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The easy way to find local services and connect with neighbors instantly
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Nextdoor is used by nearly 1 in 3 households in the U.S. and is in more than 290,000 neighborhoods worldwide.

Meet neighbors with shared interests, discover new places nearby, and get recommendations for local businesses. Buy, sell, and trade used items on For Sale & Free, your local marketplace on Nextdoor. Join groups with friends and get the most from your neighborhood.

Discuss local events and upcoming changes in the neighborhood with your neighbors. Follow local news with Nextdoor and stay informed about what’s going on in your community. Home services, such as childcare and house sitting, can be accessed through the app with ease. Support your community, organize a local meet with parents, and bond over shared interests.

Offer local services, share recommendations, or welcome the new kids on the block. Discover local gems and explore your neighborhood with Nextdoor, regardless of how long you’ve lived there.

From group events to block parties, enjoy the local offerings in your community. Meet and connect with your neighbors on Nextdoor.


Stay Connected with your Community

• Local news and events—read up on all the neighborhood happenings
• Connect easily with your neighbors, local businesses, and public agencies
• Free stuff and great offers await—make use of items your neighbors no longer need
• Yard sales, group events, or local potlucks—explore your community
• Meet your neighbors so you can finally call that kind man down the street by name

See What’s Happening Nearby

• Find local events like cookouts, arts festivals, and community activities
• Used furniture, clothes, and cars—buy, sell, and trade goods
• Nearby garage sales and clothing swaps let you find affordable gems
• Nextdoor’s local marketplace makes it easy to help a neighbor in need
• Get recommendations for restaurants and shops near you

Find Home Services & Deals

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• Home cleaning, house sitting and more—discover dependable services nearby
• Hire a handyman or plumber easily and fill your home repair needs
• Find a babysitter or recommend a trusted nanny to your neighbor
• Dog walker or dog sitter—locate the best care for your furry friend
• Support local business and enjoy the perks of a tight-knit community
• Access local sales and find deals and discounts in your area

Download Nextdoor and connect with communities you love.


“Before Nextdoor, I didn’t know there were several qualified babysitters living nearby and looking for work. It was easy to feel comfortable hiring my neighbor’s daughter to watch my son after school.” – Patrick, Mission East

“This year for Spring Cleaning, we wanted to sell old appliances, tools, clothing and electronics on Nextdoor For Sale & Free. In no time, our neighbors stopped by to make a deal and take things off our hands. It was easier than anything else, and it feels good knowing our old stuff has found a new home in the neighborhood.” – Dan, Hayes Valley


At Nextdoor, our purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.


Nextdoor is built on trust — we ensure you’re connected to real people in the neighborhoods that matter to you. Nextdoor requires all neighbors to sign up with their real name and address. We then partner with trusted vendors to confirm you’re a verified neighbor.

Connect with us:

Continued use of Location Services running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nextdoor doesn’t run Location Services in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require it.



California “”Do Not Sell My Information”” Notice:


Time for your weekly update! We're always working hard to make the Nextdoor app even better, so your experience is fun, fast, and bug-free.


40 comentarios en "Nextdoor: Neighborhood network MODDED"

  1. It’s a decent app but it’s slow to load pages and the way the app deletes notifications is not the ideal way. It should mimic the way Gmail deletes email messages. It should allow you to tap and hold to select multiple notifications that can be deleted all at one time. The current way of sliding left and tapping the trash can is not very user friendly as you can only delete one at a time. I get too many notifications daily for that kind of slow action. Might have to just get rid of the app.

  2. Basically a good app for neighbor info, i.e, during disasters like the freeze, crime and others emergencies. Could there be better settings i.e change from dark mode, chronological posts, filters, etc.? Thanks for providing a great app that’s free. Hope the ads make you money and don’t take advantage of us that start thinking there are too many. Thanks 👍

  3. Kay dice:

    I’m super frustrated with this app! I keep getting notifications from places outside my neighborhood….usually outside of my STATE. I’ve tried going in and changing preferences. Today a post showed up for a garage sale, it was posted in my neighborhood for an unfamiliar street. I tried looking on Google maps and couldn’t find it. Eventually clicked on the person posting it….it was from a completely different state!!!! I’ve had it. Waste of my time!!!

