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The new iRobot Home App is here. With it, enhanced maps, the ability to clean specific objects, custom routines, seasonal suggestions, and intuitive smart home integrations*. Every aspect of the iRobot Home App has been redesigned to give you ultimate control over your clean.

Unlock a cleaning experience designed around you. Create cleaning schedules, save favorites, and adjust them on the fly. Get personalized cleaning recommendations based on what’s happening in your home, and even tell your robots to clean while you’re away with smart home integration. Turn cleaning from something you do to something that happens around your life.

Customizable maps of your home enable your robots to go to the mess, cleaning by room, object, or area while staying away from Keep Out Zones*.

* Feature availability varies by robot model

Use Automations to connect to your smart devices and personalize your cleaning experience by scheduling your robot to clean when you leave the house.

Keep doing what you’re doing! All connected robots are compatible with select voice assistants so you can clean with your voice*.

*Works with Google Assistant and Alexa enabled devices
*Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC

Your robot will stay up to date with automatic software updates.

• Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band
• Roomba® i Series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band
• Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices



- Skip room has arrived! Simply press Skip during a job to send your robot to the next room! (requires robot software 22.29 or later)
- Siri Shortcuts voice support for direct room cleanings and favorites
- Option to customize your robot's smart map after the first cleaning job
- Bug fixes and improvements


42 comentarios en "iRobot Home MODDED 2022"

  1. Honestly, the robot works fine and dandy. The app is the problem. They really didn’t put any effort into creating a functional app, and it shows. It constantly crashes, won’t connect, and the troubleshooting guide is about as relevant to a nuclear submarine as it is to this Roomba. 0/5 if I could.

  2. A truly frustrating experience. I am trying to set up Smart Map in the app for my new robot, but I cannot find anything in the app to allow me to access it. The help section of the app is poorly organized, and most of the section on Smart Map is a collection of dead links. When I try to contact support through the app, it just opens the mobile website (within the app, not through my default browser). The contact form asks for images but does not support uploads in the app.

  3. Pretty good. Easy to start jobs, and see what the roomba is doing. The app leaves a lot to be desired though. The biggest gripe is the Smart map gives you a lot of icons, but does not tell you what anything is. Their is no legend. Clunky to change zones, resulting in me having to try multiple times to get one to stick. I have a warning I cant clear, nor figure out whats wrong.

  4. This app is ok, it works but could be a lot better. There are multiple notification channels but only the “general” works. If you want to know when there’s an error versus when it’s finished, there are separate notification channels but they do not work. When creating a job you can pause it and you can send it home, and I now see I can skip a room, but why not add an area in the middle of the job. I’d love to see more development go into the software for the Roomba and to the application.

  5. MattiG dice:

    Unbelievably frustrating, connecting to the vacuum is impossible. The one time it actually gave me a Roomba Wi-Fi network to connect to, I connected to it and went back to the app only to see that it was stuck on the page that says to connect to it. Doesn’t give me an option to move forward only gave me the option of canceling setup. If I can’t control this thing with my phone it’s useless to me.

  6. The app could use some work, even though the robot works great. Every time I open it, I get the introduction cards as if it were my first time using it. It also often has trouble connecting to the Roomba right away, and it can sometimes disconnect. However, the convenience of being able to monitor my Roomba’s health, activate it remotely, and set a schedule with it is really great.

  7. Andy Brady dice:

    Really love the device. I have one of these and a Neato and they both have their positives but I really love the self-empting vacuum base. One major downside for me is the inability to go into the map and tell it there is a room somewhere that it is failing to discover. Or to remove a room that it thinks it has added. No manual input into the map is a major shortcoming in my opinion. Should be able to walk around with your phone and have the phone create a map overlay as well.

  8. Ugo Ghisla dice:

    The app is a piece of garbage. Was stuck on password verification for the Wi-Fi for 2-hours, with no way to move forward. I had to download an older version of the app (5.6) from a third party and install it to be able to connect it. Once I did that it worked right away. Reading the reviews, it appears to be a common issue with this version of the app… and yet I-robot is not doing anything to fix it. I regret buying their vacuum, their customer service seems pretty bad.

