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The new iRobot Home App is here. With it, enhanced maps, the ability to clean specific objects, custom routines, seasonal suggestions, and intuitive smart home integrations*. Every aspect of the iRobot Home App has been redesigned to give you ultimate control over your clean.

Unlock a cleaning experience designed around you. Create cleaning schedules, save favorites, and adjust them on the fly. Get personalized cleaning recommendations based on what’s happening in your home, and even tell your robots to clean while you’re away with smart home integration. Turn cleaning from something you do to something that happens around your life.

Customizable maps of your home enable your robots to go to the mess, cleaning by room, object, or area while staying away from Keep Out Zones*.

* Feature availability varies by robot model

Use Automations to connect to your smart devices and personalize your cleaning experience by scheduling your robot to clean when you leave the house.

Keep doing what you’re doing! All connected robots are compatible with select voice assistants so you can clean with your voice*.

*Works with Google Assistant and Alexa enabled devices
*Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC

Your robot will stay up to date with automatic software updates.

• Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band
• Roomba® i Series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band
• Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices


- Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "iRobot Home FULL"

  1. Generally good app, which has improved in the last year. Editing the map works now, as does zooming in and out. The favorites are still weird because tapping on their large buttons edits them rather than starts them; to start them you have to click on 3 little dots and select start, which seems backwards.

  2. Overall, the S9+ (i think) is great. My only real complaint is that every time i send it to the guest bedroom, it goes toward 2 other rooms and starts vacuuming in there. It takes about a half hour+ to make it to its appointed destination. I’ve filled out a customer service form several times, done a map run, after it took a while to find “Map Run” due to that option being moved after update. It is a great piece of equipment overall very advanced and well ahead of the times and expensive & worth

  3. Android version of app crashes when viewing any map; iOS version isOK.I already have contacted support about this – see ticket 09274942 They have requested a lot of information and have suggested a few things, all of which have been done with no success. For me, support has not been helpful at all. I cannot use the app for anything related to maps so I’ve uninstalled it (version 7.2). I’m a software developer myself so I’m not stupid when it comes to using apps. I’m confident that the only way

  4. App works intermittently after last update. The app used to work great but not any more. It constantly says there is an issue with either the base or the robot both of which I clean on a weekly basis. I can also no longer exit the app without a reboot to my phone. I’m just about ready to get rid of app and robot. I have a newer Dyson that I can do the wood floors with and do them in half the time.

  5. Revised from 1 * to 5 *. My original problem was a connection bug, but that was due to an incompatibility with my TP-Link Deco mesh network. I switched to an Eero mesh network, and everything is fine. iRobot tech support should make note of this incompatibility with TP-Link Deco mesh networks. Everything has been great since switching to the Eero network. The app has been very reliable and useful. The interface is very intuitive and fluid. The system does a good job cleaning.

  6. The app is slow to give me a status. It also gets stuck. Right now it’s stuck on saving smart map. I can’t do anything. It needs the ability to forcibly do what I need it to do. Empty the bin now. Start cleaning now. Go home now. Not when it’s done doing whatever it thinks is more important. Better feedback from the app would be better as well. This robot and dock are finicky. Better detail on why it won’t start would be good.

  7. Fine but not great. Overall the hardware and software work well together. However, there are too many simple functions that are missing. For example, remapping a single room, seeing what’s been cleaned on a current job and what still needs to be cleaned, if a job is cancelled for some reason being able to finish just what was missed later, etc.

  8. D Aiello dice:

    Update: I’m not sure what was done on the backend, but the wifi and app connectivity has improved drastically. I’ve changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars. The vacuuming is great, the wifi is not. When running on a schedule, this robot is great. However, if you have anything more complex than a simple, single 2.4 Ghz wifi network, you’ll have frequent connectivity problems. 5 Ghz, mesh, wifi repeater? Forget it. 50/50 chance you won’t be able to connect.

  9. I recently purchased the i3 plus and have enjoyed the functions of the app. Now the Maps in “History” doesn’t load, it only displays the loading spinner indefinitely then I can’t view any map. I tried to force close the app and cleaned out the cache and still not working. Customer service is bad, after emailing them haven’t heard from them. Don’t expect this from a device at this price point. Fix it, please.

  10. Bryant dice:

    The app is important for basic purposes, i.e., start, stop, empty bin, and history information. It’s extremely difficult to utilize for setting up the rooms you want to vacuum and when to vacuum. Anything else you may want to do, especially with time limits per location or establishing a specific time and location for vacuuming, is way too complicated to program.

  11. This is a reasonably decent application. I have an i7 Roomba. The phone application is complete at a basic level but lacks some advanced features. For instance, it should allow me to steer the robot in a directed fashion through the app so I can control how mapping occurs and force the Roomba to explore specific areas the Roomba refuses to enter. It would be very helpful if the map would show a real time location of the roomba as it is vacuuming.

