Half the echo devices on app don’t even show up! Been going on for a few weeks now, hope they look into this? Doesn’t seem that this app ever gets any kind of updates? Beyond Frustrating! Way Bad Amazon!!!

  48. Works correctly about 40% of the time. randomly turns lights on/off. Will start talking or playing music when nobody says “alexa”. Amazon music is a joke, has issues staying connected to Spotify, will stop playing after 1-2 songs. Features that I like: shopping list, being able to listen to the weather or news whenever I need to, good for defining words or just finding out the answer to ?’s buy alot of the times it gives wrong info. I wouldn’t have bought this product if I knew of the issues.

  49. I literally have never…ever…had so many issues with an app before in my life…it doesn’t matter if I’m connected to wifi or if I’m using my cells data…pretty much 99% of the time the app is unresponsive and I have to force close it…and it doesn’t help at all…sometimes I have to go through that process 4-6 times before it will work…and worst sometimes I can’t even get it to work at all and I give up all together…idk…this is a shinning example of why I stick to Google products…

  50. jim k dice:

    In the Alexa app I have multiple Alexa devices assigned to a “group” set at different volume levels. When I try to adjust the master volume for that particular “group” of speakers it resets every volume level for each of those devices to be the same. It used to be, before the recent app update, that it would incrementally adjust the volume up or down based on the preset for those individual devices. Can this be fixed?

  51. Josh dice:

    I only wanted this app to use an echo dot to play music in the morning on a third party streaming app that’s not compatible with Google Home Mini. But you can’t stop it from injecting Amazon products such as their streaming service, which has ads if you don’t want to subscribe to their service, which I don’t. Uninstalled, going back to Google Home Mini and my old streaming service.

  52. D. Ramos dice:

    Lately, I find myself more often turning to my Google dot or Google in general because Alexa is less and less responsive, illogical, unreliable and inconsistent. I find that I have to rephrase my requests several times before I get a response somewhat close to what I am asking. Music wise, I find that just when I get a set request working, something is changed and that option no longer exists. Using Alexa to control firestick is a joke, the app is slow and freezes up.

  53. I was using Pandora Radio. Been paying for Alexa Music for a long time and barley using it. Now that I canceled pandora. I miss it. Alexa Radio has a lot of work and tweaks to do to make it a popular Radio like pandora or Spotify. the thumbs up and down button needs to change color after you press it to know that it worked. when using on your phone, has the most issues when you have excellent wifi. when you play a station it always plays in the same order. when other radios would mix it up!

  54. Nope. Got a new phone. Added Alexa app.went shopping. Shopping list empty. Check it on my Alexa Show and it’s there. I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to connect a device that the app doesn’t have the option to connect to. The only option for the show is to purchase one. Now I have a useless app and a useless Alexa device. I’ll be selling the Show and getting a Google device

  55. I still do not recommend you update. I was incorrect. This app is still basically a digital brick. She will not skip or pause music unless you are force stopping and restarting the app before you use it. Every. Single. Time. That is ridiculous. Same with this being an issue for two weeks running. The update that broke it this bad should not have been pushed. Review is current as of 2/17/23

  56. Don’t like it, but unfortunately my connected light bulbs don’t work without it. I only use it to turn the bulb on or off and not even daily, because the timer function of the app doesn’t work, but somehow the app has used 178mb of data this month alone (1.8 gigs since August) and 58mb of that was in the background… so what the hell is the app sending back? Not to mention the quick on/ off function for the light only works about 40% of the time at best and you have to go the long way around.

  57. Setup is a pain with Gen 2 Echo Dots. Much of the time it doesn’t work, and every try requires waiting for the new setup to fail before the menu is available for manual setup. 1&2 Gen Dots should be on the first menu, as it takes forever to keep retrying until it works! After adding five devices, new ones no longer show up in my list of devices.

  58. Scheduling appointments and setting reminders are great. Asking her basic information questions are also helpful. There are many good features and skills Albeit it some of them are not as described. Because there are so many choices the lack of great ones is not of a concern. My kids like the games and music features. However, I do have concerns about privacy and invasive back end programming. Sometimes she is listening when not activated by anyone in the household. Not cool at all!

  59. S S dice:

    Whack. App makes everything overly complicated. Shouldn’t be so annoying to connect firestick and echo up. Routines are straight trash. Devs should feel bad. Even though Spotify primary echo FOREVER swaps to amazon music. Can’t even handle custom playlists… Basically makes me want to return my echo because it’s a worthless paper weight with this garbage app… status always on but never actually connecting. Like ffs let me put a link to it if you can’t figure it out.

  60. Several years of attempting to make good use of this app to coordinate with the Echo dots around my home and it’s still incredibly cumbersome and unuseful. I’ve typically sought out other apps that provide specific functions more efficiently with the option to connect through Alexa, but even that workaround is always more complicated and troublesome than it should be.

  61. This app is great and it controls all of my Alexa devices very well, but I was forced to uninstall it recently because it has been drawing huge amounts of capacity off of my battery. I have no idea why, but by noon every day, my phone has been dead. I had no previous issues, just recently when I opened it to make an announcement and ever since it has been killing my phone.

  62. Randomly restarts chapters… I got this app so that I could listen to my kindle library while working. It was good at first but sometimes, randomly starts my chapters over and it’s very frustrating because I have to listen to the same parts three times. This app needs an update or bug fixes. I don’t understand where the high rating comes from with all of the complaints I’ve read as soon as I go to the reviews. Please fix.

  63. we have had several issues with calling other devices. it’s like we have to add the contact all over again. that process alone is ridiculously difficult. the app and the site are not user friendly and extremely redundant. it’s like going in circles to figure out how to do one simple thing. this issue has been constant over many different alexa devices and generations.

  64. Though it can be quite convenient it certainly isn’t perfect. One of the more annoying issues we’ve had is the wake up alarm randomly playing bazaar roudy music and at a much higher volume than the alarm, music and timers are set at. Then there’s the not hearing you correctly issues as well as refusing to play an Album we own because we won’t pay for Unlimited music on Amazon.

  65. Used to work great! However, I am getting ready to get rid of ALL my Alexa’s. They don’t play a majority of the time. When connecting it connects to other devices throughout the house and does not allow me to change it on the app. So glad I DID NOT add another one to my cart this year for Christmas! So very disappointed in the functionality and connectivity.

  66. It worked great at first, but now it keeps showing that my smart plug and smart lights are turned on when they’re not. It takes forever to actually connect and change the thermostat on my Smart thermostat. Half the time Alexa can’t even hear me and I have to yell at it or say its name three times while sitting right in front of it. The quality of this app has gone down immensely. It’s such a shame that I’ve spent so much money on Smart Home items to go with this app.

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