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A traditional Vision board is a tool used to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain a focus on specific life goals. Literally, a vision board is any kind of board which show images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. As we all know that we now live in an ultra digital age and therefore maintaining a physical vision board is not very convenient and so we have developed a vision board app to give our users a hassle free experience.

Our vision board app is a software that allows the users to create a beautiful and personalised vision board, prevent people from sneaking into what’s in your board and maintain it by ease.

Why make a vision board?
We humans tend to be an awfully busy species and perpetually bombarded by distractions. Creating and using vision boards serves several purposes, like
•  It helps you to identify your vision and give it clarity.
•  It helps reinforcing your daily affirmations.
•  Keeps you focused and motivated.
•  It helps your subconscious mind to get reprogrammed in accordance with your vision board.

Vision Board can help you Provide Clarity
For example, to say “I want to be a successful person” is a fine goal, but have you ever given serious thought to exactly what that means? Try to envision what your “success” looks like.
And for those of us who find visualizing somewhat difficult, making a vision board can be a big help.
For some people, being successful might mean having a new car or home. Others may be seeking a new business or getting a better job.
The main key to making a perfect and a genuine vision board is to be specific, which means add every small detail about your goal and dismiss the rest.
No doubt you might have heard it said by the people that most of us never get what we want because we don’t know what we want.
Making a vision board is a fantastic way to bring clarity to that general desire and turn it into an achievable goal.

You can even use your Vision Board for Your Daily Affirmations
Ever wondered how a vision board works? Well in the first step you dream your goal, the next step is to believe it. In addition to images, vision boards can include words, phrases or sentences that affirm your intentions.
You know that little voice in your head that never shuts up, the one that supports and promotes all your limiting beliefs by repeating an endless litany of every shortcoming you could possibly have (and some you couldn’t possibly have) and every reason why you can’t or shouldn’t or won’t ever be, do or have what you really want. We must silence that mind chatter that plagues us all every minute of every waking and sleeping hour. Luckily Affirmations are that little voice’s worst enemy.
Affirmations express who you really are, release you from those limiting beliefs, and allow you to know that the possibilities really are unlimited.
Our subconscious mind does not have the ability to distinguish between truth and lies and considers everything you tell it as the truth. So even if you say that “I own a red Ferrari”, your subconscious mind will think its true and if you repeat the same sentence for around 21 days, your subconscious mind will get reprogrammed and you will start attracting your “Red Ferrari”.

Developers Word
I have developed this app because I always wanted to maintain a vision board but whenever I tried, people laughed and I wasn’t able to get the most out of it. I always personally wanted an application or a software that could work as my vision board but unfortunately I couldn’t find it and even if I did, they didn’t had the features I was looking for. You know there is an English Quote, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” So I made my own vision board app and I hope you like it too.


•  You can now rearrange your goals by setting priority
•  Added fingerprint lock
•  Added Amoled Theme
•  Fixed some lock issues
•  Fixed some minor bugs


40 comentarios en "Vision Board – Manifest dreams 2022"

  1. Pleasantly surprised. A great app. Reminders work great too. I would love to see an option for slideshow that can be added on each separate vision that you created. For example, when you click on the picture it would show you a slideshow of a few pics, instead of only one picture. Just a suggestion, It’s not that bad because you can add multiple images for the same vision, ie affirmation. Also multiple reminder times would be a big positive. Other than that, great app.

  2. Simple to use. Wish it allowed me to download images other ways & not just from phone gallery or drive. It would be nice to have the option to place multiple pics for one idea or subject on a page. Some type of subliminal video spread with all my images would be an awesome bonus as well. I have a few other vision board type apps but still trying to determine which one I want to keep & go forward with? This is very simple, but may not have enough features for me. If you like simple..go for it!

  3. Would be nice if multiple photos could be attached to one goal – the bland-ness of one photo (plus the description) per goal is really cramping the possibility of incorporating any degree of creativity. This can be somewhat demoralizing considering a “vision” board should be creative and unique and personal, but most of all, it should showcase ones goals in a visually stimulating way.

  4. This is awesome to see on your device whenever you want to remind yourself of your goals. Very seemless to use. Would like it if each pictured goal can be moved or dragged around to create a new vision board order, for instance a goal that’s on the bottom of the board can be dragged to the top or where ever you desire. Thank you!

  5. i love it! i can customize the appearance of the app, layout of my goals, and set a timer to view my vision board every day. i love using this app because it reminds me of a purpose i should have, and having it on my phone allows me not to compromise the sense of privacy i tend to have (also – users are able to enable a 4 digit pin lock to ensure that others do not have access to the app).

