Nanoleaf Smarter Series MODDED 2022


For a fully personalized lighting experience.
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Design, set up, manage, and control your Nanoleaf lights all in one place. From the virtual Layout Assistant, to one-touch RGB presets, to full in-depth customization like you’ve never seen before, prepare for a lighting experience that is Smarter by Design.

Simple Control
Use the App to scan your lights’ pairing code and get set up in seconds, then enjoy your smart light-switch. Remotely turn your lights on and off, adjust brightness (trust us they go BRIGHT), and select your color Scenes from anywhere within your home. Group your lights together for joint control with Group Scenes (because we love a team player), or segment by room to keep your lights as organized as you wish your life could be.

Complete Customization
Create custom dynamic Scenes by selecting palettes and colors with the intuitive color wheel, adjusting ratios, and choosing animated motions. Try vibrant RGB hues to set a total vibe, or put the “fun” in functional lighting with the whole range of white color temperatures.

Advanced Automations
Set Schedules to automate your daily lighting needs, from gentle morning light-alarms, to gradually dimming nightly reminders that Holy **** it’s 2AM again, you need to wake up in 4 hours, PLEASE go to sleep.

Now You’re Talking
Connect your lights with your smart home assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings) and use voice commands to control them hands-free. Just say “Ok Google, turn on my “TGIF” Scene” and instantly enter full relaxation-mode at the end of a long week. The best part of all, you don’t even have to say “Please”… but it’d still be nice if you did though 🙂

Join the Community
Explore the App’s “Discover” tab for a huge collection of incredible Scenes created by users like you. Well, like you, just more creative. But if you too are the creative type, share your own Scenes and show the community what you’ve got! There are endless Scenes to discover for every mood and occasion, all the way from “Ho Ho Holidays” to “Netflix and Chill”.

+ More
With a virtual AR Layout Assistant, curated Scenes and Playlists, and additional product information, the Nanoleaf App really is your smart lighting one-stop-shop.

The Nanoleaf App supports Nanoleaf Light Panels, Canvas, Shapes, Essentials, Elements, and Lines.

Enjoy it today on the ever superior Android operating system.


Happy 10 Year Nanoversary!

What’s Improved:
- Device Setup Reliability (to be reliably reliable)
- Thread Reconnection Speed (making Thread sew fast)

What’s Fixed:
- Multiple Essentials Device Upgrade issue (the more the merrier)
- Other bugs (flea, bee-gone, fly-away, beet(le)-it)


40 comentarios en "Nanoleaf Smarter Series MODDED 2022"

  1. I really don’t know why others have such a problem with this app, or it’s equivalent over on iOS, desktop or the Alexa skill, but it works just fine for me. Gets the job done to adjust every aspect of our lights, and many features besides! Maybe there are a few kinks to be worked out especially where connectivity is concerned, but they seem to work themselves out in the end. As usual, well done, Nanoleaf, and keep up the wonderful work!

  2. I’m beyond upset! Horrible and unresponsive UI for new version of the app. Your attempt to make things better have made things worse. I’m forced to use an old version of the app I have on my old phone. I’ve never been able to get this new version to pair or work at all. Largely unresponsive when you try to interact with the UI, and it’s hard to tell what is what. Congested with symbols instead of being clearly labeled. You have to experiment just to find out if something is tappable.

  3. Joe Susco dice:

    Already want to smash these things to pieces…the setup process has been painful so far. Can’t see the network. Then it can see both networks, but requests connection to one and then says it needs the other…just keeps looping back and forth. Now I’m getting timeout errors after initially saying it found the device. Terrible.

  4. It *was* good. I have an old set of Aurora Light Panels, and I used to enjoy them a few years ago. The product is great, but the software has always been a little iffy. And ever since some of the recent overhauls of the app, it’s been phased out bit by bit. Now the panels refuse to connect with the latest version. I tried to get support but all I was given was some weird remote support software that I wasn’t very comfortable with installing on such a personal device. Almost unusable.

  5. Pairing is a nightmare. I have three units, and they are all paired. Then one of the controllers died, upon replacing it I tried to pair the new controller, and no configuration seems to work. Just hangs at the connection screen. I’m on a pixel running up to date stock Android. Panels are lighting up fine, so I’m assuming this is some app issue.