  9. It is very thorough it is intuitive when going over cables extension cords it doesn’t hurt the animals. I would like to be able to control it using the app drive it around something that’s having trouble rolling over just as it happens. I’d like to go into the app get it to stop trying and move on in another direction.

  10. We recently upgraded from a 900 series iRobot to a i6 series. It was one of the best things we’ve ever done. The robot just works. Very minimal maintenance, not having to spend time emptying the device is priceless. It probably empties itself 10 times per clean. Just think about that. The app is easy to use and decently intuitive. The smart mapping features are also beneficial. Kudos to iRobot for making a positive customer experience.

  11. I’ve always loved the iRobot brand. I’ve owned one since 2018. I recently purchased the roomba, mop, and handheld bundle for convenience. My new roomba, the s9+, and it does a great job! However, I have an issue with the error “Please close the lid”. It started about a month after I bought it and I’ve done everything to make sure the lid is fully closed. I basically have to hold down the lid before pressing clean every single time.

  12. Love the vaccum; however, the app rarely works anymore. Constantly says its not connected. When i first got the robot, the app was great although not user friendly at all, but would connect and follow the schedule. For the last two weeks, the app has stopped working. Always says not connected. Ive rebooted and reinstalled. Worked for a day. I emailed support, but received no response. Again, love the robot’s cleaning. The app is horrible.

  13. While this app contains basic features, it lacks manual map editing, which due to the existing mapping system, is severely needed. (1) An initial run of the Roomba would be sufficient for me as a user to adjust on my expectations of the space it should or could be cleaning. (2) Sending it on a full mapping run just to add a single room or new corner is ridiculous. (3) It incorrectly discovers areas. (4) It saves (erroneous) changes to map with user choice (an incorrect map has to be redone)

  14. I bought the combo (S9+ and M6). They do an excellent job every time. After the last app update, they got even better with the feature that allows you to control patterns and power for each room separately. Good job guys! Just one suggestion to developers: you could add the possibility to see the cleaning map in real time or at least when the iRobot is paused and recharging so we can check the progress of the cleaning before its completion.

  15. I sent an email 4 days ago to the appteam address; my email is case number 08839986. But I figured I wouldn’t leave a review unless I got a response to that email, and it’s well past the time the automated response said, and I want to be able to use my product properly. The roomba always disconnects right before it can get to the dock and upload the smart map, and when I try to view the map of a previous clean, the app crashes. I’ve seen people get help from reviews, so I just want a response

  16. Dustin dice:

    A massive waste of time and money. The connectivity of the app is terrible. The only way to connect the vacuum to your network is to sit there and retry over and over. Be prepared for endless “Verifying Password” pages, generic errors blaming your wifi setup, and allegedly successful connections only to end up on the setup page again. It was a PITA 3 years ago, and after a factory reset, it’s still a PITA now. At this point, the vacuum gathers more dust than it picks up.

  17. The app keeps crashing, particularly weak at switching applications such as network settings. Despite more than handful attempts, never succeeded adding i3. Once or twice it added the i3 but at the next session of the app, it was gone and didn’t come back. I had to use an iOS device to get the i3 connected. This app is useless without an iOS counterpart.

  18. Every time they update the app, something gets worse. This most recent update severed the wifi connection (my irobot had been connected for 6 months no problem before) and I can’t reconnect. Like others are saying, it gets stuck at the verifying password setup when I try to reconnect. So now this expensive device is reduced to randomly roaming my house and going places I don’t want it to go because I can’t use the smart features with my phone. PLEASE fix this app developers!!

  19. The app has some nice features like the home mapping and notifications, however the overall user experience is rather poor. When there is an issue, I am provided with minimal information (often getting the clean base needs your attention message) which is not enough to know what to do. It tells me there is a problem but offers no real solution or details. The biggest offender is when it tells me the robot’s bin is full at the dock, but it won’t empty itself or give me the option to from the app.

