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Never miss a deal or a meal with the Publix app. We’ve designed our app to help you save money and time, whether you’re looking for deals on items you actually buy or ordering your favorite ham and cheese sub—we’ll even remember the pickles! To get the most out of our app, join Club Publix and get hand-picked deals, surprise savings, sneak peeks, and other benefits just for being a member. Plus:

– Browse our weekly ads, clip digital coupons, and search for deals by category.
– Pay and automatically redeem your digital coupons in store at checkout.
– Order custom subs, sliced meats, or cheeses and we’ll have them ready for you. You can order custom cakes and platters, too.
– Reorder your favorites with a few taps on your phone.
– Choose an ordering service: delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup.
– Search for products and see related information, including sales, coupons, and in-store pickup availability.
– Create, save, and access shopping lists and see aisle locations.
– Add items to your shopping list, including sale items, coupons, favorites, and items from your purchase history.
– Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list.

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-Find deals easier by filtering products on sale
-bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Publix MOD"

  1. Update: One month later. Finally fixed the app. I’m disabling auto update so it won’t happen again. *It’s very obnoxious that I have to login every time I need to use your App. Especially since every time I input my password, it always tells me it’s incorrect the 1st time, but correct the 2nd time. This same thing was happening a while ago and it seems like it was fixed…till Now. Please change it back to when it was a user friendly App.

  2. Changed from 5 to 3. I have not been prompted to login with each use this past week but the app is still very bloated. Images and pages can take up to 30 seconds to load. Enhancement suggestion 1- a select all for coupons. Clicking on hundred of little plus signs, which often open full page view if not perfectly on target, is a massive PIA. For those with arthritis it must be completely unusable. Suggestion 2- A way to import your shopping list into the Publix Instacart app.

  3. Eric J dice:

    Totally ruined the app. Its so confusing just to find where to place an order. None of the items are grouped together well – why aren’t alike items automatically close together? Also if you back out of the specific item, you have to navigate all the way back through the menus just to get back to that category. Major step backwards and clearly they didn’t think this through…

  4. Grant dice:

    App makes me log in everytime I open it. It didn’t use to do this, and is extremely frustrating. Publix says a fix is coming but this has been a known issue for weeks now, how can it take that long to fix a function that was working in a previous release, just roll it back! I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have to log in everytime I want to add something to my list which I do often throughout the week. I’m uninstalling and just using my notes app, this has cost them whatever data they mined from me.

  5. It may work to check out, or it could play around with changing codes and changing the way to pay. Trust this app. with financial information? The screen with my wallet now shows empty squares, and I only hope it is not showing up for someone else. ** Update. Turns out to be an app. cache issue fixed with a clean install. With such a quick response and a solid fix, I just can’t keep hating on Publix!

  6. Didn’t have this problem when I initially installed in close to a year ago but now it constantly logs me out after awhile. It’s frustrating because I have to relog and re-enable fingerprint scan for payment every time it does this. Also wish it would show item prices which, as far as I’ve seen, it does not. Liked it more when it used to not log me out all the time and hopefully they fix it.

  7. Good (sometimes) for locating items and the quick pay is nice, but the shopping list feature is utterly useless since the app doesn’t show prices. I’m trying to see where is the best deal – Publix or WalMart – but that immediately becomes WalMart when I can see prices & build my shopping list around my budget from my phone. If this app ever starts showing prices, it would be PERFECT. I know they probably don’t wanna cause confusion since Instacart’s prices are higher, but such a major drawback.

  8. Once again the forced updates have left this app completely unusable. I’m keeping my rating at 3 stars because, when it works, this is a good app and I use it every week when getting our groceries. However, it seems like every time a new update rolls out some major feature gets screwed up… Currently, and for the last 3-4 weeks, unable to access coupons (glitches when you select them) or create/edit lists (the entire purpose for me) making this app useless.

  9. Joe Ross dice:

    I gave it 4 stars because I have used the app for a few years with minor annoying issues. But since I upgraded to a new phone, the it requires me to log in every time I open the app. It never did this on my previous phone, both Samsung. It’s super annoying because I use the app several times a week. It is slow sometimes too, always has been regardless of the device I am using. In store WiFi is slow too so that makes the app unusable with WiFi, I have to turn it off and use mobile data.

  10. RLS dice:

    01/2023 since latest forced update the Search results don’t find many products, even that I know used to be there because they’re in my Favorites list. And you can no longer add an item that doesn’t show up on search results 2/2022: recent updates have introduced a new bug where the screen doesn’t stay on while using the list, and after the screen times out, the app closes. Due to the nature of grocery shopping, working around these bugs is so time-consuming that I’ve returned to paper lists!

  11. Was great until the last update. Now I can’t clip coupons to add to my list which was one of the best features. Needs to be fixed asap. Samsung S9 phone. Update: Appears to be coupon specific – only some coupons affected. Update 1/10/2023: Following the most recent update, every time I try to open my list I have to log into my account even though I am already logged in. Otherwise, happy with the app.