  6. If there was a third party app to control the nanoleafs, I’m pretty sure everyone would have jumped ship by now. I always expect to close the app the first time and reopen it because of the constant connection issues. No restart and anything you do will probably fix it. Yes, the scenes are awesome and you can download and customize your lights to your heart’s content but man…all we want is to not see the ‘cant connect to nanoleafs’ everytime we open this app. Update 2022: Still unusable

  7. So many cool features but the user experience of how they work is very poor. Mounted the device on the wall and nothing in the visual install guide told me I’d need to note the pairing code on the BACK of the device. Had to take it off the wall again! If you tap the back button too many times in the app you’ll end up going back through initial setup. I get notified that my device has “warnings” but when I go to see them I get an empty screen. Finger paint mode for scenes is very quirky.

  8. Horrible app. slow interface, not very intuitive The schedule doesn’t work. Would not recommend nanoleaf at all to anyone, after 8 months of use, i wish I could rate it lower considering how bad the app is and things don’t sync with the cloud. So much wrong with this app. Nothing works as it should. app fails the product 100%. Favorites dont work, can’t see them in schedule, schedule doesn’t work. Clicks dont work. You would need a 10 page guide to figure out the interface. Keeps getting worst

  9. Update 2/22 , added a few more products and all of them are just as frustrating to deal with. Software is terrible on android ios and desktop. The hardware is certainly the coolest thing out for ambient lights. – Hands down one of the buggies and most frustrating apps I have ever used. Never shows info for lights correctly and 75% of the time it refuses to connect to a device at all. Firmware update also does not work. How can the lights be so expensive and the software such garbage?

  10. This app and the light panels occasionally disconnect from one another, and then for whatever reason they will not reconnect for a while. It’s frustrating, time consuming, and I cannot recommend this product for the price. BUYER BEWARE. Also, why the hell do I need my location service enabled to use lights!

  11. Collin K dice:

    The app continuously locks up on my Pixel 6 Pro while pairing. Pairing the remote no longer appears to work with my shapes either. Controlling them through the app is clunky. A little less than a year into ownership, I’m sitting here with over $2000 worth of Nanoleaf products and a serious case of buyers remorse. At one point I had 3 of the remotes. One of them, the battery door broke twice, the second isn’t pairing with my devices anymore, and the third got bricked by the app crashing in the middle of a firmware update. Best of all, they’ve discontinued the remote, and they seemingly don’t offer any suggestions about the replacing the level of control it provided.

  12. Cole dice:

    Return your bulbs immediately. This app crashes frequently and each individual bulb connects for only a second at a time and rarely at the same time as the others. It takes about 5 minutes each time I want to turn them on in the morning and off at night. Are the lights too bright when you’re watching a movie? Good luck changing them. It’s a massive pain.

  13. Mustachio dice:

    Pretty much the worst app I ever experienced. Every light panel I have loses connection, drops from the app, quits responding and becomes “unreachable”. Spent countless hrs reseting and repairing only for it to get worse with each update. The products can be nice but when the app controls everything and its just awful then it effects the overall experience. Avoid these if you can.

  14. Kevin R dice:

    A disaster of an app, coming from a professional software engineer. Bugs everywhere, amateur UI design, crashes randomly. It’s the worst part of the product by far, and Nanoleaf would do well to allocate the necessary resources to fix it. I want to see them do better.

  15. I honestly have no idea how a company can make amazing lights but have garbage software to use it with. 80% of the time, the app straight up doesn’t respond to anything you do (change brightness, scene, etc), which requires a prompt restart in order to even have the CHANCE for it to work again. The app honestly has a mind of its own and will spontaneously play random scenes or change brightness drastically without input from the user. Really just feels like the company only cares about sales

  16. SimpleOni dice:

    The phone app is honestly unusable after 2022 it doesn’t connect to nanoleafs, custom scenes seem to disappear from the app, nothing works within the app at all. I thought it was just my nanoleafs hardware themselves however after looking all over it seem like they make a terrible mistake on app design. Desktop only works for screen mirroring for me. But I cannot create my own scenes or even download and use presets. Google home doesn’t even recognize my nanoleafs due to being on the phone

  17. D H dice:

    Update 3 months later: I’m not sure how the UI of this app gets even worse over time but constant app crashes, lights still unresponsive and seemingly no help from developers. Return the lights and buy something that actually works. How is it that this app is never responsive, the lights say they don’t register on the network even though I can still change scenes, and in general the user experience with these lights is absolutely terrible for the price? This is just sad

  18. Chris M dice:

    Everyone really needs to stop buying lights from this company until they figure out how to develop an app that actually works. Pretty much every review complains about connectivity issues and they act surprised every time. Then they ask you to contact them on their website for support. I’ve done that, their support doesn’t help at all. They ask you to return the hardware for a replacement, which also doesn’t work. Obviously, because it’s the software that is broken, for well over a year!

