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Enjoy total creative freedom over your next DIY project with Cricut Design Space™. Design, cut, or draw by connecting to Cricut Explore™ or Cricut Maker™ machines.

Start your project from scratch or browse thousands of images, ready-to-make projects, and unique fonts in the Cricut Image Library.

Create from anywhere, any time inspiration sparks with cloud-based syncing across devices.

Make the most of every last scrap with the SnapMat™ feature.

Connect to your compatible Cricut cutting machine with a Bluetooth® connection.

Experience brand-new features like kerning, spell check, right-to-left text & more by upgrading your device to Android 9 or above.

New to Cricut? Welcome! To use this companion Design Space app, first activate your new machine at

Existing members with Cricut Joy™ machines? For fun or functional projects in 15 minutes or less, use the companion Cricut Joy™ app.

Chat, call, or email Cricut Member Care

Use of the Cricut Design Space app is subject to terms at


This update features a refreshed design, as well as new features like kerning, spell check, and right-to-left text for devices with Android 9 and above.


40 comentarios en "Design Space: DIY with Cricut MODDED 2022"

  1. My app has crashed 9 times so far today. I’ve restarted the app, my phone, and the cricut but it just crashes every time I try to load a project. It’s rather frustrating. Edit; the app has decided that my phone is not allowed to connect to any of my machines. Also, the maker is supposed to be able to cut balsa wood but the app won’t let you pick those options. Lame. Edit #2 the android app is ridiculous. Tried to change the location of an object by typing in the numbers and it disappeared.

  2. App gets worse every time they update it. The newest issues I’m having is with the measurements. I put in sizes and it changes them to whatever they want. Really frustrating when trying to get words all the same size. Also with the measurements locked, it doesn’t always update the height and width proportionally. It’s like the lock isn’t working.

  3. Frustrating. Using Android mobile app.I can’t create a phrase on the canvas because if I have to hit backspace it deletes the entire text box and I have to start over. I can’t even view the whole text box as I’m typing either. Can’t easily move things on the canvas. This needs to be fixed!! This machine was EXPENSIVE. I would expect more from this brand.

  4. The new update is TERRIBLE on mobile Andriod system. It does not work, crashes/freezes often. The type feature does not work properly. It is so frustrating I am rethinking using it at all. UPDATE 12/22: Still works terribly on android mobile! Worst app I have ever used. Multiple features do not work properly. It is hard to just move things around the art board. It is extremely frustrating for such a popular brand. It is not worth the $9.99 charge for subscriptions. I am cancelling it.

  5. The application for cricut is so limited. I have no idea why i can use editable images on a tablet. That just seems like an odd limitation when mostly i’m just editing TEXT. Also it constantly shuts down for no reason and gets rid of all the work I was doing. So if i forgot to save i have to start all over. The Search for items is awful because it never brings up what you want or need.

  6. I’ve been wanting a Cricut for 3 years now and finally got my hands on one. I had to return it because it wasn’t compatible with any of my laptops. Now that I finally have a phone that works with one I am so sad to see the print and cut option only works on an I-phone! (HUGE BUMMER) I don’t understand why android phone users are more limited to the options available. I would be more satisfied with my purchase if that feature was available to android as well.Hopfull soon it will be fixed!

  7. Al b dice:

    Be great if the software could be used offline all the time. I can’t slice an object into multiple pieces to fit them all on one sheet , but I can with text. With the new update half way through a project it says I’m offline and can’t connect then it will not let me save. I have to restart the software and start all over.

  8. Cricut Design space is horrible. You want to charge $10 a month for something that doesn’t even work correctly! Everytime I try to move an item to another mat to save my paper, it never loads the rest of the mats to see what else I will need to cut. That is one of the many complaints I have. Exactly why I ended my subscription. It’s definitely not worth $10 a month. I’m actually thinking about selling my cricut and buying a silhouette. This system is straight garbage!

  9. I love my cricut machines, I really do. I just wish this app did not make my experience using the machines and doing my projects a NIGHTMARE!! Is it too much to ask for a better Bluetooth interface? I really don’t think so! Also, my screen doesn’t rotate while using the app, which makes it horrible to design! I have an Android phone and tablet, but still don’t excuse such a horrible design app!

  10. No Longer Works! I’ve tried downloading this app to two different computers multiple times, and it either closes out immediately or opens and stays blank/doesn’t load. This means I can’t use the app OR my machine! Not being able to use a relatively expensive machine/investment, especially with a small business, is a huge problem. Please fix whatever bug is causing this issue with the app software, or better yet, please make design space available to use on a web browser for times like this.

  11. Rating as low as I can go; I cannot use this app on my mobile/desktop/laptop. I upgrade and also attempted to call; never was dispatched to anyone. The virtual person kept sending me in circles. This app worked perfectly during the covid pandemic shut down…Now everything is open I and some others I know in town having trouble. It was only May 2020 when it was purchased. I hate I waited so long to get on it. Funny you only get a limited amount of characters to give a review.

