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Enjoy total creative freedom over your next DIY project with Cricut Design Space™. Design, cut, or draw by connecting to Cricut Explore™ or Cricut Maker™ machines.

Start your project from scratch or browse thousands of images, ready-to-make projects, and unique fonts in the Cricut Image Library.

Create from anywhere, any time inspiration sparks with cloud-based syncing across devices.

Make the most of every last scrap with the SnapMat™ feature.

Connect to your compatible Cricut cutting machine with a Bluetooth® connection.

Experience brand-new features like kerning, spell check, right-to-left text & more by upgrading your device to Android 9 or above.

New to Cricut? Welcome! To use this companion Design Space app, first activate your new machine at

Existing members with Cricut Joy™ machines? For fun or functional projects in 15 minutes or less, use the companion Cricut Joy™ app.

Chat, call, or email Cricut Member Care

Use of the Cricut Design Space app is subject to terms at

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This update features a refreshed design, as well as new features like kerning, spell check, and right-to-left text for devices with Android 9 and above.


40 comentarios en "Design Space: DIY with Cricut MOD 2022"

  1. Images uploaded for print to cut on my android phone are always distorted, I know I can’t use the feature to actually print and cut one my phone, but it would be nice to see a clear image while uploading for a later time, this has been happening for over a month, can you please fix this, I’ve unnistalled, reinstalled and still does the same, thanks! Becky

  2. Meagan B dice:

    I have been using DS for 3 years now. Have had issues come and go, but this one has made it so bad that I am genuinely considering moving to another brand! I cannot upload ANYTHING without it “misuploading”. I don’t really know how to explain it, other than it looks liked the colorful scramble on 90s TV. It’s horrible! I do a LOT of print and cut and I can’t p&c if I can’t upload my images! This has been ongoing for at least a month and it is really effecting my projects and business!

  3. Reb Kei dice:

    I’ve been using this app for a few years. Recently (past few mths) I keep getting connection errors while in the middle of a project losing everything. I was trying for 3hrs to get it done but everytime it would have an error. Uploading the image would have weird color lines like a broken tv screen. Why am I paying each month for an app that just doesn’t work? Absolutely frustrating! Cricut space needs to be fixed. Its bad enough we can’t use the same features the desktop has.

  4. Non-stop crashing! App shuts down and closes completely every time I try to do anything except move things around on the canvas! It is up-to-date with the latest version/update. Uninstalled & reinstalled. No change! If this isn’t promptly fixed, I will cancel my subscription to Cricut Access. I’m sure I won’t be the only one!

  5. BV3 dice:

    The app in android is trash when it comes to adding text and editing text. It’s difficult to begin with and then many times when you’re almost done editing with all the issues it gives, the app will suddenly crash and if you didn’t save your progress during, then you lose everything you struggled to create using the app. It’s frustrating.

  6. Lost connection is all I ever see when I open the cricut app.. It doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or I’m using mobile data. Sometimes I don’t want to pop out my laptop I just want to do everything on my phone. The lost connection pop up makes me not even be able to do it. I have uninstall and reinstalled and it still does the same thing. Prior to this it was a great app except not being able to do print and cut. The app is way more convenient to me to clean up images hence the 2 star.

  7. This app will quickly kill any enthusiasm you have for using your cricut. There are limited function on the app, it constantly crashes, when trying to create text the letters will randomly stop showing up and if they do you better hope you have it perfect because there is about a 10% it will actually let you edit it. If you’re only using pre-designed templates, it’s ok. However, if you’re wanting to do anything original then good luck.

  8. Complete Trash. I miss being able to use Design Space in my web browser. Having to navigate on the app is awful. My phone is too little to be able to work on details of projects. Using the app on my computer is much worse. So glitchy. Stuff just vanishes. My images will flip all crazy and I am unable to correct them. God forbid you want to do anything with text, you may as well throw your whole Cricut and computer in the trash. My experiance has been horrible since we are forced to use the app.

  9. Randy B dice:

    Very limited options for mobile devices. There should be a reduced rate for mobile users. Something as simple as bending text is not available. The app is constantly saying it lost connection anytime I click out of it. I have to close it out and lose any unsaved work. This is the perfect app for a tablet if it was as good as the computer version

  10. Started using this app because I received a Cricut for my birthday in September. It has taken me a bit on getting used to it but it has been a great new experience. I love being able to create ideas into reality. Too bad it gets worse with ever update. It keeps freezing in the middle of me trying to edit the smallest thing and lately it’s been losing connection to the internet even though everything else says internet is great. The app keeps glitching more and more everytime I try to use it.

  11. I was forced to update my app recently and tried to use it for the first time today. IT HAS BEEN AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE!! I have spent 3 hours simply trying to add a name to a split image with a text feature that doesn’t work. It’s a project that used to take 5 minutes tops. The new update needs to be rolled back until all the bugs are fixed. It was clearly not tested within the user environment or these issues would have been caught. None working text feature = useless app. So very disappointed!