  19. Edit: Nanoleaf responded to this review encouraging me to contact support. Friends, I had already contacted support (they are shipping me a new controller as I type). I have pierced the veil. There is no secret app. It’s just tricky to manage IOT devices and, as I said in my original 5* review, the Nanoleaf app gets it right because it crashes nice and promptly and gets back to working right away. Orig: Will generally up and crash if it’s going to break instead of doing a thing you don’t expect

  20. I’m new to light panels in general and nanoleaf specifically, so there’s a lot of wow factor but Nanoleaf has made a pretty quick fan of me. setup is easy, There’s tons of presets to play with and many are user made which I like. my only complaint is that some products such as their rhythm triangles won’t work with their newer designs like shapes and that isn’t something they make particularly clear in the marketing. So if you’re like me save yourself a return and double-check for compatibility

  21. The product is great but the problem is with the application. For the price of the product you’d expect an excellent application to go along with the product. Unfortunately the application is mostly “unreachable” and the only way to remedy this is to unpair and repair which is a chore in itself. I have found no other way to fix this problem nor have I found a solution from the company. I do hope the company finds a solution in a future update…UPDATE: app is still trash. Fix your software.

  22. kobuld dice:

    Barely useable app. 95% of the time the lights will fail to connect. And when they do they just disconnect after a second or don’t respond to input. Scene setup and grouping lights is confusing and unintuitive. Firmware updates don’t work most of the time. The scenes do look nice and their does seem to be a lot of customization assuming you can figure out how to do it. But it’s ultimately useless when you won’t even be able to use it. Use Google home and not this app

  23. Despite the price and recent updates there are still a ton of bugs and massive random delay when performing any actions through the app, got it to work with Alexa for a week and then it stopped responding AGAIN. Yes im connected to a 2.4GHz network yes ive contacted customer service and had them help me before. The inconsistency is just too disappointing. My YT comment on one of the troubleshooting videos still somewhat stands. Great asthetics of the panels are where the two stars come in.

  24. This is my 2nd review of this app, the last one was also 2/5 stars, the issue being the app didn’t do what it offered. That has now been fixed and the app works just fine, when it’s working. I’ve since ordered 3 more panels. Upon attaching them, 2/3 wouldn’t sync with the rest. I attempted to reboot all my lights to fix this, that was a mistake. The app cannot pick up the panels anymore at all, and so now the lights aren’t even functional. Lights are great when working, app needs a lot of work.

  25. The lights are fantastically cool! The app controlling the lights – not so much. The app is easy to use, intuitive, and does a great job … when it connects to the lights. First time to launch, it usually connects. But if the phone cuts off or I exit the app and restart, it rarely connects. I have to force stop and then try again. The 2nd or 3rd time, the app connects and I can change the settings. (I’m using a galaxy 8 with all current updates). I still love these lights – way cool!!

  26. The canvas panels themselves are beautiful with a ton of potential. The app is super frustrating. I have installed and removed 3 times hoping the pairing between phone and tiles will last for more than one minute before I am given the error message that connection couldn’t be established. I turn on all permissions asked. I have 61 tiles with 3 power cords. Manually pushing the buttons on the control tile is the only thing that works. I hope this is fixed soon.

  27. The app works great for a while the interface is great looking and functional…… until it’s not. I will come back a month later to change the colors and the device is lost. It has happened multiple times and I’m done fighting with the app. Product is great quality (light panels) the app is great when working I hope the app catches up to the quality of the product.

  28. My light panels lose connection and become “unreachable” in the app constantly; it seems to happen anytime I switch away or close the app. Upon reopening the app to select a different scene or turn the panels off, I’m greeted with “connecting” and then “unreachable”, making it so I have to go through the setup process every time I want to interact with the panels through the app. This is unacceptable for a device that costs as much as it does. (Edit: try the desktop app. It works much better)

  29. Mani dice:

    Bad App, Good Product. Often times I’ll have to open and close the app multiple times to get it work and connect to the panels. I also do not like how we setup the patterns and scenes. I think it would be better if they redesigned the community sharing “store” of scenes since that’s what I think is really important with these panels. Just make it easier to create scenes and find and download scenes. Then make the app less buggy so I don’t have to force stop it every time. Thanks.