  20. Works great, love the self empty feature. Tremendously helpful with my floors because of my dogs but I do have to clean/untangle the rubber rollers and sweeper daily because of said dog hair. (Golden Retrievers) I’d give 5 starts if it wasn’t so dang hard to get the rubber rollers back in. Absolutely love having an app to start it up! 4 out of 5 stars because it can only be connected to one phone. (I think. If it’s not that the case, then it means my app has trouble connecting.)

  21. Pretty good app all the way through. I finally figured out how to edit the zones. Now small problem is that the obstacle report photos are sometimes taken too close and just a big blob. Not too often though. For the unit, It is no replacement for a real vac, nor should ANYONE expect it to be. I can’t imagine any of the robot vacs being better. It works exactly as expected. Waste bags could be bigger, but they are pretty cheap for aftermarket ones.

  22. The app and robot work great! If I could request a new feature I would ask for the ability to delete a room from my map. Sometimes Roomba creates a new room that is really long that goes out into my backyard and isn’t real. And I don’t notice the map updated for a few weeks so rolling it back isn’t really an option. Another feature item I would request is that if a schedule for Roomba and Jet fails to start because Roomba doesn’t start; add an option for Jet to start after a delay.

  23. Dave G dice:

    The mapping portion of the app is horrible. I takes a few mapping runs to generate a map which is understandable. After the map is complete and trying to add exclusion zones is futile. Opening the map, it often crashes. Zooming in on the map, it crashes. Double tap on the app, it crashes. Adjusting the exclusion zone size (if you get that far), it crashes. If you ever manage to create an exclusion zone, if you try to delete it, it crashes.

  24. I love my roomba. I recently upgraded about a year ago to the i3 series and my biggest complaint has to be the app. There are so many Connection issues. I have to manually reboot my roomba at least twice a week because it won’t clean unless it is connected to the wifi or app. Sometimes more technology for convince doesn’t always mean better. I would rather have a built I’m schedule again like the old Gen versions that didn’t need wifi.

  25. Worked fine when I first set everything up, but one day out of the blue it said “can’t connect” and I haven’t been able to get it to reconnect since. There’s been no changes to my wifi, yet the app continues to blame the issues on my wifi. The whole thing is pretty useless if it doesn’t connect to my phone.

  26. Love my robot but the app forces me to reread the so called new features that have always been available. Can’t stop getting the message for both roomba and bravajet m6. It’s annoying and needs to be fixed because these features have been around for the i7 for the longest time. Boundaries, no go zones, custom maps, map sharing, like please please please fix it. 🙏

  27. App will not connect and cannot be used after connection established in repeated set ups with wifi! It’s clearly not the wifi signal, it’s the only device that won’t connect, and after setup attempts with correct band. How do I use this device with the app when your troubleshooting steps don’t cover the error? I mean is this even for real? UPDATE Sept 2022: Got a new phone. App won’t accept password, password changes, create new account got me locked out of my account and the app.

  28. I got myself a new Roomba i3 for my birthday and have been trying to link it to this app for over a week! The app “says” it’s connected, but it won’t FIND the vacuum! I’ve called customer service twice and they can’t even help me. I guess I’ll have to use it like all of my old Roombas and skip the wifi connection. I am VERY frustrated and extremely disappointed. I chose Roomba because of the excellent customer service, but I feel like I could have gone with a different brand at this point.

  29. Vetta link dice:

    Real finicky. My older model always found the charging station. This one is always complaining about something and not finding the charger. Right now it keeps stopping saying something about the bin and it might need a new part. It’s empty and has a new filter. Go to the app and no details. The final nonsense is trying to sell me new one. Suspicious when this one is giving me no real reason for the breakdown.

  30. Chee Ortiz dice:

    Where is the Map icon??? I am 3 seconds from taking my i3 back because while running in vacuum mode it started mapping, it got stuck, i rescued it, then then when resumed did not know where it was. I let it charge up and sent it back out and it just started from the beginning. The roomba website says to hit the “Mapping” button the home page, and I happily would if there was one. Ease help.