  12. I wouldn’t even give it a one If I could. Buy a fancy, pricey machine in which almost all of the designs and fonts you have to buy. The program that it comes with doesn’t work on my comp. It use to work on my tablet, not now and on my Android phone the app is just terrible. I cannot get it to type out any words. If it does only half of the word shows up. I can’t capitalize and good luck changing the font. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Very, very disappointed.

  13. Twistxd X dice:

    Finally got my first machine, the Explore Air 2, two years ago. Used it every day, no problems. Loved it. Then, they changed the clean up page. Made the picture area too small and added a useless, Erase Background feature. And from then on…it’s just gotten worse with every update. Now I can’t even use my machine. Cricut says send videos and info; but the link they sent me? It’s a page with phone numbers. I sent very detailed device specs and videos to their “help” email. But nothing was fixed.

  14. There’s so many things that are harder then they need to be. I can’t even use the app for the past few days, it keeps freezing then a pop up will say I lost internet connection. I try to restart app but then everything is gone AND it’ll mess up right away again. I have internet connection. Every other internet needed app is working fine, including the playstore in which I’m writing this review.

  15. This app is so great! Giving it 4 stars because I hate i can’t curve the writing. Otherwise, love the app! Update: the app isn’t so great anymore with the latest update. I have a monthly plan with them and most of the fonts are useless. I have to type the word out and then edit it to come closer together or further apart. It keeps crashing in the middle of a design.

  16. Android version doesn’t rotate horizontally. The pictures are also super small when you’re uploading (the part to make sure you got all the correct pieces erased), so it’s hard to see if you’ve gotten everything. It also CONSTANTLY loses internet connection almost every time I leave the app. Please optimize the Android version as well as the iOS versions

  17. I’d lower to 0 star if I could. I just got my Cricut Joy and wa excited to start using this app, which seems easy to use. HOWEVER, no matter what I do, what wifi I’m using, etc etc, it pops up an error saying it’s lost connection. I can’t save any projects let’s alone use any of the features in this design space without the lost connection error. It’s useless and will make it 10x harder to utilize the cricut I just got. Please fix this issue ASAP!!! Once it runs smoothly I will re-review

  18. The app will no longer open. I updated it after last use, and since then it will not open. I click on the application, a white screen appears for a few seconds, then disappears. Totally useless and hindering me from creating projects for an upcoming craft fair, which is making me lose money. ETA: Apparently this app no longer works on chromebooks. I’m not purchasing a mac or iPad or anything else just to use it. I’ll return my cricut instead. Very disappointing.

  19. Updated Review 7/28/22 – Each update is worse than the one before! Can no longer see text when typing in text box & text box doesn’t show when completed most of the time. I have lost whole projects – they show in my projects, but the canvas is empty when opened. Works fine on my phone, but apparently has less features than desktop version. Downloaded to my notebook – same version as on my phone. The $4.99 cost to buy fonts is a little much on top of the $9.99/month Design Space subscription.

  20. I have more than 500 words to say on the issues with the app but the major one that dooms the whole thing is that the layers panel does not function. You can open the panel and delete or duplicate a layer but you cannot reorder the layers and NONE of the other layer tools are present. Because the layers panel overlays the whole app, it’s not possible to access the tools from the main app interface. Layers are vital to how this software functions so this is a major issue that needs to be fixed.

  21. Cant upload photo without it saying lost internet connection. I have to close the app but it still happens again. This is the only app that does it. Whatever was updated last needs to be fixed or removed. It’s very frustrating and it wastes so much times. FIX THE PROBLEM!! I’m not the only one who has this issue.

  22. Wont connect to machine. This error is fixed. However the connection is still slow. My machine shut off while in the middle of cutting a 3″ “L” then resumed the cut after the machine came back on, BUT didn’t actually resume where it stopped, It started on the next letter, so I just hand cut it. Other than these 2 issues everything has been pretty great. I am slightly obsessed with infusible ink. Thank you Cricut for creating a product so wonderful!

  23. I used to be very fond of this app, as it worked great on my phone. However since I have recently downloaded it to my Chromebook again (which NEVER had problems before) I have not been able to get the app to open. It constantly tells me that the app has stopped working. Like how?? I literally JUST downloaded it!! I have always loved Cricut but this is really discouraging.

  24. Ariel Reid dice:

    Weeks and issues still not resolved. After many calls, unnecessary repeated emails, multiple people trying to tell me how to use the app when I have for years without issues, troubleshooting on my own, app developers deleted important functions like a settings button?! Im still unable to use my tablet for my machine. What a waste of my time and money!!!!!

  25. This app is nothing but bad. When I try to use a textbox the letters don’t show up properaly, or in some cases at all. It is even hard to zoom in and out. The app is so bad It would be faster to just hand cut everything. When I got cricut I thought this would be an amazing experience due to the price. This needs to be fixed.

  26. Frustrated! I had a problem a while back with having to re connect my cricut with every image. It was fixed with the update, but now none of my uploaded images are showing up only previous projects. I have re installed the app, restarted my phone, logged out and back in, and nothing has fixed it. I can’t even re upload an image to make it. The mobile app was always convenient for quick projects and now is turning into a Hassel everytime I log in =/

  27. It was perfect before the last update. Now it will not keep caps lock on with texting nor will it change the font. The edit text feature is very frustrating. The set up instructions are very vague. May return and all for refund on subscription. That’s how frustrated I am with thing. The update it made me take, should be called a down grade, the app used to work perfect… now its junk .