  30. App seems like it’s well-designed, if only it would connect and stay connected to the lights while using it. It tells you it’s connected when it’s not, and frequently looses connection just when you think it’s working. Setup is painful as a result of these chronic communication problems, too. Took me 45 minutes to get the app working long enough to get the lights functional on my eero wireless network. For me, this app works correctly less than 20% of the time. I always have to restart it.

  31. Have had nanoleaf for over a year, have had to purchase a new controller. Good luck connecting to your lights, creating a scene, or turning them on or off. The app will connect to my lights 1/10 times and only for a few seconds when it does. Have been waiting for an update to fix the issue but it seems like every time they push out an update the connection issues worsen. The lights look cool but the value stops there. Save yourself the headache and money and do not buy this product!!!

  32. The app only works 20% of the times. The rest of the times it falls to connect to the lights. After firmware update: yup, the app is still trash. I’m not sure what the team building this app is up to, but in 2021 this is kind of absurd. The lights are so cool though. But you simply can’t leverage them well without the app. And the app is trash. I literally have to open and force quote the app 3-8 times before I can get it to connect. And even then, the connection only lasts for a few seconds.

  33. This product used to be awesome… I’ve had it for nearly a year now, and it initially never had any issues. Now, it constantly loses connection with the app and my Google home and I have to turn it off manually probably twice a day. I have some complex lighting routines set up with my Google home and it went from working flawlessly to having to hear my Google assistant say “sorry, something went wrong with the nanoleaf” almost 90% of the time. Definitely not worth the $$$ anymore.

  34. L Wilson dice:

    This app hasn’t worked for months now. We have reinstalled it and reset the lights so many times I’ve lost track. Nothing works and the problem is, you can’t get to the list of scenes you’ve downloaded to ask Alexa or Google to change the scene. If you ever do get it working, take a screen print of the scenes you’ve downloaded so you can at least control the lights with Alexa or Google. The lights aren’t cheap so it’s frustrating that their app doesn’t work.

  35. For the price you pay, one would think everything would work close to perfect. I love the panels, they add a ton of character to my office, but the app on the other hand is garbage. Its comstantly losing connection, I would have force close the app completely in order operate the lights. Also, I was thinking of expanding my starter kit, but because of the app, it makes me think twice about investing any more money into these already expensive panels.

  36. When I first got this app about a year – 18 months ago, it was very buggy and unstable. The UI was still pretty decent though, and when it worked it was nice, but like I said it was buggy. Fast forward to now and many improvements have been made! The app is less buggy (still a ways from perfect) and the UI is nicer. Keep it up!

  37. Buggy experience. The app has a very janky scrolling. You scroll down to pick a different color for the light and it scrolls back up to a random height. So by the time your thumb touches reaches the item you want to select, the content beneath has changed from under you, and you end up picking something random. Poorly designed. The floating plus icon gets in the way of the scrolling list. It I’d placed right where your thumb would be. The most used part of this app is to turn on the light, not create a new theme. Please simplify the app. If anything try using the thing everyday. Optimize for the most common use cases, and ease off on the feature bloat.

  38. The ar plain old doesn’t work. You need more instructions than “move your phone around”. All other versions of ar do not need nearly as much work. How is it that a problem that was solved by Facebook is a problem here? I can easily have ar glasses anytime I want at the press of a button. Why is it an effort to get this to work? Edit: I cannot get the damn app to sync the nanoleaf to the cloud. It keeps saying that the app can connect to the leaf, but I’m able to control it anyway. Why??

  39. Malik dice:

    The lights themselves are beautiful and functional, however, the app is horrible. After the recent update at the beginning of the year, the app crashes constantly. Thankfully I programmed many automatic light changes so that my lights will function without manual use, but it is frustrating if you ever want to use it. Please fix the catastrophic bugs that are destroying this app.

  40. The app is really cool and is always fun to play with when working properly. I’ve had these for well over a year now and have just put up with battling connection issues between the app and the lights. The app is absolutely terrible and you WILL have issues with it. It will say things like “lights not responding” or “check that the remote is getting power” blah blah. Terrible app and I do regret buying these lights.

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