  6. Great idea that I always desired but could never fully conceptualization. Needs ways to categorize by time, priority, and alphabetically, to make multiple reminders with specifications for every-other-day, daily, weekly, and monthly frequency as well as edit/delete tags. Inability to edit/delete tags is what made me give 3 instead of 4 stars. Would love it if I could change the size of the task. Do this and I’ll rate it higher.

  7. For some reason each time I entered my vision board picture the application would immediately close and my board would be totally erased! it takes valuable time to enter my vision then it just disappears. Very frustrating. the first time it happened i figured i had made a mistake, maybe pressed an improper button. the second time it happened I decided to forgive because i wanted this app, to work. But 3 strikes YOU’RE OUT!!! Uninstalled. no need to have a vision board with no visions.

  8. I love this! I just wanted a plain vision board with no fancy extras and this is it. Simple to use – download a picture and write a few words and you are set to go. You can time reminders and you can lock the app and are given various options to do this. Great and easy to look at throughout the day – visualise, visualise, visualise! Not only is this app free but contains no ads. Very impressed and pleased. A 💓 heartfelt thank you to the developer.

  9. So far, so good… Its doing everything as advertised. Easy to use and nice lay out and I haven’t seen one Ad and its free so far. One small BUT… I didnt hit the “save board” button and I’d just spent about 30 mins typing notes on my 1st visual board and so I Iost that board completly. Perhaps an auto save feature or a reminder point before leaving the main screen. I hope to only make that mistake once. Otherwise my experience has been a positive one. I tried a few before finding this one.

  10. Ama Eze dice:

    I like the app and the concept of the app. However, 1. Add categories feature.i should be able to add pictures and contents in each name tags, respectively. The travel and wealth and health should not all be in one place. I should be able to click on each tag, to look or feel or add content. 2. The crop option is very limited, I should be able to crop images or whatever to however I want it. The crop option is immovable or user friendly. 3.

  11. I really liked the layout of this app but unfortunately I have just replaced it with an alternative after struggling to get it to accept a resized image. I also couldn’t see how you share it to other devices. I tried sending a message to enquire about these and provided feedback but the message didn’t appear to go anywhere.

  12. *Great app. *Simply click to add pics, then write in your affirmation. Select list view to scroll through the life script of your successful future. *Efficient intuitive app. Set a time reminder to reactivate your vision board goals daily. *Thanks for creating something anyone can easily use to learn to focus their attention on what they actually want.

  13. Very simple but does exactly what it needs to do. Any chance we could add a feature to back-up the vision board for transfer from one device to another? Thanks so much for a great app either way!

  14. I don’t normally review and rate apps but this one gave me the appetite to write one 😄. I’m loving the app so far. Friendly user interface, tags, and ability to set goal priority. This is a fantastic app. I will recommend adding the ability to breakdown each goal into bit sized steps and respective timelines for acheiving each goal. I will update my review as I continue to use the app

  15. App is good. There is a glitch with reminder in this app, it doesn’t kick in on time, reminder only comes up when app is opened. I checked all setting in my phone and everywhere its allowed, but still reminder is not working. My phone has android version 10. Also, we are developers and if you want we can contribute to this app development. Thank you.

  16. Its an amazing experience to use this app. Only ONE THING- I noticed that some images are incompatible to upload. I have to crop it. Kindly add feature that, whichever image we like, we may add that in this vision board app.

  17. Love this. Nice and simple with not too many options that you become overwhelmed and quit using it. Sometimes less is more with this type of app. Wish there was a calendar option with the list or grid to add specific dates one would like to achieve their goals by.

  18. This is a beautiful yet simple app – I have only just started using it it has helped me reflect- I think it will be very useful – I am enjoying the fact that it not to busy just simple and elegant and gets the job done – alot of thought has gone into the development well done and thank you – if you were to think about passing anything it would be a calendar and the ability to move the picture tiles – but these are just minor and you definitely dont want to clutter something so gently reflective.

  19. The app is fairly decent. And has a clean interface. Interesting to use. Would have given five stars but some changes are needed. The app doesn’t auto save and if you leave page by mistake you loose your information. Secondly there is no way of editing tag tittle or moving goals between tags.

  20. I haven’t had any problems so far with the app. Yes, it crops images but if you choose the right image, that isn’t an issue. Easy to use, quick to upload photos, clean and pleasant layout, daily reminder to review … the whole app is pretty wonderful!!