  28. For some reason both my desk top and mobile design space app have given up on me. I have taken the advice on the trouble shooting menu and NOTHING has worked! I even uninstalled like it says and now I can’t re install. With the constant updates, you would think you’d get less problems but it’s just getting worse. Why do I pay the monthly access, if I can’t get access? Very disappointing!

  29. Abad Yahu dice:

    This app used to be very good. Each update gets worse and worse. Can’t connect my machine to Bluetooth, and now it also pops up an error saying lost connection, constantly, (there is nothing wrong with internet connection) which renders every feature unusable and can not save or do anything to a project I am currently doing.

  30. Way to go Cricut. Update your stupid app into oblivion to the point it’s unusable on Android for older machines w/o Bluetooth . I’ve had this machine for about 5 years. Occasionally use it, every time I do there’s an atrocious update that leaves me not even using the machine most times. Log in after a few months and wow…my cricut explore air is no longer compatible unless I use a desktop. Great business model to force people to spend $300 every few years for compatible products! 0 Stars!

  31. Mel W dice:

    It’s extremely frustrating that only the most recent update works, you can’t use the app if it’s not fully updated which is obnoxious considering that sometimes the new “updates” aren’t improvements or fixes at all. Also not being able to upload print then cut images on the mobile platform is so inconvenient – in this day and age mobile platforms do everything, including print.

  32. First using my computer I cut about 8 card fronts but each time I had to reconnect to the joy which took more than a minute to do. Then it just stopped working altigether. Tried again the next day but still would not connect. Used my phone. Got a few more cut hike reconnecting each time before it too stopped reconnecting. I followed suggestions to uninstall app and close and open Bluetooth but nothing has helped. Terrible app and machine.

  33. Honestly I would have given a higher rating because if the option to do detailing etc on my phone and moving around the spreadsheet is waaaay easier on my phone, but I can’t bend text or print bent text from my phone. And last but absolutely not least……Since the last update my maker will not stay connected to my Bluetooth… its infuriating! I have to unpair and pair EVERY SINGLE time I make 1 cut from my phone! I’m livid!

  34. Update – Many of the features do not work. I have a Google Chromebook, and the app works properly maybe 20% of the time. I keep my laptop and all apps up to date. When I reached out to customer service, they suggested that I just design everything on my phone… No, thanks, I prefer a mouse and computer. Why isn’t there a web-based option?

  35. Tori Egner dice:

    I have loved using the cricut but since the last update for this app, just out of nowhere it doesn’t let me upload images anymore. I’m trying to make a gift and it just continuously loads when I tap the upload image option without any results despite everything else seeming to be working fine. I’ve restarted my phone, uninstalled then reinstalled the app, logged back in and nothing is working. I just got the cricut maker this past Christmas and less than a year later the app is uncooperative.

  36. Ian Quinn dice:

    Hey look an update that caused more bugs! Now I can’t make a circle smaller than .445 when I’ve been making them .05 for almost all my work. DO. NOT. BUY. A. CRICUT. Has to be the worst app I’ve ever used. Constantly crashes and freezes when trying to clean up and imagine for cutting. If you undo more than once it freezes and you have to start over. Every update makes the app worse. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy a cricut. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra.

  37. Loving the easy to use app on my phone. I thought it would be difficult and was happily proven wrong. I’ve loved using my Cricut and taking my crafting to another level. Edit…6/1/2022 After the most recent update I am very disappointed! Whenever I try now to see what font I want to use, it won’t let me see the font choices. Very unhappy please fix this. Edit 9/19/22 still can’t access fonts with new tablet. PLEASE FIX ISSUE or give a discounted price for people who can’t use all features.

  38. It’s insane how practically unusable this app this. Every time I click on something, I’m told I lost connection. So then I have to restart the app. Which works for a minute, and then I get the same problem. Rinse. Repeat. Waste of time. Considering how much money the Cricut is, it’s ridiculous their app, that’s neccesary to do anything, is so abysmal. A ton of features don’t work or aren’t available, for no good reason that I can see. Just a terrible, terrible app that really needs some work

  39. After the update, my machine will not connect to Bluetooth. Tried all the troubleshooting. Nothing is working. Tried their customer care outreach but got nothing but an automated response. Until they fix this app, my machine is completely useless. Can’t make anything because the app is constantly malfunctioning. It’s very frustrating to spend $300 on a machine just for this app to render it unusable.

  40. I have had this app and used it for 4 years now on android phones. Lately the app has been worthless when it comes to a lot of my projects. I select a font and instead of it changing the font, the entire word, or words disappear. Right back to a blank canvas. If I use my computer, half the fonts that are on the app aren’t available on the computer. If I use the computer to arch an image and save it, once I open that image in the app to get the font I want, the image straightens out. Please fix!

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