  12. The app update done on Dec 5, 2022, made a couple of features stop working. Now when it needs to recharge in the midst of the job, it doesn’t go back and finish the job after it’s charged. It just stops as though the job was done. It also sends notifications that pop up on my phone, just like it did before, except when I click the notification, it begins to open it, then shuts down the app. It was working great before the latest update.

  13. Ant Cruz dice:

    Does alot better than expected. Only reason I didn’t give a 5 star is because sometimes it gets lost and sets “going to a new are” when supposed to be cleaning while it’s in the area designated to clean. Nothing has been added to the room and all items that would interrupt it from cleaning are all picked up from ground as well. But otherwise it’s a big help with keeping the floors clean.

  14. Pretty terrible experience. We have a non-WiFi Roomba that we love and decided to get a fancier one for my girlfriends parents that you could control and program with the app. Too bad the app will NEVER connect. Tried both on Android and iOS. WiFi 2.4, right next to the router, absolutely nothing. I’m a Network Engineer; believe me we followed the steps correctly. The only way this will work is to manually start it every time, which is basically the equivalent of garbage.

  15. I wanted so much to love this new i3. Had a rumba for 5+ years. Liked the fact that it would vacuum at night. The new one is a constant reboot and or start from scratch. Customer service is a joke as they know less about the issues than I do. They have replaced my robot twice for differing issues. Now when it stops early it dumps the program and has to be fully rebooted. I have requested a 4th robot if it does not work I will give up and assume the hardware and software are just lousy.

  16. You know how you always end up with that one item at Christmas that just doesn’t work like it should? Welcome to Roomba! We could not get this Roomba to connect to the app know matter what we tried – multiple people, multiple phones, multiple versions of the app, and many resets latter we just had to give up. Unfortunately none of us are IT specialists so this product isn’t for us. You would think an item that costs this much would be easy to use right out of the box, but it just isn’t!

  17. Todd Ryan dice:

    The map customization feature is abhorrent. Adding room dividers to the map in a moderately-sized semi-open floorplan home is nearly impossible. It’s not a technology issue either. The device is engineered well and would follow the layout if instructed, but the UX on the map configuration is so poorly designed as to be unusable for all but the most basic layouts. I expected so much more from such a mature company.

  18. Location detection doesn’t work, so scheduling robot to run while I’m away doesn’t work at all. No response from support other than to perform a factory reset. Gave up on location detection and switched to scheduled vacuuming. That stopped working now too. Beeps and lights up for no reason at 12:18 am. Changed my wifi password and have now been attempting to reconnect the bot for 1 hr. Can’t imagine a more painful connection process.

  19. This little robot sure does try, but try doesn’t clean my house. He works most of the time, except when he gets confused and just cleans in a small circle until his battery runs out, and he almost never sets himself on the charger correctly so it’s always dead unless I’ve readjusted him. But… It is cool when it works. And I guess double checking on a vacuum is easier than vacuuming yourself most of the time. App works *most* of the time but sometimes can’t connect.

  20. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy iRobot or if it would work well or whatnot, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! In the year we’ve had Bauble (you get to name your robot), we haven’t had any major issues and any problems we DO have, the help PDFs and 24hr support offered resolve them quickly. The replacement parts (brushes, bag, filter, etc.) are tracked by use and when they reach a specific point, another is shipped to you free of charge so you can replace it before the original breaks. 10/10!

  21. Latest update made my current map useless. Roomba i3 couldn’t find it’s way around. Need to do another mapping run and remake favorites. Bad app update. 👹 Changed my rating to 1 star, try to view maps and the app crashes. Hard to do a mapping run when you can’t view the maps. They opened a case support on Jan 5 , Case Number: 09264418, Haven’t heard anything since.

  22. No settings to alter vacuum power (to then have a quieter clean for hardwood) and there’s no overview of possible steps in the general workflow so I have no idea what’s next for the robot unless it’s transitioning. Even if I click to skip a step, it completely ignores me (even if I ask to skip 5 times). Also, clicking on notifications for surveys and such just opens the app and doesn’t take me anywhere. It was also unintuitive to figure out how to re-map your home.

  23. I got the iRoomba for Christmas and downloaded the app to get started. I had so many issues connecting it, but after almost 2 hours it connected. I have been waiting for it to update my roommate for several hours now. Now when I try to open the app, it just closes out and shuts down. I haven’t been able to even make the maps or anything yet. Really disappointing.

  24. It can’t find the bathroom at all. Even after rebooting, etc. It finds the small kitchen, but only manages to clean half of it most of the time. On occasion it does clean it properly. Makes no sense whatsoever. Hence the name Wacky. At this point I won’t be spending any more money on this product or any like it. It only surface cleans. I’m used to the clean of a real vacuum. Not very satisfied.

  25. An easy 5/5 if they fix the issue where certain cleaning job maps are unable to load. Only some of the maps in “History” load, and if I attempt to open one that’s broken (doesn’t load, displays the loading spinner indefinitely) then I can’t view any maps at all until I force quit the app. Not what I’d expect from a $500 product. On an Android phone if that makes any difference.