  12. Cremar dice:

    Every time I choose to update I regret it. Recently I haven’t been updating since the app fixed the ability to clean up an image properly and now since this new update it is crashing constantly or continuously loading. Even when it loads back up it “cleans up” areas I have already taken care of and I cannot undo any of it unless I restart all over.

  13. I use this app all the time no problems. I have a subscription and no problems pay is automatically paid. I used yesterday fine today there is a payment error!!!!! I need this to finish my projects!!! If I’m not going to get what I PAID for I will just cancel. Issues are resloved back to my happy place. Making beautiful cards and other things it’s really a great app just had some issues but not for long.

  14. I’ve used and loved this app for almost 2 years & actually really like the idea of the new update, but I would like it even more if it actually did what it’s designed to & didnt crash every time I try to insert an image or actually edit and editable image. Just today it’s crashed 7 times and I’ve lost all the work I’ve done. Im pretty frustrated. Also, I’d really appreciate an option to curve the font for Android devices. Anything I’ve found on “how to – for android” says it’s not compatible.

  15. Can’t size anything with a dragging method. I have to zoom all the way in to see the boxes that allow me to drag to resize and even sometimes they still don’t show up on the image. Plus when it is zoomed all the way in I cannot see to layout my design. The smart grid is aggressive and I have to turn it on when I am lining my image up or it will not move on the canvas. The double tap to edit text works when it feels like it. It’s frustrating and im done paying for a subscription.

  16. I’ve been using this app for 4 years and I loved it until the last few months. With every update there are more issues than there was before the update. I adapt to the last issue of not being able to go from computer to phone app without the images changing. I also adapted to no longer being able to use certain fonts bc the image would disappear. But now I can’t do ANYTHING! I keep getting an error that something went wrong on my last project. This error is coming after I had uninstalled the app

  17. I just bought myself a huge Cricut package and subscription and was looking forward to Design Space to help me create. I’m not able to access even the most basic functions of the app. After attempting to start a project, clicking into any of the menu items (image, text, etc.) yields an error and will not let me access. Highly disappointed.

  18. Kayce M dice:

    Bluetooth won’t work now, and also I now have to zoom in to click and adjust the size of texts. Before the little square boxes would always pop up when you click on the text…. but since this update I now have to zoom all the way in order to hopefully allow it to adjust my text size. Please fix Bluetooth also. Yes, I have unplugged and replaced in my new machine. It’s definitely the new updates in the app.

  19. Char Lng dice:

    Not cutting all the way through. Haven’t had issues until now, (after I cancelled my monthly subscription to design space). I’ve done everything suggested to get it to cut. Very disappointed. Also the app updated on it’s own and is now even more difficult to use. I always decline the update because after a few I did except, functions didn’t work the same, so now I can’t size things without zooming in real close for the box to pop up. There’s no unlock sizing icon anymore, only under edit.

  20. The user interface is simple and easy to use, but not intuitive. The tutorial they walk you through upon setup is a fine introduction to sending a Cricut-brand file to your cutter. My only frustration is the troubleshooting that needs to be done once you send a third-party file to print. The program automatically resizes images to fit your material and essentially wastes the top inch by dropping down and recentering the image. I wasted some time editing my image to fit just to have it split up.

  21. The new updates make it much harder to use. You can curve a welded word anymore. Or move an object or letter to be slanted with the handle anymore. It’s all done with an up and down arrow which makes it take much longer. The ability to design on the matt is now like it was with the very 1st version. Difficult to use and time consuming.

  22. Too many time-consuming updates. I have this downloaded on my desktop, phone, tablet and still cant access it when I need to. This is a constant issue. I need to find another app to use. The phone app has very small capability. A lot of my time and money wasted. I did not invest 4yrs buying hardware and supplies to let it lay dormant waiting for design space to take hours and sometimes days to complete an update! The more updates, the more the program gets worse! So frustrating!

  23. Jess B dice:

    This app could definitely be SO much better! Can’t turn landscape so if I have a keyboard on my tablet it can’t function. I have to switch back and forth from my laptop to mobile for anything other than basic. It scrambles text sometimes if you save it on mobile and open in laptop. Can’t print to cut on mobile. Even on laptop, after calibration, does not cut “print then cut” images correctly. It’s literally RIGHT there where it can be a perfect app but just missing so many marks!

  24. Honestly there’s tooo much that this app NEEDS. first of all I can’t save my project images as a file in my device. Weird? Secondly if I want to share a design it doesn’t work for people in the US, where I am btw? There’s no eraser. So your just stuck If you’d like to have something simple removed. It’s just intolerable. Idk why they make things so difficult. I have to physically save my project. And if you think you saved it but didn’t it won’t ask you to save before you create a new one. Bad.

  25. imouse1 dice:

    ETA: Reading the wall of revent reviews is a wall of 1 star reviews complaining about issues going back to *April*. It’s clear the subscription isnt worth it. Review: This is just a bad app. Extremely slow. If you look at an project, you have to start over on scrolling. If you use any part of design space, it loses connection at every step–and you cannot use it offline even to save the project. You will lose all of your progress the moment it decides you can’t connect to the internet.