  4. nfzi dice:

    I like the content on nextdoor & enjoy being part of the community. however, the app really sucks. Search for sale items is completely broken. for ex: if you try to sort on distance or price, the list becomes super short and it’s obviously not correct because if you remove an filters the list is much larger. the results don’t load many times at all beyond the same initial list. also, there is a huge delay w/ messaging and w/ making changes to sale items (or it won’t post at all).

  5. I just LOVE how frequently it freezes, crashes, doesn’t respond, and, my favorite part, takes forever to load while I’m using it, if it loads at all. Everything I’m looking for in an app. I can’t STAND stable apps that load quickly and work flawlessly. That just makes using it unenjoyable if it actually works. Edit: You can sign up on Nextdoor with a phone number on a browser, but you CANNOT use it to sign in on the app! This app just keeps getting better and better with its lack of features 🥰

  6. ETA: wow, so this actually wasn’t an issue before and yall ACTIVELY CHOSE to make the app less useful. There is no way to see all the lost and found posts at once, which makes it difficult for people who’ve lost something to find it, and vice versa. There’s no way to sort your search results according to time. The people using nextdoor are the ones making it work, not the app itself. You essentially have to be on the app, refreshing constantly, in order to see the thing that might be relevant.

  7. R Brown dice:

    The app messes with my phone’s brightness setting somehow! It should not have access to my system settings!! Hate the new interface! Hard to find a group you are a member in, hard to find anything. AND NOW, the app crashes when scrolling the home screen. Doesn’t crash anywhere else though. I have Uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled twice. It’s Just a completely useless app now!

  8. Don’t bother with this app. Interface is pathetic, tons of advertising, and it’s more like Next City than Nextdoor, even after you alter your feed preferences and neighborhoods you’d like to follow. Everything seems to get worse when Google meddles. I used to be able to bypass some of the garbage by selecting General, Lost and Found, or Safety categories which after an update I can’t do anymore. there’s morI’ve apparently met the word limit. I’m also aware of how to contact support – thank you.

  9. Latest Update Crashes Constatnly. Please Fix! Crashes on all my devices. I also agree that the ads are overwhelming. I don’t mind the ads, I understand the need, but these are huge and practically between every post. It’s easy to miss actual posts. And so repetitive. The same ad over and over again.

  10. R L dice:

    I use this app, like most people, for important information about my neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s a regular occurrence to receive email notifications days after something has occurred. All of my notifications are turned on in the app. This is unacceptable! I’ve missed information about power outages and safety issues due to not receiving notifications. What’s the point of the app if I am not notified of concerns or issues until days later?

  11. Most annoying social media app I’ve used. Crested my account to see if I could find a stolen package. Now I’m bombarded with tons of notifications and i haven’t even accepted any requests! These notifications started spamming my email. And, there’s like 100 different buttons you have to click to turn these notifications off. Update for Dev: I turned off all notifications and emails and am no longer getting them. But I had to turn off like 50 different toggles to turn off all notifications

  12. It’s incredible how bad the search function is. I have to assume it’s on purpose. For example, we have a lot of weird planes flying through in this military area, but if you search NextDoor the most recent result for the word “plane” that it returns was from April. Even though there was one today that brought most of the actual neighborhood out of our houses.

  13. I used to like Nextdoor because but now there’s too much going on. I miss the days of having only updates for my neighborhood and really don’t need to see what’s going on in my entire town/city. It’s too much and causes people to be more toxic. Also, I looked at the notification settings to tone this down and there are WAY TOO MANY to go through every single category to update. I need more blanket options to turn things off.

  14. I generally use this app to give away free things I no longer need so I have a lot of direct messages. I appreciate this feature, however, when I try to delete messages, it’s incredibly frustrating to go into each message to delete them. It’s about time you make the UX of this portion better by allowing us to select multiple messages and delete in a batch, please and thank you

  15. Fix your app ASAP. I like the app at its core, but the persistent bug of continuous refreshing of my placement on the page that I’m currently on and losing all my progress and constantly scrolling back to where I was last reading and replying to is very infuriating and completely ruins the user experience. Also, I can’t load replies randomly?! What? People are right, this app is a buggy mess and you’re ruining it. Start it all over. One star. I expect a useless canned response as usual.