  26. Terrible experience. I’m trying to set up my new Roomba i3 on my pixel 6 and it keeps getting stuck on ther the verify password step. My Wi-Fi network admin app clearly shows that the Roomba has connected, but the app can’t seem to detect that and has wasted over an hour of my time. Went to Reddit and saw multiple threads about how this is a known problem in the later versions and one has to download an older version of this app to get the connection going. Absolute disgrace.

  27. Great if you like watching spinning circles that never work and error messages that provide no information about problems. Spent 15m on what should have been the most basic of 2004 tasks – connecting to a device. Multiple times. Always with the same result – something went wrong, want to start over? No iRobot. I want you to not suck. Or at least suck quickly and waste less of my time.

  28. After several attempts I finally got the vacuum to work and start cleaning. However, the app will not connect even though it says connection was successful. I cannot use the app controls at all and have confirmed my network and OS are all compatible and strong. Maybe the next app update will fix this.

  29. Outstanding convenience. Many great features and fully programmable. We have a Golden Retriever that sheds a lot and this bot keeps up with it. We wish the suction was a little stronger. We were using it upstairs and down, but for convenience, we just ordered a second unit for upstairs. Beats having to carry the base and bot upstairs.

  30. Guys, you seem to be hell bent to force everyone use the app for no reason. spot cleaning with a press of a button without the app, cancelling a job to just move it to another floor – no reason to make it hard. Also, when you suggest clean zones and such, you have to give more clues then a tiny inaccurate map with a random spot on it that I can’t really tell where it is

  31. So convenient and I love that I can create different sections on the map (kitchen, hall, office, etc.). However, I wish the Roomba could store more than 1 map. We have more than 1 level in our house and it would be great if I could bring the Roomba to another level and have it vacuum particular areas of each level.

  32. Scheduling is very easy. The map run function is highly recommended. It speeds up the whole process. The keep out option seems to be a bit cumbersome. A nice addition to have it keep out of named rooms would be nice. The simple rectangle is a problem when the area to designate is an unusual shape. All in all the app is quite good.

  33. asaf max dice:

    This app sucks. Constantly adds ghost sections and obstacles to the rooms. This forces me to choose a map from a history run. As a result my schedules are deleted. There is no consistency in the ghost sections so that i can try to prevent them. Battery seems to be draining faster than before. All the problems started as soon as the product was out of warranty.

  34. Andy dice:

    So while I appreciate the update that allows turbo and 2 pass, I am now unable to adjust the suction power while it’s in use. Usually when I’d have guests over and it was running, I’d goto the app and change the power to eco which was “quiet” mode. That’s no longer an option. I have to end the job, wait for it to return to base and restart with new settings. That’s a step backwards

  35. I’m super happy with this purchase! Bought the i7, it can’t get everywhere but it’s great to not have to sweep everyday. The app is pretty good, it was easy to set up and makes tracking and maintaining easy. I just wonder if it will alert me when the vacuum bin is full. I didn’t see anything about that in the user manual. That would be a good feature to add if it’s not already a thing.

  36. Complex and thus confusing app. I simply want to tell the robot to clean floor x or y (which it already mapped). Yet I need to create a “job” which doesn’t allow me to select a specific floor? Going into the maps section I can’t start a job from there either. Figured it out, had to create a favorite then select rooms within the floor to be able to save the favorite, but these rooms are not displayed as they need to be checked (no checkmark). This app needs a usability review!

  37. When it all works the way it’s supposed to, the iRobot experience is great. Unfortunately it didnt last. IDK if it’s the robot, the software or the app, but after 4 months, my Roomba went from delightful to infuriating. One day, it all inexplicably went south, and no amount of online research, robot reboots, factory resets, app reinstalls, permissions reviews or new mapping runs helps.

  38. David C dice:

    Having used the app for a year now… In general the app designs as it was intended. That said, for it being the top name I expected more in the way of features. A couple of the items I’m surprised are missing: 1) While cleaning job in progress (let’s say kitchen and dining room) cannot add another room to its task list. 2) No remote control steering via the app. Cannot easily direct the vacuum to a specific spot that it missed or dirt/flour spill. I’ve requested the features via feedback.

  39. I love my robot. It removes one of my least favorite jobs in the whole world – vacuuming. I do get frustrated with the map on the app. I have tried to make adjustments for places that I want it to be careful of like the steps but they never seem to quite hold. I would love the map to be real time so I can see what the robot has finished as opposed to waiting until later to see what it didn’t finish.

  40. I love my vacuum and I think this app is great. Very user friendly and does a great job. Just a couple of tweaks I’d like to see before I give it the full 5 stars. In the product health area it would be useful to have reminders to clean the filter every so many hours as well as the reminder when to change it. Also when it comes to the map it would be useful to just delete parts of the map you want to remap or were just an error in the first place. Can’t wait to see the next improvements.

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