The Nokia WiFi app helps setup and manage your Nokia WiFi network
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The Nokia WiFi app lets you quickly set up and easily manage your Nokia WiFi Beacon units (purchased separately). Use the app in your home for quick insights to get the most out of your Nokia WiFi network.
The first real-time mesh Wi-Fi solution that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi speed and coverage throughout your home. The Nokia WiFi network is self-optimizing against interferences in real-time to avoid disruptions.
You can do the following with your Nokia WiFi app:
• Set up your Beacon units in just a few minutes
• Manage internet access for connected devices
• Quickly create and share a guest network
• Easily check each device’s connection speed in your network
• Automatically update your network at scheduled times
• Simple interface that shows which devices have connection problems
We want to hear your feedback on how we can improve, feature requests, or general comments! Please contact us at [email protected]
Hardware Compatibility
Nokia WiFi supported devices (these devices can be used as a root device/gateway) with the Nokia WiFi mobile app:
• Nokia WiFi Beacons 1, 1.1, 2, 3,6, G6
• Nokia WiFi Gateway 3
• Nokia FastMile 4G, 5G Gateways 2,3,3.1,3.2
• Some CSP provided ONTs (modems/gateways):
G-140W-C, G-140W-H, G-240W-G, G-240W-J, G-0425G-A, G-0425G-B, G-1425G-A, G-1425G-B, G-2425G-A, G-2425G-B, G-2426G-A, G-2426G-B, XS-2426G-A, XS-2426G-B, G-0425G-C
Note: Support of these devices is dependent on the CSP and firmware version
Supported languages
• English
• Arabic
• Chinese Simplified
• Chinese Traditional
• Danish
• Dutch
• Finnish
• French
• German
• Japanese
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• Swedish
• Thai
• Turkish
• Ukrainian


UI improvements
Multiple network (SSID) support including options for single band networks
Bug fixes & improvements


40 comentarios en "Nokia WiFi MODDED"

  1. Eric Solt dice:

    This app works well for the basic monitoring of beacons and devices on the network, but it is just that – basic. It does not let you see or modify a majority of the settings that are available, and recently, helpful details that used to be available in the app such as a beacon’s uptime and firmware version are no longer displayed, which is very disappointing. I am hoping that those details will be added back in a future update.

  2. App works well, but i feel it is lacking. it does a good job at telling you which devices are connected to each beacon. But, the part I see lacking is exactly what their connected rates are between them. It would nice to be able to determine if the beacons need to be moved closer together or if I can push boundaries and move them further apart. This could be done via the App or simy via the LEDs on the beacon themselves. Another plus would be bandwidth monitoring for lan and wan.

  3. The Nokia Beacon 3’s are probably the best Wi-Fi mesh system available at the time of this writing. The app makes it super easy to set them up and later allowing you to verify the strength, speed and band of your connected devices! For those who want more control over their new network than the app provides, remember to use a computer and login directly to the router. You see? Now you have more control than you know what do so with!

  4. Update: have to create an account with Nokia through the app using email address as the user name. After logging in, you can edit names. App no longer allows editing of device names. Makes is very difficult to monitor device connection status. Please re-enable.

  5. Logged in once and the app froze. Now I get an error 403 telling me that I am logged in on another device (like the device that froze) the same device I’m trying to log in. Why doesn’t it apparently save the username and password? How can I log out of something I’m not logged into? Buggy from the beginning. Useless now.

  6. Instructions for estupendo needs to simplify a little bit more with additional graphics and mor precise info. Needs to make more friendly user.

  7. H LIM dice:

    Often auto chose a less desirable band. App does not allow a device to connect via a fixed band (eg 5ghz)

  8. The app have some issues, I have two SSID with different names in different bands but on the app i get only one. And I really need access control from the app

  9. This app always have connectivity issues with my Beacon 1 router and the FAQs are too general to offer any help. It’s like waiting for a mirage island to appear for the app to locate the beacon that is physically located next to the mobile phone. Works alright when connected but too unreliable to depend on.

  10. I got my two Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 , via Vodacom but I can’t connect them. I downloaded the Nokia WiFi app but it not taking the username and password on the sticker as it requires it , it then say’s I’ve been blocked for the multiple attempts to log in . How is this possible?

  11. GamerGuy dice:

    Alway show connection problems no connection, make sure is connected…. wth is aready connected if not how i use my apps…. pls check n update tks

  12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. GIVE OPTION TO BLOCK CONNECTED DEVICES.. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT OPTION….. give more option… like turning off internet for connected devices separately… or limiting bandwidth for each conected devices…and removing / deleting connected device from the router…. not much to configure… no bandwidth control…

  13. Useless app, after first connection, when you go back they can’t detect the beacon 1 anymore and you need reset( literally factory reset) to connect back. Totally un-usable

  14. Frustrating. No viable solutions. App cannot find my network even after rebooting, reinstalling app and other more steps. Very frustrating. If got zero star, i will rate it as zero star.