  16. I have been told by the Nextdoor team that the buttons for the specific categories are no longer available and that you have to type in for example “lost and found” in the search bar and it brings up posts. The only problem is that none of the posts are in date order. I can not search for something in the entire Nextdoor app for just one thing you’re looking for such as a lost dog. This needs to be addressed.

  17. Notification preferences are overly tedious to configure. Instead of being able to set global preferences for all types, you have to configure each type (and sub category in some cases) individually. This would be less annoying if all notifications didn’t default to in-app, email, AND push notifications being on for every single thing including advertising.

  18. Mel Mike dice:

    App keeps freezing when I’m trying to switch accounts. Also won’t allow me to create post on my business page. Please fix. I’ve tried what you suggested. Didn’t work. I uninstalled the app and installed once again and same issue. I try to make post for business and when I try to add pictures it takes me back to the post page.

  19. Only issue’s I have is that you can’t fully block anyone, atleast I can’t seem to figure it out. Second, when I got to select a photo out of my gallery, I go to choose the album, and press all the photos, and it doesn’t save them… it just says upload later. Those two things being fixed would make this app perfect

  20. Eric A. dice:

    Crashes, every update it gets worse. I try to make a post, it crashes, I try to edit old post, crashes, I try to upload a pix EVERYTIME it crashes and closes the app out. The app has updated 3-5 times in months its been doing this and it still does the same thing. Ive forced closed the app, cleared the cache, uninstall & reinstall, nothing fixes it. Losing me and my businesses business. So many better apps to use

  21. Anna Vorn dice:

    Constant bombardment from other neighborhoods on the other side of the country. I tried changing my notifications and feed to not receive anything out of my area and it did not work. I am constantly getting emails and notifications that I don’t care about and aren’t anywhere near me, and I cannot stop it. It makes the app completely useless because I feel too harassed to use it.

  22. After delving down deeper, much of the functionality that is on the web is either not enabled on the app, or it flat out don’t work. Kind of amazing this company has been around since 2008 and have so many holes in the functionality. Not sure why you push “install the app” on the webpage if it don’t work. 1 map won’t load neighborhood land claims. 2 many screens just load forever. 3 events in another neighborhood I’m next to / joined don’t show on my feed. 4 hard to find accepted friends…

  23. Thus is the WORST useless app. Ever. I have probably downloaded this app 3 or 4 times, I have tried to create an account multiple times. it never works, EVER. It will not load anything, keeps crashing, won’t connect to any ‘neighbors’, can’t update my profile. I will be Uninstalling the app & NEVER using, or trying to use it again. You need to go backnto thr drawing board on this one.

  24. Mostly for people that like to complain about restaurants, doctors, other drivers, their handyman or housekeepers, the price of everything AND politics. Followed up by a lot of long, old jokes. I used it for their section for sale listings, but it’s filled with things that are out of date or completely listed wrong. Have kept it to see if it would change but it’s been 2 years so it’s about to go bye bye for me.

  25. Annoying on so many levels like it used to be. I took down my account for a few years, then set up a new one after moving miles away to a new city. ND thinks it’s just fine to overload the feed with info from all areas for a 10 mile plus radius. There is no clear way to be selective about which cities or neighborhoods to get info from.

  26. Maybe it’s a good app but i wouldn’t know as the postcard never comes and other than “wait for the postcard” the app says and does nothing else. Okay so finally I managed to verify my location and the app is pretty good. It’s a bit clunky due to what I can only imagine are a myriad of privacy issues they would have to code around but all in all – not bad. One UI issue that I hope gets fixed in update is very buggy scrolling that resets the user to the top of the page. Very frustrating.

  27. Good idea, but not executed well. UI is erratic. Switch to your business account and you may, or may not be able to get back to your personal account. Ad promotional page is a perpetual nuisance. Update: tried the online web version instead. It’s even worse than the app. Ridiculous lag times and/or freezes while attempting to view news feed. The web version is nearly unusable.

  28. This app used to be good back when it was simpler, and easier to navigate. Now, it’s messy, and when I attempt to access my business page in order to post or place an ad, I click “switch account”, then wait…wait…wait forever, everything locks up and can’t do a thing. Have to power down my phone and restart it. Trying to access the contact page to connect with cs is yet another runaround that takes you out of the app to the Internet to log in again. Just not worth the aggravation.