  12. Love this app! Publix gives me lots of digital coupons, including great $$ off just for being a member. I just got an email with a free bouquet of flowers for my membership anniversary. Who else gives you that? You can make your grocery list in the app from the coupons, sales flyer, and custom adding what you need to it. You can shop all the different stores, and it gives you maps of the stores, so you don’t have to wander around looking for something. This is a quality shopping app.

  13. Shop Publix where shopping is a pleasure, admission is always free, and there is never a charge for stuff you don’t buy! App works great. Use it for shopping list and pay for groceries. The list lists everything by individual store layout so you know exactly which aisle to go to even at different stores. One suggestion is to get the best service possible with this app ask customer service for their Wi-Fi connection. Without the store Wi-Fi reception is terrible!

  14. D Griffin dice:

    I’ve used this app for several years without issue. For the past two weeks it has been requiring me to continually re-log in each time I use it. Yesterday I was using it to shop and when I went to pay in the app I found I was logged out yet again. Very annoying. There are other recent reviews complaining of this same issue. Something definitely changed. Please fix it.

  15. Latest update may have fixed the issue with constantly having to log in. Who knows? I don’t, because you don’t post release notes! My other issue: I updated my credit card in the app to make sure it has the most recent exp date. I then proceeded to get 39 emails over the next 37 minutes telling me “Your account has been updated.” I finally removed my credit card and unsubscribed from all emails. If you can’t manage the app any better than this, why should I trust it to keep my payment info safe?

  16. Downloaded quick and opened. It told me that I already had an account, (I don’t), and then began opening other apps when it wanted to select a store for me based upon my location. It would not behave, and I was forced to turn my phone off to try and regain control. It was malignant! My plan is to delete. This is really a shame because I am changing from another grocer and a buggy app is a deal-killer! Cheers!

  17. Good user interface and design but usability is awful because of how slow the app is. It’s slow to open when I first click on it and then every time I switch tabs (i.e. from list to ad to coupons) it’s again incredibly slow to load each new page. Even within the add if I’m clicking on an item to add a note or something it take ages to load. This has been happening for months now, so it’s not related to any recent app updates.

  18. Every single employee asks if I found what I’m looking for. What a great attitude! And the Publix app is one of the best. Every Thursday I check the sales & coupons. I use this as a guide to next week’s menu. I select the sale/BOGO items & it puts them in a list by aisle number. You can print coupons from the app, & there are reward $ for purchases. In one year I tracked my savings…over $1,000!

  19. A B dice:

    In direct comparison to the Walmart app this one is really lacking for functionality. It is slow, clunky, hard to search for specific items due to its layout. It also doesn’t list prices for grocery items like Walmart does to allow me to price shop prior to going to the store. It needs an overhaul to be more transparent and user friendly.

  20. K S dice:

    There is a lot to love about this app. It’s well organized, detailed, updated frequently, and sorted with the weekly specials first. There’s two primary reasons why I cannot give it a five star rating. First, items that are not on sale can be difficult to locate sometimes. Second, unless the items are in categories such as BOGO, special low price, or “two for $6” (for example), the prices are not listed. This makes it difficult for those on fixed incomes to budget our groceries before shopping.

  21. Fynn dice:

    It works well most of the time, though sometimes it gets stuck loading on some screens. It’s helpful for creating shopping lists and clipping coupons. Supposedly you also get a treat of some sort on your birthday, but I haven’t (I got a notification that I would, but opened the app by tapping the notification, and saw nothing about it; no message, no coupon 🤷‍♂️).

  22. Really neat concept, that you can make a list and have it automatically ordered by department in your local store and see all your coupons. Still too glitchy in practice, though. One day I walked in the store and it wouldn’t stop crashing when attempting to connect to the store WiFi. Three times now all the items on my list have disappeared. I may have accidentally hit the “Remove all items” button once, but why is this even an option, especially with no confirmation? Three strikes and I’m out.

  23. It’s an okay app. It’s really handy to have if you do much shopping at Publix, and convenient that you can just clip the coupons and put in your phone number at checkout and you’re set. Most annoying thing is that it asks you to choose a store every time you open it. I shop at the same location 90% of the time, so I wish I could just set that as default and go straight to coupons. Also, the app restarts every time I use another app on my phone, even though the Publix app is running. It’s a minor issue, but it gets irritating if you have a short attention span and are used to hopping between apps.

  24. We’ve really enjoyed the shopping list feature of the app in the previous version, seeing where each item is located in the store. After the update, the shopping list feature is no longer working as expected: creating individual lists for each item added rather than one collective list, and only visible from the “manage lists” tab. Not very helpful on a shopping trip. I’m looking forward to when it’s working as intended again.

  25. It’s been painfully slow the last few weeks. Trying to build a list takes entirely too long. I usually have to tap “add to list” twice, just to get it to hurry up, and then, of course, it adds it on there twice. I like that it shows aisle numbers, we just moved due to the military, and it makes shopping less of a headache, but I hate building the list every week.

  26. The old version worked better. The digital coupons don’t work – if I try to clip a coupon, I get the “something went wrong” message. I have to get on my laptop to clip coupons, which is inconvenient. Also, I’d like to be able to view my clipped coupons from the app on my phone so I can see my coupons while I’m shopping at the store. If those bugs get fixed, then I’d like this app much better. UPDATE: I uninstalled then reinstalled the app, and now everything works as it should.