  21. shelby w dice:

    This app is perfect. What I love the most is you can use any pictures you want you’re not limited to using stickers and stock images like other apps. It’s also very simple and basic to use which is so nice.

  22. I really like the format of this vision board app and love that it reminds you daily to focus on your goals. However the daily reminder notification only worked for a month or so now it’s just random sometimes it’s late and others days it happen at all! The option for help/message doesn’t work!! Infuriating

  23. 1othrocks dice:

    Great App I wanted to try this app out to see about the vision board to make one online maybe to add couple pictures wow it’s nice you can choose your own or download them and can write notes too , add quotes if you’d like looks like you can write long notes too there is no limit so far I like it would recommend 😀

  24. Just installed this app. So far, so good. Easy to use. Clear. I’ve been looking for something like this online for quite a while, so thanks for creating this app. It gives me a chance to figure out what I want and what to aspire to. Plus you can also edit your goals. I like the fact that my goals can be presented both visually and in written form such as writing affirmations. I’ve just set reminders, so fingers crossed, it works. Will keep you updated.

  25. Excellent app for creating goals or tasks with images and text. Easy to use. User Experience is very good. Highly recommend as a go to app. Tried others but not as clear, effective, simple and good as this app. Developer listens to feedback and improves the app. Thank you.

  26. Its perfect for what i needed. Title, picture, and description for each post. Very simple but efficient. Easy to use. If ur looking for something complicated and super in depth, this probably isnt for you

  27. Great app so far. My only complaint is that I should be able to set the board as my home screen or lock screen. Being able to view the vision board (particularly a digital vision board) at all times will help my visualization of the the goal.

  28. Really enjoying it and it is very easy to use. Just what I needed. I like having the goal title, and then another box for details. Helps with focus. Thank you for creating this app and thanks for the update to let users adjust priority! Also agree that a backup option would be useful.

  29. as ms Lopez suggested, it would be nice to be able to put more pics with one goal. that is the point of a vision board. you replied to her to uninstall the app if she doesn’t like it, which i consider rude of you, but will act upon it and uninstall Vision Board app. the app is not a vision board but a goal-setting app, and that is not the same. good bye. i will create my boards in pinterest.

  30. I love it! I’ve been on the hunt for something like this. I like the clean user interface and the pretty colors you can use. My only wish is that I had the ability to delete tags I don’t want. I also think it would be cool if cute stock illustrations were provided, though I don’t mind using my own pictures either. Really happy with it! 💕

  31. So Far So Good. The only issue is the cropping and getting to fit certain pictures. But if you screenshot and adjust the size you can work around it. But I have zero ads which I really like and it serves it’s purpose. I Am Happy and Grateful for this App. It’s what I wanted and needed.

  32. It does the job but very basic. Can only crop photos to square, would like to have a choice. Can only set a reminder alarm once a day, would like to have reminders more often. It’s a good basic start

  33. Love this app, so easy to use and photos look quite stunning… PLEASE can you fix the notification setting as it works and then it doesn’t. Basically it doesn’t work. I have emailed you around 3 times but have had no reply at all

  34. I like this vision board app better than other ones I’ve tried. Very easy to use and clean UI. My suggestion would be to make it so you can have more than one pic under each goal to broaden the vision.

  35. Love this app! Its great!!! Please add a feature to be able to check/mark once goal is accomplished, with the date. Please add the feature to be able to attach more than one picture to a goal! PLEASE PLEASE add these 2 features! Thanks!!!

  36. Simple and easy to use. It works but would be better if it allowed you to reorder your goals on the vision board page (like a hold and move function) as my primary goal is now at the bottom of the board!

  37. I have tried many vision board app, but this one is the best of them because it has a lot of features other app dont have. And even if i get bored, there are many dofferent theme which almost change the whole look and feel of the app.

  38. It’s perfect for what I want. This app allows you to write down the things you want and keep them organized. If you’re someone who just wants to write your desires for the future down without any specific deadlines then this is for you. There are an endless amount of possibilities for what you could write for each thing that you desire.

  39. I love this app. But only one additional feature I want is a proper back up feature. Because I have added so many visions, that without a proper backup, all the data will get lost. Kindly look into the matter!

  40. pille85 dice:

    Good idea, but could be improved. I dont receive notifications plus it would be cool if images could be taken from google or other resources (linked). Cropping in landscape (not only square) would be great too

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