  15. Easy to understand, clearly marks the beacons, connected devices etc.

  16. V W dice:

    I have found the problem of not being able to sign in. You have to turn on location setting. If this is a requirement then a notice should have been displayed to remind users. Upgrade to 3 star. See original post. Took a while to set up as it cannot connect. Easy to set up once it’s connected. Can After setting up, cannot connect to the Beacon 1 even when locked on to it to connect to the WiFi. Very bad app.

  17. Initiation is difficult and once done quite user friendly

  18. Can you please add upnp enable setting! I can’t do it no matter what I did though browser or app.

  19. It’s good to incluse additional essential features in the App. Eg Enabling/Diabling 2.4/5Ghz, selection of WIFi channel etc…

  20. Not sure why after recent update, I cant get connection on all my devices 🙁

  21. P D J dice:

    Limited functionality. Severely lacking in network management tools

  22. I dont know why I can’t connect my router (g-2425g-a) with his app. I tried customer care and they said my router wont work on this app but the app clearly says my router works on this app. What a messy app this is. I didnt had any issues with other router app. I m so disappointed

  23. Easy to use and am able to see all the connected devices. Also good to have data limits for specific devices.

  24. It keeps me logging out. Only connected one time and never connected again until now. It is always on offline. What a waste beacon and money. Useless Nokia apps.

  25. Tried to use this app on a FastMile 5G Gateway. I don’t believe the functionality of the app caters for the complexity/capabilities of this unit. The app may be great for setting up a Mesh network but for controlling and configuring the FastMile gateway, it leaves a lot to be desired. There seems to be no separation of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi networks. Doesn’t meet my unrealistic expectations, uninstalled.

  26. Jay Joynt dice:

    First and foremost, I invested in four Nokia Beacon 3, only to discover that the entire system is only capable of having 32 concurrent WiFi connections.. If you have a smart home and have alot of connected devices.. This is a product to skip.. Also the app is bland, functionless and a good reminder why Nokia is no longer a force in the mobile space.. Seems their innovations stopped with the 3310. Sorry if you already purchased this kak product.

  27. Nick 8233 dice:

    The UI is pretty simple to use, if I can use it. I recently set up fibre and am using a Nokia router. I can access the app using my normal day to day mobile data, but cannot proceed with anything on the app when required to connect to my WiFi network. I can’t even open the app if I’m already on my WiFi network. It is just stuck on the loading screen. The QR code on my device could not be recognised by the app.

  28. Colin Wu dice:

    Can’t run if your phone is on custom firmware. Boo

  29. it is a terrible app. I set up everything and got it working, then the next time i tried to login, nothing happens. It remains at the login page forever. My user name is correct, my password is correct, just that it doesn’t let me login. I enabled the location, i reinstalled the app, nothing works. The app when it works, has very limited doesn’t tell u much, and u can basically do nothing with it. Very disappointed with nokia.

  30. most frustrating app. it is never able to connect to the router. extremely frustrating. you will not be able to add more beacon without this app, but this app will not work at the same time. completely and utterly useless. other configurations can be made on the web ui (type into your browser

  31. App cannot do basic function like delete a beacon. There was a beacon that could not connect to main beacon even if I placed it side by side. I made a comment on Nokia help website. Soon after another user also reported a similar issue and guess what, Nokia delete the public comments. I tried to use the live chat function in the app but it was even working. I tried live chat on browser and it wasn’t working either. This product is slowly turning into a nightmare.

  32. No manual for hardware, but this app should explain setup… Where are those instructions hidden? Without connection to the internet, the app refuses to communicate with the now locked router. If you update the software, at least allow the app to communicate with the router for the admin to adjust settings, *especially* when internet is on timed interruption for users.

  33. Macus Neo dice:

    App is Really bad…. i am connected to internet, but the app refused to allow me to log in saying i am not connected to the wifi. Solutions is switch off and on, and you will be able to access the app. But only last for a day.. When ever you want to access, you need to switch off and on the router to access the app. This need to be resolve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

  34. Easy setup of mesh network! Stable tool for home network management.

  35. Sean Cad dice:

    Good app and the router runs smoothly

  36. Easy to use, intuitive interface. Added a beacon with ease

  37. Why it doesnt support cloud access . Also the login is a bit not good way . Nokia needs to work on themselves

  38. I’m not able to add second beacon with the app. It wants to use the phone to test the location where I’d like to place the beacon but when I hit start it asks me to connect to my home wifi network where I’m already connected. Very frustrating… I managed to add the beacon via Web GUI but this is not user friendly at all and I loose the feature that the app helps to find the proper location.

  39. This app has the potential to be very helpful, but on my Pixel phone I can’t access the very top or very bottom of the app’s screen. This makes it impossible to follow the instructions to change the network password (a basic security precaution). Nokia’s web based help does not allow me to ask any questions about this. It only returns help articles, which is quite frustrating and why I am posting this review.

  40. tw chua dice:

    Cant cannot most of the time when using a xiaomi phone. Helpdesk cant help much either. Initially can connect with location settings enabled, now cannot. Even when im sitting right in-front of the router it says wifi is offline. Tried with another phone, initially no issue, but the same problem occurred now. Dont bother trying to reset the router, though it works on/off. Just do manage through the web interface…

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