  26. I’m not sure if it’s the type of computer I have but everything I do lags 24/7. And with the recent updates whenever I try to use the app on my phone it opens and as soon as I click on something it just closes out. At first I thought maybe it’s because it’s to big of a download for my phone (iphone 13) so I bought a tablet and extra gigs just for cricut stuff and it’s still doing the exact same thing. The app is very frustrating for me.

  27. I’d be completely lost without my machines and this circuit design app bc as someone that has always had a LOVE for anything and everything crafting since I can remember this has only made crafting more fun for me and it’s opened doors for me to be able to make more things, way easier and faster than before so now I can make my items available to the public too. Only con that I can say bout the app is that I wish it was more accessible on other platforms and had all the abilities to create too.

  28. Not bad for a mobile app! I used this app multiple times to draw and cut on my Cricut joy. Using pixlr mobile, I designed some stickers and outlines for them (because the app does not have the offset tool), and it worked flawlessly. I did it on clear vinyl with a 0.4mm pen and the standard cutting tool. The app is not laggy at all on my S22 and works great. Apart from that, the app will sometimes display the wrong cut finish percentage. It gets dtuck on 25% for me. Love the app 🙂

  29. Absolutely can not cancel my subscription and I’m so upset about it. It keeps redirecting me to Google play subscriptions and it doesn’t show up on the list. My bank is clearly getting charged for it. Insane the amount of hoops I have to go through. I’m literally going to have to call them when they open and pray that they are able to cancel it because 10$ is something that could break me financially right now.

  30. It would NEVER connect. Left me in circular update hell. It pairs but won’t connect. UPDATE: I thought I was being patient but ultimately found that the Joy was updating firmware. A simple message stating what was going on would have eliminated a lot of anger and aggravation – and a negative review. I finally left it alone but attached and it finished with the message that firmware had been updated. Its worked well since then.

  31. Barebones compared to the desktop version (and probably the Apple version). Fonts are apparently being moved to desktop only, set a font, went to edit size, came back to the base font and a pop that said, “This font is only available on the desktop version”. Uploading a color image and skipping editing only leads to the image being a black box. You can’t even edit an image after uploading, you have to delete it and hope you get it right a second time. Needs all desktop features.

  32. Very disappointing, with how much money I just spent on cricut supplies I would expect to be able to easily use the design space that is required to make anything. Any time I try to go to a new action I get a message “lost connection” and I have to shut down the entire app and go back in without my previous work being saved. I’ve tried saving a new font type to my device but it does not come through. Phone support not a great resource.

  33. Wasn’t having any problems with the ap until this last update (11/7/22). Now there seems to be a problem when pairing my device to the machine – it use to be flawless, & there’s a glitch of some kind that interferes with uploading an image to the canvas – it too use to work flawlessly. Not too sure what improvements were made recently but they’ve not helped in my creative ventures.

  34. Kayla Cox dice:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Cricut. But, this app?.. Well, not so much. It has limited options for designing and it will not rotate to a landscape setting, which makes it inconvenient to design. It has a tendency to mess up my text and image shapes/sizes. I also do not like how it is always glitching and going down.

  35. I used to find the app pretty easy to use but limited in features on my phone. I dontbhave a laptop or desktop so this is the only way I can use it. Unfortunately after the last update I can’t see any on my text nor can I add images to the canvas. I have things that need to be made and delivered din the next two weeks. If this doesn’t get fixed I won’t be getting it done on time. With a paid subscription you’d think they’d have a better app.. 🤔

  36. Only a quarter of my fonts work. I love looking at all the fonts but when I do names the layers keep changing to symbols or numbers. Ver frustrating. Also the app was easier to use before the new update. Now you have to click between action and edit for simple tasks. Please fix the bugs on the fonts. Also it took forever to figure out how to find the cards icon

  37. Since the last update my app will literally just not work. It shuts down in the middle of design space and in the middle of cutting. It’s shutting down while saving, I can’t slice images, everything is just not working in almost any project I am in. I have wasted hours of time and now it’s shutting down while cutting it’s wasting my supplies. The sleep is off on my phone so it doesn’t disconnect and the app just closes.

  38. Very disappointed with the latest update. I cant see any text nor will it put an image on the canvas. I have orders to get out. I pay for access monthly yet now i cant use it for days now. Very irritating seeing as how i pay for this software usage. Also needs to function as the desktop does. I do not have a laptop. I use my galaxy for everything and very limited to my creative options in designing

  39. in desparate need of an update fixing the vanishing letters when creating a phrase or word project. once thats fixed i will gladly give 5 stars. updated: letters seem like they are doing better. however now i cant upload images after editing out the parts to erase. update: still vanishing letters!!!! also once i enter text i lose it wont let me reselect the text to move and resize.

  40. Since the last update I have tried to open one of my projects on my android phone. It immediately shuts down. Not helpful when working with a potential customer away from my computer. My phone then proceeds to tell me that Design Space has a bug in the app and the developer needs to fix it. It worked great up until Thanksgiving. It was pretty embarrassing. I even pay for the subscription.

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