  31. The Android app contains bugs. I spent hours researching & troubleshooting how to connect my new i3 plus with the Android App, only to end with a setup confirmation that it is connected. Then find the start cleaning page (home page) doesn’t appear connected and all sections i.e. favorites, schedules, history are blank and a message directs user to reboot Romba which does not correct the issue. Tried the app using Apple OS with no issues which eliminates that it is a WiFi, router, Roomba error.

  32. J B dice:

    Garbage App and garbage vacuum. Following instructions to the T and still not connecting, even when it tells me it’s connected. Still searches for a connection. Roomba won’t even start. Turns on and the white ring just fades in and out. Makes the audible confirmation to start, but won’t even budge. Cleaned sensors and everything but still won’t work. Trash software for a trash vacuum.

  33. Our new Roomba 980 worked great for about 2 months, then got an Error 11 and it quit. Since then we’ve received several parts from Roomba which didn’t solve the Error 11 issue. Finally got a new Roomba 980 – YAY! NOT!! We had to update the app and since then can’t get it connected to even use it! We’ve reset the Roomba, reset the router, reinstalled the app and tried the setup probably 20 times only to have it stop and say it is our wifi! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  34. Definitely not as impressive as I would have expected. I purchased the nicest version of the Roomba this past christmas. It cannot do basic things like show where it currently is on the map. It seems to get stuck underneath furniture regularly. What it does when it gets stuck is the lifts itself up. All that does is make it even more difficult to get it out from under a couch or a chair. I have a another brand upstairs in my house. It does not get stuck, it does not make as much noise.

  35. A previously mentioned, I too am often challenged to determine the issue thru the alert that pops up. Our Roomba is rarely self-emptying when it returns to the base. I rarely get a prompt to be able to use the app to empty it either. Struggles to return to the base when the battery is low, too.

  36. This app used to work great and show a map of where the Roomba had cleaned and the dirty spots it focused on but past few weeks it doesn’t come up with a map at all. It just shows a white screen where the map used to be. I’ve tried to reset the Roomba and even clear the map history through the app and uninstall and reinstall the app as well but nothing works…. Ugh

  37. Liming Xu dice:

    Changing my one star review to three. I had the issue below resolved and I believe the root cause was not my travelling abroad, but a cell phone upgrade that messed up app permissions. I had two apps with similar issue, but the other app gave some hints, so that I was able to fix it. Unable to open the app to connect my robot after travlling to anothet contry. Very frustrated.

  38. I just bought a roomba i3 for close to $500 – super excited to try it out but there is a persistent connection issue in the app. It keeps saying “connecting” then proceeds to sat “need to reboot.” I tried rebooting through the app/manually by pressing the clean button for 20 seconds but nothing fixes the issue. Super disappointed for such a pricey purchase!

  39. Very spotty performance. 95% of the time, the app reports need to reboot, even after hours of repeatedly rebooting. I assume it is the app that requires rebooting because the app shuts down and restarts. Occasionally I have been able to run j7+, but when I try to mop with my my immediately after, I get the reboot message. IRobot support has not replied to repeated messages over a month.

  40. The app said it was ready for an update. I tried updating it and it sat here spinning for hours. I’ve tried this multiple times over the past week. It won’t allow me to access the app without the update. So I uninstalled the app and tried to re-install it, and it won’t even download, it just spins. Again. So I have an app I can’t access and the buttons on my roomba are locked (kids) so I can’t use my vacuum. Very irritated.

  41. I recently attempted to connect to the app to run the vacuum cleaner, I got a message that I had to update software and ever since then the vacuum spins in circles, get stuck in places it never used too and never returns to the docking station. This most recent experience is causing me to rethink this brand. I’d like a fix asap.

  42. Had an older robot( 6series that was given to me used ), the first gen. with wifi, it was well built but constantly getting stuck. After a couple years I bought the new J7+ and it’s awesome! Mapped my home, never gets stuck and cleans in neat rows. Can tell it to clean the entire or just a room or zone. The app itself is intuitive. Very happy!

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