  29. I am Uninstalling. I live in a dense residential area. I selected only the neighborhoods relevant to me. Instead of just showing me what I want to see after providing the option the app adds in neighborhoods miles away that I have no option to de-select. On top of that it is now showing national level posts. Useless and not at all what the purpose is.

  30. Deb Crouse dice:

    The recent “update” in May seems to have removed all the functionality of the app. Neighborhoods, events, neighbors and even the Nextdoor contact and help section have all disappeared. It is basically useless at this point. Very, very disappointed. Except for posting there is not much left. The whole premise of the original app was to bring neighbors and neighborhoods together. I can’t find a way to use this now.

  31. The business ad creation process is smooth and intuitive. The payment structure is dodgy. For business pages that post ads, it says that you will be charged $X a day for the ad. However, you are charged a one time payment at the start of every month, where if you did the math, it comes out to $X/day. The description of a created ad is a $/day amount along with an option to “pause spending”, making you think that it is a daily charge when it is not.

  32. I do not like when you are scrolling down/up how easy it is to click on the emoji by accident and NOT be able to remove it. Also it is not easy to switch to my other homes location. I should be able to use 1 sign in and select which neighborhood I want to view. Not maintain 2 passwords and have to logout. I have noticed that the maps are different for event planning, i.e. Halloween who is passing out candy, great map up north, no map down south.

  33. Real Estate section missing. Using Android. Help Center says look for “more” tab at bottom right of screen to access real estate section. The is no more tab. I’ve tried different ways to access it, but it’s just missing. Even using desktop, it’s missing from the menu pull down. Don’t you guys test drive these updates before they go live? Looking to improve your app, but you make it less user-friendly. Typical

  34. Horrible UI changes. The local buy/sell section has changed with an awful waste of space UI. And the search engine has been changed too. Can no longer search for something specific and by “newest.” It has to be by “relevant” or else it doesn’t search that specific query you wanted. Will be reverting to older version and disabling auto-update.

  35. Robert dice:

    Made pretty much useless by making browsing and searching for posts as painful as possible. There’s no way that I’ve found to search by or sort by date. Whether browsing or searching, posts are shown in completely random order. This results in posts that are recent and relevant being drowned out by ones from several months ago. What’s even the point.

  36. Randy Ryan dice:

    It’s a decent app for conversation, event notifications and to sell/give stuff withing your local neighborhood. Would be better if they would quit screwing around with how many ads they can insert. To many scripts, animations and other useless enhancements starting to bog down the app. Browser with ad blocker a little friendlier. Make sure you go to settings and adjust the notifications to only get what you want.

  37. Words cannot express how bad the UI and the push notifications for this app are. I made the mistake of not listening to the other reviews and tried the app anyway. Big mistake. The UI looks like its from 2012 and the settings do not adjust the feed preferences or notification preferences at all even after restarting the app. I tried to deactivate my account so I can stop all the email notifications I shouldnt even be getting but the app literally did not allow me to push the button to deactivate

  38. I’ve used this app for several yrs now. Being an introvert, I tend to shy away from leaving the safety of my own bubble. Because of nextdoor and their strict guidelines about safety, kindness, and accuracy, I know pretty much everyone by name and on my block and what makes them tic ..even though Ive never met them personally haha. It’s easy to use with a feel of the old neighborhood watch program thru out. Overall the experience is very good with only a few glitches along the way.

  39. It feels like it’s getting steadily worse. The home tab just looks like the yellow pages at this point, it’s basically impossible brows my own neighborhood, all the notifications are irrelevant and/or from people nowhere near me so I’ve had to turn them all off and no dark mode makes it literally painful to use. Every feature that makes this app appealing keeps getting nerfed or straight up eliminate.

  40. Nextdoor has become more and more useless with time. I can’t find anything anymore since the feed chronology is all over the place, seemingly random, now. Searching for things is useless. I’ll search for something exactly like it says in the title and it won’t show up in the results. I keep seeing nasty toxic posts from neighborhoods far away, probably because those posts have tons of responses. It’s really nothing but a cesspool of people complaining all the time.

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