  27. Hlinfl dice:

    Love this app! You can find any item in their store and add it to your list. You pick your designated shopping store, and it lists your items by isle they’re on. It also links with my Ibotta app, so it makes it easy to save money! UPDATE: Tried to get in the app a week ago, it would open, then immediately close. Notification that the app stopped working, I sent a report. One week later (3/7/21), the app is still not working, doing the same thing. Please fix it! I use it ALWAYS!

  28. Usually don’t have any problems with the app but today I keep getting error messages trying to log into my account on the app. I’ve reset my password multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache, removed any association with my saved passwords and still nothing. Unfortunately I don’t have time to call customer service, just please fix the issue that seems to be happening to multiple people. Thanks!

  29. New version is a confusing hodgepodge that has lost the simplicity & ease of use of the original version. With this new version it’s really unclear how to navigate…including where or how to start. For example, the “Weekly Ad” was the logical starting point for the original app, but it’s now hidden under “Savings”. Perhaps someone(s) at Publix should be reprimanded for releasing this version as is. The app seems over-engineered & very important is no longer user-friendly. Sadly only rated 3.9.

  30. Up until the recent update, no issues. Now, every time I open the app, it forces me to turn on my location to set my store, even after doing this 4 times today. I added items from the BOGO ad to my list, but there’s nothing on my list. I plan all of my shopping through multiple stores. The previous version of the app worked beautifully. Now it makes me want to uninstall it and go back to pen and paper.

  31. Slowly but surely the different features on the app aren’t working for me and I keep needing to resort to using the website. It would be very useful to quickly clip digital coupins via the app, but now everytime I do, it says “something went wrong.” I have tried restarting the app, uninstalling and re-installing thw app, updating the app, restarting my phone, and emailing about the issue and nothing has been resolved yet. When I try to view weekly ad, it says “sorry, no results.”

  32. A couple of observations: first, the app is quite useful for finding specials and deals such as buy one get one products. The list feature is okay but could be better. It’s very difficult to switch between lists. The pay in the app feature is a great idea that I wish worked better. On multiple occasions the app fails to switch over to pay mode so I end up standing in line with five people behind me while I wait for the app to work. Eventually I give up and just use my card.

  33. I love this app. It’s better than the paper add because I can search for sales and coupons by department. The coupons come right off my total. I don’t have to clip paper coupons. I can use touchless pay through the app, and get a digital copy of all my receipts. Though sometimes the app is slow or won’t work altogether but those instances are few and far between.

  34. Most times I cannot pull up online coupons, even at home over Wi-Fi. Overall, Publix App is cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating compared to other grocery stores that use simple, quick and easy swipe cards… Have a newer phone, with up-to-date app, so that’s not the issue. And sometimes connectivity issues in the store only make things worse. Trying to save a few dollars is VERY frustrating.

  35. The app has been fixed! Everything is working properly now. I’m not sure what did it, but all is well. It even kept my history and favorites! Disregard my original comments below.// Now, all of a sudden it won’t open. Tried uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling. I can’t even get past the security code part. It doesn’t recognize any Publix near my zip code, even though my store is less than a mile away. I’ve lost my entire shopping list for today, as well as all my history.

  36. Update is less user friendly than version a few weeks ago. Almost lost my entire list because they have a function to delete the entire list as well as a function to delete items you’ve already checked off/purchased. Hit the wrong one during a busy shopping trip and you are fried. I will go back to pencil and paper for awhile and check later to see if they’ve made it user friendly again.

  37. After spending an hour imputing and editing my list, I set the phone down and it went to sleep, when I woke it up, my list was nowhere to be found. Then I spent another 30 minutes re-entering my list. At the store as I was using the program and checking (deleting) items that I had picked up, the phone would go to sleep, every time I woke it up, the deleted items re-appeared. This app is a piece of garbage!

  38. I love the Publix market. Clean isles, friendly staff and overall good quality in food options. The stores generally are well designed. The app is helpful but not always great. The coupons are easy to use, but once they expire, the app will show error messages. The programmer should remove all the coupons and specials so the error goes away. The shopping list feature isn’t friendly. I’ll still shop at Publix, but the app needs help. (In my opinion)

  39. N C dice:

    Update: I was on WiFi at home, also tried mobile data, also tried in-store WiFi. Nothing was allowing a connection to the app, then it magically started working the next day. No one in my family could connect, and it’s annoying to not acknowledge there could be an outage. // Original review: The app is pretty good, but it has a lot of connectivity problems. For instance, I can’t load the app today and neither can friends of mine. It’s just a spinning circle. The website shopping lists are also not loading. This is very inconvenient when you’re trying to do your shopping and depend on the app for your list of items to buy.

  40. Edited review 8/21/19. Every time I pull up my shopping list, it tells me there’s nothing on it. I know that’s not the case because it flashes my full shopping list up on the screen for a second, then reloads, and tells me it’s empty. The dev replied saying the issue has been fixed. It has not. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice and it is still doing the same thing. I am just using the Publix mobile website in Chrome until this is actually fixed for real.

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